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  1. We're all different aren't we πŸ˜€. I'm the opposite. I'd go back. I hate everything about match day, apart from the 90 odd minutes of football. I even hate half time!
  2. Any idea how many get that jab?
  3. This vaccination program,is going to be a huge undertaking. Trouble is, if it ends up only being effective for a few months, it'll just be neverending.
  4. You clearly like your adult contentπŸ˜€. One of the few shows that gets a full house of reds.
  5. Depends how long the vaccine, if it works at all, gives you immunity I guess. No one seems to know that yet. Could be years, months,or six and a half weeks.
  6. Indeed. Always amazes me that there were only 11 years between the maiden flight of the Lancaster bomber and the Vulcan.
  7. Is the flu vaccine effective? What percentage of the population have the flu vaccine?
  8. They're like buses. Apparently the Russian one is ready too, and that's even higher than 90% efficient. Though I've no idea if that's efficient for life, a year, or just a week.
  9. As would I if Rooney was given the job.
  10. ...and no one's allowed in it πŸ˜€. For a variety of reasons, I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I've seen my last game at Pride Park. πŸ€”πŸ˜’πŸ˜΄
  11. Especially when you think, it was Bruce Willis's first action film.....and Alan Rickmans first film. Ho Ho Ho.
  12. Just curious. Are you getting tested due to having symptoms? And then testing negative?
  13. I did a few jigsaws back in the spring, probably for the first time in 50 odd years. Mainly those ones where you don't get to see the picture on the box. Wasgij, they're called. This coming phase after Thursday, I'm not expecting it to impact me at all really. Work in manufacturing, so that'll carry on as normal. Mrs is a teacher, so carry on as normal. And most weekends do a supermarket shop as normal. So not expecting any changes. Unless we get ill of course!
  14. Think we've had that six limit where I work for a while now as regards meetings. Which is a bit strange , given that most of the workforce are working close together for 12 hours at a time. Yesterday's announcement moves me from tier 1 to tier 4, as from Thursday. Yet I can't see any way in which my normal life/routine, will change.
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