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  1. Anyone know what’s happened to Shonibare?
  2. Renewed my 2 season tickets for this season and pay the £10 when I have to so I can watch every game. Ok the football isn’t very good at the moment but after 60 years of watching the Rams I guess it’s in my blood and support them no matter how badly they play
  3. I was given a ticket in Lea Stand for this game and seems like only yesterday. Just a small reminder of how good we were in those days
  4. Great interview in this months Rampage and today’s DET with Tom Lawrence discussing his traumatic journey after his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  5. Anyone know if U18’s playing today and when next U23 fixture is?
  6. One of BC’s first signing I think. Always gave 100% and I enjoyed watching him play RIP Ritchie
  7. Come on guys just remember that under Cocu we were top of the form league until lockdown even though we were under a soft embargo. Since then we have lost experienced players and are trying to catch up with our recruitment. Cut the club and manager some slack and keep the faith. Some people are too quick to criticise others
  8. Please remember that In the first season of BC and PT we ended up third bottom of the league. Give Cocu chance to sort it and stop criticising
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