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  1. David

    Forum Issues

    I've made the arrow a bit more bright, shame I can't control the members brightness 😂
  2. David

    Forum Issues

    @Boycie was telling me Joiners would have been electricians had they possessed a brain, I thought he was being harsh at the time...
  3. David

    Forum Issues

    @ariotofmyown, as the clever and helpful @reveldevil has posted, click the little arrow on the right. All you've done is minimised the forum
  4. Not a fan either, just helping Pearl see out his dream!
  5. David


    Swing by mine and I'll show you
  6. Well, I was expecting something better than this to be honest, but I've still done it for you, minus the round neck. I've incorporated a new multi million pound shirt sponsorship deal.
  7. PM me the images and I’ll sort, I’ve got to see this! 😂
  8. Based off an old one, well old to some of us maybe not you 😝
  9. Can’t be trusted that’s why.
  10. David


    Like I’ve said before, once you’ve mastered how to pick fleas out your head we will look to teach you new tricks
  11. Frank LampVARd There you go tabloids, something to work with for a headline
  12. All clubs are represented, although some send a bigger guy to hide behind. Reminds me of the kid at school who used to shout all kinds of stuff to the older kids, minute they came over to confront him he hid behind the taller one of us.
  13. David

    Avengers Endgame

    To me this tells you everything, action figures, Lego, nerf blasters, kids fancy dress. Sounds like my list to Santa when I was 10 😂
  14. David

    Forum Issues

    Vietnam one probably came from those adult sites you visit 😂
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