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  1. Hector backheel to set up charlie george v Newcastle , fa cup mid seventies
  2. Personally I dont equate following Derby County with going to a restaurant but who is to say you are not right in doing so ? For me it is more than a bit different. But that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I just dont share it, I'm afraid.
  3. Disagree, with respect Think this is a subject of public interest Fans are being requested to sign up and pay for their next season right now. After over 10 years in this division and no prospect of that changing anytime soon - no reason we shouldnt expect to know what the club are paying people. If the information is not in the public domain ( seems to be for many of the Premier players) , you cant blame folks for speculating. Would Bradley have signed for less than £30k ? Would Chris M have done the same ? Would Butterfield have come for less than £25k ? Would Bryson have turned down a move to Burnley for less than £30k ? Would Waghorn have signed for less than £25k ? We have signed Cole for £15k at age 38 for half a season at most , knowing it would take him the best part of 8 weeks to get up to speed ( over a quarter of his contract) All in the context of mid to upper championship football . Not even top Championship football.
  4. To be fair isn't this a two way street ? Surely the best way to generate positivity throughout the club is to show it on the pitch. Is the passing out from the back tactic a positive one that generates impetus ? Is allowing the full backs to generally look to pass the ball backwards whenever they are passed to/ have a throw in/ take a free kick, showing positivity ? Is chopping and changing the team every week, regularly picking players who fail to contribute, helping to achieve that positive mentality ? Is allowing the team to take free kicks in the opposition half sideways or backwards, often within milliseconds of the free kick being awarded, when no team mate is expecting it (or wanting it) a positive tactic ? In my view the negativity as a fan comes when you fail to see the logic of what is going on on the pitch. It was interesting yesterday that the fans really got behind the team when they abandoned all the above and finally started being positive and playing to their strengths. Win or lose we gave it a go. Why cant we start matches like that in future ? And play with positivity from the start ? So whilst the fans have a huge role to play, Frank needs to share his part in the bargain too.
  5. Ok , fair enough. Admire your attitude.
  6. Blimey So, would you say we are good enough to go up ?
  7. You are completely deluded mate
  8. wow We have some great players, a big squad, a fantastic youth set up what an utter shambles !! embarrassing
  9. Not sure I understand this stuff about savage. Admittedly was awful when he first came in for the doomed season, as were all of them. But was a revelation when he was brought back in from the cold by Nigel the following feb and went on to captain the club with distinction for a couple of years, which included some historic results at Forest amongst others. Always speaks well of the club when on the radio and appears to have a better affiliation with us than leicester, brum or Blackburn , for some reason My definition of ‘worst’ players to play for us doesn’t include those who weren’t very good but who tried their best. Even in the black old days of Division Two relegation. It’s those who were actually capable but used the club for their own ends and failed to deliver who I would classify as ‘worst’. So, Ravenelli, Bohinen , Beck , Camara ( the recent one, clearly not even a Sunday pub team standard) . Schnoor was awful . Them three Todd brought in for millions .
  10. Would happily swap places to be in leicesters position Comfortable mid table premier team Full houses every other week Team full of internationals including several England players Capable of beating any of the top teams on their day In fact, a good role model to show what could be achieved by a similar, midsize club like ourselves . And we are a much more fervent ‘football’ city than leicester. Living in leicester its clear that there is a lot more to the Puel thing than delusions of grandeur, its been brewing for a long, long time and has similarities to our previous situation with Clement
  11. Laughable just listen to yourself . Utter lack of understanding and awareness.
  12. These kinds of posts always make me laugh. Have you ever yet seen one of these when we actually do better than that predicted ? Or even anywhere near as well as predicted ? The rose tinted glasses are probably one of our biggest reasons why we have been in this division for so long - the lack of humility and realism , the sense of entitlement . It’s pathetic.
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