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Matthew Pennington

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9 hours ago, Harrowram said:

Mel doesn't hate the club. He placed his trust in people who wasted his money. He has found owning a professional football club to be very expensive and frustrating. He might wish to sell. That is fine and perfectly acceptable. Just admit it and let the fans make their own decisions.

Think @Kernow was making a witty and funny comment, it’s wasn’t meant to be taken at face value ....... or was it , good point you can’t believe everything you read ...,, now about that late messi transfer we missed out on by 1 minute and 12 seconds 

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10 hours ago, Harrowram said:

Fact: He trusted the previous chief executive , Clement and Pearson. They spent money on players who didn't deliver and were sacked.

Fact: He has restricted transfer movements over the past 2 seasons while Derby have been well placed for promotion.

Fact: He has stated he wants the wage bill down from £34 million to £22 million.

Fact: The manager wanted a centre half during this transfer window and hasn;t signed one.

What is controversial about my statement?

Is that you, Rafa Benitez?

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