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  1. And this is the team the media want us to admire how they play. Never.
  2. You spelt jealousy wrong
  3. This Ravens Bills game is a bit tense, still wouldn’t like to call it.
  4. Wash your keyboard out, you NFC lot have the Eagles and Cowboys, they make the Bengals look a threat!
  5. The official Derby County app you can listen to Radio Derby if you have an audio only subscription for £5pm. With that you will also get the full 90 minutes to watch tomorrow so it's decent value really.
  6. There is this and you are right in that. I wish they would expand it to last longer, even if they had a month off or something to recover mid season. Some teams though I just find insanely boring to watch, sorry @Ambitious but the Rams are one. Ramsey and Donald, absolute beasts, but the offence has nothing about them at all. Goff looks like a Ryan Reynolds wannabe and with a manky thumb he's going to be even worse than usual.....Blake Bortles backing him up, I mean that's just a disaster waiting to happen.
  7. This. Another point to consider is laptop batteries are not the greatest, especially when running games. Could find yourself replacing the battery after a couple of years. PC's are also easier to upgrade. 5 years down the line, Dad, I need a more powerful graphics card, good luck replacing one in a laptop. Could look at using an eGPU but that defeats the whole purpose of a laptop in the first place.
  8. Thing is, a Chiefs blowout would be entertaining for me for other reasons, but I also kinda want the Browns to win as they will be an easier route to the Super Bowl for the Bills if they can get past the Ravens. Saints and Buccs will be interesting, probably the only NFC game that will be entertaining. Love to see the Buccs make the Super Bowl, Brady making it and Belichick not even being in the play offs would be amusing.
  9. Feels like the football world will be watching this one being Rooney’s first game having been appointed permanent manager. It would be such a Derby County thing to go and lose now to Rotherham. Hoping the players are up for the game and not expecting Rotherham to roll over and give Rooney the perfect start. We would win the game on paper, but this will not be an easy game on the pitch. Expecting it to be a real scrappy game, luckily with 2 Polish lads in the team this weather will be a heat wave for them so that’s a bonus. Oh, can we let them play Jozefzoon please?
  10. This is the correct answer. Should be ashamed of yourself @Boycie for not even considering this option when creating your ill thought out poll.
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