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  1. David

    Who “Should” be in the Top Flight?

    Arsenal Aston Villa Birmingham Blackburn Bolton Chelsea Derby Everton Leeds Leicester Liverpool Manchester United Newcastle Portsmouth Sheffield Wednesday Sheffield United Sunderland Tottenham Hotspur West Brom West Ham Ok, maybe Portsmouth shouldn’t be in there, bit of a wildcard to stick in their as the atmosphere at Fratton Park can be pretty great. Couple of others such as Bolton and Sunderland are there because they spent years in the Prem, hard to say they are not worthy.
  2. David

    Haters gonna Hate

    I defended Rowett till the day he left, but I, like I suspect others, have moved on and don’t feel the need to debate his tenure still as it’s been done to death. Frank Lampard is now the manager, he’s the man that needs our support now, he will also have that until the day he leaves and the club and m whilst we’re the getting results which put us on track for promotion.
  3. David

    Claudio Ranieri new Fulham Manager

    Think we’ll see more of him now Bennett faces a lengthy spell out, hard to say if he’s been a victim of too much choice or isn’t doing what Lampard expects of him.
  4. David

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Just a thought, I’ve not been through the checkout process this season but there’s an option to donate a fiver to the ladies team, sounds like that may have been ticked
  5. David

    Claudio Ranieri new Fulham Manager

    Thing is when clubs spend X millions on players you’re under pressure to play them. Look at Jack Marriott. Some will say we should have played him sooner, why did it take so long, but we had to wait for him to get up to speed, adapt to the new demands of the Championship and improve his fitness levels. They’ve brought a few in from other countries, not all are going to hit the ground running and adjust. It’s interesting that Ranieri has been appointed as manager not head coach which Jokanovic was. Is that an admission they got it wrong, or that they trust Ranieri more. Either way I think they’ve wronged him, should find another job easy enough
  6. David

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    What block as the most expensive category A seats in the East Stand (red blocks) are showing as £42 + £1 booking fee? Category B £41 and Category C £39.
  7. David

    Claudio Ranieri new Fulham Manager

    Wasn’t fishing, just can’t see Karanka lasting the season, the owner expects promotion after the money they spent in the summer. Drawing too many games, once they start to drop off the top 6, think he’ll be gone, possibly January time.
  8. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Wouldn’t want that, still want to pick the team and if you have a bench player that scores more than a starter tough. Only when injuries happen a player gets subbed in and your bench is set in a priority order, again not just grabbing the top scorer but the #1 replacement you have for say a injured WR comes on
  9. David

    Truly awful decision

    Well when you put it like that...
  10. David

    Truly awful decision

    Some might call it clickbait, but truly awful decision it was, what was he thinking? Without the Afro he’s nothing, imagine Superman without his cape, Bananaman without his bananas, Thomas the Tank Engine without coal.
  11. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Pretty sure Fantasy Premier League swaps a player out if they don’t play. One win will be the difference between play offs or not in this league. Say you lose Mahomies in the first quarter of a play off game, breaks his throwing hand, that’s you done and dusted. The week Albert Wilson went off injured I had Amendola on the bench with 20pts. I won anyway but still. Don't think you should lose a game because a player gets injured, especially if they don’t even start. My game v Carnero Carson was listed as questionable, dropped him for Gore but Carson played in the end. Paid off for him in the end as Gore picked up more points, but that could easily have gone the other way and had one of his 20pt weeks.
  12. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Well if I had more luck I would have more points scored on the board, you wouldn’t want that as I would be top 😉
  13. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Injuries are not common? You serious? Players are always going down! It’s not like the team plays on a man down. Point score it by the quarters, goes down 5 minutes into the 2nd and misses the 3rd quarter completely, earn points from a backup 3rd quarter. Always going to be an element of luck in this game, but a player missing large chunks of the game could cost you the win.
  14. David

    Max Lowe Aberdeen loan updates

    The loan deal was only until January anyway so a recall won’t be needed

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