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  1. How young is too young?

    I agree with this pair, not that I have kids or been in the situation but it often looks like more of a day for the parents to say my son/daughter went to their first Derby game, not the kid itself. Back and forth making the entire row stand up so little Timmy can have his 5th bag of crisps to keep him quiet so you can watch the game. Must have been 8 or 10 when I first went, possibly a little older, I remember very little even at that age, middle tier of one of the two ends at the BBG, freezing cold and chips on the way home. Couldn't tell you who we played, the score or anything. Now I'm not saying every kid has a memory like mine, but some kids I look and think they have zero interest being here, would much rather be in the park kicking a ball about themselves. If one day I end up with a kid, will be a bit of football on the park, see if they take to it and on TV, if so and like Cosmic and iRam say start asking to go, not once but weeks and weeks, I will then consider it. If they decide football isn't there thing I'll be just as happy.
  2. RamsTV

    Where are you seeing this deadline? Looking at the terms and conditions it says.... If there is a cut off I'm guessing that would be annual purchases only, wouldn't make sense to purchase say half way through the season.
  3. RamsTV

    I've just asked the SLO on twitter for you to see if there is a separate email address for RamsTV questions, website@dcfc.co.uk is the main website help email though
  4. Ross McCormack

    Personal troubles have been well documented, what with his time at Villa and Forest not exactly going to plan. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/04/18/ross-mccormackhas-not-reported-training-nottingham-forest-three/
  5. RamsTV

    You still will. The £45 a year/£4 a month subscription will give you access to listen live to Radio Derby and watch full games with the club commentary a day or two later. It's exactly the same as before with RamsPlayer but a much improved 90 minutes to watch later. This is available to everyone, UK and abroad. The £110 a year/£10 a month subscription gives fans outside the UK access to live streams when Sky are not showing the game, live streams will have the clubs commentary.
  6. Ross McCormack

  7. Boxing Thread

    Fights can be hit and miss yeah, that's down to the style of fighter they are, some are all about the ground game, Diaz is a monster on the ground which is why McGregor tried to avoid the floor. McGregor is all about his left hand pretty much, still an animal on the floor but it's his timing and movement which are more dangerous when followed with that left. Lighter the fighter better the fight, bigger guys tend to hug it out more.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Might make boxing more watchable on horseback
  9. RamsTV

    Would be nice wouldn't it? But terms and conditions have scuppered my plans of becoming a millionaire, it's a one time only referral code.
  10. RamsTV

    Which this isn't the place to discuss the how to's
  11. RamsTV

    As members I see you all as my friends, let me refer you all 😆
  12. Watch Sunderland vs DCFC Free on NOW TV

    There's a reason for that!
  13. Sainsbury's Lego Card's

    I finished with Lego when I was 13 ish, bloody loved the stuff, how it's stood the test of time shows I had great tastes at that age.
  14. Sainsbury's Lego Card's

    It's for my step nephew and niece, honest! I believe you, thousands wouldn't
  15. Watch Sunderland vs DCFC Free on NOW TV

    Can I just say how disgusting those train prices are. I could fly to Spain and back quicker and cheaper than travel up the east coast

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