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  1. Perhaps my Internet is on a go slow. Live rural. Out in the sticks?
  2. I'm still having no joy. Tried ringing. Emailed them, waiting for a reply. 🤬
  3. Anyone having problems getting a ticket? It's taken me nearly an hour now and got nowhere.
  4. Will any away fans be allowed at the Salford friendly next Saturday?
  5. Do you frequent bubbles massage & spa? 😛
  6. I did the pre season friendly up at kilmarnock when uncle George was the boss. No beer inside the ground. Think that's still the case. I've also done both Dundee clubs as my sister and her family live that way. My niece works at St. Johnstone and got her picture taken with the team with the cup at weekend. Have to ask her about that. King Craig should be on it.
  7. Derby County 1, Sheffield Wednesday 1. Lawrence.
  8. Swansea City 1, Derby County 1. Lawrence.
  9. Derby County 1, Birmingham City 0. Lawrence.
  10. Preston North End 0, Derby County 1. Lawrence.
  11. Blackburn Rovers 0, Derby County 0. No Derby Scorer.
  12. Derby County 1, Norwich City 2. Gregory.
  13. Reading 2, Derby County 0. No Derby Scorer.
  14. Derby County 1, Luton Town 1. Sibley.
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