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  1. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Suburbicon Very mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it - so will anyone who likes the Coen brothers Theres a rather strange parallel story that doesn't quite work but it didn't detract anything for me
  2. Sneaking up the Table

    Yes , its true, Villa have some momentum, we know what Fulham are capable of and we should expect at least one or two clubs to get a really good run together. Personally I'm not worried at all about any other clubs. Its all about what we do , and nothing else. If we look after ourselves, and do the business (especially in the big games against other clubs around us) then we will be fine. And we will deserve to go up. If we don't, and we slip up, play with fear or try not to lose instead of going for the win, then we will miss out again. And deserve to. And frankly, if we are going to get promoted into the Premier and at least compete when we get there, then we need to be doing it with some momentum and with the knowledge that we genuinely are one of the best two teams in the Championship.
  3. Anya

    Just what I've seen from Rams matches and Scotland, he seems just too lightweight to make the first team at Derby. Seems a decent fella but maybe too nice to be really successful - perhaps lacks an edge. Doesn't thrive on the physical challenge. So a bit of a soft touch for the opposition. Been unlucky with changes in manager and style which were not of his making. Probably best for him and us if he moves on, but we thank him for his efforts and hopes he does well in the future.
  4. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Here's another nauseating habit that a lot in the business/media world have got themselves into Just listen when someone in business (generally those southern based) or media gets asked a question. Their response invariably starts with ; "So, blah blah, blah....." What is the So bit ? So irritating. Just listen to them. Everything they say starts with "So..." Slightly irrational I know but it hugely grates with me . Its probably the sheep thing - they hear it once then think its the way to do it
  5. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Management gobbledygook speak. Picked up like sheep by all the people who inhabit that world, especially those who like to refer to themselves as 'entrepreneurs'. Recently got a phone call from one talking about whether my business could help her. After less than ten seconds from her, which started with "I'm reaching out to you" and finishing with "get my back" I ended the call as soon as possible. Just talk English and don't use ridiculous management-speak phrases just because other people like you continually use them
  6. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    Great news ! Good work, yet again, by Mel. Best and most important signing this window.
  7. Another busy, positive and productive day in @McLovin world...
  8. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    Sorry, Hants, should have made it clearer I was asking the original poster Good points by the way - couldn't agree more
  9. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    Was it yourself who did a lengthy post a short while ago using detailed stats to explain why we had no chance of overtaking Bristol or especially Cardiff and that we would run out of games by the end of the season before we could achieve that ? And then two weeks later we were ahead of both ? Kind of sums up the danger of using irrelevant or peripheral statistical information to make predictions and forgetting to inject some good old common sense Although if it provides an interest to some, then fair enough I guess For me half way through the season is long enough to suggest the league table is the only stat that matters as to whether or not we are in a false position - so, clearly, no.
  10. Ipswich Town F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Thought George was absolutely superb in the first half - back to his best. And almost scored with a trademark long range howitzer. Ipswich couldn't deal with his partnership with Huddlestone. Second half he tired a bit and Ipswich mounted a bit more of a spirited fightback. But he finished very strongly. Great that he played the whole game. In my opinion we need to get that contract tied down ASAP. If he's not back to his true best yet, on that showing he soon will be and should be an asset to the club for a long time yet.
  11. Ipswich Town F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    He was clearly very pumped up at the end, fist pumping in front of the Derby fans. Not his usual reaction. Pretty well the last one off. As we know , he's a very placid chap normally. My guess is he was getting a lot of stick from the Ipswich fans behind the goal, noticed they were accusing him of time wasting when he got an injury in the second half . Just as an aside, its interesting watching the lads' reactions in the last couple of won matches when the final whistle gets blown - real celebration and joy. They seem to really have the bit between the teeth.
  12. Ipswich Town F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Just back from our first away trip of the season Great result and , more importantly, what a performance. A month ago I was telling my local Forest friends that, whilst we were clearly far better than them, I wasn't sure that we had enough special about us to become a genuine automatic place contender. Well, that first half performance today has changed that : we were superb, really fantastic football, totally in control, very unlucky indeed not to be three up at half time. It was inevitable that we would come under more pressure in the second half, but we withstood it and still kept making chances. Brilliant support from the Rams fans - not just in numbers and noise but attitude. At PP I sit in front of two of the biggest moaners (always about our players, never the opposition) in the universe however well we play, no matter what the score - such a relief at Ipswich to be surrounded by positivity and genuine support - must go away more often. Seems to me that we are getting better and better. And just at the right time. The players who came in not having played in a while - Winnall, Thorne, Wisdom - were brilliant. It really just shows what strength in depth we have, and what a good team spirit and togetherness we appear to have. All augurs well for the New Year but still a long way to go of course. Really like Gary's pragmatism in not getting excited or carried away, or shouting his mouth off about how good we are.
  13. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    Oh dear. Good but not quite good enough Every silver lining has a cloud and all that....
  14. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    Blimey, talk about hard to please....
  15. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    What an incredible assessment to make at this point in time

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