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Was Alberto Bueno Really A Flop?

Mr. P

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Derby County season ticket holders from the 2010-11 campaign might struggle to believe it but Alberto Bueno prepares to face his former club Real Madrid on Wednesday as the highest-scoring Spanish-national in La Liga with a big money move to Porto waiting for him at the end of the season.
Bueno played for Derby on loan five years ago, but with just five goals in 29 games he looked anything like Champions League material.
After returning to Valladolid he moved to Rayo Vallecano and at the club with one of the lowest budgets in Spanish football he has had the season of his life. Now Champions League quarter-finalists Porto, coached by Spaniard Julen Lopetegui, are ready to poach him.

Seventeen of the 35 goals that Rayo have scored this season have come from Bueno. He hit four in one game earlier this year against Levante and will be gunning for his old club on Wednesday night.
Bueno came through at Real Madrid in the 2006-07 season when then manager Fabio Capello fast-tracked him from the C-team to train with David Beckham, Luis Figo and Raul.
He eventually made his full debut in both La Liga and the Champions League two seasons later but like so many strikers from Real Madrid’s youth system before him he was going to have to leave to really launch his career.

Following in the footsteps of Alvaro Negredo and Roberto Soldado he left the club in 2009 signing for Valladolid from where he spent a season at Derby before ending up back in Spain.
Negredo and Soldado both made it into the Spain squad after they succeeded away from Madrid and national team boss Vicente Del Bosque will be watching on Wednesday when Bueno goes up against Sergio Ramos as Rayo Vallecano look to take the scalp of Real Madrid in their rickety atmosphere-charged three-sided Vallecas stadium.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3030487/Alberto-Bueno-flopped-Derby-County-striker-stands-brink-big-money-Porto-call-Spain-squad.html#ixzz3WkfFkreY 

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Definitely quality.


There was a period with Shefki Kuqi in the Chris Martin role. Commons and Bueno ripping teams apart around him, when we saw Nigel's blueprint of how he wanted to play. He ran out of time or didn't have the courage of his convictions to fully implement it. He was very close though as Steve proved when he took over and just tweaked it.

Bueno was very young but he showed he was a very talented footballer in the right system.

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I liked him. Looked a bit pants when we started kicking the ball at his neck. 

Him, Cywka, Green, Commons, Kuqi, Brayford. Best period under Nigel. Then it started with Luke Moore keep getting games. Would be like replacing Martin with Best. 

We began panicking after a couple of bad results.  Bueno got injured at Burnley and by the time he came back the spell was broken. 

Wasn't exactly great but he was a forward thinking player with good passing and movement. By the end of the season that seemed to be the opposite of what we was about. 

Thought that 4231 was the best football since Burley. Luke frickin' Moore... 

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Kuqi jesus when he played his work rate and ability to hold the ball up was brilliant. I think he only played 3-4 games(Could be wrong) but the system worked a charm then.


I remember Bueno I rated him at the time bit on and off but shown brilliant skill at times and scored some nice goals.

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​not at all. I'll say that Miles Addison had a season where he was very good too. 

We've never had, in my memory, anyone who is consistently good, even Will Hughes has more anonymous games that influential!

I think you need a reality pill when judging players. You seem to think Messi is the measuring stick when he isn't!

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Bueno was decent, but quickly faded. It wasn't his ability, though. He just wasn't used properly. 

I read that we could have signed him for a little over a million - now he's joined Porto. 

I wouldn't call him a flop, but I wouldn't say he was a roaring success either. I know someone compared him to Mascarell but that's not the case for me. 

Mascarell was ever present, made mistakes, but played a key role in the team that was in the top three for large periods.

Bueno was outstanding on his day but had a lot more off days than on. Bueno is very much the white Dawkins. Techinically superb. 

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Sith Happens

Never understand why we didnt keep Kuqi, that 5 or 6 game spell october time was awesome, some of the best football seen. Remember the first 20 mins against portsmouth, was amazing. We got upto 4th, looked like worldbeaters then it all went wrong.

I know Commons went on to do ok, but what happened to Cywka? He looked great now hes just a very average player who struggles to get a game. I always thought Bueno struggled when the cold weather hit....possibly coincidence.

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