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    SKHunter got a reaction from Abu Derby in Radio Derby - Behind closed doors   
    Thank god for Radio Derby.  Thought I was gonna have to get one of those new fangled tele thingys.
  2. COYR
    SKHunter reacted to Greasley in What is best away grounds been to past and present   
    Loved going all over back in the 80s, football special trains, terracing, etc. Them were the days!!! Some grounds that I enjoyed were,
    Roker Park, Sunderland
    The Boleyn Ground/Upton Park, West Ham
    The Dell, Southampton
    Highbury, Arsenal
  3. Clap
    SKHunter got a reaction from Patrick Rams in Zak, the club and RamsTV   
    I do hope your joking!! Kevin Hector FFS!!!
  4. COYR
    SKHunter got a reaction from SKRam in Tim Brooke Taylor   
    From my home town of Buxton.  RIP Tim.  
  5. Sad
    SKHunter reacted to Jenko in Tribute to the lost Rams fans   
    If I may, sadly I will start this remembrance list off, my mate from the age of 11 back in 1973 when i met him on our first day at John Port School, Etwal, Paul Hemingway (Ernie) aged 58 died of the horrible Virus last week. He was the best man at my wedding and was a thoroughly decent chap and a true DCFC fan. So sad and it knocks you back when you get the news ( I'm living in Thailand, now) but brings it home how nasty this virus is. Stay safe people. Anyone who knew him, would be good to hear your positive thoughts ? 
  6. Clap
    SKHunter reacted to eccles the ram in Derby Cares - Football Cares   
    I notice Brighton have announced they are giving away 1000 free tickets to front-line nursing staff for when football recommences. I would like to think that we could look at something similar here. Everyone needs the NHS at some stage in their lifetimes and no more so than now.  Football can bring communities together and, for what its worth, i will give up my seat to someone in the front line NHS staff for the Forest home game for free (whenever it is played). I am a season ticket holder and have supported DCFC throughout my life. When the match date is known i can then move forward. Up the Rams.!
  7. Clap
    SKHunter reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in Matches suspended   
    Call the season to an end, no one goes up or down and the Premier League  parachute payments should be distributed amongst the lower league clubs to prevent them going out of business due to loss of earnings. 
    The fact it screws The Treetards and The Dirties is an added bonus 🤭👍🏻😂😂
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    SKHunter got a reaction from SchtivePesley in Rams fan attacked   
    I've had chats about the rams with the young man too. Really nice lad and I don't understand how anyone could want to harm him. Is it just how it is these days?  Is it booze or drugs? Hope the tw@ts get the same treatment sometime. Sorry, just angry and wishing that makes me as bad as them.
  9. Haha
    SKHunter reacted to Mucker1884 in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Will we be allowed to bring our own snacks and refreshments?
    Can we get on any coach (first come, first mount!), or will we be allocated a coach number?
    Oh...and... Bagsy the back seat... preferably alongside that red-haired bint I see outside the club shop 15 minutes before kick off.  she looks scorchio!  Even in trackies!  She's clearly waiting for someone, but they can't be that close else they'd arrive together, so I fancy my chances there!
    Will there be room in the undercarriage luggage thingy for my small camping stool?  I don't mind not being allowed to lay down, but I'm damned if I'm standing for much more than an hour.  Have you felt my knees... go on... feel 'em!
    Can we stop on the way?  Don't ask!
    Can we stay in a Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn, or is this a 24/7 kinda gig?  We could do it in relay?  Oh no... That would cut the numbers down... scrub that!
    Ooh... talking of scrubbing... Will I need to bring clean pants and a razor, or are we only going for a fortnight or so?
    Can I be excused from 28/2 to 3/3, as I have a camping weekend booked... Ooh, actually, I'm heading Oxford way for that... can you drop me off on the way?  Do you pass it?
    You won't forget about the red-haired bint, will you... Oh no... forget it... he's just turned round... not interested anymore!  
    Will we get paid?
  10. Clap
    SKHunter reacted to therams69 in Radio Derby   
    Quite surprised over this thread and other threads I have seen where Ed is getting a wee bit of a personal slating.
    Ed is a Derby fan so no doubt reads these forums. 
    Not sure why people feel it relevant to have personal digs at him. He hasn't done anything wrong, whether its the Ramage case or just in general. If you don't like his commentating, just don't bloody listen. 
    For people to go out there way to personally criticise someone on a forum for doing there job really does astound me.
    Simply, if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  11. Haha
    SKHunter got a reaction from SKRam in 3 games unbeaten now   
    Booker T & The MG's Green Onions? What do you mean, how old are you, you old git?
  12. Haha
    SKHunter reacted to BaaLocks in My favourite photo   
    By my maths she's about 63 now - Rooney alert.....
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    SKHunter got a reaction from Angry Ram in FA Cup Fourth Round Draw - 06/01 7.35pm   
    An away day at a ground that I haven't been to please.  Shrewsbury, Rochdale, Carlisle, Tranmere and Spurs all face replays.  Oxford and West Ham definitely through.  Arsenal play tomorrow.  50/50 chance of either home or away so I reckon about a 5% chance of getting what I want.  More than likely, I think another Championship side away. 
  14. Cheers
    SKHunter reacted to SKRam in What a day   
    Ok now then @DarkFruitsRam7 that was as near a perfect post, from the heart as always, as could be and just look at the accolades. But my friend you spoilt it with a mention of B B B Budw no I can’t even type it mate. Now fruit cider is not good but you’re a youngster I understand, you’ve some way to go, we will get you sorted on the real stuff in the coming years. Even if it means us getting to the promised land before you acknowledge what real cider and perry is, but mate please try to rid your body of that rice ‘beer’ (trades description act) from the States that contaminates these shores. One day you will be accepted amongst us ale drinkers as one of our own.  It’s waiting for you my friend......

