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  1. But give immense pleasure using the internet on the best devices on the market
  2. Good. Let these tourist clubs go set up their closed Super League, couple of seasons and they will be crawling back, tail between their legs as fans show no interest in it.
  3. The only real difference is the screen and camera, that’s it
  4. xG can go in the bin. Creating new stats for stats sake, was Roofe expected to ping one in from the half way line the other week for Rangers? No. But he did, that’s a goal, he’s scored a goal and will probably miss a sitter next week.
  5. Money no object, anywhere in the world, where would your dream home be?
  6. My name isn’t Dave either! It’s one of those things, Apple devices in good condition hold their value well, cycle the phone each year doesn’t end up costing you anything or much at all. You just have to stomach that initial cost, which admittedly isn’t easy to do. If I stuck with the phone for say 3 years, the value drops off a cliff as things like battery health comes into consideration and if I wanted a latest device I would have to cough up big again.
  7. Just me that’s hoping I have an excuse not to go to the In Laws on Xmas day? I’m all up for a lockdown 😂
  8. Yep. Still expecting the market to crash with the US election/Covid and that, but hanging in there ready for next year when it’s 📈
  9. He was. You just like to be controversial. Can even show you Forest fans that find it amusing the goal was ruled out when it shouldn’t. Keep on fishing though.
  10. I actually got a decent deal by O2 last year where the 11 Pro was free, £40 unlimited everything. I had to pay £550 to upgrade early to the 12, and can sell my 11 Pro for £600 ish
  11. The tweet has now been deleted by Tesco but....
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