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  1. I don't think Mel would leave the club the club in the lurch and sell to anyone without getting some sort 'guarantees'. After all he has spent a lot of time,effort,hard work and money building the club up. As mentioned in earlier posts, the separating of the club's major asset i.e. the ground from the club itself is a masterstroke. It mean he can step back and let the 'new' owners takeover but make sure they cannot completely asset strip the club leaving it a worse state than they purchased it. I am sure he also wish to retain some 'smaller' stake in the boardroom. Any new injection of capital into the club is beneficial to both balance the books and provide funds to move the club forward both on and off the field. Let's wait and see what transpires
  2. He saving his self and his goals for the mighty Rams
  3. Only a 'goog' start for Ben. Maybe a few people were too quick to write him on limited knowledge of the guy. Let's wait see. He just could be the man to put pressure on Roo's for the no 1 shirt.
  4. I think you can see a definite improvement under Cocu coaching. He'll get better as learn's role within the team.
  5. How big his he 6ft 3 plus and muscular with it. I shouldn't argue with him let be whatever or whoever he wants?
  6. Who needs to buy and sell players lets just develop and change managers each year. That's one way of keeping Mel's hand from having to reach in his pocket.
  7. This definitely a telly pick for the next round.
  8. Sadly I must agree time and injuries have taken there toll on George. We as a club have moved on. Good to him in all his future endeavors.
  9. Why so pessimistic. Rooney has signed because he wants to be here to learn and use it has a stepping stone into management. The money is secondary, he must have more than enough by now.
  10. It takes a lot of guts to talk about your intimate problems openly. A great deal of respect to Waggy.
  11. Please stop my head is hurting something awful
  12. Give the lad a chance. If he does turn out to be 'crap' there'll be plenty of chances for the knockers to have a go.
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