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  1. He may have done. Just a little bit
  2. Did anybody have any thoughts on the Andrew Neil interview with Mr Corbyn, shown this evening?
  3. I never did get around to reading this on my NY trip, even though I took it with me. Too much going on! However, I have now read it over the last few weeks. Absolutely outstanding. One of the best books I've ever read. Thanks again for the recommendation!
  4. "........ and yes, he's with a Lady" RIP Mr Moore.
  5. Did they let you call your Barista?
  6. I don't know either. Does anyone on here know? Apart from Soylent Green! Guess a lot of it depends on your age. If you're not paying for your care, then who is?
  7. You're in the right thread for that.
  8. Agree with this. @Paul71 I don't know about your circumstances, regarding not being paid and managing somehow, but the only really important thing in all of this, is for you to get better!
  9. Weren't Sunderland in on it? Putting the ball out on purpose at the right time?
  10. It's all well and good coming on here and talking about diet, but how much are McCoys crisps paying @David?
  11. Regarding Gluten free. According to my Mrs, and she knows everything, if you want a decent gluten free diet, avoid anything labelled as gluten free.
  12. There's plenty of wealth on this forum! Ask the wealthier ones if they'd like to give some of their wealth to the others. Enough so that everyone has the same.
  13. Was it the Puma one?
  14. Agreed. Bargain. Unless you've got a more urgent need for that 4p a day.
  15. Then you've saved nearly as much as my annual bill I've no gas supply. I'll check out a switching site.