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    BarrowRam got a reaction from Curtains in Max Bird   
    David Nish goal was absolute class.
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    BarrowRam reacted to chezzyram in v Fulham (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Thank goodness the day shift has clocked on. The post match aftermath of kneejerk negativity and inevitable blame game from the usual suspects is replaced by reasoned analysis from posters who appreciated what was an entertaining game. I thought on balance of play a draw was probably fair but we could have nicked it with a bit more clinical finishing and Rodaks heroics. Incidentally I thought Rodaks display typified goalies at this level, very poor against Barnsley yet excellent last night, its the inconsistency that keeps them at Championship level
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    BarrowRam reacted to Richard246 in v Fulham (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Just study and watch Wayne Rooney the man is unbelievable.
    He has all the time in the world just so classy makes Derby tick.
    Without him most probably Fulham win.And the penalty outrageous I just can’t wait to next season 3 new players and this team will get promoted.
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    BarrowRam reacted to David in v Fulham (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Whatever their keeper had for breakfast, I want some. 
    Really enjoyed the game despite not picking up the 3 points, thought it was an excellent performance.
    On paper the players they have, they really should be tonking teams, I don’t want to say they were poor last night but they didn’t look like an automatic promotion team. They were a far more dangerous team under Jokanovic. 
    As for us, thought Bird was excellent as usual, I remember being told a couple of years back he was the one to watch. Now he is showing why, what he’s been through you can’t help but smile when you see him play.
    Lawrence again thought he had a great game, time to get behind the lad. Hammering into him, destroying any confidence he has will do us no good. It’s in all our interests he continues this form as he is an asset to the team, an asset that when we are ready to move him on it would not be at a loss when he plays like this.
    Rooney? Just quality. He really shouldn’t be playing in this league, saying that let’s give him a 5 year deal. Don’t want to ever say goodbye.
    Finally, any other keeper and last night the 3 points were ours. Which would have been fully deserved.
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    BarrowRam reacted to David in v Fulham (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Replace Holmes with Knight, start Marriott, play 3 at the back instructing Wisdom to sit on Mitrovic all night, shadow him all over the pitch. Do that whilst putting the ball in the net more times than them and I think we can win.
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    BarrowRam reacted to Rambalin in Radio Derby   
    Tomorrow night's commentary team....is  Chris Coles,Ed Dawes and Eric Steele...just been on six o clock sport.
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    BarrowRam reacted to ossieram in Radio Derby   
    Do people give a toss about anything they write?
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    BarrowRam reacted to desirelines in Radio Derby   
    Let’s not jump to conclusions. And definitely let’s not lay any blame at the door of Max Lowe for any of this. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    1991/92 keeps shirt

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    BarrowRam reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    My all time favourite Derby kit, the introduction of the iconic Umbro diamonds on the sleeves was the magic ! My first shirt as a seven year old kid, this shirt was owned by Trevor East of tiswas fame and given to him by his good friend Bruce Rioch during his time on the board, they used to drive in together from Birmingham, this was the last shirt that I was after so might take it easy for a bit now, it was also worn by Gerry daly with the famous repainting of the penalty spot against Man City the 1976/78 umbro home shirt and full kit 

