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    Millenniumram reacted to David in The Championship 19/20   
    They have the option to sign him so might not send him back, tricky one for City, take the punt he recovers well and returns as he was or waste a few mil.
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from archram in Cagliari racist abuse of Lukaku   
    Absolutely ridiculous this is, Italy almost seems archaic in its approach to racism, barely seems to care about it and just lets it happen. Disgraceful from the fans who need to be identified and banned for life. But the bigger picture lies in the fact that this happens multiple times from one club- clearly they can not control their fans and need punishing. Whether that’s playing in front of no fans or whatever, something needs to be done. 
    Someone has to intervene over there, the more things like this are just let slide, the more people will keep doing it- they’re almost at this point saying it’s acceptable if there’s not too many people doing it! These idiots and the clubs they support need to be punished, or we’ll never get rid of racism from the sport- it’s an embarrassment on the game that it still exists within it. It’s the 21st century ffs, how thick are people these days!
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from Cisse in Three Finns in Pointy room   
    You’d better be our lucky spark, god knows we need a miracle at the moment!
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from Paul71 in Cagliari racist abuse of Lukaku   
    Absolutely ridiculous this is, Italy almost seems archaic in its approach to racism, barely seems to care about it and just lets it happen. Disgraceful from the fans who need to be identified and banned for life. But the bigger picture lies in the fact that this happens multiple times from one club- clearly they can not control their fans and need punishing. Whether that’s playing in front of no fans or whatever, something needs to be done. 
    Someone has to intervene over there, the more things like this are just let slide, the more people will keep doing it- they’re almost at this point saying it’s acceptable if there’s not too many people doing it! These idiots and the clubs they support need to be punished, or we’ll never get rid of racism from the sport- it’s an embarrassment on the game that it still exists within it. It’s the 21st century ffs, how thick are people these days!
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    Millenniumram reacted to Derbyram1983 in Come on Derby show no fear   
    Yes I think they will win too!
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    Millenniumram reacted to Boycie in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    I remember when we used to have shots on target.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Paul71 in Cagliari racist abuse of Lukaku   
    Serie A have ruled Cagliari have no case to answer for racist chants.
    Surely Eufa and Fifa have to step in now and take action to demonstrate the ruling is unacceptable.
    An immediate ban from European and World competition should apply to Italian clubs and the National team.
    If this is ignored it shows the governing bodies have no interest in stamping racism out.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Boycie in Three Finns in Pointy room   
    I’m a lucky spark, I’m just not performing at the mo.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Cisse in Three Finns in Pointy room   
    Don't worry, Prior to the season I already said to my dad that we have won only one or two games before my visit but my visit will change things as usually. 🙏
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    Millenniumram reacted to Jourdan in Rooney or Cocu   
    I've not been a fan of the Rooney deal from the very start, and as time goes on, it looks worse and worse.
    Rooney joined us because in the last 5 years we have been a competitive Championship club. That's the attraction. He wants to be a part of something where there is a tangible end-goal. The play offs, promotion to the Premier League, etc.
    I'm sure he doesn't want his career swansong to be the battle for 12th. Think of it in the same way that Terry joined Villa. Did he join simply to play football? Or did he join with the expectation that the club would be seriously pushing for promotion?
    The early signs are that we will struggle to compete for promotion, so how wise is the Rooney deal looking right now? 
    Of course, we could and should improve. But if we do not, I think we are going to look back and wonder if we could have done things differently.
    If Rooney was only ever going to join in January, was it wise to invest so much of our time, energy and resources into getting the Rooney deal over the line in August? Efforts to strengthen other areas of the squad more immediately looked like an afterthought and half-hearted in the extreme. 
    Cocu is a professional. I imagine he would have taken the whole Rooney sideshow in his stride. The only way I can see it being an issue for Cocu is if he was promised some quality signings to come straight in during the August transfer window and in the end he felt short changed. In which case, his issue would be with the club, not Rooney.
