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  1. Remember Mark Pembridge getting dogs abuse at Hillbrough to the extent I think Wednesday took him off after about twenty minutes though I seem to recall they said it was injury but he looked pretty rattled as I remember it. Other than him not being particularly great for us I don't really know why he copped it so bad
  2. Buckley Davison and Powell did and Bobby hadn,t reached his pomp yet
  3. just been on the official website and the the three player profiles that come up are Bird Shinnie and Knight not one assist between them.Sorry about that just depressed myself even more!!!!
  4. I took the 20% off 20/21 season ticket from the 19/20 season and rather stupidly it seems now renewed. What did surprise me was that I was charged the full price as Id expected the discount would have been applied on renewal. At the beginning of the season I informed the club I didnt want the rams tv and after consideration of the current circumstances Id except the offer of a full refund and was told like every one else my refunds would be sorted in due course,I was also owed for two match tickets which I was refunded for by cheque in december but since then nothing. Like everyone Id just like a bit of an update and a bit of honesty on the subject. Me and my mate used to to say we were loyal and lobotomised when it came to DCFC and even writing this makes me feel disloyal but for the first time in 36 years Im seriously considering not renewing because Im sure the club just expect me to roll it on to next season. I dont want to sound entitled but I do think we deserve a bit of communication
  5. I think Hector was in the wall and ducked would have killed him otherwise thought it was going to take the net with it!
  6. Newcastle 1976 fa cup quarter final I was 12 and the fa cup final was massive in those days and i was certain we were going to win it every goal was a stunner as I remember in a 4-2 win Newcastle had lost the league cup final to Man City the week before a Denis Tueart overhead kick so loads of geordies down.,Bloody hate Man Utd. Obviously the one I wished I was at the 1946 cup win.Weakened teams.no replays,Wembley semi finals ,530 final kick offs dont get me bloody started!
  7. Man Utd -fans have obnoxious superiority complex Forest-see above Leeds -see above Mansfield Town-Forest love in Celtic/Rangers -why do people down here fall out about them?
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