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  1. Meh. It’s pants at times being a Derby fan. Tonight is one of those nights. Let’s keep things in perspective though. How many of our players genuinely make you worry that another team is going to come in for them? Not many I’d wager. We are at best bang average. Coco can only work with what he’s got at the moment as our hands seem to be tied financially. The club is in a bit of a malaise. You can argue that it is or isn’t Cocu’s fault but what on earth would be the point of him going? I back him 100% until he has at least built his own squad. Sometimes managers take a long time to settle. Sometimes they settle well at a new club others take longer. Take P*****n at Watford. For us he was awful (never have I disliked a manager so much) But ask a Watford fan or indeed a Leicester fan what they think and they will tell a very different story.
  2. Lowe so far. Big Curtis has done exactly what we’d expect. Leader and been solid defensively. He isn’t a ball playing defender but his reading of the game and bravery make up for that. Id also give a shout to Shinnie in games where literally no one seemed to show up he put in a heck of a shift. By the end of the season I reckon this will look very different. I’m feeling very positive. The kids running the mid with Rooney pulling the strings. Going to be exciting I think.
  3. Agree. He gets in the right positions all the time. He just needs some time to get his confidence up. You could tell the other night he’s not quite on it yet. Having Rooney behind him will do him no end of good. We do need to strengthen just not up front. Incidentally as this is a thread about Tosun yes he’d be excellent (eventually) but not if we are paying his wages. He’s a goal scorer certainly but he has not done it at all at Everton. There is a good player in there for sure. I don’t think taking a risk on a player on high wages/needs to be loved or centre of attention/bang out of form is at all what we need. Look at Benteke at Palace. Was amazing but now looks like a man who has an inkling that he just might have left the gas on every time he goes to shoot.
  4. Seriously. Grow up. I got told to ‘duck off’ by Paul McGrath once when he was at Derby. Loved him. Everything about Rooneys conduct so far at Derby has been exemplary.
  5. So sad to hear this. He was for me my favourite manager for us. Goodbye Jim thanks for the memories. RIP
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