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    ariotofmyown reacted to BaaLocks in St Clod’s Day   
    As a friend said to me over the weekend "Norwich are going to take your record this year" I wanted to suggest the initiation of St Claude's Day, the date on which no club can undertake (or equal) our points tally of eleven points. Named in honour of a player more symbolic of our lack of preparedness, ability, and commitment than any other (a statement of recognition in itself) in that 07/08 season the race is now on to predict on what day it will fall this season.
    In previous years St Claude's Day has fallen on the following weekends, last season's Covid affected schedule aside it has only three times made it past New Years Day.
    2020/21: 4th March (Sheffield United)
    2019/20: 22nd December (Watford)
    2018/19: 27th February (Huddersfield)
    2017/18: 13th December (Swansea)
    2016/17: 19th December (Sunderland)
    2015/16: 18th January (Aston Villa)
    2014/15: 29th December (Leicester)
    2013/14: 26th December (Sunderland)
    2012/13: 2nd January (QPR)
    2011/12: 31st December (Blackburn)
    2010/11: 27th November (Wolves and West Ham)
    2009/10: 19th December (Portsmouth)
    2008/9: 8th November (Spurs)
    So, on what day will St Claude's Day fall on this year? I predict it will be the fourth time it has made it past New Years Day but I still think last week in February our record will be safe for one more season.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to RoyMac5 in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    Imagine if lots of fans going to watch football in the 70s and 80s actually went to watch the football? The violence was horrible to see and difficult to get away from, I’d have been very happy for it not to have been there.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Rampant in DCFC Forum Player Ratings - Season Update   
    Latest Result -  vs Coventry (a)
    MotM:  Max Bird     7.83
    Podium:  Shinnie (7.27) and Kazim (7.05)
    Season MotM Awards
    3    Phil Jagielka
    2    Craig Forsyth
    2    Graeme Shinnie
    1.5  Max Bird
    1    Louie Sibley
    1    Tom Lawrence
    1    Kelle Roos
    1    Ryan Allsop
    1    Jason Knight
    0.5  Curtis Davies
    Season Podium Placings
    8    Curtis Davies
    7    Phil Jagielka
    5    Max Bird
    5    Graeme Shinnie
    4    Craig Forsyth
    3    Kelle Roos
    2    Ryan Allsop
    2    Jason Knight
    1    Louie Sibley
    1    Ravel Morrison
    1    Tom Lawrence
    1    Nathan Byrne
    1    Lee Buchanan
    1    Colin Kazim-Richards
    Top 10 Individual Performances
    Kelle Roos           9.07  (a) West Brom
    Curtis Davies      8.78  (h) Stoke
    Max Bird              8.78   (h) Stoke
    Kelle Roos           8.42  (h) Stoke
    Graeme Shinnie  8.39  (a) Sheff Utd
    Curtis Davies      8.33  (a) West Brom
    Phil Jagielka       8.27   (a) Hull
    Graeme Shinnie  8.21  (a) Preston
    Max Bird             8.18   (a) Hull
    Phil Jagielka       8.08  (a) West Brom
    Season Ratings (# of ratings in brackets)
    Phil Jagielka       7.44    (208)
    Jason Knight      7.23    (119)
    Curtis Davies      7.21    (314)
    Max Bird              6.91    (288)
    Craig Forsyth      6.86   (190)
    Lee Buchanan     6.77   (192)
    Kelle Roos           6.72   (223)
    Graeme Shinnie   6.71    (314)
    Richard Stearman  6.54   (134)
    Ravel Morrison     6.47   (264)
    Kamil Jozwiak      6.35   (178)
    Nathan Byrne      6.32   (302)
    Tom Lawrence     6.31   (236)
    Louie Sibley         6.21   (226)
    Jack Stretton       6.14   (175)
    Sam Baldock       5.97   (166)
    (those with less than 100 ratings)
    Festy Ebosele             5.85   (93)
    Ryan Allsop                 6.69   (91)
    Colin Kazim-Richards  5.71   (65)
    Louie Watson              5.50   (40)
    Dylan Williams             7.18   (39)
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Pearl Ram in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    Do you think it might be worth contacting the SLO (if we still have one) expressing your feelings ?
    It’s a sad day when, and I include KathCairns in this, long standing supporters of the club feel uncomfortable about attending games due to the behaviour of people who supposedly support the same team. 😞 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    As you can see from some of the comments above, there are still a number of fans who would prefer us oldies, women and children to stay away. 
    I am on the verge of packing it in too. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Mucker1884 in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    Hear, hear.

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    ariotofmyown reacted to Unlucky Alf in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    You've never forgotten that interview have you?
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    ariotofmyown reacted to David in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    Not remotely the same. If you wear Stone Island or CP Company to the football that's a choice.
    It's widely known as the uniform of hooligans.
