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  1. 3 in a row Haven't even scored against us in 5 matches We've still won this tie more than you historically 7 points clear, with a game in hand against Reading. Not even bothered by the BC trophy, just happy to keep beating you 👍
  2. What was it, 5-0 lads? Seems like an absolute age ago that game 😆
  3. I used to live in Wokingham and work in Brentford. Nipped over to the cultural mecca that is Hounslow for some lunchtime shopping.. Back in the midlands now thankfully 😉
  4. Throw it in the bin. I get them periodically for a charge I got in Hounslow 6 months ago. The threat letters cycle between three firms claiming they're going to take action. All a load of baalocks with no legal recourse as you've suggested. If the fine was proportionate, maybe 10-20 pounds I might consider paying. But over a hundred for a 10 minute stay? Jog on.
  5. I wasn't at the game so couldn't comment. But seems the ref by all accounts had a poor game for both teams.
  6. If it's from the council, pay it as they will chase and take you to court. If its from a private firm, ParkingEye, Europarks etc then just ignore it. Other than the threat letters, it costs them more to take you to court than is worth to them. I must have had 8 in my lifetime I haven't paid. Just chuck the letters in the bin.
  7. Who was that? Lawrence also should consider himself very lucky to not walk after his tackle on Ribiero. Could have caused him serious injury
  8. Red_Dawn


    Absolute shyte. Not only is it getting decisions wrong on a consistant basis, it seems its primary use at the moment is to disallow goals. Thats not good for football in general, you have to give the attackers the benefit of the doubt. Having an armpit hair in an offside position doesn't mean goals should be ruled out. Can't see the EFL rolling it back, but its really but a foul taste on the premier league this season.
  9. You could hear a rat piss on cotton in here..
  10. If only we'd built a flat pack, legloland stadium on an industrial park in the middle of nowhere.. Surrounded by Subways, Frankie and Bennys and car dealers.. If only 😐
  11. He'll be getting some songs directed his way from both sets of fans. Probably somewhat different in the content mind you.
  12. I have a new prediction. Game will be flooded off.. 😞 Guarantee it.
  13. Never confident with these ties. Given we seem to be better away than at home, I'll sit on the fence and go for a score draw..
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