    If Cocu has been undermined in any way, it's by the club and the club only. The Rooney sideshow could have rolled into town in November when Cocu had his feet under the table and the club had appeared to be fully recovered and moved on from the original sideshow - Lampard.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Jourdan in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    I want to believe in us. I want to believe that we'll see a stirring performance that kickstarts our season. I want to believe Cocu will deliver a tactical masterclass. I want to believe that we'll pull a performance out of the hat. I want to believe our luck will turn and we'll catch Leeds cold. On Friday, I made a prediction that we'd somehow beat Leeds and go on to win eight in a row. One win could lead to seven more - that is the kind of season-changing impact a win on Saturday could have.
    But if you sit down and reasonably dissect this game, it appears that it couldn't have come at a worse time for us and the prediction I made looks positively King Lear-esque.
    A stable Leeds is a dangerous Leeds. I don't blame anyone for fearing for us on Saturday, because they are everything we don't want to come up against right now. They are organised. They are supremely well drilled. They are aggressive. They play with confidence, commitment and desire. They dominate possession. They open teams up. They press and win back the ball well. They attack and defend as a unit. Their system is settled. Their style of play is settled. Every player knows their role and is trusted to perform it. 
    It is a genuine team, a team playing in the manager's image, with players entirely invested and on board with what the manager wants. It was frightening how quickly and how smoothly the Leeds players embraced Bielsa's philosophy just weeks into his tenure. We've all been waiting for the bubble to burst. But a year on, and they have kept the same manager, the same group of players, the same philosophy, and look stronger and more evolved for it.
    We have gone in the complete opposite direction so far and I'm not sure we are settled enough to put in the determined, organised and crafty performance this game requires. If this game was in November, I think we would be competitive. But I think it'll probably be a case of too much, too soon for us. Cocu is still weeks away from figuring out his best eleven and then maybe months away from getting it to work effectively.
    At Huddersfield, we were able to put in the classic away performance. At Brentford, we failed spectacularly. The signs are that this game is more likely to be a Brentford 2.0 rather than a Huddersfield 2.0. But the fact that this is pretty much a nailed-on home win will make any potentially positive result we get that much sweeter.
    King Lear costume at the ready. 😂
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    Millenniumram reacted to Jourdan in Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three   
    To be honest, I am nervous for Cocu.
    The fan base is largely impatient. The owner is historically impatient.
    If we lose on Saturday, that’s 1 win in 8 league games and no win in 7 league games.
    Suddenly the next game - what would normally be a routine home game in September - takes on massive significance because we are at risk of going 5 games without a win at home and that run being extended to 8 games without a win, and potentially ending up in the bottom 3 at close of play.
    One would hope that even if we do continue to struggle well into the autumn, cooler heads would prevail and Mel would show that he has changed and become more patient.
    What concerns me is that I don’t think Mel’s patience has been genuinely tested in recent years.
    Rowett went 8 games without a win and survived, but he was working from a position of strength. We went from a position of overachievement - gunning for automatic promotion in January/February - and our slump took us through to April, at which point the more realistic goal of the play-offs remained viable and within striking distance.
    Lampard’s worst run was 4 games without a win (including ugly defeats away at Forest and Villa) but Frank was also in a position of strength - protected by the widely perceived improvement in style of football and of course, memorable performances in the cup competitions. As it happens, we beat Wigan at home to get back on track and set ourselves on a strong run towards Wembley.
    A few more unfavourable results for Cocu and what is protecting him? The fans are not particularly enamored with him, the style of football hasn’t excited anyone except Forest fans.
    If things don’t pick up, it could be a testing few weeks for Mel.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Alpha in Just a small tear in my eye for that Chris Martin sub   
    I don't give a feck how Martin did last season or the season before or anything else.
    I have seen Kieran Dowell lose the ball by being a complete wimp. I've seen him pick the ball up in areas that a creative player is supposed to want the ball and the play like he's a defender strayed too far
    I've seen Lawrence dribble until he absolutely can't take another step without losing the ball and then 'pass' to somebody who is now marked. I see him do it over and over and over and over until the point I don't see the promise in his dribbling but the utter rubbish in when the ball leaves him.
    I've seen Waghorn frequently have a first touch worse than Connor Sammon. We are talking 3 or 4 touches in the wrong direction to do what everyone else does in 1
    I've seen Jozefzoon... wait, no I haven't because he's hiding. 
