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  1. The back four or three has changed to much they all lack confidence, there under pressure to get results and we have resulted to school boy defending by ball watching.
  2. Also thought that Roberts was poor last night, it's his defence duties that bother me he's a ghost marker,as a team mate you think he's got his man but no he can't be bothered to put in full effort that's dangerous.
  3. Come on Mel don't give up now, you rolled the dice to try and get to the promised land of the premier league, it didn't work the reasons have been discussed, but imo you deserve to see the fruits of your labour that is the young lads that you have helped us nurture through your investment in the academy, finish what you started Mel.
  4. Don't think it's about what we want or need, its all about what Kaide wants and needs, feels like he has all the power.
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