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  1. Shame you didn’t post this at the start of the season but just waited until things started going pear shaped .... otherwise you might have had some credibility
  2. Your team Not you team How embarrassing Fantastic Tommy, you have made my night ! Congratulations
  3. Can you please say that again in a language that is understandable to someone who can read English ? Ta
  4. Classic bullying behaviour by both you and your mate Cannot stand up for your own opinions so you have to enlist others to help you Ganging up on other posters instead of dealing with criticism on your own Why can’t either of you stand on your own two feet ?
  5. Not sure I have ever seen you make a post in your own right rather than jump on the back of others’ posts - no doubt scared of exposing your own opinions ? You are the kind who spends hours scouring other posters previous posts from weeks and months ago to see if you can catch them out at a later date ? Terribly sad and embarrassing ?
  6. Not sure I have ever seen a more hypocritical or hysterical post lacking in the most basic logic or commonsense
  7. Only need to pay him until he gets another job
  8. So far we have played three teams in the current top six, the two bottom teams ( who between them have mustered 2 points out of a possible 36) and one in the middle. Going on current form I wouldnt call that incredibly tough. We might very reasonably have expected more than 6 points by this point.
  9. Really makes me laugh when individuals profess to talk on behalf of all fans . So embarrassing Says so much about them as people
  10. The idea that losing at Forest is ok, let alone by that scoreline, shows how low our expectations have fallen. Those fans who have said this ( there are loads and loads on here) are embarrassing
  11. Talk about playing for likes Embarrassing
  12. Good performance today and an enjoyable match A better and more positive formation, that the players seemed to be far more comfortable with - good to see Cocu adapting after the last few very cautious games. The youngsters were a revelation. All played very well. Buchanan was excellent and saved us at the death when blocking Livermores goalbound shot - without that we would have lost. Lowe played really well and never even touched their fella for their peno and Knight was a revelation in midfield - what a prospect. We had plenty of chances to win it . All against one of the favourites to go up. They created very few chances - credit to us for that The Marriott / waggy partnership looked good , Huddlestone much better and bielik very steady. Jury still out on Dowell. I really hope he isn't one of these entitled prima donnas who has a vastly inflated view of his own ability - his set pieces today were largely dreadful and I really didn't like his rowing with our strikers late on when it was him who had been clearly at fault. Just good to see that we appear to be on the right track for the first time since returning from Huddersfield. I for one was beginning to get more than a bit twitchy after the last few games. A lovely older lady supporter who sits in front of us and goes home and away maybe hit the nail on the head when she said pre match that Cocu was still having his pre season at Rams. Sounds logical. Something tells me we are missing out on Shinnie and Sibley but hopefully there is an upside on this in due course.
  13. Its amazing how much you profess to know about him - are you a friend of his ? No. You are not. Embarrassing post.
  14. Oh dear, oh dear What we need is someone who can relate to the players , demonstrate leadership and knowledge and lead from the front. And inspire their players to go beyond even their own expectations. Our previous manager had this, and as a result significantly over achieved Time will tell ( sooner rather than later) if Cocu has the same. Lets hope he does. Thus far it is really uninspiring and dreary, although of course it is very early days. Interesting that ‘small’ teams who had even more turmoil than us in the pre season don't seem to be moaning about their ill luck and are just getting on with it - Swansea, Charlton, Hull, Birmingham , Millwall . And other ‘bigger’ teams with much more turmoil than us are doing the same - Forest, Wednesday. Try to allow for other viewpoints than you're own, it will really help you find maturity eventually .
  15. Wrong. Players, Managers, Owners take on the fans , theres only one winner. Always.
  16. Im not sure he has it in him to become livid or even animated. He's coming across as very dull and even dour, bit like the football so far and his approach to winning matches
  17. Little bit harsh - think he's excellent and has been for a long time
  18. This is marvellous The loser poster who gives up on making any legitimate decisions in favour of their statement you couldn’t make it up Thanks from all of uv us for making this Sunday highly so hilarious And please ..., keep going . That would be so great for all of us .... We are all waiting for you......
  19. So you’ve given up on proving your point ? Hilarious
  20. Absolutely pathetic and embarrassing for you It’s a shame you can’t back up your statement . oh dear , oh dear , oh dear
  21. Any evidence for this statement ?
  22. Malone spends a huge amount of energy telling all his team mates what they should be doing all the time. Like they don't know what they are doing but he does. Maybe he should focus on his own game, which is far from perfect. That could endear him more to our own fans As opposed to screaming at them when all they want is for the team to try to win Rarely ends well when a player wants to take on his own fans
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