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  1. On a positive note for you we decided to 5hi7-house them on not sending Uncle Albert back. You're welcome..
  2. If you can get wins from West Brom, Brentford, Cardiff, and Leeds - you probably deserve it more than we do anyway.. Expectation management aside, wouldn't fancy us to win the playoffs even we make them.
  3. What you on about, we get to see it on TV. I've I've been to a Robbie Williams concert 7 years ago..
  4. At the end of the day the result doesn’t really change much for us. Almost certainly going to make the playoffs and almost certainly not going to be top two. Disappointing we couldn’t go four in a row against your lot but hey ho.. But let’s be honest. Second half, what team actually had opportunities to score? Other than a 96 minute prayer that you were gifted. I don’t remember Samba having to make a difficult save? Holding back from crowing too much as we very well may play again this season (I hope not). But not sure where this negative football jibe is coming. Only one team look
  5. Looking at the current table, goal difference is definitely fair 😂
  6. Williams was a prize twunt though. Kicks out at one player before putting his hands in the face of Ribiero. Not the first time he's been sent off this year. 3 game ban at such a crucial part of the year for Bristol. *******.
  7. Thinking you might nick it on Saturday. Just glad we managed to keep the gap to what it is for now 😄
  8. Wishing Andre a speedy recovery.
  9. True. But alot less given we have a 7 point gap between us and 7th, and a much better GD.. Of course, many tough games to come. I will say I fancy Brentford to win the playoffs, although of all the teams in the race I think we're best suited to beat them..
  10. You've alot good teams to beat before you reach the playoffs sweetheart. x
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