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I’m Hiding in Here Tonight | 20/21 Edition


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2 minutes ago, Pearl Ram said:

What’s it like in there social distance-wise ? Lots of room ? Or is it a bit tight ? Asking for a friend. ?

Table service only, and only if sat with your household bubble, depending on your postcode obviously.

Maybe we need forum bubbles, you don't want just anyone sat at your table!


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On 19/10/2020 at 21:39, TomBustler1884 said:

Really struggling to bother with the DCFC boards at the moment, its just the same old repetitive stuff - sack Cocu, Mel should be flogged for letting Martin and Marriott go.

Shame really.

I gave up a while ago.. We win one game and Cocu is god and we are going to win the league.. Lose one and he’s poo and we are getting relegated. 

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1 hour ago, TomBustler1884 said:

I dont know how these people survive in the real world, reactions are so extreme.

It's the internet, isn't it. Wild West country. Very few people would act the way they do online in public: angry reactions, sarcastic replies to complete strangers, needless arguments. It's the nature of the beast. When things get too heated I tend to stand back for a few days and let people get on with it. That's not a criticism of other posters; it's just not my thing to be confrontational. Let's hope things pick up on the pitch and some of the more heated exchanges calm down a bit. Onwards and upwards; we're all Rams fans ?

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