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  1. Toilet breaks in class

    Don’t you need to know the answers to the questions you ask?
  2. Live games 2017/18

    Going to hurt in the morning that is, was having a decent season as well
  3. Chris Coleman

    Giggs has just took a job with some academy hasn’t he, 2 year deal?
  4. Broadband Compensation

    Contacted Sky to find out when my contract was up, ended up getting £10 off pm, just for asking a date. Won’t complain. £34pm inc line rental for Fibre Max 76meg
  5. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Didn’t dare tag him though did you! @Boycie I’m here for you. When you fitting me an outside socket 😘
  6. Gaming

    Used to injuries supporting Derby, least it will feel realistic. 2013/14 probably the last time I bothered with it
  7. Best TV Dramas

    2 was absolute rubbish compared to 1, maybe slightly harsh but it was nowhere near as good. 3 will be even worse. Classic example where it should be left and enjoyed as a one off series, but no, popularity will see it milked for every penny.
  8. Black Friday

    You misunderstand. Thats my go to line whenever the missus asks do we need ......., well my dear do we need a TV, kettle, microwave and it’s order it then.
  9. Black Friday

    I’m not your guy, Mac’s are real computers and Xbox for gaming in my world
  10. Gaming

    Do you still need Steam to play Football Manager? (2018)
  11. Black Friday

    Does anyone really need anything other than a roof over your head and food and water?
  12. Black Friday

    Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dots are now £34, was £50. Amazon, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, AO.com

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