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  1. Transfer policy

    We as fans have widely differing moods and emotions depending on our view point. One minute a player is the 'flavour of the month', he's great, fantastic, we can't do without him. Then next he is a 'waste of money', inconsistent and 'get him out of the team'. We apparently take no account of possible injury's, loss of form and confidence. Football is a team sport, where no one person, no matter how good he is can win or lose on his own. I agree we as supporters are entitled to our opinions but do we really think it does anyone any good to get on individual's backs. Ultimately, we all want the same thing success for DCFC. So give the guy's a break, they have already achieved far more than we all thought at the beginning of the season.
  2. What's more frustrating?

    I am sure we've all experienced it before (unfortunately) the all to many false dawns followed crushing disappointments. Periods of high hopes and desperate low's. That's what being a Rams fan is all about. We should be use to it by now but some how for no reason we are taken by surprise when it happens. Chin up boys at least were not in a relegation dog fight, about to go into administration or breaking records for lowest goals scored and points gained. Remember there's always a bright side although finding it maybe difficult to find at times.
  3. We're coming after you Wolves

    We will be coming after Wolves ok in the league table at the end of the season when their top.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    We have 'basically' reverted back to the same team as when we last hit our purple patch of consecutive wins. I hope that's a good omen.
  5. Ledley or Thorne starting

    Agree freshen up the side. In Ledley, Nugent and Palmer. On the bench Thorne, Jerome and Weimann or Lawrence
  6. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Anything this possible with Derby. We maybe be on the cusp of another fantastic winning running or on the start of the dreaded dip in form. Let's hope and pray its the former.
  7. Optimist or Pessimist

    Are you an Optimist or in the Pessimist corner in the run in to the end of the season ? Is your glass half full or half empty ? Will we go up automatically or fall short and into the playoff's ?
  8. Would it be better to go up in playoffs.

    Automatic every day of the week. Playoffs are a lottery and no reflection how you may have performed over the season. It's usually the team with most momentum that wins. The that team that wins the playoffs is also ways at a disadvantage for the next season as they have less preparation and rest time for the premiership.
  9. Too many draws?

    They're 2nd for now it doesn't mean they are guaranteed to be there at the end of the season. They are up there to be shot at now. This should spur our boys on more.
  10. Too many draws?

    There are some specific reasons why were drawing more games at home now. 1.Most teams do not try to attack us, they defend deep and keep numbers back 2.They are more aware of our style of play. 3.Our league position means they have already settled for a point before kick off Away from home the onus is on the home side in front of their fans to attack. This suits our quick counter attacking style. We must look at results positively we very rarely concide (accept from penalties). So we have a percentage chance of gain a point) and we have some good attackers I.e. Vydra, Nugent, Jerome, Lawrence who can get us a goal and 3 points at any time. In previous season we have imploded this has and will not happen this year.
  11. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    We need to stay calm and remain focused. We will drop points but so will other teams. It will be the teams with managers and players who experienced these situations before who will succeed. Luckily our team has plenty of leaders who know what it takes and have been through this before. You get the impression that GR is not a guy who panic's. He has believe in what he is doing and team has totally brought into this. There is sense of positivity everywhere. We now do not lose even if we not playing well, this is the sign of a good team. At anytime we have shown we are capable of stringing a run victories together. Stay with the team and keep the faith, together we can make the promised land.
  12. Free agents

    Tell us about someone who is available and suitable ?
  13. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    If you look back in previous seasons our poor patches would have resulted in a series of defeats. Now we are more resilant and have managed turn those defeats into draws. 12 games unbeaten is a great record. We just need to turn some those draws in to wins.
  14. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Sentenced to moving from club to club like a nomad.
  15. Lounge or seats

    Lounge every day sleepers', pipe, pint of ale triffic

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