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Live Music Thread


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I’m very sure used there isn’t a thread on this already. If there is, and I’ve missed it, by all means merge. 

Let general live music chit chat commence.

Meanwhile, I have an actual question to ask about Live Music.

Is anyone going to see The Who next week?

I’ve got tickets. I was well pleased when I got them, couldn’t believe they’re playing in derby, and let’s face it, they are getting on a bit, how many more gigs do they have in them? Tickets say they start at 5 though. But I’m working in Blackburn, it’s a 2.5hr drive.

I know they’re being supported by UB40.

I know that’s more like gates open at 5, and they’ll just have some bloke strumming on a guitar that no one’s heard of for an hour or so before the big acts come out, so I’ve probably got a bit of leeway, but any guessing how much leeway I might have?

the last live concert I went to was the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in Wembley. I was very late for that. Driving from Wales and my car ran out of electricity. The ‘guy on the guitar that no one’s heard of’ was only Liam bloody Gallagher. I had the concert playing on YouTube as I was charging up. My daughter and wife were already there. It was my daughters first ever concert. Lucky girl. She doesn’t deserve a cool dad like me.

Anyway, I’ve paid rather a lot for these tickets, so I really hope I don’t arrive at 19:30 just in time to see them packing up, cos they’re old men and need to be in bed by 21:00. 

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5 hours ago, TigerTedd said:

Is anyone going to see The Who next week?

As @ketteringram said, the Memsahib and I are going.

We haven't been to a 'big name' gig since Download 2016 (Rammstein, Sabbath, Maiden et al). We're in our 70s now so mosh-pits are right out. Until then, we were regulars seeing AC/DC, Metallica, Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon, Priest etc, even travelling abroad to go to festivals and gigs. Now, it's more sedate fare (e.g. Steve Bonham And The Long Road), so plenty of stuff from 'Tommy' (I bought the album on the day of its release 54 years ago) will suit me fine.


Yes, I was thrown a bit when my tickets arrived today. 5:00 pm must refer to the time the gates open. I might contact the cricket club tomorrow to verify that.

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Could all those joining the hordes of folk heading on foot from Derby City Centre to The Who concert next Friday afternoon please be mindful that some of us (Well, me and the missus!) will be making the exact opposite journey... also on foot, and around a similar time... heading for one of those Red Arrow Multi-seated public transport charabancs at Derby Bus Station, for late afternoon refreshments and sustenance by the dark side of The Trent, before taking our seats at the Shottingham Arena for an evening of shitz and giggles with Peter Kay.
Let's have no pushin' and shovin'... and don't make me miss that bus, d'y'hear!  

... And make sure that bloody row* is finished, before I get home, ready for a late night (Early morning!) nightcap in my back garden.  


For those too idle to walk, and/or too tight to pay for parking, feel free to park in front of my drive gates and block my car in (3min walk to cricket ground, and a quicker get-away afterwards).  Just lob a £2 coin through my letter box (I said letter box, not window!), and we'll say no more about it!

*Not a fan of The Who, to be honest, although I'd have certainly enjoyed sitting out the back listening to UB40 with a beer in the evening sunshine.  


 Enjoy, everyone!  🍻👍

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2 hours ago, ziggyram59 said:

David Bowie's daughter Lexi singing Starman and Life On Mars so nice to hear her singing her dad's songs. 

Rough AF. She's nice to look at, but she can't even hit the end notes on one of his less challenging songs.

Not sure what you're seeing here really, or hearing rather.

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1 hour ago, admira said:

This guy was videoing at Razorlight last night through his 10 inch I-Pad. 

Whatever happened to gig etiquette?


But you took this on your phone 🙂 ? It's a weird one though, I grant you - cracked screen all but guaranteed.

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