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    SKHunter got a reaction from angieram in FA Cup Fourth Round Draw - 06/01 7.35pm   
    An away day at a ground that I haven't been to please.  Shrewsbury, Rochdale, Carlisle, Tranmere and Spurs all face replays.  Oxford and West Ham definitely through.  Arsenal play tomorrow.  50/50 chance of either home or away so I reckon about a 5% chance of getting what I want.  More than likely, I think another Championship side away. 
  16. Cheers
    SKHunter reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Sibley the best!   
    I don't think so. Worth going though. Let us know if you do. Will be cold. You'll be OK though. Let us know if you go. Cheers 
  17. Sad
    SKHunter got a reaction from WhiteHorseRam in v Fulham (A) - Predictions   
    Fulham 2, Derby County 0.  No Scorer.
  18. Like
    SKHunter reacted to King Kevin in What a great story   
    My old man was still in the army in 1946  but managed to get back and watch the Cup final ,what a time to be alive.
  19. Like
    SKHunter got a reaction from Van Gritters in What a great story   
    In the 40's, 50's and 60's you'd be able to go by train.  I think you'd probably change at Buxton and Millers Dale but not 100% certain.  Beeching got to it just before I started going to football.  
    Not seen Derek for a while but I used to go to High Peak Supporters meetings which I can't remember him ever missing.  Top bloke.  
  20. Like
    SKHunter reacted to Van Gritters in What a great story   
    I don’t know whether he has always lived in Chapel but it’s a fair trek to Derby from Chapel. Especially back in the day when there were only horse and carts.
  21. Clap
    SKHunter got a reaction from IslandExile in Bert Mozley RIP   
    My dad wasn't a big reader but when I got him a copy of "When football was fun" by Bert he actually sat and read it.  I've since read it myself and it gives a good indication as to the differences of then and the modern game.  My dad would've been doing his national service in Korea when Bert played but he saw enough of him playing for The Rams to appreciate him.  Respect.  RIP Bert Mozley.
  22. Cheers
    SKHunter reacted to mozza in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Due to some technical issues,  the League will not be updated till the weekend, at the earliest. 

  23. Clap
    SKHunter reacted to rynny in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Wait, what? 

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    SKHunter reacted to beardyjim in Enough is enou zzzzzzz   
    I've been reading this forum for many years but have never felt comfortable enough to comment mainly because I very rarely get to games (I was a student in Liverpool and then worked away) but I always followed this forum and I have massive respect for David and co who look after it. 
    However the utter hypocrisy of some posters "no longer supporting Derby" "Mel has a lot to answer for" is utterly ridiculous. Until proven guilty the players in question can do what they like as can the club. I have no sympathy for drink drivers, it is not big. And it's not clever. But these guys are essentially kids and to lambast them for making a mistake is beyond crazy. We've all made stupid decisions in our youth whether it's pissing down an ally way or squaring up to some dick in a club. Most of which we are not proud of. Mel and Phil are simply doing best by the football club and unfortunately Tom is currently the best we can get, and you know what, underneath is failings as a human being, he's a good footballer. 
    I've had a bit of a rant here, but all I ask is that you look at these players as human beings and not as some pillar of the community. We're all failed, no one is perfect. And I can assure you that the guilt they are feeling inside is way worse then the boo boys insults. 
    Just because they are footballers it doesn't stop them from being flawed human beings. 
    (*Disclaimer. I got busted for drink driving. I had lost my dad a few weeks earlier and quite frankly I didn't care for anything. I was 18) 
  25. Like
    SKHunter got a reaction from angieram in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Top o' the league!!
    Long way to go though.
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