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  1. Forum Issues

    Thanks, not got it which means my emails are borked, awesome
  2. Forum Issues

    Just me then 😢 Do is a favour, email me david @ dcfcfans.uk please love, nothing rude it’s too early for that
  3. Forum Issues

    Is everyone receiving emails through the forum fine? As in private message notifications and that?
  4. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    https://twitter.com/XTC1980 Enjoy. Angry Forest fan ranting about Warburton. Would embed the lot but so many.
  5. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Sorry, was on the bog
  6. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    Looks a little wild that one, not as well maintained
  7. Order and Pay

    Read the replies to this on Twitter 🤣
  8. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    And more
  9. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Forest are losing by more.
  10. Mark Sampson

    Sounds to me like the FA went searching for a reason to sack him after realising this wouldn’t blow over.
  11. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Forest are losing.
  12. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    Is your hatred born from an inability to grow one? We are not all blessed with this special power, we should not be jealous of the chosen ones and appreciate the beauty that has sprouted from within
  13. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Well he’s hairy as a pair so it’s a start
  14. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    Let’s not mess around here, that thing is majestic it truly is, Johnny Russell bless him will be clean shaven by Monday morning as he simply can’t compete with that level of beard greatness. Carson can hold his own, our own Captain Haddock, whilst he does not have the length the density is on par with our new Welsh midfielder and I’m sure they will develop a great friendship. (Hope he’s better than the last Welsh midfielder we had) Anyhow, I hope Rams TV run a feature, ‘A day in the life of Ledley’s beard’, have a camera man follow him around documenting behind the scenes challenges of being so manly, the care that must go into maintaining that level of beard, it’s a huge responsibility. I would like to know how much of his breakfast does he find throughout the day, is it like reaching down the side of the sofa, any spare change at all, the odd cheesy wotsit? So many questions, so little time. Have we ever witnessed a greater beard in a Derby shirt? Will we ever? We could be entering an era that shall never be surpassed, stories to one day bore the grandkids with. What a time to be alive.

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