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  1. I've noticed that the engine seems to be left running. I think every single team bus parked there does it. I also assume that our bus does the same when we are away.
  2. @David a question! When you talk about downing Laxative, I assume you're suppose to drink it? May sound stupid, but when I was supposed to have a similar process done, I was supposed to use laxative or whatever it was, but it was meant to go in from the... Errr... Other end. That was supposed to be done at home. I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to do it, whether or not I'd be doing it properly. Also couldn't figure out how I was then meant to leave the house, drive to the hospital, and get to reception, wait in chairs etc etc. So in the end, I did none of it. I didn't just not show up, I did cancel the appointment.
  3. Anybody think that the whole thing will be called off at some stage between now and January, and he'll end up going somewhere else?
  4. England's world cup win is closer to World War one than today
  5. Who being number 1?
  6. @David hope you get some respite and something resolved very soon. Gone on for far too long. Anxiety, I sadly know too much about. The doctors, and hospital stuff I've been lucky to have little to do with myself so far. But over the past few months, I've spent a lot of time at the hospital, with an elderly relative. Several admissions. Many hours, days in AE and then EDU waiting for a bed etc etc. Can't really leave him there as he can't communicate at all, and can hardly see or hear (he's had several strokes). The A and E in particular is chaotic to say the least. It's an awful place for a confused old fella to be.
  7. I didn't even know you were a farmer.
  8. Where is May on your list?
  9. Who forms the next government?
  10. If, or more probably, when, there is a second referendum, and if the result was to leave again, I still can't see parliament voting that through. What I think will happen, is a labour government, led by Tom Watson, will hold a second vote, and that remain would win it. They will campaign to remain and reform. But they won't bother with the reform part.
  11. But a Labour brexit would be OK?
  12. ........ and how long the next manager lasts 😀
  13. Yes. Me. I think it will be 20.
  14. I'm not sure what scenario ever sees us leave.
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