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  1. The BBC has apologised after footage of LeBron James was mistakenly included in its coverage of the death of his fellow basketball star Kobe Bryant. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51259479
  2. BBC have gone one step further using footage of LeBron whilst covering his death. Not good, not good at all.
  3. Would imagine it’s the number of games plus the Euro’s this summer, doesn’t want to run them into the ground. I know there is a belief that players can play twice a week and still hold down a full time job as they get paid X amount, yet managers think differently and try to protect their assets 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Not Owen but I can help...the fixture list on the club site tells you next to each game if they are on RamsTV worldwide or select countries. Luton is showing as being available worldwide.
  5. No socks is in right now so you’re on to a winner regardless
  6. More reason to then, isn’t that what the nonsense is created around?
  7. Why it makes me laugh when people talk about recent windows, very short memories as we have signed some real dross over the years.
  8. Robbie Savage, Danny Mills, Alan Stubbs, Laurent Robert
  9. Will be either Khabib or Diaz rematch, which he will lose, go missing for months before the promo for a rematch against Mayweather. Probably follow Ronda Rousey then into acting with the WWE or F, whatever they call it these days.
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