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    BarrowRam reacted to therealhantsram in Radio Derby   
    Chris Coles still off air tonight. Dave Flatcher sitting in on his show. 
    Really hope Chris doesn't pay the price for Ramage's comments. He's a fine presenter and doesn't deserve it. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to Raich Van Carter in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    I don’t see us getting a big punishment Cos there appears to be too many gray areas. 
    If we did get a big punishment I suspect MM will see them in hell in terms of both contesting it legally and trying to form a breakaway league. I know I would. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to Norman Hull in Radio Derby   
    What an act of cowardice and shame by Radio Derby cancelling Sports Scene tonight. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to David in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    I don’t like to see anyone lose their job and he won’t need me to tell him what he said was unacceptable. 
    He made a mistake, been punished for it and will now have to live with that. I hope he is able to move on from this and doesn’t prevent him finding employment elsewhere. 
    The man has a family to provide for, as do many of you. 
    Also it’s clear that players either read this forum or people they know read and share content with the players. 
    Think about your words, and how powerful they can be. You don’t know what personal battles others are going through. Your words either directly or indirectly could potentially be enough for someone to say....I can’t do this anymore.
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    BarrowRam reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    Don’t believe Ramage is a racist but this is extremely poor and ignorant from him and frankly unforgivable. No way he can keep his job after this but that will be enough punishment for him, he shouldn’t be hung drawn and quartered by the social media trolls out there jumping on the bandwagon.
    Well done to Max Lowe speaking out about this, and in an extremely eloquent and considered way and great everyone is backing him. No place for this.
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    BarrowRam reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    On a separate note, I really admire the way Max has approached this. His statement displays every quality that Ramage so patently lacks. Privately, I'd imagine that he and Jayden would be fuming over this so to address the matter in such a calm and eloquent manner shows real class and a deal of emotional intelligence. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to rynny in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    Good to see the other players backing him up
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    BarrowRam reacted to Srg in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    I think it’s great that the players are together to stand up to this. It’s absolutely the right thing to do and shows spirit too. Max is an articulate young guy, and whilst I’m sure he probably had another pair of eyes or two on this post, he gets his point across excellently. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to ossieram in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    Derby should just ban him from PP and force radio Derbys hand.
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    BarrowRam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Max Lowe Racial Stereotyping   
    I’d wager that Eric Steele will soon be on the commentary team permanently.
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    BarrowRam reacted to therams69 in Derby County Flags   
    Bristol City away Feb 2020

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    BarrowRam reacted to Ram8 in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
    I went with an English Borussia Dortmund fan today, so sat in the away section, but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the Derby win, and I was amazed by the high standard of football from both teams.
    There were many good displays from the Derby players, and obviously Louie Sibley’s contribution was key to the victory, but my Motm was Jordan Brown, who controlled midfield and scored a brilliant goal. 
    And it was obvious from his display today that Morgan Whittaker has great potential too, something not always apparent from his recent somewhat nervous cameo appearances in the senior team .. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to Carl Sagan in I’m buzzing we’re not looking like being relegated   
    So much adversity this season. We wait and wait and wait and then our much-loved world-famous manager and other staff leave us at the last moment. On top of losing our three loans (two full England internationals and a Wales international) we lose our inspirational skipper on a night when the whole club is disgraced with other players are arrested. We lose our record signing to season-long injury. There's a whole raft of other injuries continually disrupting the team. The EFL approved all our financial dealings from a few seasons ago yet have now opened a retrospective investigation into them. And we were spiralling down the table ever close to the drop zone.
    I, too, am buzzing we're not going to be relegated. Anything else would seem a bonus this season, yet there are other bonuses.
    The youth are in the last 16 of the Champions Youth League with five of their number (from last season's U18s not the U23s!) in and around the first team squad. We have England's all-time record scorer, the white Pele playing for us. Since he joined we're the form team of the division. We're home to Man Utd in the last 16 of the FA Cup. We're all looking up the table rather than down it.
    As @robglosta says it was entirely possible for this season to collapse and League One to beckon, but we see to have held it together.
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    BarrowRam reacted to robglosta in I’m buzzing we’re not looking like being relegated   
    Say what you like about ‘being too good’ or ‘never looking likely’ to be relegated, I don’t buy it. Not that long ago we were in danger and with bottom 3 away form were only a glance away from home form slipping and real danger. 

    Prior to Charlton at home we couldn’t buy a win and subsequently since the turn of Christmas our form is automatic places level. 
    We should be buzzing - much bigger teams than us have had more rapid falls from grace and Cocu has worked miracles with the tools (and luck) at his disposal. 
    We are in for a much better ride next season! 
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    BarrowRam reacted to nfb in v Swansea (A) - Matchday Thread   
    I just want to give credit where its due.... i have been a major critic of Lawrence, but today the guy did what we want, and know he can do, he tracked back (no petulant challenges that get him yellows) going forward, positive touches (not selfish) and the 1st goal was made by his shot which was worthy of a goal.. his goal was an even better strike, the goalie didn't even move 😁
    So, keep it up Tom.... you could win me over if you do.
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