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  1. That should not be too difficult for some of them there.
  2. He's doorman come enforcer if there's any argy-bargy
  3. That's just like my missus, she can see all sorts faults in me but yet I see none at all. Funny that ?
  4. I hope we don't build him up too much as the next 'Messiah' whose coming is going to save our season and some how propel us to new heights. Remember the last person with that title he was crucified. I hope this does'nt happen to poor old Bielik by our fans.
  5. How often has that been said or should have been done in the past ? Answers on a very long sheet of paper
  6. Our managerial appointment of Mr Rooney was (like a lot of our decisions recently, quickly thought out and short term). It ticked Mel's box's. Firstly there would be no cost/little cost as person was already on the payroll and part funded by our main advertiser, Secondly someone who would not rock the boat or continual keep knocking on door asking for this and that. A quiet appointment who could deflect attention from what was potential going on within the club.
  7. There is one good thing about the embargo if we were not allowed to buy anyone. That is were not wasting our money on over priced and over rated misfits,journeymen, prima-donas.
  8. Like most owners we had started off with a fanfare, then high expectation, plenty of nearly and if only moments and then petered out into disappointment and decline.
  9. A bore 0-0 draw and another point (hopefully)
  10. What ever happened to using old fashioned LSD to buy and sell things all this new fangled inter banking,cryptocurrencies and cashless transactions. We need to get back to tangible commodities again solid money and tickets.
  11. Why don't we keep it simple and just swap IOU's between all the relevant clubs. That way maybe some of the debt get's paid off without having to bother accountants and bank managers ?
  12. Seems to be you name him we owe him
  13. If you can't find a buyer willing to meet your "price" for the club would you be willing to hand it over someone or some organisation who would management and run it for the greater good of local community, city and its loyal following of supporters.
  14. Maybe we could insert a buyback clause, then again perhaps NOT
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