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  1. David

    Ashley Cole

    Your Dad isn’t a Brummie is he?
  2. David

    Norwich (A) Tickets

    It is, quite liked Norwich when I went, despite getting told off for speeding by the locals. Raised our bottles of Carlsberg and left them in our wake ....literally! As we went past Carrow Road.
  3. David

    RamsTV Meets John McGovern

    To be fair he’s 68, as he says doesn’t have them on display, why not sell them on, put a few quid in the bank to splash out on Christmas with his family and allow a collector the chance to own some memorabilia from the club they love. Win/win. Don’t see a problem myself. He was an employee of the club, as he was Forest. He’s not come out and said anything bad about us, in fact says it was an honour to play for us. Might sell his Forest medals in a couple of years, take his family away to Skeggy or somewhere. Can’t take them with you when you’re gone.
  4. David

    New Years Resolutions

    Seconds. Should have looked to see who’s online. I don’t mess about. Next year I will work on reducing those seconds to milliseconds.
  5. David

    Christmas shopping

    If it’s not on Amazon, you’re not having it. Simple and effective way of handling Christmas shopping
  6. David

    Ashley Cole

    Right, but let's live in the present. Ibrahimovic is at LA Galaxy, he is being moved to one of their 3 designated player slots which means he will command a bigger wage, they are binning off one of their 3 to make room for him and sign a new deal to stop him leaving for AC Milan who are said to be interested. Dream all you like but it's not going to happen, he's a megastar that would have zero interest in playing away to Rotherham on a Tuesday night. We've also spent what close to £9m on strikers ourselves already this season, one of which hasn't even had a run up top because the other is banging in goals. I'll stop there as I'm struggling to believe I'm sat here trying to give a reasonable response to why we won't sign Ibrahimovic.
  7. David

    Norwich (A) Tickets

    Careful your chain doesn't fall off
  8. David

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    What Villa did to us and what Forest did to Villa means very little, both sides drew with West Brom and look what we did. Didn't Forest just lose at home to Preston 1-0? We beat them 2-0. It's the Championship, anything can happen.
  9. David

    Ashley Cole

    Let the fan be the fan? If you seriously think Ibrahimovic would come to Derby, go take a cold shower. A long one. And lay off the brandy puddings whilst you're at it.
  10. David

    NFL 18/19

    Got the dog in training, wide receiver, very quick and doesn’t need an oxygen mask
  11. David

    January excuses early

  12. David

    Norwich (A) Tickets

    Well spotted. It does yes. @Boycie
  13. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Doubt many have a RB which you would be looking around 15pts on the bench though. He picked up 19 against the Ravens defence last week and expected to see more work this week.
  14. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Take that back I got him. Damien Williams, with Spencer Ware injured they are running down the depth charts now. Little surprised he wasn’t taken, but slightly nervous that you all know he’s going to be useless. Here goes nothing!
  15. David

    Ashley Cole

    Ibrahimovic? Please stop. Please.

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