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  1. BobbyD

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Totally out of the picture only a month ago Almost out on their feet - see Sunderland H and Burton A Many players playing way below their capability Little sign of team spirit and collective desire Many fans just wanting it to be over for the season Premier league thoughts not existent, not even in jest Last Night : - every player performing at the top of their potential - complete transformation in previously thought of 'lost souls' in the squad - huge desire and team ethic - fans now massively onside and 'part of' the journey - leading going in to the playoff second leg - no goal conceded against a team who had not failed to score in any game in four months - only two matches from the Premier Still unhappy , some Rams 'fans' ? Still searching for negatives and things to complain about ? Shame on you
  2. BobbyD

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Perfectly said I just ignore them (literally ) - they drag you down and everyone around them. Let them do it on their own. And thank your lucky stars they won't be standing next to you in the trenches when its time to go over the top.
  3. BobbyD

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    Like I and no doubt many others have said to you before, self -obsessiveness is not a pretty trait Why are you like this ? Its embarrassing, man !
  4. Martin - needs to move on. Clearly a good player who can deliver but his time at Derby has gone and doesnt suit current systems. Sell and get a few quid. £4m. Blackman - looked at awful player previously. Has he been given a proper chance ? Has he done well abroad ? Could he fit in to the style here ? Might be worth taking a punt on as unlikely to generate much sales interest or lolly. Keep Butterfield - doesnt have the heart or physicality to be anything other than a liability at this level.Needs to be a big fish in a very small pool. Take a hit and move him on. Sell. Might get a couple of mill. £2m. Out of contract next year so need to cash in now. Bryson - wonderful servant but yesterdays man now. Sell. £1m Out of contract next year so need to cash in now. Bennett - been here too long, never really delivered, very unlucky (injury prone ?) , needs to move. Fresh challenge etc. Let go for nothing. Baird - done great for us but needs to be let go now Bent - as above Shackell - let go Roos - let go , Mitchell is here Others to move on , entering last year of contract, so time to cash in : Olsson - found wanting despite many chances especially recently Johnson - hard to justify keeping a player without a football brain who is seemingly incapable of passing that round thing to a team mate
  5. BobbyD

    Vydra and Palmer

    Just guessing but it might have something to do with the fact that : Vydra's head goes down the slightest thing goes against him ( in other words he's a wet lettuce unless everything goes his way. Nothing will come of players of this disposition - why do you think Watford were so happy to let him go ?) Palmer has failed to work out that football is a passing and team game . If he learned to hold his head up another few degrees he could turn into a decent player
  6. BobbyD


    Can you translate this please
  7. My son and I played a game on the way home after todays game - rate out of 10 the quality of performance you would attribute to each of the players over this season. I thought the results were interesting : a handful of players were great , the rest were very poor. Guess which are which : Group A - Carson, Keogh, Davies, Vydra, Huddlestone, Wiemann Group B - Forsyth, Olsen, Johnson, Nugent, Wisdom, Thorne, Whenever in the past we have got to the play-offs or promotion , I have always looked at the team and found eleven good players. Without fail. Now we have at least half who are suspect to say the least Enough said
  8. Good decision - watching Derby now is all a bit deja vu. Lots of expectation and happy faces before. Good first fifteen minutes. Shocking goal to concede. Then they look like the under 9s at the Red Lion. Wonder how much it hurts the club to hear away fans chanting "its happened again" . Think of the money, fellas..... Too bloody right mate For both of us to say that must say something about how dreadful things are It seems hardly possible but the team has gone backwards from a year ago Would quite like to meet up for a chat - havnt always agreed on stuff - next season some time ?
  9. BobbyD

    Still 5th

    Blimey, what a load of pontificating, introspective, self-indulgent, uponesownrearend codswallop ! Surely you must have better things to do with your time ?
  10. BobbyD

    Still 5th

    In other words a place for people to shout and scream baseless opinions and vent their rants with no justification, no understanding, no reflection, no attempt to understand another's point of view ? Hold on, all is suddenly becoming clear ........ ....I suddenly feel that I don't belong.....I must be needy....
  11. BobbyD

    Still 5th

    I give up it all goes over your head no-one can say i didn't try
  12. BobbyD

    Still 5th

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it ......! You've missed the point completely and reinforced it. Once again there is absolutely no evidence, backup, justification for your opinion. Its purely emotional waffle. Surely you can understand that for your opinion to count for something, you actually have to justify it ? Surely ?
  13. BobbyD

    Still 5th

    This is just rubbish, though, with no factual backing whatsoever : we are aiming for better, and we are doing better Preston are in the mix of the playoffs. We beat them. At their place. They couldn't score. How can that be described as a shambles ? Gary has made changes to sort it out - as a result we have won two in two, scored four goals and not conceded. How about being a little more positive and backing the club and players to do the right thing ? And when making sweeping emotional statements, try backing them up with some facts or supporting evidence. Then you might have some credibility.
  14. BobbyD

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    Strange game, which wasn't really a game. Bolton were woeful, easily the worst team here this season. For a team fighting relegation there was almost a bizarre lack of anything good about them - especially spirit, urgency and desire. You could see why they had so few away fans if that is what they are regularly served up. And yet a week ago, a team below Bolton in the table played like world beaters at Pride Park .We should take some of the credit for how Bolton played. Hopefully this little run of ours will breed more confidence, both in the players and the management. And out of that, with a bit of luck, the football will get more entertaining. The players might start shooting when outside the box, their first inclination will be to look and pass forward instead of backwards, Gary might be more inclined to start with players like Thomas and Palmer. And he might even do the unthinkable - leave one or two players up the pitch when we concede a set piece in our own box. Its understandable, after our recent awful run, that the manager felt the need to shore up the defence and build from the back in order to get us back on track. So the last two havnt exactly been pretty to watch. This should improve and Gary should play his part in allowing that. They always say that the best way to enter the play offs is with some momentum. Which is what we now have. And once you are in the playoffs, it then becomes a lottery - anyone can win it. So its almost incredible to think that we still have a realistic chance of going up this season !
  15. BobbyD

    Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    PS I will be at Preston Please introduce yourself and lets have a chat about which of us is the better Rams fan So looking forward to it

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