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  1. Dickie isnt,but you said and i quote We need a proper top class replacement for Keogh, can be no half measures. but obviously you had forgotten that
  2. Wheres the money coming from or are we just playing fantasy league football?
  3. It might be plastered all over PP and of course i would surely know if health issues made me an absentee from the ground.But these things happen as you make your way to 80. Dont worry about offending me skin becomes thicker with age.But there are a few on here who seem to rejoice in pointing out peoples mistakes,In future i will try to remember that Mr Mucker does fall into that category.Lastly thanks for thinking i would have the techincal know how re rectifying my user name.
  4. thanks too many betting firms i get lost once i pass ladbrokes also its nice to be corrected without any P taking
  5. guess that my mistake there gave you the win i hope you enjoy
  6. If it shuts Ramage up i will pay towards wages
  7. for £60k a week he could probably but Azerbaijan,Surely those figures are wrong?
  8. will you be saying the same after 2 Jan?
  9. Compare that to how much Bet33 is paying for Rooney to wear the shirt
  10. no but it was plain what you meant sweetheart
  11. I like the way some rubbish everything other people suggest as though they have no right to form an opinion
  12. Just because someone on RD said this,does it make it true?
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