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  1. David

    Christian Walton

    Is it obvious? Carson has been our number 1 all season until he got injured, until he’s back fit we don’t know what Lampard’s plans are. Roos is out of contract in the summer, he might want out having been here a number of years and failed to establish himself as the number 1. He might sign and Carson leaves, Walton comes in as backup. Either way I wouldn’t say it’s obvious.
  2. David

    Dwight Gayle

    A complaint would have to be made first and have a victim wanting to press charges though Nothing stopping Oliveria from reporting it, but hasn't.
  3. Wasn’t Sinead was it?
  4. David

    Derby County v Millwall

    Apology accepted.
  5. David

    Derby County v Millwall

    Well the puns went over this head, at least @Tombo is awake!
  6. David

    League & FA Cup 18/19

    Man City taking no chances at Newport tonight
  7. David

    Dwight Gayle

    Belper Tinder scene that
  8. David

    Dwight Gayle

    I’ll draw you a picture next time
  9. David

    Dwight Gayle

    FA’s priority is to protect the referees, not bothered about the players. Referee makes a blunder in the NFL he can miss games and get fined, the FA would give you the cup final.
  10. We’ve missed him haven’t we?
  11. Of course, youth small
  12. David

    Derby County v Millwall

    About time you took responsibility of the match threads. If we play our cards right this is a winnable game, I would take a gamble on Mount if back in training, we’ve missed him recently. I bet Nugent doesn't start this one which will please a few. Huddlestone probably will, has the ability to punt one into the path of Marriott out of nowhere. Need a 90 minute performance, one of integrity, give us something to shout about.
  13. David

    Dwight Gayle

    Because I’ve just publicly educated you. You cared when you thought I had made a mistake, but I don’t make mistakes you should know that by now.

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