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  1. If me aunty had a pair of baalocks she'd be my uncle. But she doesn't, and you aren't a point ahead of us. Not our fault your owner spent the last 4 years cheating and finally had it catch up with him. The only table that matters.
  2. Was so chuffed for Fury, don't think I've ever wanted someone to win as badly as I did in this fight. Guy is an inspiration. A role model for everyone, but particularly for working class men and those struggling with mental health problems. If you haven't listened to his interview with Joe Rogan (and a few other outlets) talking about his lowest point driving his sports car.. I highly recommend it. As a father myself I could tear up thinking about how low he must have been to get to that point. The guys life is such an amazing story.
  3. Thank god you're here. Its been a ghost town for the last few weeks for some reason..
  4. Well said. No need and reflects badly on the moderator who changed it to that.
  5. Not sure if you missed it, which would be understandable given posts disappear on this thread frequently, but Tigger got banned for sharing a laughing emojji on the wrong post. He’s not here.
  6. Seems this has been taken down for some unknown reason, where do I send my application?
  7. There may be hope for us both afterall.. Just kidding, you're going down. But maybe you'll win a few on the way..
  8. You’re still thinking about the bad news aren’t you..
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