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  1. Apple

    I hope when you return it, if asked for the reason, you just say 'it isn't an iPhone'.
  2. Apple

    Errm, I could have told you it wasn't an iPhone before you ordered it. You've clearly too much time on your hands :). Re that comma thing..... It's Many years since I used it, but don't you just swipe up and to the left on the full stop?
  3. Apple

  4. Apple

    Have you tried using SwiftKey? It's one of those things that improves the more you use it, but it's way better than the stock keyboard.
  5. Apple

    I don't know. I wouldn't have one for free. But if you seriously thought the s7 was rubbish, how much would the s8 have to have improved by, for you to think it was OK? Nothing is going to improve that much :).
  6. Apple

    If you had an S7, I have no idea why you'd think the S8 was any better.
  7. Interest Rates - Mortgages

    That last paragraph....... Ten years ago, I'd have completely agreed with you. Now I just don't know. Not saying you're wrong. I just don't know anymore!
  8. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    I'm sure there are loads of films which I didn't manage to get to the end of over the years. Mainly because they were just poor films on TV. But there are three well known, and well liked ones. Inception, The Departed, and Walk the Line. One day, I might try again.
  9. Ryan Air cancelling up to 50 flights a day

    May have just been lucky, but I've flown with them a lot. Maybe 40 or 50 times. Never had an issue. I've two flights booked at the moment. One in October, one November. Hopefully they go ahead.
  10. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    ... It's all the cake and biscuits you eat that does that.
  11. Bristol City v Derby County

    Re M5 is shut both ways in Gloucestershire.
  12. Apple

    I had wireless charging about five years ago, on the galaxy s3. Had to fit a new back to it first. Rubbish phone though. I'll never have another Samsung after that thing.
  13. Apple

    If it works like that, it's impressive.
  14. Apple

    Do you think this face recognition stuff, not just on iPhone x, but in general, actually works on the face as a whole, or just the eye? I don't think I change much, apart from ageing! But I work with a couple of guys in particular, who are always changing. They seem to grow a beard for a few months, then get rid of it, and stay clean shaven for a while. What about glasses, contacts, etc. or temporary injuries? There must be loads of you on here wearing make up too! Guess the software will improve massively over the next couple of years.
  15. Apple

    Surely the face id thing isn't compulsory is it?

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