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  1. If the stadium burned down, would you get 80m for it? Don't get carried away Mel..
  2. Fair point Jourdan. Im not getting carried away yet. Made a very reasonable start given I think we've had the trickiest set of fixtures from anyone in the league. Pretty sure I saw someone post on twitter that all of the 7 we've played so far are in the top 9. 2 of our wins coming away from home too. Think we'll need a extra player upfront if we're to continue competing. A Grabban injury would have the possibility of derailing us due to the lack of a replacement. Long way to go.. As for you guys, when does Rooney arrive? Should have enough time to help with the relegation fight eh..
  3. Good job your first team got a rest on Tuesday eh?
  4. Of course not, although I don't agree with your second point. Those who have interacted with me know I posted here after the 5-0 loss, all the Fawaz nonsense through the years.. Call me many things but I'm certainly not a fair-weather WUM..
  5. Well that's just not true, he got sent off against us in 2013. Was right infront of where I was sitting..
  6. Cheron - if you're just going to get abusive, I'll just add you to the muted list. Cheerio!
  7. Who's wound up here? I'm merely offering an alternate opinion to some of the drivel that has been posted. If you wanna talk about starting on younger players - look no further than the numpty who wears your captains armband.
  8. He should know all about that, after chasing around gobbing off at a 20 year old Yates for the mere cheek of celebrating a win in-front of his own fans. And I know he's been sent off at least once. It was against us, 1-0 win. Hobbs scored .. Under Davies first spell in charge I believe.
  9. Both idiots. Both should be punished. And in reply to the Ghost of Clough (weird name if you ask me 😐) - I think the idea that Keogh is a much superior defender to Dawson, is equally laughable. Keogh wouldn't get anywhere near our first team. He's a damned liability, in his attitude and ability. How you lot don't see that is beyond me.
  10. As several others here have commented, you don't know the first thing about what happened. However, given his tendency to lose his rag at even the slightest sledging, it wouldn't surprise me if little Richard lost his temper and bit off more than he could chew. Personally I think he and the club should be severely punished. Making him start the next 5-10 games would be suffice..
  11. Wow. I really stroked the hornets nest here 😂 I will say, if this bloke wasn't playing for Derby County, would you say the same? He's a crybaby who throws his toys out the pram every time he gets wound up by opposition fans or loses on the pitch. Frankly, the blokes attitude stinks, and he's singled out for this very reason - as the opposition knows they'll get a reaction. Why is he getting in confrontations with bloody groundsmen anyway? Get off the pitch with the rest of your team. Also, better than Dawson? Forgetting his time at our shower, Michael spent the vast majority of his career playing for a top 5 PL and playing in Europe. Richard Keogh spent the majority of his career middling for lower league clubs. I think it's an open and shut case who's career has been more successful.
  12. Not being funny lads, but Keogh kicked off at the match last year when we beat you didn't he? Chasing around and screaming at a 20 year old Ryan Yates post match. Crying at Wembley. Sent off few years against us few ago aswell if I remember correctly. He's just bit of a twunt isn't he? Mardy poor loser who throws his toys out whenever he loses, which lets face it happens a lot.
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