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  1. Hector was the best

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Hope so
  2. Hector was the best

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Sounds as though we are hanging on by our finger nails
  3. Hector was the best

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Many thanks for these updates
  4. Hector was the best

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    Because Bennett has a tight hamstring
  5. Hector was the best

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    I think Lowe could become a very good player, however he made two fatal mistakes last night. First he passed his way right to the edge of their penalty area and then gave the ball away, leaving a gap which Leeds capitalised on and scored. Second the did not jump up with Roofe to challenge and left him to score an unopposed header. Lawrance also gave the ball away to many times, if we play this attacking style we have to be much more careful of our passing.
  6. Hector was the best

    This is starting to remind me of circa 1992

    Had my hopes up many a time......Hope this time it's for real
  7. Hector was the best

    Let’s Sue QPR

    I must say I still shudder, thinking about the QPR game, when Keogh makes balls-up like he did on Friday. 😣
  8. Hector was the best

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    If Leeds are going to press us high up like Reading, I don't think we should be averse to a bit of "hoofball" to get our young lad to run on to.
  9. Hector was the best

    Mason Bennett

    I really like Mason who has had some bad luck with injury's. My only concern is his height, how tall his he ? Wille Carlin was small but he didn't lead the line.
  10. Hector was the best

    Midweek games on Sky

    As a old and getting very doggery person, who lives a long way from Pride Park I welcome any TV coverage I can get. I would pay £10 per match to Rams TV if they would allow fans (OAP) who live say 50 miles or more from Derby to watch.
  11. Hector was the best

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Very true
  12. Hector was the best

    The Old Guard

    Great man, but lets not forget the contribution of Peter Taylor.
  13. Hector was the best

    If it’s Frank

    OK I am starting to come round to the idea of Frank becoming our next manager, looks to me like it's a done deal. Hope it works out for all our sake's
  14. Am I the only one who really hopes it's not him, utter madness.😟 Mel please don't listen too these idiots
  15. Hector was the best

    If it’s Frank

    I am getting very old, will I ever see them back in the big time ???????????????

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