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  1. That’s the other half shopping around for bargains 😢
  2. I would feel guilty drinking that stuff, you know how long it takes to milk an almond to fill a glass?
  3. Ordered from Just Eat, she abandoned me this morning. Fed the dog but not me, said I had my own legs, the dogs got 4 I pointed out but still had to order in
  4. Bloody hell, you lot will have your own hospital ward at this rate, look after yourself
  5. Can’t see Lampard wanting the U21 job, Morris yes and Lampard managing the senior team with a new setup.
  6. Go and sit in the shade for a bit
  7. Likewise with Southgate. Ok, he proved me wrong but that still doesn’t explain how he was given the most prestigious job apart from Derby County in the country. Lampard isn’t qualified really for the job either, but I can see him fitting that clean cut image the FA want in charge.
  8. Bacon under cooked Sausages lumpy and gritty inside Eggs, yeah they were fine, as was the beans, tomato’s and mushrooms. Hash browns were lovely. 4.5/10 though I’m afraid, disappointed. won’t be going back there.
  9. Soon as Lampard left I called it that he will be the next England manager. He’s the perfect guy for the FA to replace Southgate.
  10. Jody Morris, perfect for the job.
  11. When we was near the top of the form table, this is the McClaren effect. When we’re losing, what would McClaren do with this team. Couldn’t have seen this coming from a mile off, not at all.
  12. David

    EFL appeal

    Didn’t dare tag me though did ya, I used to like you! 😤
  13. Everyone can see this but the EFL. Until they are removed you will always have clubs pushing to the limit, finding creative ways to balance the books in an attempt to get promoted. Owning a Championship club is cutting a hole in your wallet and watching money fall out as you walk. How’s it financial “fair” play when 3 clubs have millions chucked at them for failing saying go on, give it another go.
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