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    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in Great time to be a supporter.   
    @24Charlie - I think while it is very difficult to see a positive when we are in the middle of such a poor run, we all know when we hopefully look back at in in different times, we will laugh and joke about it, and wear it like a badge of pride.
    Were we more resilient back in the 80s? I think not, but we didn't have such a public and immediate way to express our frustrations as we do today on the internet. The uncertainty isn't helping. As I flick across the threads, I don't think anyone can really work out who the actual villains are. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to 24Charlie in Great time to be a supporter.   
    I’m 55 and old enough to remember the league titles and European nights. But that’s not all I remember. 
    I remember getting beat 3 nil at Carlisle watching the game in the rain on an uncovered terrace, I remember us taking 10,000 to Notts County in Div 3 too.
    I remember Pat Van de Lann making it 2-1 v Palace and Bobby effing Zamora.
    There’s loads of ups and downs being a Ram. Can you imagine following Tottenham or Everton who just stay in the top league with none of the drama. Where’s the fun in that?
    We are in a small group of clubs who can eat at the top table as well as slum it in the lower leagues. Each season is different and creates its own drama and intrigue.
    This season,  in my opinion, is one of the best in a long time for sheer interest alone.
    There is so much going on. So many outcomes are possible.
    The rants the raves the dismay the tantalising takeover etc...
    I can’t take my eyes off it for a minute.
    I’ll look back in years to come and remember the COVID season (provided I’m fortunate enough to survive). 
    But what will the outcome be?
    Great time to be a Ram. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Angry Ram in Coronavirus   
    From weeks of sitting on the fence and reading (with interest) the various view points on here. I’m now firmly in the lockdown is a waste of time camp. That’s not to say I’m against lockdown (bear with me) but half or quarter arsed attempts are just a waste of time and money. This continual attempt to try and make everyone happy is bollx. We are a small geographical country. People move freely from area to area without much thought. We either lockdown fully, including borders, or we don’t, just what does lockdown achieve?
    Our debt is now ridiculous. The stats, as shown on here, can say whatever you want the to. Both can be equally convincing. I’m no expert on epidemiology, so stay out of most of it. However I can see with my own eyes that these lockdowns are achieving  very little. They may reduce infections to a small degree but for me now the social and financial coat is too high. I dunno that may make me a ‘granny killer’, well that tag may well be true. I am an easy target for these labels just like racist because I come from the right on most discussions. Hay ho, I am not that bothered with glib tags. I will protect mine as much as possible by continuing to do the sensible things but this country is dying all around us. Arcadia Group now a probable casualty. 15,000 jobs potentially.

    Ffs as much as we all want to protect everyone, it’s not possible unless we all just stay indoors. 

    Boris is headless now. I am sure whoever was in charge would struggle to survive this but for god sake grow a pair fella. 
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Angry Ram in Rooney's Rams!   
    He really like mushy peas.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to WhiteHorseRam in Coronavirus   
    The centre of London is a very exciting place but the suburbs are dull dumps in the main, then you get to the outer areas and they are affluent (Surrey et al).
    I was born in London and worked there for 20 yrs. I love it, but when its a hot day and the pigeons are eating sick and the Tube stinks it ain't that great.
    My brother lives there full time and he earns tons of money - but it goes straight out again on his vast mortgage and travel etc etc.
    Many of the worst dumps are darn sarf - Luton, Slough and Southend leap to mind.
    Every area of the UK has an upside or a downside. Just enjoy the good bits you have around you.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to rynny in Coronavirus   
    Mainly because the this "lockdown" was an half arsed attempt of the previous lockdown that was half arsed. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to rynny in Rooney's Rams!   
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    ariotofmyown reacted to David in Rooney's Rams!   
    Guess you forgot about this one then 😬

