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  1. I'm not sure what scenario ever sees us leave.
  2. Unless that election returned a big majority for the Brexit party, or the lib dems, I can't see how it would alter anything with regards to Brexit.
  3. Might have to wait and see if Labour won the seat, if the bizzare postal vote figures get investigated.
  4. I'm glad you posted that!
  5. I'd like to know the following. If there was another referendum, and the result was the same, give or take a bit, as the last time, what would then happen??
  6. Are you talking about mixed, or dcfc only?
  7. What was the issue at St Pancras? Was it queues upstairs in front of the boards which say which platform?
  8. East seats, West seats fan Park. I get that. What's box park fan park all about? A punch up? For qpr game, there was a temporary bar set up right in front of the Premier Inn near the bottom of the stairs that go to the station. It was all qpr. I had to fight my through them all, thankfully not literally, to get to the reception to check in and dump the bags.
  9. ketteringram

    Watchable telly

    Threads called watchable telly. Play off final. Probably watched from behind the sofa. Have a question. Now TV. Don't have a smart TV. I guess I could buy the stick or the box, but it will literally only get used for one game. Can I buy a one day sports pass, using the app on my phone?? I have the app, but it stupidly will not let me set up an account, until I buy some package. One of the packages is a one day sports pass. Do I have to wait until less than 24 hours before kick off before I open the account??
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48273750 Looks like Wolves are putting this in.
  11. His eyes would just glaze over at the interview anyway. He'd probably just crack, and even if he got the job, he'd end up getting fired.
  12. I got most of the way through that, singing along to The Cure 😀
  13. Yep. You can finish 32 points behind the champions.
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