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    ariotofmyown reacted to Andicis in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    I was blown away by his debut to be fair, but starting to have some reservations, he hasn't been stellar the last few games.
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Andicis in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    How you can say that? He had a great debut so can only be praised. No one can ever say they got carried away from one game.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Orphanram in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Good luck to Knight and Buchanan, great to see our academy lads (as well as Lowe) getting a chance in a big game. Let’s get behind them.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to jimbo jones in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Do you say this every game as some sort of ritual? 😂
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    ariotofmyown reacted to EraniosSocks in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Poor lineup
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from SunnyRam in I would drive dowell back up to Everton myself!   
    There are no contradictions in your post. Your post is full of contradictions.
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from G STAR RAM in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Brexit will solve all these problems
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from 1967Ram in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Brexit will solve all these problems
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from 1967Ram in The Politics Thread 2019   
    I was sympathetic with May's position. I posted as much last night. She was left in an impossible position by one incompetent old etonian and then screwed over by another.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to WhiteHorseRam in The Politics Thread 2019   
    My two penneth on online shopping versus high street … I have worked in retail and to be honest I am totally not surprised by many chains going to the wall … often badly run and with no new ideas for decades. If it wasn't online shopping that nailed them it would just be a competitor.
    I bought a watch in a major dept. store recently .. after standing there like a lemon for ages I had to dig up a staff member to speak to, and then they floundered about not able to work the till or find the right box for it.
    The good chains have adapted to online and bossed it.
    A lot of Amazon bashing is just jealousy.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to SchtivePesley in The Politics Thread 2019   
    I think he was referring to the concept of the older generation always complain about the behaviour of the younger generation - rather than saying their behaviour is no different to previous generations
    Clearly there are bigger problems amongst young people than there were 20 years ago. Much more knife crime, much more gang culture, much less respect for authority etc
    Why do you think that is? And keep asking why until you get to the root cause
    I don't think it's as simple as saying it could be solved if their parents hit them more
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Highgate in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Older generations complaining about the youth of the day.  Some things never change. 
    Bad parents exist and have always existed. But there is little doubt now that it will be up to the younger generations to fix the mess that the older generations are leaving for them. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to VulcanRam in Remember Tom Glick   
    Thought GSE and Glick ran the business well, picking up a real mess and and creating a sustainable platform for growth. Much like Mel, the punt was always that it all comes good with promotion.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to 1of4 in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Great idea. How should we raise the extra cash needed?  What about a surcharge of five percent on all items  purchased on Amazon. Wait we shouldn't be singling out just one company thats devoid of any morals, let put it on everything bought via the internet. A percentage of the resultant revenue can go on beer and fags or what is more likely to feed and clothe children, while the rest can go to subsidising high street businesses.
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in The Politics Thread 2019   
    I've got a feeling that the lives of such people are anything other than depressing and tough.
    The people who do work hard and play by the rules should have a better standard of living than those who don't, but I'm sure that this is often not the case for people on modest incomes with children to feed. These are the people that government policy should be geared towards, but the powers that be haven't given a fk about since the 70s. The real squeezed middle.
    This would provide some aspiration to the people currently happy to survive on benefits.
    The Tory way though is too make the rich richer and cut taxes for high earners to get votes. People have been brainwashed into hating inheritance tax, even though most of them will never pay it.
    Then demonise all poor people and slash benefits, so at least there is a material difference between those struggling on a low salary and your benefit scroungers/those too disabled to work.
    Just cut the safety net. The bedroom tax genuinely did happen. And that was by the supposedly centrist leadership of Cameron and Osbourne. If you think I am out of touch with working class society, wait until Johnson starts. His hero Churchill was a big fan of eugenics....
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in The Politics Thread 2019   
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in The Politics Thread 2019   
    My mom used to help single mother's on benefits. She said often these girls had come from troubled families and just wanted a baby so they could have someone to love and who loves them.
    I'm sure there exists some people for whom having children is a career choice. The ones who feature in papers like the Sun for example. But they will be the focused on minority used to demonise all of them.
