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  1. That's a bit of an eye opener to anyone pre-all seaters. Imagine been crammed into that terracing. 😱
  2. Great video. Interesting looking at the background shots of the town. The council house is the only building instantly recognisable. Liz is defo a ram by the way.
  3. angieram. Y'know, your making me think now. I do seem to remember something about the beamback not working. Was it that match? Their were one or two beambacks around that time. I did used to have a really, really bad drrrrink problem back then if I can use that as an excuse. 🍺😜
  4. I saw the beamback at Pride Park. Dunno why I didn't go. Can't remember. I mean I can't remember why I didn't go but can remember the match.
  5. From my home town of Buxton. RIP Tim.
  6. I do hope your joking!! Kevin Hector FFS!!!
  7. Schteve and Wayne for me. We could go to De Wallen. πŸ˜‰
  8. Millwall 1, Derby County 2. Lawrence.
  9. Derby County 1, Blackburn Rovers 2. Lawrence.
  10. Derby County 2, Manchester United 2. Lawrence.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 0, Derby County 2. Waghorn.
  12. I've had chats about the rams with the young man too. Really nice lad and I don't understand how anyone could want to harm him. Is it just how it is these days? Is it booze or drugs? Hope the tw@ts get the same treatment sometime. Sorry, just angry and wishing that makes me as bad as them.
  13. Queens Park Rangers 2, Derby County 2. Rooney.
  14. Derby County 3, Fulham 1. Martin.
  15. Derby County 3, Huddersfield Town 2. Martin.
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