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  1. Dont bulleh meh Kin ell. Moving back to Nottm/Derbyshire in a couple of weeks, haven't lived in these parts in about 11 years. Gonna have to adjust my lingo
  2. Yep. And Colback at Left Back, and Robinson at Centre back 😂 Has to go by the summer. Can't imagine Evangelos thinking this is acceptable ..
  3. Well this season its 4 points. But enough about that.. Not a chance either side will catch Bristol or Villa. Both flying and my bets for the overall Playoff winner.
  4. Yeah see you next season 🤷‍♂️
  5. I think thats about as good as we could get. Maybe Wagner
  6. I very much doubt it. And to be honest I'd be fairly happy if he is let go after the season. Only given an 18 month contract.. It was obvious - deliver this season promotion or go.
  7. I'd agree with what stoners has already put.. Love you Martin, but not nearly good enough or playing with a style that's acceptable. Wouldn't trust the current setup to sort my weekly big shop, let alone our summer transfer budget. You just watch him sell Carvalho for McLean and a few Irish cloggers..
  8. Watch MON sell Carvalho and buy this ******* Can see it happening 😖
  9. It was pretty awful right. Sir Brian and that chump should never be seen in the same picture.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6770519/Derby-County-sale-cards-owner-Mel-Morris-seeks-exit.html Fawaz Al Hasawi, he's coming for you
  11. Hey @Smyth_18 - how come you didn't follow your own posts about not acting like abit of a twunt? And my old man was as happy with beating your lot on Monday as I was. But thanks for the lovely comments!
  12. That might well change this weekend, if Frankie has his way. 1-0 isn't changing. Think you'll get the chance to run it back next season mind you.
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