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  1. Do you think he is affordable ? Would be surprised if he is on less than £40k a week and possibly more given he was an england international when he signed his last contract.
  2. What is the clubs share of the selling price ? You seem to know quite a lot about this subject , please share. I work in fast fashion . Would value your inside information on this subject Genbr .
  3. Q1 When was the last time a DCFC youngster went out on loan and came back and made an impact in the first team ? Q2 when was the last time a DCFC youngster went out on loan and came back and got anywhere near the first team
  4. I’m astonished by how much Carson has been apparently discarded by fans. Only a year ago some people were genuinely saying that he should go and be back up keeper in the England squad to Russia. For my part , he is the only keeper we have had since Poom who actually won us points. The number of times you just knew we were about to concede when he only goes and stops a certain goal. That’s a pretty rare thing for a keeper at Derby County. Surely he should be given the chance to get back to that form - seems a crazy waste otherwise. And as for not being great at playing five a side with his defenders when ‘playing out from the back’ , to me that’s a positive advantage - just don’t do it ! This is the championship, not the champions league .
  5. Maybe this is the exact reason why the club are keeping such a low profile on new signings - fed up of being legged over in the days it was known we were brimful of cash and getting taken to the cleaners because of it. It’s not the best buying strategy to let it be known you are happy to spend big. I think you are right though luke. I would be surprised if the club didn’t have some cash up their sleeve . But it wouldn’t surprise me if the plan is to give Cocu plenty of time to assess the requirements and then strike in or around deadline day when sellers are up against it.
  6. Keogh didn’t do too bad a job at passing in that second half at Leeds ...
  7. Interesting that Mel said theres a chance of more chelsea loanees next season. Thought Mel came across incredibly well again this evening, as he did on Talksport. I was a bit surprised when he took on the executive role ( day to day, every day) after the Rush debacle. But its clear that he backs his own approach and judgement ahead of anyone else . And who can blame him - he really appears to have his finger on the pulse. Has learned the lessons in the early years of ‘ how to play the game’ in football management and is now reaping his own rewards. An owner with the long term interests of the club at heart backed up by the analytical understanding of how the whole thing actually works. I also suspect that this is evidenced by the recent appearances with open questions on the radio. He seems to know that actually he's as good as anyone at reinvigorating the supporters at a time that otherwise might have lead to a feeling of despondency amongst the faithful. If anything, what has now happened may mean even more season tickets being sold for the coming season. When you hear, almost on a day to day basis, of the shambles at many other clubs that mismanagement has caused , we really are pretty lucky to have him. PS I can confirm my surname has never been Morris by birth or marriage.....and i have never even met the bloke
  8. US so on top, winning everything. Just won a header in the box with four england players around her, none challenging. England resorting to the killer long ball, dont know what else to do. Not sure what happened to the team who superbly beat norway, its nowhere to be seen. Have to give credit to US i guess Lets see what David Brent Neville can pull out of the hat at half time Still, plenty of time to go
  9. Transfer window closes on 8 august. Plenty of players on the books to start the season. Great opportunity for the youngsters to stake a claim. And for the previously out of favour guys ( butterfield, martin, anya) to have a fresh beginning and stop wasting all that money ( and, dare i say it, ability). Wouldn't concern me if no new signings came in at all . May even be an advantage. We already have a good squad of players, with several ready to step up and show what they can do.
  10. Err, right , guess you have got it spot on , err , yeah
  11. The only people in the whole world getting hysterical about the current situation are Derby fans
  12. Come back when you have a coherent and logical point to make in support of your argument
  13. Terribly sad to see the dire financial situation the club finds itself in that it has to resort to sell off its assets on the cheap. For a club like Derby, the only viable future is based around developing home grown players to feed the first team. To avoid the need to pay the inflated prices driven by the competitive market place. And to exploit that market place once they have established themselves, if required. For Rams to go out into the market place to buy ready made players to fit straight into the first team will cost significant funds , way, way more than we could ever recoup from selling a junior from the development squad for the odd £1m . You can’t buy a peripheral winger nowadays ( like josezoon) without forking out £3m. Or an ageing striker who’s best days are behind him ( like nugent) for £2m. Or a proven striker who is deemed not to be fit enough to start ( like Marroit) for £3-5m. Elsnick goes for nothing, despite playing league football for the last two seasons. Thomas goes for a million . Both never given a chance in the first team. And now delap, a player who has caught the eye of the best team in England. Talk about selling the Crown Jewels ! What on Earth is going on ?
