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    BarrowRam reacted to DerbyRam! in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Why are we doing this against our rivals???
    No one remember the leeds game? Carbon copy......
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    BarrowRam got a reaction from DesertRam in Andre Wisdom   
    The flag looks fantastic. Can’t believe you got the flag made so quickly. Well done guys.
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    BarrowRam reacted to Rampage in Andre Wisdom   
    Just plain brilliant. Andre and his family must be so thrilled by this. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to RamNut in Andre Wisdom   
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    BarrowRam reacted to angieram in Andre Wisdom   
    Someone is already fundraising for one of our management team. 
    Whilst I agree with the sentiments, they are very expensive and liable to have a relatively short use time, with modern transfers, savings etc.
    I think Andre is a big exception as it was a spontaneous response to what was a life-threatening situation. Designed to show our support for him and the rest of the squad at a tough time.
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    BarrowRam reacted to Rampage in Andre Wisdom   
    Wow, wow and wowsers. Fantastic all round. So proud to be a Rams fan at this time. Andre....what a guy. Are those Lego men or how big is that flag or what. Such an outstandingly brilliant idea, guys. I cannot think of anything that could have made a better statement. COYR
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    BarrowRam reacted to Phoenix in Charlie   
    A quote from the Sun
    ."At Derby his career rocketed again, notably with a hat-trick in a 5-1 European Cup win over Real Madrid – a tie they ultimately lost on aggregate – and amazing was never once booked.
    It was during his days at the Baseball Ground that Don Revie gave him his solitary England cap. After being shunted to the left wing and then taken off, he famously told the national boss to “go duck himself.”
    Even though Revie left soon after, George was now also on the international black list."
    What a Hero!!
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    BarrowRam reacted to Geriatram in Charlie   
    Just having a sort out and found this picture of one of my heroes,thought others might like to see it. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to Inverurie Ram in v Preston (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Sky commentator mentioned after Phillip Cocu's post match interview, "could you get any more laid back?" or something like that.
    His wonderful manner is coming out in the players, they are in control, they are at ease, not panicking, enjoying playing football and playing in a wonderful positive manner, so come on Derby County fans, relax, believe and have belief in your team.
    Oh and the boy Wayne Rooney carried on playing in a wonderful manner guiding his team on to another victory.
    D.C.F.C Love, Life & Unity.

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    BarrowRam reacted to RamLad1884 in Lampard vs. Cocu   
    Lampard arguably had one of the best Derby squads of recent times to use, Cocu has had to patch us together with virtually no time and very little money (and no Chelsea to help him too). 
    To be able to even compare the two with results shows how brilliant a manager Cocu is. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to Coolascustard in Lampard vs. Cocu   
    I thought Frank was great for us and did give some younger players a chance with signings from a lower division.  He was also very reliant on the 3 loan players who were class.  Cocu’s done this without them and brought a lot of the academy through.  Rooney’s helped of course but for his first season in English football and all the off-field issues it’s a superb achievement.
    I also think he really does have the long term interests of the club at heart and a plan to deliver.
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    BarrowRam reacted to Mucker1884 in v Preston (A) - Matchday Thread   
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    BarrowRam reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in Andre Wisdom   
    Glad to hear on Talksport just now that Andre is back at home safe and well. Thoughts are with you ‘big lad’ hopefully the team can go out a represent for you this evening 👍🏻👍🏻
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    BarrowRam reacted to C-stand in Derby County Flags   
    Corner flag from The Baseball Ground 1970s 

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    BarrowRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Released list   
    I was just about to share these tweets myself. I’ve been expecting to see the retained list for a while now (usually early June). I know things are a bit different for the first team and we’ve heard who’s set to stay on or not, but some U18s/23s would still be set to leave the club. Maybe they’ll release the list tomorrow with the hope of agreeing a new deal with Huddlestone.
    It’s a shame to see Barnes and Babos leave but not surprising given their age. As long as they keep pushing themselves I’m sure they’ll make a career for themselves in the Football League. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to EranioIsGod in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    She was a beauty 

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    BarrowRam got a reaction from SKRam in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    Love this shirt and what a night. Still get goosebumps watching the game.
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    BarrowRam got a reaction from SKRam in Andre Wisdom   
    Hope Andre has a speedy recovery from this horrible attack. Get well soon big fella.
  19. COYR
    BarrowRam got a reaction from IslandExile in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    Love this shirt and what a night. Still get goosebumps watching the game.
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    BarrowRam got a reaction from Premier ram in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    Love this shirt and what a night. Still get goosebumps watching the game.
  21. COYR
    BarrowRam got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    Love this shirt and what a night. Still get goosebumps watching the game.
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    BarrowRam reacted to Indy in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    I like us in navy blue. Looks like one of the ones we had when we had EDS as shirt sponsor. 
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    BarrowRam reacted to loweman2 in Derby kit 20/21 season   
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    BarrowRam reacted to jimbo jones in Andre Wisdom   
    Stabbed in the head 😳
    Drove himself home and should be out of hospital in a couple of days. Hard. As. Nails
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    BarrowRam reacted to Animal is a Ram in Andre Wisdom   
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