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  1. Someone , on here I think, recommended that to me, and said something like, if you can get through the first couple of series, it's well worth sticking with. I found the opposite. Really enjoyed the first 3, then thought it went downhill a bit in the 4th. Gave up completely about half way through the 5th series.
  2. .......so at half time, it's Liverpool one, Everton nil, and if it stays like this, you've got to fancy Liverpool to win.
  3. I might try that. Struggling to find anything on either Netflix or prime that's good quality, and DOESN'T contain excessive violence and gore etc .
  4. Somebody recommended The Americans to me ages ago. Can't remember if it was someone on here or not. Anyway, what they said was something like........it's really worth watching, and gets better, if you can get through the first couple of series. So, anyway, we watched it, and found the opposite to be true. Really enjoyed it for the first three series. I think we are halfway through season 4 (out of 5). We haven't watched it now for months. I don't think we will go back to finish it off. Just got so bored with it, which is a shame, as like I said, it was really good.
  5. All good then 😀. The last time we spoke at a match , you were just getting over the stent thingy on your heart . I can remember the bruising where it went in on your wrist. Get well soon mate !
  6. Based on that, and a good few other reviews, I have just finished The Last Dance. As someone with zero interest in basketball, I have to say it's pretty much perfect. I've not seen a better documentary. I think having no narration is brilliant. I need to get Scottie Pippens voice on my Satnav.
  7. Think they got caught between the Top of the pops stuff, and the more serious side . They made great singles, which usually had a great B side too.
  8. Enjoyed Sherlock at the time it was on. The second series was it's best I think. Especially the first one of that series.😍
  9. I thought that about the 2nd series , so haven't bothered with the third. Really liked the first one.
  10. Which new season though?
  11. Whose got that Cary Grant GIF??
  12. Let's wait and see what state everything is in by October
  13. 2024? Not sure he'll make it to the end of 2020.
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