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  1. I'm in the same place. Derby County is my team. Anything else with another name isn't.
  2. You've saved me the effort here. What you have articulated here ABSOLUTELY spot on. Couldn't agree any more with what you've said here.
  3. Not really got a problem with that article. It just saddens me that what happened happened. Yes, Keogh made a mistake, and paid for it big time. But the way Derby handled it was also poor. So, in the end, both sides came out of it badly. But time to move on. For Keogh to keep on playing and for Derby, hopefully, to sort themselves out financially. Anything beyond this is just wasted emotion...
  4. While things remain positive on the pitch, for me, the worry of liquidation is still very real and much higher than the 5% that the Administrators put it at. In a recent and credible report I've read, it puts an estimate for the funds needed to re-stabalise the club in the region of £70m-80m. A bit more detail on the liabilities: 1. around £27m to HMRC - will have to be paid in full and currently getting charged interest on 2. Circa £8m to "other" creditors (including Cocu) - would need to be paid 25p in the pound 3. the £100m in 'soft' loans to Morris associated with Pride Park. He's indicated he would be prepared to write these off, but it would still leave a £21m charge on PP to MSD Finance. Hence new owners will either have to pay rent for the ground or pay off the debt. Hence MSD are also in the equation if a successful purchase is to be achieved. This puts the club's liabilities at around £50m. On top of that, new owners will need to inject money as "working capital" to keep the club running (hard to estimate but could be anywhere between £5m-£15m) and provide 2-years proof of funds to the EFL (circa £15m). Hence it is easy to see how this estimate of £60-80m has been arrived at. A source in the article also suggests potential investors may wait until May next year once demotion has (most-likely) been confirmed but a deal really needs to be done sooner rather than later. They also think that at the EFL there is likely to be a real "concern" that the club could slip into liquidation. Another source puts the "bare minimum" of buying the club out of administration to be £38m (excluding working capital and the ELF proof of funds requirement). Sobering stuff.
  5. Nope. Would take a miracle. 12 doable though.
  6. You need this album... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/9_1/2_Psychedelic_Meditations_on_British_Wrestling_of_the_1970s_%26_Early_'80s
  7. I was in the thick of it and there were a lot of people joining in with the chant, including many around me. I did say to some next to me to stop chanting but there were large numbers doing it, not just one or two. It's the lowest common denominator innit? And of course he got the last laugh. And let's not forget the twitter incident a few years back which ended up with a so called Derby fan getting banned for a vile tweet. Been in Sheff a long time and a lot of my mates are Sheff U fans and we have a good laugh. Some of our fans antics are an embarrassment to the rest of us fans and the club as a whole. And Sheffield is NOT a poo hole. It's a great city.
  8. Don't agree. Think it could easily have been a yellow card.
  9. Not a red card for me. Penalty was a nailed on spot kick though. Billy Sharp really likes us... He was given some stick but the way he deals with it here shows a lack of class.
  10. Exactly this. No issues with Sharp. Those that did that chant as you say are just spuring him on.
  11. Incidentally neither like nor support the Billy Sharp chants...
  12. Absolutely robbed. Couldn't see the sending off or pen as it was down the far end but when the ball bounces off the post in injury time you know your luck's out. Deserved a point.
  13. To be honest, if we still have our beloved club to support in Div I at Pride Park next season I'll be happy.
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