    Nobody can choose their skin colour. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to David in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    If you choose to wear clothing to the football that is known to be the uniform of hooligans, that's on you, not the same as racial profiling for example is it.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Jayram in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    It’s not so much that but it’s their general behaviour. At Brentford a couple of seasons ago I and a mate went to our seats only to find a couple of these Stone Island wearing pipsqueaks sitting there initially refusing to budge. It was only when I basically told them I’d remove them myself that they eventually slouched off. It put me on edge because it could quite easily have gone wrong and while I can handle myself I shouldn’t have to get into this sort of crap with fellow Rams fans. They have no respect for other Derby fans, standing up all game in front of older people who have no option but to stand themselves even if they are physically struggling to do so and spending the entire match facing the nearest home fans giving it the big one. Something has got to be done because they are actively ruining decent Rams fans away days. Absolute ******** the lot of them.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Eatonram in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    Spot on and lets be quite clear, that it is a particular brand of populist politicians that have emboldened the nutters.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to BaaLocks in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    I'll make one statement on this, as I appreciate this is a football thread in a football forum, but this is part of the society we have created in the past six or seven years - and it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. People are angry and that anger comes out more and more, plus people with extreme views feel legitimised for the first time in a generation to openly vocalists those views. Football is just a very convenient place for it to be released.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to G STAR RAM in Rams vs Coventry (A) Matchday Thread   
    My take on yesterday's match.
    Roos - fine. One decent save, good distribution. Not sure what he was doing when they hit the bar but haven't seen it back so won't be too harsh. In all honesty he didn't have much to do.
    Defence - back to their usual solid selves. Lazy challenge by Buchanan and looked a penalty to me. Good assist from Byrne, absolutely bust a gut to overlap CKR.
    Midfield - poor first half, controlled the game second half.
    Forwards - poor. Offered absolutely nothing until CKR came on. Work rate seriously lacking. Really hope we get to bring someone in come the January transfer window.
    One thing I would change right now is the captaincy. When Coventry scored there were 3 or 4 players trying to rally the troops and Lawrence just stood there on the halfway line doing nothing. Understand why WR experimented with it but just dont think its the right call.
    Massive shout out to the fans yesterday, turned up in numbers and the atmosphere was the best I remember for some time. Can only imagine the scenes if we had gone on to get the winner! Also thought Coventry played their part in that. Some years since Ive been but I also remember Highfield Road being the same.
    Good away day and excellent point against a decent team. Need to start turning a few of our draws into wins though. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Rams vs Coventry (A) Matchday Thread   
    Only got RD to go on but after a promising 20 mins we were lucky to get in at half time at only 1-0 and I feared the worst for the second half, thought it would just be damage limitation. But once again this team surprises and we were excellent second half thoroughly deserved a point, could’ve even won it. Don’t agree with Ed Dawes often but he commented about Cov running out of gas against Preston and with their intensity in the first half questioned would they be able keep it going and if Derby stayed in the game they could have opportunities late on, and that’s exactly what happened, combined with a couple of tweaks from Derby (Kazim and Sibley made a huge difference) and a much better performance from Shinniesta second half which along with Bird changed the game.
    As regards the team, Ebosele has twice played in the wide attacking role now against Peterborough and Cov and has underwhelmed in both. It’s a condundrum where to play him, I think that will be his position in eventually but needs more development. Reminds me so much of Adama Traore, be interested to see how far he goes but he’s certainly our most exciting player to watch by some distance just can’t quite fit him in the team at the moment.  As for Joz was he as bad as has been made out. Charlie Palmer was losing it just talking about his performance you could hear the anger and derision coming through because in his view Joz wasn’t helping his teammates out and doing the dirty side of the job, a couple of occasions he cited where Cov attacks developed and he stood and watched. If this is accurate then we can’t afford that in the team at the moment.
    We said let’s see where we are after 10-15 games. Well in the circumstances the lads have done brilliantly. Crazily we are only 1 point worse off this season than last season despite having a 12 point deduction!! Just shows how bad that start last season was. If we can get a mid season of 1.7 points again with Bielik returning (like last season) then things could be looking up.
    We looked at these fixtures as needing to get wins, we haven’t. But this is the championship and it never goes to plan. People were moaning when we didn’t beat fellow relegation battlers Huddersfield on opening day, they’re just outside the top 6, Luton have just gone 5th, Coventry have the best home record in the league which shows what a good result that was yesterday. We’re still relatively solid, we’re creating chances, we’re playing well. I agree with Charlie Palmer on this. We don’t know what will happen with further points deductions. Only thing we can do is what they are doing, keep chipping away picking up points and see where we are at come Christmas. The key to us surviving this season isnt even the EFL sanctions, it’s the ownership being resolved by Jan as if not, any Alleviation on points deductions won’t mean anything as this squad will be absolutely decimated in January.