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from I know nothing in Positives   
    Erm...I thought it was against forum rules to go on about religion. You are taking the P out of the mods getting too references in the same sentence.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to SaintRam in Graeme Shinnie - Signed on 3 year deal   
    I think when the question includes the phrase "wasn't your signing", I think starting your answer off with "yes it's true, I didn't sign him", before then talking about his qualities, is perfectly reasonable and not necessarily indicative of an imminent departure.

    It could be, but I feel like that soundbite was lead into by the question.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to jono in Positives   
    Yep .. I snuck in a bottle of water and, critically, the screw top as well. Phew .. was sweating a bit when Doris gave me a look. Thankfully the guards on the machine gun nest were were having a fag so I made it to the other side and bought a new reduced size bag of minstrels inside, to support my local team and assuage my guilt. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Duracell in Positives   
    There weren’t actually very many negatives - just a couple of big, frustrating ones. Namely that the goals were completely of our own doing and that we lacked in the final third.
    Everything else was okay to good. Bar Malone, the defence didn’t put a foot wrong and distributed calmly and effectively. The midfield were there to receive it and made the right choices in the middle of the pitch - and that’s why we dominated possession.
    Malone made two catastrophic errors which is why we lost, but he wouldn’t have made those errors if he had a winger close to him. Lack of width is a problem for us at the minute.
    Waghorn wasn’t an outlet tonight and the wingers spent their evening doing convincing impressions of an out of form Gary Teale, but it’s not all doom and gloom.
    I genuinely believe we’re on to something. Get the ball out wide, get Marriott and Holmes fit and be patient with Dowell and we’ll be competitive. Anyone coming back from tonight with a long list of things wrong is looking for trouble which isn’t there.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to BathRam72 in Curtis Davies   
    Hmm, I don't think any of the above played that season.  😄
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    ariotofmyown reacted to SchtivePesley in The Politics Thread 2019   
    It's a fair enough question to ask, as at least you're acknowledging there is more to it than just "scroungers".
    Maybe one of the downsides of a liberal welfare state is that there will always be those who take advantage. Under Blair I'm sure that happened, but then under austerity and the Tory "iron fist" you can clamp down on that by introducing sanctions and things like Universal Credit, but then the side effect is that this begins to affect regular people who find themselves in trouble. I know several people who have, through no fault of their own ended up out of work and totally screwed over by the current benefits system, relying on family and friends to get them through 6-12 months of hell, trying to get their life back on track. A lot of less fortunate people don't have that support network and end up on the streets I'm sure
    Personal political choices I guess. Do you hate scroungers so much that you'd accept innocent people dragged into poverty as a result of trying to tackle those who take advantage. It's a no from me
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    ariotofmyown reacted to SchtivePesley in The Politics Thread 2019   
    One of the problems we face is that too many people, when faced with the issue of kids going hungry, simply deflect by pointing out that some of those cases are because the parents have selfishly prioritised other things (drugs, drink, fags, gambling, massive TV - the list goes on)
    Whilst that's undeniably true in some cases - it does a gross disservice to those who aren't in that position and are just genuinely living in poverty. And it also does nothing to solve the root cause of inequality caused by the endless pursuit of profit
    Even the most right wing of posters on here seem happy to admit that neoliberalism/capitalism is out of control in many ways - but the question is really, what are you going to do about it? I don't know how people can see it and then still vote for more of it 😞
    Changing the subject slightly- is anyone up to speed with what's going on in Hong Kong? I've not really got my head around it, but it seems pretty serious given the millions of people protesting in the streets
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in The Politics Thread 2019   
    The 'squeezed middle' is a great phrase. According to the report below, the median salary in 2017 was 28.6k. It's 36k in London, where everyone is mega rich and there is definitely no poverty.
    I think life would be much sweeter in Midlands if you were earning 29k than 36k in London.
    The actual 'squeezed middle' won't benefit from Johnson's drop in high rate of tax. The Tory party members would benefit though, which is why he mentioned it first and was rightly lambasted.
    In a panic, his team then told him to start promising everything to everyone. None of it costed of course. Just the usual stream of waffle he will deny/ignore later.
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