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  1. Picture where you are now

    When you say "met" you didn't crash into them on the waves did you?
  2. FFP going into next season

    Avoided all the crypto currency, if you can't buy a pint of milk with it it's not money, might be missing out but I'm staying well clear
  3. FFP going into next season

    Always is easier to spend others money, my missus tries all the time.
  4. Cambridge Analytica

    I only did it the once, don't start Photoshopping hats on me 'kin ell!
  5. $500,000 a month playing video games

    https://www.fiverr.com by a chance?
  6. John Gregory

    Already a topic running over in Football Talk so I'll close this one
  7. Cambridge Analytica

    If you have had spam through Facebook you've likely gone through those apps, quizzes, I don't get any other than from online shopping sites I've used. Facebook itself barely emails me, only with terms and agreement updates. As for the YouTube thing, go to https://myaccount.google.com/privacycheckup With that you can stop YouTube from remembering the videos you have watched which stops all those recommendations, the downside to this is that say you stop watching halfway through and return later it doesn't remember where you are in the video.
  8. He doesn't actually say it, but he doesn't deny it. I have watched a couple of times out of interest, it's insane to see the number of people donating/subscribing to someone playing a game which is free to play yourself. He had something like 800k viewers watching him play live the other week. Forget school/uni, get yourself a computer, camera, microphone and a personality and get online. Once you are rich, remember to send some my way for this advice.
  9. Cambridge Analytica

    Labour you bar stool! 😂 I can hand on heart say that Facebook did not influence my decision though, my Facebook usage these days is scrolling past the first 4/5 posts, I then reach that quiz post where with just one click can reveal how many babies you will have, Barry here is going to have 3. Nice one Baz, I'm off laters!
  10. Darron Gibson charged with drink driving

    Someone pee'd in your pool recently?
  11. Cambridge Analytica

    Hard to say without knowing which site you are talking about. Facebook for example uses your gender, age, pages you've liked, posts you liked, pages/apps that your friends you interact with more have liked to push content/friend suggestions on you. It's not trying to educate you, it's trying to keep your eyes on the site feeding you content you enjoy, at the same time feed you relevant adverts as that's what pays the bills. Longer your eyes are on, more ads you will see. When the ads come on TV, who picks up a phone or goes to the bog, it's because it's random, it's not tailored content to your likes. If Facebook started pushing Vegan content to a meat eater, they would probably get fed up and go look at another site. Back during the election my feed was only ever filled with Labour crap, I blame @GboroRam and @Boycie for that, but it wouldn't have been difficult to find the Conservatives side if I chose to, and that's the thing, it requires you not to be lazy and want to go and research the other side. People are lazy though and social media companies know this, which is why they all run off algorithms these days, was a time where Facebook gave you a straight forward feed of recent activity but now they try and think for you, I personally hate it, they've destroyed Instagram as well by taking away the Chronological feed, I'm seeing pre match pictures from Derby on a Monday morning. Bah! I don't think the future is scary though, over time these algorithms will get better. I can understand why people fear this kind of stuff but mostly it's nothing more than tailoring content to you which I personally think is ok within reason, if I'm going to see adverts to fund the websites I use, I would rather see adverts that were relevant to my tastes rather than random ones thrown in front of my eyes.
  12. Cambridge Analytica

    As in stories you maybe interested in on Facebook?
  13. Spurs

    Of course, but you have to remember footballers are not "fans" like we are, he's spoken openly of his desire to beat Arsenal after being rejected by them. I'm sure this has have an affinity with Spurs but If a club like Real come in for him in the summer, make a bid, do you see him rejecting them? I don't. Will go the same way as Bale where he has a better chance of winning a trophy.
  14. I didn't steal it from Twitter, it was something that just popped in my head......honest. 👀

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