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  1. Also thought that Roberts was poor last night, it's his defence duties that bother me he's a ghost marker,as a team mate you think he's got his man but no he can't be bothered to put in full effort that's dangerous.
  2. Come on Mel don't give up now, you rolled the dice to try and get to the promised land of the premier league, it didn't work the reasons have been discussed, but imo you deserve to see the fruits of your labour that is the young lads that you have helped us nurture through your investment in the academy, finish what you started Mel.
  3. Don't think it's about what we want or need, its all about what Kaide wants and needs, feels like he has all the power.
  4. Think he's already shown great maturity and patience to come through at a young age and be in and out of the first team without feeling to much of a knock back.
  5. I think Bird is a good player at his age has good technical ability and can see a pass, just feel his chances are limited with an inform Bielik in the side,and don't think he has a goal in him or any real physical presence in the box to see him play further forward.
  6. A bit harsh RoyMac5 by all accounts he's a very decent bloke, if he goes surely we can wish him well?
  7. Can't believe Mel has his phone ready to talk business with other investors right in front of the sheikh, and our Wayne is definitely trying to hide his ciggy.
  8. Got to agree angieram we definitely ended up playing their game, to our detriment.
  9. I'm with Tamworthram on this I see it as a gamble that has not gone well, a succession of managers with their own ideas resulting in poor recruitment and all the money spent. That puts us where we are relying on youth to much with a thread bare squad.
  10. Jack has been labeled by successive managers as a lazy trainer that is why he's never taken off here, I'd agree with the present manager that his future lies back at the Wendies.
  11. Or the club wants him to appreciate that first team football is more achievable at Derby County?
  12. Don't want to see young talent go but does it make it easier to sell someone you have seen very little of rather than a Knight, Buchanan or Sibley because there talent is more tangible?
  13. That's a lot of Assuming
  14. Agreed Papahet but unfortunately you have got to find someone who wants them and can match wage demands.
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