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  1. Preston got there when they played us last July. I was puzzled at the time how they'd got there so long before us. All down to which divisions you've spent most time in of course.
  2. Always used to watch Star Soccer on Sunday afternoon, with Hugh Johns on the commentary.
  3. Thanks for reminding me about this. It was recommended to me a couple of months ago, maybe even on here, maybe even by you! But I forgot about it. It's now on the list πŸ‘
  4. You're going to have quite a dilemma when you're finally invited onto Desert Island Discs.
  5. The Expanse? I got a bit further! I watched the first four episodes of the first series, then gave up. The Mrs gave up half way through the third episode. I might try again at some point !
  6. We're currently re watching The West Wing. Last weekend we got to the end of the second series. Personally I think that the final two episodes in series two , must be some of the finest TV ever made.
  7. It was. Didn't stop me watching it every week though πŸ˜€. Same with Land of the giants.
  8. I've never come across it on Netflix or any other service. One of the things in dispute was the rights to the songs used. There was usually an original song in each episode. There are dvd box sets , which have the songs missing, or replaced with substitute music. There are also box sets where some of the discs play, and some don't. I have all the original shows on a hard drive, which my son , errm 'obtained' somehow. Great show. Especially the earlier seasons.
  9. Think I'm somewhere in the middle πŸ˜‚
  10. Pop round, and I'll open the curtains for you. I'll put a flask of Bovril outside for you too.
  11. Not encouraging gambling.....but why is this game not available to bet on according to the skybet site?
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