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  1. All interesting stuff Makes you wonder why it is that places like Burnley, Derby and Sunderland and even Portsmouth have such high support relative to their size. I guess there are all sorts of factors that go into it : - long established, traditional football clubs - some element of historical success - no obvious/acceptable alternative - a sense of local belonging and pride - in the case of Rams and Sunderland the fact that they have fan-friendly new stadiums (encouraging kids, families and women as well as others ) must have helped - a belief that the owners aims were aligned to the fans (?) What I find amazing is that we now get better attendances after nine years in the second tier than we did when we were in the Premier for a few years under Jim Smith (even in the best of times) Would love to know why this is.
  2. So, are you going to answer the original poster ?
  3. Man can't find work

    Do you think your mentoring her had anything to do with it ?
  4. Sky Sports Changes

    Where do you watch footy on now GBR , especially Rams ? Bit of an oldie so all this stuff is passing me by a bit ? Any help gladly received
  5. Our Defence

    It wasn't bad at all, David, thank you for reminding us of that. Some of us actually enjoyed going to watch the Rams last season - by and large it was really good at home And maybe the defenders aren't so shoddy after all ?
  6. Always look forward to the new season Doesn't matter who the players are, who the manager is, who owns the club, what the formation is Just really enjoy going to watch my home town club between August and May For me its not about setting goals, what we must achieve, our minimum target, which players have to do what Its much bigger than that, and smaller at the same time Its about the love of the club and the love of the game. And being part of something bigger than yourself that has been an integral part of your life for fifty odd years, for better and for worse
  7. Women's Football

    i think this is entirely the issue The BBC is being marginalised now in so many ways, sports is just one of them They follow anything that "ticks the boxes" and costs virtually nothing - maybe you can't blame them I suppose the reality is, who actually watches and pays for this stuff ? I had a teenage son and daughter who played footie. I much preferred to watch the daughter play - so much more enjoyable and 'pure' But I would never in a million years pay for it.
  8. Official: Cyrus Christie joins Middlesbrough

    Do you think we will now go out to find and pay for just such an individual ?
  9. Back 6

    Yes, all good points. I am all for signing Whelan, but not as a back up to George. That can be done by Johnson, Baird or even Hanson. We need Whelan to give us proper bite in midfield, which we have lacked for a number of years now. Without at least two ball winners in midfield we have no chance of promotion - and we will continually lose the physical battles away from home in particular. Personally I am not concerned about the attacking side of things. With Chris back, and with Vydra and Nugent in support, plus Weimann , I can see plenty of goals. And surely the midfield can chip in at least another 15 goals between them as a minimum after last season's very poor showing. Defensively we are looking so much better already - again, for years we have always looked vulnerable at set pieces. Much less so now with the two new additions and the return of Forsyth. So yes, I agree with the original poster - I feel quite optimistic and the jigsaw only needs a couple more pieces to be complete for us to give it a right good go.
  10. Darren Bent

    Yes, probably fair But his decline last season was very frustrating. From morphing into a genuine hold up player mid-season under McClaren , he stopped doing that for some reason So he just wasn't trying enough. And there's nothing like not trying enough to get peoples backs up
  11. Official: Cyrus Christie joins Middlesbrough

    Agreed. A very strange player indeed. Infuriating in many ways. Capable of very occasional amazing things both in our and opposition boxes But ultimately you felt that he really had no idea what he was doing. That it was all just a punt. Chris Baird showed exactly what was needed in his position - solid, confident, capable, a member of a team Bairdinho every time for me
  12. Jacob Butterfield

    Exactly. I still have faith in Jacob. What is clear is that he is one of these confidence players. Which means, to get the best out of him, he needs to be played in his best position, and to know that he is a regular in the starting line up. That he isn't expected to focus on aspects that he isn't any good at - like being a physical, constraining player, although of course he has to do his bit. That there are others around who can do most of this. He needs to focus on what he is good at - using the ball to make things happen. He will never have a better chance, now that Will and Tom have gone, to show what he can do. And having Chris back could be a massive stimulus to him. All this depends on two things : - has Gary got the belief and patience in him to bring out his best - has Jacob got the desire and will to impose himself, particularly against the tough and aggressive sides who so often have been our downfall in recent years Either way, we will be finding out pretty soon
  13. Ince's Replacement

    Enjoyed his contributions, clearly has some special skills, but we don't need a replacement for Ince Keep trimming the numbers Gary, at least four more to go. Still leaves us with a great squad, with loads of really good players, opportunities for youth and a much better togetherness around the club.
  14. What do you really think of Morris?

    So, so tiresome and boring Maybe you should stay off a football forum if you don't like what you hear ? etc, etc, etc, etc
  15. What do you really think of Morris?

    So, so tiresome and boring Maybe you should stay off a football forum if you don't like what you hear ? etc, etc, etc, etc

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