    Well done lads again and keep going.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to uttoxram75 in Rams vs Coventry (A) Matchday Thread   
    Good point.
    These players are giving it everything, its not always good enough, occasionally the quality is not there at crucial moments, but, you can't question their commitment to DCFC and the manager.
    Perhaps Rooney and his backroom staff have used the situation to create a backs to the wall mindset amongst the squad. 
    Whatever the reason, its turning into an enjoyable season full of passion and energy on and off the pitch. I've never heard the fans so loud in years and I'm loving the team spirit.
    COYR 🐏
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    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in Rams vs Coventry (A) Matchday Thread   
    A great point away at Coventry. I thought we started brightly, and were the better team without creating too much, until the Coventry penalty.
    Seen them given, but it was a bit soft. Just like us after the goal, we seemed to wilt and let Coventry's press undo us time after time. Players who were great on Tuesday - Jozwiak, Shinnie, Lawrence in particular - struggled with the lack of time they got on the ball. Only the central defenders and the reliable Bird went in at half time with head held high.
    A shout out for the Coventry crowd, really got behind their team from all sides of the ground. A big contrast with the last time I was there when the place was three quarters empty against Swindon. That was only three years ago - what a transformation. There's no wonder they've won every home game with that noise behind them. 
    I wasn't looking forward to the second half, it felt like the gap was wider than a single goal. For that, we need to credit our defence, and that gave us the platform we needed to come back into the game.
    The Derby fans seemed to know what was needed, and started to sing. It still took a change of personnel, coupled with a tiring Coventry press, but Colin made an immediate impact with the great turn and scuffed shot hitting the post. That seemed to spark the game to life, for both sides. They nearly scored, hitting the bar from a free kick (Lawrence, take note!) but we had much more attacking intent too with Bird dominating, Shinnie starting to find the passes at last,  Sibley moving the ball on much quicker than Jozwiak and Morrison suddenly coming into the game more.
    I felt the goal was coming, and was so pleased it was Shinza who got it. He works so hard and his roar of Pride to the Derby fans was a special moment to share! 
    I don't think we had enough about us to get a winner, but thankfully neither did they, and for once a draw felt like the right result. It's good to see Coventry doing well after their recent troubles and wish them well for the rest of the season. 
    I didn't know there'd been crowd trouble as I was down on the left, but just to say if it was on the right divide, the Derby fans there would have been cash pay on the day, so presumably untraceable. Just saying! 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to cstand in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Pleaded with my 21 year old daughter to go to the walk in centre at Derby Arena last May to get vaccinated she went for night out in Notts Instead with her mates ended up with covid 3 days in bed feeling awful even now not got her taste back.
    Now regrets not getting vaccinated. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in Bad behaviour by Derby (& coventry) fans again   
    Some of you may know Mark and Alex, they are at most games. This is totally unacceptable. 🤬
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Ambitious in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    I couldn't disagree more. What is best for the club does not always align with the actions of the club.  The way Mel ran the club is case and point. 
    He borrowed money to hide incompetence in decision making, ironically force feeding us the line that it was all from his own pocket. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to David in Derby to fight 12 point deduction ( according to nixon)   
    It's rules such as above that builds this "vendetta" that some believe the EFL have towards us.
    Let's not forget here, the EFL signed off on our accounts, they only became an issue when they looked into the stadium valuation despite Kieran Maguire alerting the EFL to take a look at our accounts a long long time before the stadium sale was made public.
    Meanwhile clubs such as QPR smashed the FFP rules the season we played them at Wembley, were Derby crying and threatening to sue the EFL and QPR, no.
    Gibson however, well he's been a dog with a bone on this. I suspect the EFL would not have appealed and pushed as hard if they didn't have this threat hanging over them, and this all may look like paranoia, but honestly tell me I'm wrong.
    The EFL will not want this in court, front and back pages of the paper for the country to see their handling of all this.
    I find it hard to take that we're being punished for something historically which was approved by the EFL, the punishment doesn't feel like it fits the crime either.
    We've been under embargo for the best part of a year, unable to strengthen the team, can't submit accounts as there is an argument over accountancy methods which are not in the EFL rules.
    We're then being denied an opportunity of an interest free loan that could have helped prevent us going into admin because of the above investigation, so we're hit with -12.
    Yet that doesn't appear to be enough as they want a further 9 point deduction.
    At what point are we allowed to feel a little annoyed by what the EFL have done here, I'm amazed other club fans are actually enjoying this when it could be their club next.
    We have a club down the A52 with an owner sending players between his 2 clubs in plain sight, how is this not been flagged up as a potential FFP issue, can you imagine transfer negotiations? It's a table with 2 chairs and just himself. 
    It just stinks, it really does. Maybe I'm biased as this is my club, but it does absolutely feel like a vendetta that won't end until they have us in League 1.
