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  1. Ipswich 0- Derby 2 2 W's Waghorn & Wilson
  2. Good signing, an absolute no brainer in the situation were in. Well done to Frank and Mel for making it happen.
  3. I think all bets are off until we finally find out which division we finally end up playing in come next year and what our budget situation is with regard to FFP.
  4. Shall we start building cross right now and get ready for his crucifixion, after his first game to please the baying masses.
  5. Are there any free agents (particularly centre-halfs ) out there who might be useful to have, now the transfer window is shut ?
  6. Keep the faith. It just, maybe again with Frank in charge.
  7. Since he has come in he hasn't really done anything seriously wrong (other than rushing out goal against Reading to clear the ball). He's not flash, just does everything tidily. We now have an able number 2 who has experienced Championship football and seems to be able to cope. No need to waste money looking for a Carson back-up as we have one.
  8. Fancy a sneeky 1-0 to the Rams Marriott after his rest.
  9. Man City at home. Full house at Pride Park, on the telly again and another chance up against the big boys. (after Man Utd,,Chelsea and Soton) Win or lose we will both make a few bob and further raise the club's profile.
  10. Stay calm we'll do something in the market we always do at the last minute. Whether it turns out to be any good is what always seems to be the problem.
  11. I'll bet his missus will make sure he doesn't if carries on like that at home.
  12. Some may say fraudulently still passing himself as a footballer ?
  13. We could have more fun with Funso
  14. Away win 3-1 Derby. Waghorn to score first for Derby.
  15. I am glad to see your the forgiving kind of person who let's bygones be bygones.
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