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  1. No just fed up waiting for something good to happen
  2. One of the main things I would like to see Frank do is to show much more passion from the technical area. More shouting, waving of arms and handing out strong words when required. It may not be in his nature but I think it is certainly something that should be done given some of our performances this season.
  3. Must agree we should have been 3 up at half time. In the second we were absolutely shocking, I know it,s 3 point away from home but if we carry on like this the only way is down.
  4. You sing and shout ,when you get excited watching good football and winning...….simple as that 🙂
  5. I went to both games and I will never forget the 3-1 win at the Baseball ground. Hope the good times are coming back...coyr
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