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  1. Its about how you perform against the good teams, not the lesser teams
  2. BobbyD

    George Thorne

    Ever go to watch us away ?
  3. BobbyD

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Like one of the previous posters has pointed out any view not approved by the website mafia ( tops 20 people ?) seems unacceptable modern day parlance calls it bullying - and modern day parlance is quite right
  4. BobbyD

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Very little point in discoursing with someone who doesnt read other peoples posts or have a grasp on the facts
  5. BobbyD

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Ticket prices for occassional fans not particularly attractive shortly after a period of high family spending and outlay ? And penalising pay on the day fans wont encourage many more. Its basically the club’s choice what the attendance will be . The decision not to open the north stand demonstrates that they knew and expected what sort of interest there would be based on their ticket price strategy. And who's to say they havnt made the right call commercially ?
  6. BobbyD

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Remember now, then, do you !!🤣 Priceless !!!
  7. BobbyD

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Had you left before the Nugent save ?
  8. BobbyD

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    What an unbelievably dour, downbeat and moribund summary . Reflective more of your own clearly difficult state of mind than those of whom you were watching I genuinely hope for better for you in 2019 , you need it I think
  9. BobbyD

    Goals Against

    Is it ? not so sure
  10. BobbyD

    Goals Against

    Playing football at school, or in pub teams , you would be absolutely lambasted if you allowed a cross to get over when you were a full back. It was shameful . The utter lowest of the low. Your teamates would be scandalised and up in arms. Wonder why it is different when you play the game today for a living ?
  11. BobbyD

    Be honest

    As I said. Calm down, young un
  12. BobbyD

    Franks talk that relit the Rams

    Not before time.......
  13. BobbyD

    Be honest

    Just calm down and take it one game at a time we are only half way through the season and where we wanted (hoped ) to be at the start we really dont need overly excitable reaction pointing out how incredibly important the next game is when it really isnt how about just sitting back and enjoying an historic and amazing performance ?

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