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    ariotofmyown reacted to Ambitious in Rooney's Rams!   
    The right decision would've been to put Mac in charge for the foreseeable. I'm not sure anyone would argue that, but as it stands we're putting more faith in Rooney not to embark us on a journey which leads to us having the worst ever season a Championship club has ever seen. 
    In 2014-15, Blackpool were relegated with 26 points and a minus 55 goal difference. At the same stage of the season, they were sat on the same amount of points we are now but with a better goal difference. Ironically, we were sat top of the league. 
    In 2016-17, Rotherham were relegated with just 23 points and a minus 58 goal difference. At the same stage of the season, they were sat on the same amount of points we are now with a slightly worse goal difference (-18).  
    This should highlight the severity of the situation. We look likely to finish bottom with somewhere between 23 and 26 points and roughly a minus 50+ goal difference if something doesn't change. 
    The club are genuinely killing themselves at this point to pander to Rooney's managerial ambitions. Excellent. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Archied in Coronavirus   
    Your right , the good thing is more and more people are waking up to it and the point will come when they won’t stand for it anymore, 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to TimRam in Black Friday   
    Might have a fight with someone over a Polaroid tv. Hopefully will be on youtube soon!
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    ariotofmyown reacted to alexxxxx in Coronavirus   
    When people think of London, they haven't got boroughs like Newham, Tower Hamlets, Brent, Lambeth etc in mind. I used to live in Newham for a bit and apart from Stratford Westfield and the developments around it, it must have some of the most deprived areas I've seen. 
    Well paid people in reasonable jobs have to make large sacrifices and tough decisions if you want to live there. 
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Angry Ram in Coronavirus   
    Some of them houses with dual carriageway flyovers outside their upstairs windows must be amongst the worst places to live in the uk. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to BaaLocks in Black Friday   
    Should have told them to fork off
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    ariotofmyown reacted to RamNut in Pride: The Inside Story of Derby County   
    I finished it last night.
    Much better than I expected to be honest. 
    probably one of the best books on the history of the club, not just because it covers recent history but the judgements and assessments are fair. Some of the facts revealed are quite shocking.
    it’s hard work reliving what in hindsight reads as repetitive failure with few notable exceptions. I’ll probably read it again over xmas as there is so much content. The biggest lesson for me - Giles Barnes - comes out really well and badly treated. I didn’t expect that.
    I agreed with the final line btw.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to SchtivePesley in Coronavirus   
    This is essentially what we're arguing about isn't it? As I mentioned a few weeks ago - essentially a real life trolley bus dillemma
    Whatever we do, people will die/suffer. Either from Covid or from the effects of lockdown
    And the same goes for the economy.
    And the same goes for the NHS.
    We're all just trying to find the balance in our minds, and everyone will have different takes. Sadly it's only the government who make the choices and i don't think there are many of us who think they are getting it right
    I have no problem with anyone who has a different take to me
    That said I do consider those who want to see any of it as a conspiracy theory of hidden agendas to be suffering with some kind of pandemic-indcued mental health problems and we should be kind to them. It's taking it's toll on all of us mentally, myself included.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Ghost of Clough in Next manager   
    Apparently, 32Red have agreed a new deal with the club which means Rooney no longer has to play every game. However, it's on the provision he becomes the 32nd permanent manager in our club's history.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus   
    I don't understand the hate that London gets. Certainly not the envy. Yes you can get maybe 10 or 20% higher pay (a choice few will get more I appreciate, but it's not all of us that have that opportunity), but how much more expensive is life in London? How much is rent for, say, a 3 bedroom property? How much is a round of drinks for you and two mates?
    No envy from me. I think the place ain't paved with gold like we're somehow expected to think.
    Since moving, I'm almost in the commute belt so could look for work in London. If I wanted 2 hours per day each way on a train (once we're unlocked, obviously) for a few quid per month in the pocket - most of which, if not all, would go to the train companies.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Angry Ram in Coronavirus   
    No you’re wrong. I can’t go to dinner with friends just people I live with. It ain’t one big party down here.  Folk are struggling as much as you, maybe more. It’s not a competition, we are a nation. Cinemas have been closed here as well. Small local shops are closing, people are losing their jobs. It grinds my gears when people think it’s a easy life to live in London. People work hard just like you, people suffer, just like you. We all want this over. 
    Most of those politicians are not in London anyway, they live all over the country, north, south, east and west. Most are not in parliament at the moment but living and working from home in whatever tier has been allocated. London is a ghost town. It’s dying as much, if not more than the rest of the country. It’s bloody expensive to live down here mate. 
    People need to get over their envy of London, the country needs a strong capital. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Beetroot in Rooney takes himself out of the squad for Saturday   
    For Wycombe.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to dantheram in Rooney takes himself out of the squad for Saturday   
    I think we’re rotating the job, first ‘manager’ who gets them to score gets the gig. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Tombo in Rooney takes himself out of the squad for Saturday   
    The trade-off is that Liam Rosenior is going on at fullback, taking the place of a much younger and fitter player, and huff and puff around the pitch inaffectively - just to show Rooney what he looks like to other people.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to TomG in Rooney takes himself out of the squad for Saturday   
    No, we're at home.
  25. Clap
    ariotofmyown reacted to Wolfie20 in Rooney takes himself out of the squad for Saturday   
    Byrne  Wisdom  Clarke  Buchanan
                 Bird          Shinnie
        Jozwiak  Knight  Sibley 
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