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  1. With the current players we have (including the injured ones) Marshall Edmundson Clarke Wisdom Byrne-----------------------------------Buchannan Beilik-----------Shinnie Knight Waghorn CKR
  2. We suddenly again seem to have an awful lot of people interested in buying us again. From Arabs in the East, Americans from the West, even Spaniards from Europe. There just seem to be one small, little problem none of them seem to be willing to show us the colour of their money. Funny that ???
  3. Key to beating Cardiff . Score atleast one more goal than them. It always works.
  4. Correct If we average even 1 per game from our remaining 14 will get = 38+14 = 52. which should just be enough
  5. We nearly always win (especially at home) when we score first, Conversely, we find it difficult when chasing a game.
  6. Do you want a one word answer to your leading question, well it is a simple No
  7. He must 'one' of the 'best ever' value for money signings both as individual player and a team motivator both on and off the pitch we've had in years. He richly deserves he's new contract and all the praise and plaudits he's getting. Come on Kaz top it off tonight with the winner against the red dogs
  8. Unfortunately, due to the mess we have gotten ourselves into 'all' of the matches this season are big ones, until were mathematically safe from the dreaded drop.
  9. One thing I like about Rooney's interviews is he doesn't come out with all the usual cliches and excuses that managers are re-known for. He clearly and simply explains how he saw the match and reasons why he did certain thing and makes no excuses. He doesn't dodge any direct questions but will give a considered answer. It shows he has learnt (through years of being involved with them) how to deal with the press. He has all the attributes to became a excellent manager never 'seems' to get agitated or flustered at anytime. Keeping his emotions under check. while still get
  10. I think the deathly silence means that the Sheikh and his buddies may have ridden off across the sand dunes never to seen in these parts again.
  11. Rooney for how long ? The answer (at the moment) is simple as long as HE wants.
  12. I thought Keogh look a very 'tired old man' last night both physically and metaphorically. Never really impacted or was part of game except for a few long pass and interceptions largely anonymous in the game. No shouting or leading the team, no ' signature' long runs with ball out of defense or attacking the ball in box.
  13. Anything' MORE' than fine. The way our finance's are at the moment even that's a big thing. Any way, why even a fine if we haven't actually been proven to have done anything thing wrong?
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