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  1. @uttoxram75 out of curiosity, how is your place handling those who are doing the 12 week isolation thing? Are they using the furlough thing, sick pay, or something else?
  2. He was a confirmed case I think? Did 6 days self isolation, and was everywhere yesterday, probably spreading it like a garden hose.
  3. Another 684 gone in UK πŸ˜’
  4. I've no problems agreeing to it. Purely from a personal point of view, I'd be delighted to stay on it forever. That would also be true if it was 50%. The question was more about how anyone is meant to agree or disagree with it. It's not like we were given a form to sign, or an email you could respond to. If @Angry Ram has employees, I was wondering how he handled it.
  5. No. No one at work is. I've worked 40 years in manufacturing, and have never worked anywhere where there was union membership. Not knowingly anyway!
  6. Quick question if I may. As an employer, when you put people on furlough, were they given an option to accept or not? The reason I'm asking, is that we were basically sent home , and told we were being furloughed. By the time I got home, I'd received an email explaining it a bit more, and it also said , something like...we hope you accept this. The alternative is voluntary redundancy, and failing that , compulsory redundancy. But this was from a , do not reply, email address. No further mention was made of accepting it or not. There is now no one at work. Manufacturer, about 520 employees.
  7. This Furlough thing , tells me that even in retirement, I'm still going to be up for work every day at 4.30am .πŸ™„
  8. Order one of those wasgij ones πŸ‘
  9. .....and you're already living in your 7th decadeπŸ‘
  10. Basically, that's why our place shut last Tuesday, until ....no idea when. Non food industry, but impossible to do the 2m seperation.
  11. Playing behind closed doors is all well and good, but how would the players do the 2m distance thingy? Maybe our defence has been doing that for a while , especially for corners.
  12. I'm only on day 3 of bring laid off from work🀣
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