    So maybe Chris Martin isn't the Derby Messi. Maybe he's not our saviour. But I just fail to see how having some Bamford up front that can control and pass a ball won't benefit us
    I mean by all means if you actually believe that Lawrence pretending to be Ronaldo, Waghorn pretending to be Sammon, Jozefzoon pretending to be...there? Dowell pretending to be Ben Davies, Paterson pretending to be Stephen Pearson are all on the verge of something good then fair enough. 
    Let's worry about how many goals Martin isn't scoring when we are at a stage where we actually have forwards who understand the idea of the fecking game. Right now our best attackers are Lowe, Malone, Keogh and Bielik. 
    I mean ffs. Not only do I refuse to rule out Martin but i still think Chris Porter could do a job. I'd take Adam fecking Rooney right now. 
    I just can't cope watching Lawrence beat 30 defenders and then do something utterly poo 99 times in 100. I can't watch Dowell look worse than Paul Green. 
    We are all looking at Duane Holmes now to save our sanity and feed the ball through to Marriott. Unless Waghorn manages to trap the ball it looks like a bunch of guys who are looking for imaginative ways to lose possession and expose that useless DM statue
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    Millenniumram reacted to Alpha in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Wouldn't say its lazy to say we will get battered. 
    They are a hard pressing side that dominates the ball and we give the ball away cheaply. We have crumbled under pressure a couple of times already this season and Leeds will pressure us more than any so far.
    They have Dallas and Hernandez where we have Malone and Lawrence. 
    I don't know why anybody would have given us no chance in the play offs last season. It's the play offs and it's rarely straight forward for the team who finishes 3rd. 
    But we look weaker than the team that finished last season and they look the same. 
    It's not beyond imagination that we will win but the safe money goes on Leeds ripping through the middle and our left flank. 
    Being brutally honest I didn't think we improved much vs Cardiff. Brentford was a new low. All the other games have been a similar standard. The best performance imo was against Swansea. 
    I have no problem with the idea that we could go on to have a great season. But the performances so far have not indicated that there's anything to 'click' imo. Just a lot of repeated failures. Same players in the same areas doing the same stupid stuff that never looked like a good idea
    We look like a team that needs new ideas and I hope Cocu can produce an entirely different performance to the kind of football we have played for most match time this season. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to Jimbo Ram in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    You think Holmes deserves to be dropped?
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    Millenniumram reacted to BigT in Lawrence up to 30 minutes in a game   
    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    Don't get to go to games currently due to work and family coming first, so go off people's opinions and highlights/sky games. 
    I don't believe there are bad players, just players that don't fit a style of play or playing at a level that exceeds there ability. 
    If you look over Lawrence's career his only season of note, is his last season at Ipswich, where he got 9 goals and 11 assists and finished there top scorer but how many of those assists are from dead ball situations I don't know. But the strikers ahead of him were luke varney, Leon best, David mcgoldrick, Brett pitman and Freddie sears not prolific scorers themselves, but work to make openings for others (correct me if wrong). 
    Looking at our strikers you have marriott who is a poacher, again if I'm wrong correct me and then Martin and waghorn who link up with others with waghorn also switching to go out wide. Which makes me think is Lawrence might be more suited to having a quick striker infront of him to make openings or darting runs for him to find and pass through on goal.
    One thing I know which Alex Ferguson said in his autobiography and book leading is 'if I had to choose between someone who had great talent but was short on grit and desire, and another player who was good but had great determination and drive, I would always prefer the latter.' you guys watch more of his performances what would you say he goes into. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to Cisse in Three Finns in Pointy room   
    We'll be there before the game against Birmingham so feel free to come and ridicule us. We won't understand any of it anyhow. I'll be the one under the table in my cowboy boots.
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    Millenniumram reacted to atherstoneram in Investigations   
    If that's the case then the club can't win either way, with H&S being what it is nowadays, people would have been asking why we didn't evacuate
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    Millenniumram reacted to Carl Sagan in Loan watch 2019/20   
    In better loan news, Max Hunt played the full match in a 1-2 away win for Aldershot at Stockport.
