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  1. Players get attacked after the greed of players union stating the will fight any club who tries to lower a players wage,Utterly greed and stupidity
  2. ITK it has now been altered .a few words have been added. it now reads Cocu IN OUT SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT YOU DO THE ROONEY SHUFFLE THATS WHAT THE Derby WAYS ABOUT
  3. I am not being patronizing i am trying to explain to you how the saying that goal difference is worth a point and this is my last try. 2 matches of the season left teams A and B have the same number of points,but team A has a superior goal difference the possible outcomes are A wins both games and wins the league A loses both games B wins the league but is A wins one and draws one what does B have to do to win the league?
  4. it is if the team below you needs to gain 4 points to over take your league position.For example with 2 games left in the season forest are 3 points behind Derby but an inferior goal difference,to over take the Rams they would have to get 4 points to have any chance of over taking us.so effectively our superior goal difference is worth an extra point.If however thet had the superior goal difference they would only need to get the same results as Derbt to finish ahead of them. God this is like explaining the offside rule to a non football fan
  5. Team are not able to be awarded 1/2 a point. So therefore if a lower team does not have a better goal difference the only way they can rise above is by winning 1 extra point more,
  6. give credit it Anya the guys trying .He didnt put his transfer value on himself plus theres a few in the first team squad who wouldnt give a poo
  7. Millwall 0 Derby 1 FGS LAWRENCE
  8. Plus a great usp for Mel to use to attract new investment
  9. The trio will save us a lot of transfer money next season
  10. Hopefully he will play just like Louie Sibley
  11. so have you considered the circumstances he worked under there?
  12. you missed sticking your tongue out on the emoji
  13. oh i see i cant post my opinion because you dont agree with it.Maybe you should give that some though?
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