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  1. Toilet breaks in class

    I know I'm thick, but I'd like this explained! Why is this thread on so many different forums? It's even managed to get to 11 pages on one that I read, and that one doesn't have many posters at all. Where does it come from?
  2. London for next summer 2018.

    I know! They ripped me off. 20 kilos to get in.
  3. London for next summer 2018.

    If you do plan to go to the Imperial War Museum (and I'm another who'd recommend it), then as with the other museums, my advice is to be there early. Just before it opens. They all fill up quickly, and the first hour or so, is always the best.
  4. Apple

    Does the current Mrs David know about her arrival?
  5. Apple

    Not sure it matters any more. These companies spend millions developing stuff that looks brilliant, and is really nice to handle. Then the first thing most people do, is shove beautiful device into a gash looking piece of plastic and rubber. I've never done that. I use them the way they come out of the box. Slippery as hell these days, but I've never dropped one yet. That's done it now
  6. Sonos

    Got one of these yesterday. The play one. I'm impressed overall. The set up is straightforward enough. Not sure what people are moaning about regarding the Sonos app. Seems perfectly fine to me, though admittedly I didn't see the previous version. Sound quality is mixed, depending on what's playing. I guess that's down to the source material, so nothing to do with the speaker. There is no issue with listening to live BBC stations, Spotify, Google play music etc. Then when herself got in from work, no issue with her iPhone and iPad using it either. The overall volume level is quite a bit lower than I expected when set to max. But then my existing amp and speaker set up is obviously a lot more powerful than this little box! Anyway, I'm impressed enough to get another one. I'm flying away for a few days, but will get a matching one when I get back next week. Based on very brief experience so far, I'll definitely look at getting the play 5 for downstairs.
  7. Sonos

    Wow. Had basically decided to go and get a couple of these tomorrow, and then I had a look at the Sonos app! I presume they are talking only about the android version, but if you can, take a look at Google play store, and the reviews of the app. Is it necessary to use the app, or can I just play Spotify or Google play music direct to the speaker??
  8. Sonos

    Are you happy enough with the sound quality? I'm not expecting miracles for that money, but it's got to better than a phone and a cheap Bluetooth speaker right?
  9. Sonos

    @David Did you go any further with this? Try one in a shop or at home? Someone at work was raving about them. I was thinking about trying one. One of the main things it would be for would be listening upstairs, to radio 5 and 2, evenings and weekends. Now a very quick bit of research says you can't listen to BBC live radio. That could be nonsense, but that's what I'm reading. Some say you can, through tunein, but the reviews of that are awful. If I was to get the Sonos, I'd also use it for Spotify or whatever, but also BBC radio. Maybe I should just buy a better portable Dab radio??
  10. Apple

    Have you ever seen anyone using a Google Pixel?
  11. Apple

    Ah, I thought maybe it'd come through the door today. Will look out for your thoughts in a week or two.
  12. Apple

    Is no one on here reporting back on the new one?
  13. Norwich City V Derby County

    Maybe not from a defensive position, but I love this one.
  14. Halloween / Nov 5 / Diwali.

    Think he was just the fall guy really.
  15. Carabao draw

    Seems a bit of a shambles. Must have dropped a ball! Oh and why Tufnell and Dawson?!?

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