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  1. David

    New parents

    Both. Any more tips will cost you a tena.
  2. David

    New parents

    When it smells, change the nappy.
  3. Doesn’t surprise me. Still use a mangle to wash your clothes.
  4. Oh, not to drop any real spoilers but the hospital scene. Didn’t trigger any alarm for the Nurses, really....reaaaally? Come on now.
  5. Joker 7/10 Loses a mark because of the hype. It’s a good film for saying it’s on a character from a kids series of films. Probably will win an Oscar for his performance, but I still walked out thinking was that it...when you read people saying it’s the greatest film of the last X years, some going to watch it multiple times, my expectations were possibly a little too high. Not my fault. Blame the internet. At a loose end? Go see it, it’s not a bad film at all, just don’t walk in expecting too much like I did. Also if you’re like me that’s not into kids films, this is nothing like your usual Batman, Spider-Man and Power Rangers tripe, you can watch it as a stand alone film without being invested into the Batman world.
  6. Take a look at TopCashback, when I joined BT by going through them I got £60 cashback on top of the prepaid MasterCard and Amazon Echo BT were offering as sign up gifts. Personally I go back and forth from Sky and BT, always get better deals as a new customer. Would chuck Virgin into the mix if they serviced our area but so far nothing. You can’t really go wrong with any of those 3, all providers have issues and all will have the chance of running into a useless customer service rep. If you read reviews online of all providers you wouldn’t bother with any, only those with horror stories head online to rant, not the thousands that have no issues.
  7. Not me. Heard on the grapevine that someone has though.
  8. With both my starting RB’s on bye week, Damian Williams goes for a total of 7 yards and -1 receiving yards. Well played! Sanders finally goes double figures again once I drop him, can guarantee Diggs will have an awful week now. I’m cursed by this game.
  9. Just younger than all you miserable buggers that’s been around a while 😂
  10. I’ll just try and pick up Allen on the waivers when you drop him next week
  11. I was planning ahead, in the Bills next 5 games they have the Dolphins twice and the Skins. Murray is up against the 49ers twice and the Saints.
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