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  1. Everyone keeps going on about Ibe, Is it because he would on a free, or he once had a good 'part season' with us or that we think he better than what we have 'potentially' got already ? Even if did decide to come, he'd want good wages and a reasonably long contract, which would be expensive. Is would definitely impact of how many and the quality of any other signings, we could then afford with our 'remaining' transfer pot. I personally think the jury is still out on Mr Ibe,, skill wise there's no problem but application and consistency over a period of time we have yet to see. For these reasons in my humble opinion, its a no
  2. Possible future replacement for Chris Martin ?
  3. Any more news in the offing about season ticket renewal dates i.e. having the purchase deadlines changed etc ?
  4. What a kiss on each cheek (on his face) and don't be a naughty boy again ?
  5. Have signed two new players 'vain and bitter'. Sound Dutch, what are they like and who do they play for ?
  6. The dilemma for club going forward is going to be :- 1. Do we cash in now because we need the money/or do we believe what the buying club is offering meets what we think their 'maximum potential' worth is. Or 2. Do we hang on to them hoping they may develop further, increase their 'value' and maybe, even leading us to success (promotion). A tricky little 'problem' for Mess'rs Morris and Cocu to ponder. "Bread and Water now with the hope of Jam tomorrow"
  7. That guy in American Football helmet looks more like Peter Kay on drugs. Is he suppose to be a Wazza look a like
  8. I thought we hadn't got two halfpennies to rub together. Unless someone called Mel has found a wad of notes he'd forgot about stuffed in the back of the sofa. I doubt like most other clubs we will be signing any players for any money. They'll plenty of loans and free to choose from.
  9. 'There's no smoke without fire' so to speak ouch!
  10. Maybe the club are looking at it from the point of view of multi-TV owning supporters.
  11. Did anybody really think the EFL have any interest at all in giving us any chance, however remote of the reaching the playoff's. They are doing their very best to find reasons or excuses to dock us points, fine us and if at all possible demote us to League one without us kicking a ball.
  12. The EFL are well known for making very 'shrewd', well informed and thought out decisions. So employing people like Parry and listening to Gibson's moaning's should come as no surprise.
  13. I think he's someone who could give em both barrel's, when he really get's fired up.
  14. Has Mel got a patent on this yet ? Could be just the money spinner we need to get us out of this mess ?
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