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  1. I was in my local large Tesco yesterday morning. Fairly busy, but well stocked. Very few people without masks. It looked like 90% were still using them. The lady on the till was not wearing one though.
  2. Yes, I can see that, and how it leads to lower figures. I don't understand how at the same time, cases per 100,000 seem to be climbing fast. Area that borders where I work is now at close to 1,000. It was 800 last week, and less than 600 the week before. Where I live is 486, and it was about 250 ten days ago.
  3. I don't get those figures. There are four or five places I keep an eye on , for the cases per 100,000 number. All of them have gone up very fast over the past 7 days.
  4. I didn't know about the 30 days thing. Do I have to refresh it, or does it do it itself? Not sure the point of that. I thought it just proved I was double jabbed. If I'm that now, it's hard not to be that in 31 days time .
  5. It's only recently started to dawn on me, how amazing it is about the Charlton brothers. Now that's odd , because I was six at the time, so I've obviously known about them pretty much all my life. But imagine being Mr and Mrs Charlton. You have a son, who is so good at football, he ends up playing in the top division. That's amazing in itself. Then he goes on to play for his country. Then actually plays in a world cup final, and win it! Then as if that's not amazing enough, your other son does the same thing at the same time!
  6. Yes. I'm thinking of going . Be the first time since 1980 😀
  7. Do many of you on here , have that app? We've never installed it. I asked a few people at work if they had it, and didn't find anyone whose ever installed it. Anyway, as for freedom day. No change in anything as far as I can see personally. Sounds like I'll still be shopping with a mask on, and unofficially so far, been told that masks will remain at work (manufacturing)
  8. Bosch is one of the few police detective type things I've kept on with until the end. Actually it's probably the only one. Season one, for me , is definitely the weakest one . It's not the greatest series ever made, but I think overall it's very good.
  9. Does that mean the other members of the household get tested?
  10. For all I know, they could be booing the opposition for not taking the knee🤔
  11. We were at Imperial war museum at Duxford a couple of weeks ago. On the way in, there's a guy telling you to check in with the app, and pointing to the QR thingy. Neither of us have ever had the app, so basically just got phone out and took a picture of the notice. I do have the standard NHS app, which has your vaccinated record on etc, but not the trace one. Mrs is a teacher , and was told from the start by her boss, not to download it.
  12. Yes, I spotted that, even though I've not seen The Wire , I was aware that he's in it.
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