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  1. I’ve always been rather proud of our position as fans of Derby County. We haven’t always had it easy but despite this attendances and support hasn’t dwindled anywhere near the amounts of other clubs. Even ‘famously’ well supported clubs (ahem Newcastle) cannot claim the loyalty that we have had (Mike Ashley as owner possibly would drive us over the edge though) even during very tough times. However the world has changed and people’s desire for needing immediate success has also affected our club. It’s not a Derby County problem it’s a worldwide problem that has rubbed off on us as well. Although I do really get annoyed with the throwaway ‘he’s useless’ comments aimed at our players which are normally delivered by a slightly overweight and unhealthy looking 40 something fan who is spitting his words through a pack of crisps (please don’t be offended if you think I’ve described you, ‘slightly overweight’ is actually my target weight). Simply put we aren’t as good as we were but we aren’t as bad as most of the rest therefore I think that’s pretty decent. COYR!
  2. Seems totally wrong in my eyes. What example does this show to the academy lads? Both Bennett and Lawrence in the squad after the week they have had? It’s embarrassing quite frankly, the position they have and the way they have let the club down as well as the fans. To be allowed back in the match day squad so soon? Not good PR and morally is very questionable. That said I support the team fully, I won’t boo but I also won’t pretend I’m not disappointed. I’ve been through thick and thin with Derby County and never have I ever been embarrassed by them (even through Maxwell the three amigos etc) but right now it’s embarrassing!
  3. I’ve been sick!!!!! Amazing if it happens or it could be Baggio all over again........
  4. Bosshogg

    Ex Rams

    Dreadful, dreadful stuff. It looks like they will be caught though as the Fulham fans seem to know who they are so they’ll be identified from seat numbers. Need to be banned for life and some sort of community service in my eyes at the very minimum. I also liked Cyrus as a player but understand why others didn’t feel the same way.
  5. I remember seeing Sean Flynn out in town once and he came across as a horrible little man, who had a very high opinion of himself. Nigel Pearson likewise seems to be made of similar stuff. I don’t get the Sav hate at all. He was frustrating at times, but that was all to do with not being used in the right way. Set him up in the right team and used properly Sav would have been excellent. We didn’t do that at all. He was a good role model off the pitch and seemed one of us unlike some of the prima donnas that have played for us.
  6. It’s not that so much as needing a translator for the Glaswegian accent of the interviewer! It’s a good interview mind, funny as well.
  7. Excellent, would you be able to post a link at all? 👍 Thanks
  8. I agree to some extent but the likelihood of getting enough players through our youth system of the quality needed to get promoted (which I believe is the aim) and in the number needed is slim. Balance is needed. If a loan improves the team then do it but if we have someone who is of similar ability or has the potential then use them. Main thing we don’t want to be doing is blowing millions on players who are in a purple patch or buying average players for top, top money again. I really think those on loan last season at least loved it here not because of any other reasons than it was a good place to be last season. Hopefully this season will be just as memorable but with as our new loan signing put it. Consistency. COYR
  9. I don’t feel we were used by Tomori or Mount? Tomori was player of the season! Spoke fondly about the club and sounds like if he goes out on loan at our level would come back. Its not that easy to go out and buy those type of players especially as every time we do we seem to end up paying way over the odds. We have ended up signing loans permanently in the past as well. If Tomori was available in our price range I’m sure Mel would go out and buy him. As he isn’t a loan is our best chance of getting someone of that ilk. I’d rather have those type of players playing for us than against us! A balance is needed yes, but to look at all loans like that is quite short sighted in my opinion.
  10. Loved Kinkladze, played in his proper position with ball to feet he was different gravy. I found it very frustrating when he was benched in a winnable game which we seemingly inevitably went on to draw or lose. However like a few have alluded to he could frustrate by holding onto the ball too long when others were in better positions. He certainly had the talent to be an absolute legend it just always seemed to get away from him, scoring a worldy one minute then frustrating the next. Pleasure to watch though and certainly got you off your feet.
  11. Nice to see Mark Heap (Brian from Spaced) branching out into football management...... 👀😂 It might just be me but they look very similar!
  12. I hate fence sitters........ 🙄
  13. The Sunderland one was excellent unlike their season (spoiler alert) featured in this documentary. It was the talk of promotion at the start to the hope of not being relegated. Almost, almost made me like Sunderland a bit the show was that good (I’m over it now).
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