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  1. Pearce, Bennett, Guy & Bird New Contracts

    I'm beginning to find the instantaneous negativity from some posters at pretty well any news coming out of the club on here is really starting to grate. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion (blah, blah, blah) and yet these contract renewals seem eminently sensible to me, as has been very well pointed out by many other posters especially @David. You would have thought that people would be happy to see four young men achieve some success in their chosen career. If you are going to criticise then at least be positive about it and make a reasoned argument. I have never made my living in the world of professional football,and , despite being a fan since the late 60s, I have absolutely no idea how it 'works' and what goes on behind the scenes. So I am more than happy to trust the people running my club to make the right decisions more often than not, so long as they have proper credibility. As ours do. I just don't get the constant questioning of every decision made by the club and the downright nasty, cutting and character-assassination comments about certain club players who they have never met in their lives. Whats wrong with wishing them the best and hoping that they fulfil their potential ?
  2. Derby County V Birmingham CIty

    We seemed to bounce back pretty well from the defeat to Sheff U, so no reason why we can't do it again. One bad result away from home doesn't mean we need to change half the team - it smacks of panic, indecisiveness and lack of conviction and courage. You can't just drop a whole bunch of players for one bad game, thats hardly the way to instill confidence and belief in players and encourage them to do their best - its more likely to create a fear factor with the overriding instinct being not to make a mistake, or else they're 'out'. And its not as if the second 11 covered themselves in glory when playing Barnsley's second string and demanded starting places in the first team The issue that we have is that we are a pretty lightweight team, with very little 'bite'. Not such an issue at home but horribly exposed away. And thats up to GR to sort by looking carefully at our set up away from home. For Birmingham I would bring Wisdom back in (he's a winner and physical) , start with Martin (so is he) and consider giving some game time to Thorne/Guy/Bird to try to sort out the midfield issue over time.
  3. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    I only go to the home games . Keogh has been absolutely brilliant in those so far, possibly his best form in a Rams shirt. Thats good enough for me. It is truly astonishing how some posters talk about a split second event three and a half year ago as if its relevant to anything at all.
  4. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I guess its a question of being careful what you hope for Perhaps a few fans listen to the 606 phone ins On sunday there is a presenter called Kelly Cates. Its Kenny dalglish's daughter. Not sure thats relevant though. Its almost like the Kelly Cates show. She doesn't allow callers to present their own questions , she posers them for them. She hardly allows her expert (Ian Wright) to get a word in edgeways. Its all about her. Its appalling. Compared to that Radio derby is a breath of fresh air Ed is an immature small child. But Owen and Ramage are great.
  5. Barnsley v Derby County

    Don't always agree with what you say AR but I think you have a valid point here I was surprisingly disappointed about last night. Maybe it was just on the back of fridays fantastic performance. Maybe it was based on what I thought looked like a really good team for us. Or just that, in my opinion, having good cup runs is actually a real positive to the league form and 'feel good' factor around the club. The value of having a winning culture is massive, whether or not players make the first team or not. It creates a virtuous circle that we 'will win' and develops a resilience to overcome adversity and still win whatever the circumstance. I agree that both the club needs to have that mentality and the players it invests in must do too. Still, in fairness, we were very close to achieving it last night . And I still trust in GR to do what he thinks is right at the end of the day.
  6. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    What possesses people to post stuff like this ? Bizarre
  7. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Shame but these things happen Anyone who has watched that Sheff U story of deadline day will see what utter madness it seems to be - it is totally to be expected that things go wrong in that environment. As indeed they did there. Don't get the need for a scapegoat/heads roll thing. I'm sure everyone was doing their best in crazy circumstances. A week ago nobody had heard of the bloke. We still have a huge squad with plenty of options Great opportunity for others to step in. And to utilise that squad. And helps with the squad slimming too........
  8. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Couldn't agree more. An instant turn off to developing a new contact. Feels like being approached by a religious fanatic. What about this other recent one : "Get my back" Its hard to be enthused by people in the business world so keen to embrace the latest fashionable management gobbledegook. Why can't they just speak plain English ?
  9. Total myth Ever seen him demanding the ball and reprimanding his team mates for not giving it to him ?
  10. Trouble is, he doesn't actually compete He hasn't got the aggression, physicality, desire or drive to actually win the ball and do something with it . Whilst unfortunate, his slip up at Sunderland perfectly summed him up . Hapless under pressure. That kind of thing has happened many times since his arrival. There is no room for players like that if you want to be successful in this league The sales of Hughes and Ince gave him a perfect opportunity to step up and Gary encouraged him to do so by initially picking him. He was incapable of taking it and Rowett consequently lost patience Surely if he was one of the best midfielders in the Championship we would have seen it by now and there is no way that the club would allow such an asset go, would they ? Doesn't make sense I'm afraid.
  11. A pattern

    I don't understand your point We have always had good players So maybe 25 people don't like them We have hundreds of thousands of fans Don't get het up about it
  12. Football isn't played on paper though It sounds like a great deal to me Get a good player in with something to prove and a good reputation Move another one on who was incapable of competing at this level
  13. Are we a stronger and better team?

    So much better A good first step in what will probably be a couple more windows of transformation Its been painful and sad seeing the midfield continually letting the rest of the team down for so long - so heartening to finally see it be dismantled and starting again And its been depressingly familiar for us to be bullied out of the vast majority of our big matches against our competitors especially away from home. This looks like the beginning of the end for that experience. Loads of players out of contract next summer so a great opportunity then to rebuild further : on ours terms, not the players. Well done Gary and Mel. Carry on.
  14. An interesting poll - Keep or Sell

    Didn't Carson pick up all of the player of the year awards just a few months ago ? I'm not sure that you can describe that consistent vote of appreciation as 'hype' Of course I respect your opinion G star but to me Carson wins us loads of points every season with his incredible saves. We haven't had this since Poom. Don't think there are too many goalkeepers who dominate the penalty area in this era - bit of a myth borne out of the old days. Too much physicality, tactical positioning and skulduggery for that to happen nowadays. And maybe Tom Ince would disagree with the distribution comment - wasn't too bad against the Blues
  15. Is Rowett up to the job

    Yes, but why do the players have such disrespect for the manager ?

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