  14. Only seen him once, against notts county last pre season. Looked absolutely superb, and it wasnt just his two goals. Having had virtually no professional first team experience he then goes on loan to a league one club in a bit of a mess which subsequently just missed out on promotion to our league, being an ever present pretty well. Seems a good apprenticeship for being given a proper try out for the first team to me. The idea that he needed to have scored a hatfull of goals and an equal number of assists for it to be deemed a success is bizarre - he's still very young and needs experience to improve. Already looks way better than jozefzoon ( in many ways) and is actually a real winger who actually wants to play in that position as opposed to some of the others who are forced to play that position to fit them in. Cannot understand the logic of then selling him for a paltry fee and then, no doubt, buying yet more older, pricier players at the expense of the development of our own homegrown youngsters.
  15. The celebrations against Leeds and afterwards were excessive. It was if we had already won our cup final. The Kings Head in Duffield scenes were embarrassing. Absolutely nothing had been achieved and yet they were behaving as if they had won the champions league - and were being encouraged to do so. So mentally our approach to the final was all wrong in my opinion. It was as if we had scaled our Mount Everest already and we were being asked to go one better. As a result, the hunger and desire was what not it might have been And the team selection put the team and the fans on the back foot before a ball had been kicked - it was clear that we were not ‘going for it’ but rather that we were hoping to pick up the pieces later in the game. For me, this is why monday was such a huge disappointment.
  16. Atmosphere in the Derby end in the half an hour prior to kick off seemed pretty good, loud and energetic to me. Everyone more than keen to get involved and support their team on this big occasion. Only seemed to change when, as per usual, the ‘ on the beer all day ‘ brigade turn up just moments before kick off and completely change that easy going and happy, almost family atmosphere. Maybe most people who go to games don’t actually like being intimidated by drunken aggressive foul mouthed louts whose idea of fun is shouting obscenities at the top of their voices , making confrontational and crude gestures to away fans and officials and who are incapable of stringing a sentence together without including multiple swear words. Maybe many folk really don’t like being associated with that kind of behaviour and would rather not participate in it. In the block where we were sitting , four separate inebriated individuals in various rows were aggressively swearing at and intimidating the complete strangers sat amidst them , including families with young children , from the very off for daring not to stand up and join in with their obscene chanting and drunken ranting behaviour. To the obvious discomfort of those said strangers. Maybe people who have a personal objective to spend hours over a prolonged period of time consuming alcohol should realise what a deeply depressing and unattractive person that makes them when they come into contact with others who chose not to spend their time or money in the same way. Back at pride park , I’m guessing most fans are more than comfortable with their neighbours and friends , many of whom they have sat with for years. Which helps create the atmosphere we found at the end of QPR and WBA games recently happen Put those same people in amongst complete strangers, and then litter those strangers with drunken loud mouthed yobs , then it’s hardly a surprise that you will not replicate that same kind of togetherness and group feeling.
  17. Watford’s looked great , even when 6:0 down and it looked like it could get worse they gave their fans an opportunity to show their appreciation and keep on supporting their team. ( not that the same will happen to us of course ! )
  18. Coming from easily the most negative in match poster we have ever had
  19. How much money would you have wagered on Wilson to miss ?
  20. Malone expends far too much energy and effort in constantly trying to tell his team mates what they all should be doing - all that shouting and waving his arms about. Must be infuriating to play with. He would be a much better player if he just focussed on his own game, and got that right. He has more than enough to work on if he just did that, because he is way off the pace from being a reliable left back.
  21. Well said. This is the reality. Leeds are a very good team, they are better than us. No shame in that. This wasn't about how poor Derby were, its about how much better Leeds were. They stopped us playing, they won all the second balls, they were all comfortable on the ball and played as a really good team. We did well keeping it to just the single goal. We have had a great season but we just aren't quite good enough to go up and to hold our own in the Premier - Leeds probably are.
  22. Haven't they just voted him their player of the year ?
  23. If Rams are going to go up ( this year or next or whenever) they have to have a majority of players in the team who are capable of making the step up to the premier league if they are going to stay there. So we have to keep valuable young players like bogle rather than cashing in and investing in championship standard players.
  24. What a depressing and down beat podcast from sbw after the qpr game - full to brim with negativity . Not what I recalled from the scenes at the final whistle....
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