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  1. Roy Keane fell out with his team mates as he does, Ian Wright suffered as John Barnes was a crap manager, fans got on his back. Robbie Keane did alright tho, was only there a few months on loan but won fans player of the year, wanted to keep him but went to West Ham on loan instead
  2. I hope he doesn't go to China or the MLS. Celtic wouldn't be a bad idea at all though, whilst he could easily do a job for Everton, he could go up there and bow out with glory at Celtic not a fat cheque, sat with their fans once to watch a game up there. Sure he's spoke of a soft spot before. Be interesting to see what he has planned for after retirement, can't see him in a TV studio or training pitch for that matter. Thinking of Rooney's retirement is making me feel old now, super old.
  3. Rooney would walk into Everton's side, still has another 2/3 seasons in him, just needs to remember he's not 21 anymore
  4. Callum Ball will play for England one day, mark my words.
  5. That sounds dangerously amazing, can you schedule pints for say every 30 minutes?
  6. Bernardo sounds to me like a player that is pissed off with his parents for giving him a crap name, stuck an o on the end to rebrand himself, try and look cool. Doesn't work, tried it myself.
  7. Looks like a response to this the other day http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/five-reasons-why-derby-county-are-a-bigger-club-than-nottingham-forest/story-30351712-detail/story.html
  8. What have I told you about thinking? leave it to me. Was announced on the 16th May it would be free to watch along with the Champions League final http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/champions-league-final-bt-sport-free-tv-online-stream-youtube-a7738571.html
  9. N to M? can't even play the rules of the game you started!
  10. No rush, a lot of players will be away on holiday, pre season training not for a few weeks so they will only be sat around anyhow. As Rowett said it's rare to get deals done before June, Zabaleta being a free makes things easier.
  11. What signing for West Ham?
  12. I will pull this excuse out of my behind on his behalf as he's not here to defend himself, £157m spent last season, throw in the wages that's a lot of money to spend. It's possible that it could be restrictions with finances, they have the highest debt in football £465m. Another would be the Premier League squad rules, 25 in the squad, no more than 17 home grown so injuries will have played a part. I'm sure there was a few players he would liked to have shifted out but no takers at the time. After Moyes and Van Gaal it feels like those values have been put on temporary hold, get the club back competing at the top. No way does Mourinho fit the Man Utd philosophy that Alex Ferguson engrained into the club. With the way the game is changing I wouldn't be surprised to see that temporary hold made more permanent, not many managers stay in the job long enough now. Points on the board will back this up, but who thought Porto would have won the Champions League at the time? Mourinho is a winner, I would not back against him closing that gap next season.
  13. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/eric-bailly-pick-manchester-united-over-city-jose-mourinho-derby-a7706091.html If Bailly isn't telling porkies, sometimes it's just the little things that matter...
  14. Mourinho isn't the type of manager to walk into a club and start planning for 2, 3 seasons ahead, he goes in with the intention of ending the season with trophies. You know what you're getting with him, that's what he does best. I don't know him like McLovin who is in there with players and managers, but doesn't strike me as a manager with enough patience to develop young players. Look at is history of calling out his own players. Rashford would be wise to get out now. He is the perfect manager for United right now, build the squad to mount serious title challengers and Champions League regulars, that's where the club should be. Somewhat puzzled Bris you think the same contract on a table players would pick City over United, not sure that will happen to prove either of us right but I honestly couldn't see players picking City. Think you are somewhat overestimating the lure of Guardiola.
  15. Telford United - Deportivo Morón