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  1. Press reader refresh icon or turn it off, close the sign up box and put reader mode back on. Does go flakey at times but does work.
  2. Nothing has been announced yet at all, in a recent interview with Mel and Stephen Pearce they just asked for fans patience whilst they figure it out
  3. If you had an iPhone you could switch to reader view and read the full article 😉
  4. “Sky subscribers in the UK will be able to activate the Premier Sports channel for free throughout June. From July, they will be charged a monthly fee of £5.99.“
  5. Just agree with me, saves time as you’ll get there in the end.
  6. I’m back this week, Leanne won’t be as she’s at work
  7. I agree on the Sky thing, whilst I understand they want the most relevant game at the time for their money, the notice they give before rescheduling games is ridiculous. Not sure what the answer is, leaving the game at 3pm on Saturday and still screening it wouldn’t appeal to either Sky or the clubs as it would effect viewers and attendances at the same time. Needs to be right up there on the agenda though as clubs outside the PL rely on ticket revenue so much, pissing fans off moving games around will only see more get frustrated and either walk away from the game or pick and choose games over buying season tickets
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