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Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

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Can't understand the hate for this signing. For me, I feel far happier about this than the prospect of bringing in Pennington. What is to hate? He's coming in on a free, he will probably be being

If you have a massive problem with a free back up defender to cover the one we loaned out who never played, saving ourselves wages in the process, then I seriously worry for you.

I reckon yous will fall in love with Efe very quickly, to be honest I still haven't gotten over him leaving. He will always have the occasional Efe moment when he thinks he's George Best and make

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Sure he’s not the cream of the crop but it’d be rice if we gave him a chance.

actually I know very little about him..........ooooops not sposed to admit that am I????

Quick best just get on with hammering him before he’s even pulled on the shirt 

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you useless twit 

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2 minutes ago, SouthStandDan said:

A freebie signing with Champions League experience and rated by Celtic and Hibs fans.

Will he start every game? No. But he's a good back-up. I'd rather we signed him than splashing millions on a centre half who won't replace Keogh and Tomori.

Some of our best ever signings have been freebies. Just saying.   

Rasiak who?, I remember thinking when we signed him.

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14 hours ago, Wolfie20 said:

Think as far as Lampard was concerned, he was probably confident of bringing Pennington in until Ipswich dug their heels in - àn upgrade on Pearce in his view. When that didn't happen it was so late in the window that we were left up the creek without the proverbial paddle. I reckon this is just a signing to see us through to the end of the season - wouldn't surprise me to see Keogh and Tomori play very fame between now and May.

I’m not sure any of us are privy to the reasons why Pearce was let go . To be fair to the guy he came here having been captain of promotion winning Reading and yet has spent considerable periods outside of the first team here . And , by all accounts , has conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and has done all that has been asked of him. And when he was in the team he spent as much time as any player acknowledging and thanking the crowd after the game . For all we know his recent move was made as a result of a gentleman’s agreement made months and months ago.

Who knows what agreements Mel or Frank may have made with him in the past - they are both switched on and decent people and I am more than happy for them to do what they think is right for the player and the club.

As to our current predicament personally I am more than happy with our ability to cope in that position from the resources we already have - Wisdom, Evans, Huddlestone . But if we can secure a short term loan for a proven backup, so much the better.

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Not sure why people are getting so hung up on Pearce. Even if he had stayed, a CB was top priority for FL as Pearce did not fit into FLs style of playing, him letting him go just freed up some extra wage budget. He never featured in FLs plans, not even as a rotation option for cup competitions and others were already ahead of him in the pecking order for coverage in that position.

Don’t know anything about this new lad, except if he does come in and plays he will have contributed more to the season that Pearce within two minutes of stepping on the pitch. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, however in this case I believe FL would have played this out just the same even though he didn’t bring in another CB in the window, this was never about a replacement more an addition.

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