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  1. Just read this. No chance. Not sure why the BBC even bothered with it other than another scare mongering tactic. I mean it’s been a rough week hasn’t it but this is laughable.
  2. Just went and had a look. What an unpleasant place! feel like I need to go for a shower now
  3. Jozwiak will be awesome for someone at some point. The worry is it might not be Derby but somewhere else. Right now he needs support. The times throughout the years either at the Bbg or PP we’ve roared on players when they have shown commitment either in a crunching tackle or a lung bursting run. It must give the player a huge lift. The players haven’t had that support during this time. Yes Jozwiak hasn’t been the player as of yet we may have expected when he signed but there is a heck of a player there. The time he’s moved over in is unprecedented. Now is the time to show our support not jump on him every time he twists and turns and it doesn’t come off.
  4. £5 for the privilege as i'm sat here listening at work in Leicester. So great to hear the fans back!!
  5. I think it’s safe to say your local team is definitely a number 2…….
  6. Obviously Derby first and very much foremost. Berwick Rangers (holidays as a kid and a distant relative lived up there, oh and the scotch pies are epic) Burton Albion. Followed them before Cloughie as I had friends in Burton but got more involved as the club story evolved they have done amazingly well. Leicester city. Yeah I know. But I live there and the lads I play with are big fans so I watch the games with them always with some Derby merch on (current favourite an old pin badge from the 80’s) and besides 2015. What a story. I think I always find a team to prefer when I’m watching a game and it’s transient. Take a team like Arsenal, loved watching the team of Pires, Henry, Viera etc. Now rubbish. Newcastle of the 90’s with Albert, Asprilla etc. I think I just love watching football. However much I did enjoy watching Leeds at times last season it still makes me feel a bit wrong though. Oh and I’ve never enjoyed a forest team, somehow that is so ingrained I don’t even look at the games if they are on.
  7. Firstly they are only training with us at the moment. Secondly we don’t really have a huge amount of options as generally players (understandably considering recent events) seem to have a lack of enthusiasm for playing for ‘Wayne Rooneys Derby County’. Jags is old but everyone that managed him has nothing but good to say about him. Positionally he’s great and was still reasonably quick last season judging by the limited appearances he had. Stearman we were linked with years ago and he was admittedly in a purple patch back then but you never know he could be okay. What’s the job realistically this season? Survival? It’s going to be tough. We didn’t concede loads last season and if (it’s a big if) we can get Beilik in front of that defence along with the ratting like qualities of Shinnie I think we’d be okay. Goals will be our main issue. We need some pace and guile up front in my opinion to make runs off those CKR knockdowns.
  8. I think the EFL are very well aware of what they are doing sadly. Strangling the club as tightly as they can. The whole situation is a huge mess because of men who refuse to back down. It’s a petty squabble and they are dragging us all through it. Whatever can be done legally should be done and done quickly before we don’t have a club anymore.
  9. I think Jozwiak will come good however I think this stat sheet is a bit misleading. He lost the ball and was slow to react to situations. He literally walked after one of the Slovak players at one point. He works hard but he must be so frustrating at times. He just seems to switch off. That said I do think he’ll come good, I put him in my euro fantasy team just to have a Derby player in (obvs not Marshall because Scotland are going to let some goals in aren’t they) but that might say more about my somewhat woeful fantasy team skills than anything else.
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