    When you look at what Rooney and this team are up against, it's incredible the fight they continue to show on the pitch. They don't deserve to have a relegation on their CV's, not one of them.
    If we somehow stay up against the EFL's best efforts to send us down, without a doubt Rooney should be manager of the season, not that the EFL would be brave enough to award it him.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    No. I think there's some measures we can introduce with such a minimal impact that it's a no brainer. Masks in confined spaces makes total sense. Offering the vaccine to anyone over 12 is effective and far safer than letting the virus run amok once more. Introducing safety measures in schools such as masks, desks facing forwards, tight bubbles - all perfectly sensible measures that won't majorly impact the school's ability to deliver coursework or overly burden anyone with safety measures.
    Promoting home working does make sense in limiting transmissions, but it does seem that the economy takes a tanking when we push it too much. We seem far too reliant on people buying a coffee and a ham sandwich at lunchtime; take it away and the economy nosedives.
    Any measures that don't mean we need to lock down are welcomed. The balance is between keeping the economy rolling vs seeing the virus swamp hospitals. At the minute it looks like it's in control - but a bad winter will leave us in a vulnerable position, as we know admissions rise during the winter months pretty much every year. 
    It's all about the R number and how we control it. And the end result of that control is hospital admissions. As long as we can keep admissions down and infection rates manageable, I'd say the R number is sufficiently controlled. I wish we'd got the virus under control early, like much of continental Europe has managed to do - let alone the standout "zero covid" countries like Aus and NZ. But we're firefighting yet again, with rising infection rates and rising hospital admissions. This virus spreads exponentially, so small increases translate into large numbers rapidly. If we want to prevent an explosion at Christmas it's what we do now that will make the difference.
    It seems we're far too cavalier. I'd prefer some tightening of measures now, so we can relax them in 8 weeks time and enjoy Christmas. Maybe that's just me though.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to ramsbottom in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    The earliest data never suggested it prevented you from catching or spreading it.  Not a single scientific report said it would.  All it does is reduce the symptoms so the vast majority of people aren't required to be hospitalised, just like a bout of normal flu.  My Mrs came down with it a few weeks ago and was pretty bad with it (probably due to her having an underlying condition), so god knows what she would've been like if she hadn't been double jabbed.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Because it reduces the R number, a little bit. Social distancing reduces it a little bit. Working from home reduces it even more. Closing nightclubs etc. reduces it. We need to tweak as many ways as we can, to reduce the R number, with as little an impact on normal life as we can.
    It's not black and white. The more prevalent the virus is, the less effective those jabs will be. Some people will be unable to get one. Some will find theirs wasn't effective. Reducing the number of people infected will make the vaccination program more effective.
    We keep it as low as we can which stops the spread, which helps everyone. 
    If you think of it as a system rather than individuals, it becomes easier to see the reason why masks still have their uses.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    I don't necessarily disagree with you. I reserve most of my displeasure for those people who talk down wearing masks (the "I will not wear a muzzle" brigade) or those who reject the vaccine. Even if you accept that the vaccine has risks (which I personally think are extremely minimal, so small you can pretty much dismiss them) if you weigh it up with the benefits of being vaccinated and the reduced risks of Covid, I fail to see the downsides.
    Why is it such a big deal to wear a bit of cloth over your mouth while you walk through Tesco? What's the big objection about? It's the merest of inconveniences. Don't give me reduced breath intake and bacterial infection - we don't see surgeons keeling over left right and centre. And if you don't wash your mask regularly, more fool you. Stop being such a mucky bugger.
    The dismissal of vaccinating young people as "they aren't at risk of Covid". Why do we vaccinate boys against Rubella, when it's highest risk group is pregnant women? Why do we vaccinate everyone against HPV when it primarily prevents cervical cancer? Because we're reducing the R number. We have many, many ways of tweaking the R number. Some are draconian, like lockdowns. Some are more subtle and have a little benefit. But find enough little benefits and it helps bring that number down, which helps stop the spread.
    We vaccinate groups that helps prevent the spread down to vulnerable people. Covid is proving to be very hard to slow down, more in this country than others from the data - perhaps we could learn from their practices and pick up some good habits?
    As for the antipodes, they only ever bought time. They then squandered it. Ultimately their fantastic response was fruitless due to failure to vaccinate people in a timely fashion. Imagine if they'd rolled out a solid vaccination program, copying the UK response?
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    ariotofmyown reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    I just keep coming back to the thought that there will be, eventually (as it's not going away so this will just run and run) some people who post vehemently on here that they aren't having the vaccine/booster - and one day they'll stop posting. Because Covid will eventually catch up with some of them. And we know, if they'd had that jab, there's a very good chance they'd still be posting.
    And I find that ultimately sad and depressing. All this fighting and objecting - for what?
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