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  1. Rab a dab doo

    Players current worth????

    Things and Players are worth only as much as anyone is willing to pay for them. Simples
  2. let's hedge our bets we'll take the loser of the playoffs with the stipulation he must get us up next season. He can double or quits on his salary.
  3. Rab a dab doo

    £10m FFP Bill

    If that's the price for Butterfield then ouch with a capital O
  4. Rab a dab doo

    Lampard too expensive?

    You mean like getting away from the missus
  5. Rumors,, whispers,hearsay,insider info we have heard it all before. Wait till you hear it come out from the horses (Mel's) mouth.
  6. Rab a dab doo

    Lampard too expensive?

    Surely this guy has enough money already. He wants to manage for the love of the game doesn't he?
  7. let's give the guy another chance he might have seen the light in Jerusalem and resurrected him.
  8. Rab a dab doo

    Curtis Davies

    Whose actually said were selling Curtis
  9. Rab a dab doo

    Jamie Hanson

    like what?
  10. Rab a dab doo

    Where Has The Money Gone?

    Where's money gone , where's money gone far far away.
  11. Rab a dab doo

    What do we have to offer the New Manager?

    Derby is an excellent project for some manager experienced or upcoming to make a name for themselves. We have all the ingredients but just need someone with vison,enthusiasm and a thought out structured plan to bring everything together. We are still a big club in reputation and support. I potential giant Just waiting for some to come along and reawaken it. Just like a certain man called Brian Clough did. come lads let's not belittle ourselves there's enough people doing that already. keep the faith. onwards and upwards

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