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  2. David


    We have a group chat and recent messages have been read by everyone (including SaintRam), he's probably just taking some time out
  3. This is a challenging time for us all, and across the country food banks are working hard to maintain the provision of emergency food to those in crisis. With donations to Derby City Mission food bank being reduced, and an increase in demand, we know that you, our members will share our belief that those who have the least resources to cope with the Covid-19 crisis must not be forgotten at this time. Many families across the county may be forced to rely on food banks for the first time this year, with businesses either closing down or laying off staff. If you can, even if it's just the cost of a pie and a pint or even a match ticket, please donate and help us put a meal on a families table tonight. https://www.derbycitymission.org.uk/fundraisers/dcfc-fans
  4. You can drop in after your virtual donkey race, Zoom works a bit different to Skype. Instead of having to call you all, you will have a link, on entering type in the password and you will be in the chat.
  5. Ok, I now have the Zoom meet URL and password ready for tomorrow at 5pm. Drop me a PM those that wish to join.
  6. @richinspain came in his dressing room and I was severely hungover with a duvet on my head for the first 10 minutes so wouldn't worry too much about appearance. Also with Zoom it will be a grid of everyones webcams across the screen, you won't go full screen or anything like that. Have a couple of beers before and watch the RamsTV game thats on and you will loosen up a bit for this. I'm not great at public speaking or in front of large groups, but last week was pretty chilled out after the initial can you see me questions. Jump on, can always dip out if it's not for you
  7. For those that are interested in joining the video group call this Saturday at 5pm, Skype isn't really setup for what I wanted so this week we will be using Zoom. If it's good enough for the government, it's good enough for me it will now take place on Zoom https://zoom.us It's free to register an account and I will be purchasing a hosting plan for us all. Members that are interested, drop me a PM and I will send the meet ID and password for you all to login on Saturday. I would post it publicly but don't want Boris Johnson randomly joining.
  8. Matt Hughes. Same “journalist” that drops all the sensationalist stuff on us, 21 point deduction was one of his gems. Think he must have been served a dodgy burger at Pride Park once and never forgiven us for it.
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