    According to the Aldershot forum https://www.shotsweb.co.uk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=50049
    "Max Hunt a ******* rock today"
         "Spot on mate my MOM"
    "The loan signings have all made an impact, so well done to Danny for bringing them in, and to Shahid and the board for providing the funds for this to happen."
    "Well that was as good a Shots performance as I have seen in the last few years."
    "Chislett, Powell and Hunt outstanding.
    Hunt man of the match for me.
    Brilliant team performance well done lads"
    Sounds as if big Max had an impressive game. Aldershot are near the foot of the National League and Stockport near the top. Next up is away at Barnet on Tuesday.
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from Andrew3000 in Frank Lampard’s Chelsea FC   
    Makes you proud seeing players like those two go on to big things when we’ve played a part in their development. Both great guys too by the looks of things, really happy for the pair of them. If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect the pair to be playing at the very top this soon, but delighted for them and hope their rise continues.
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from admira in Well done Derby evcauration pp   
    What an absolute load of baalocks. We’re now being investigated for trying to safeguard the fans from possible harm? If there’s a fire I’d say this is pretty standard procedure, it’s hardly that much of a hardship for everyone to go out and come back in again. Not like the game was even particulary affected, you wouldn’t have known it had happened. Swear the FA are just looking for any way to punish us and investigate us now. Eventually they’ll get what they want I’m sure, whatever that is. It’s becoming an obsession now.
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from Taribo in Rooney or Cocu   
    I thought he was a dead man walking after Brentford (as in looked like he’d lost the dressing room and wouldn’t make it past Halloween) but there was something in the performance last night that suggested there may be hope for him yet, if he can pick up some wins in the next block of games. I can’t think Rooney signing was his idea, it was all done by agents mainly by the sounds of it, but I don’t think that really undermines him. Many transfers in modern day football aren’t orchestrated by the manager but instead by a recruitment team, so I can’t think it would be unheard of to cocu. Or indeed that he wouldn’t want him, because quite frankly who wouldn’t?! 
    Guess we’ll see whether it is a problem when he joins the coaching staff working with him initially...
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    Millenniumram reacted to TigerTedd in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    Agreed. FFP is clearly not fit for purpose. But parachute payments piss me off the most. 
    They’re clearly meant for paying off premier league contracts. So why is it so difficult to put that money in a separate trust account to be used for that sole purpose. 
    Instead they’re used to buy yet more players on premier league wages in a desparte gambit to get straight back up. If the gambit doesn’t work, they’re in an even worse financial position. Villa would have been buggered if they hadn’t scraped promotion at the last chance. 
    And that all has the side effect of skewing the market in the championship and other clubs without parachute payments having to overspend and breach ffp and put themselves at risk to be even slightly competitive.
    It just pisses me off that it would be so easy to govern. Parachute payments in trust account. Done. Easy. Peace in the Middle East overnight. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to RamNut in Rooney or Cocu   
    A bit early for that but it could reduce his status if it wasn't his idea - which it probably wasn't. 
    And did he ask for Rosenior either?
    In a tight division we have regressed more than expected, and it looks like we've now been overtaken by the preston's and the bristol city's......and maybe even the Red Dogs. 
    We gave him a racing car that was misfiring and slightly unbalanced and took all the best bits off; swapped the lotus engine for something out of a Ford and borrowed a few bolt on bits here and there. Result - it still misfires; its still unbalanced; but now its not as fast and can't get out of second gear. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to Paul71 in Well done Derby evcauration pp   
    The article says there were reports of fans who hadn't paid gaining entry. Even if someone took a chance it was hardly thousands.
    There could be a punishment if they don;t think i was handled very well, or if they feel security measures were not strict enough to prevent a flare being smuggled in, or it could even be Cardiff who cop a punishment for it being their fault.
    If an alarm goes off, imagine it was a real fire and the reaction if Derby said well sorry we didn't evacuate just incase it wasn't a real fire and a few hundred people lost their lives.
    If anything the only punishment has to be for Cardiff not controlling their fans.
    In fairness no one would have wanted the game called off but imagine, just imagine if it had been...wonder what Colins reaction could possibly have been to that.
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