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  1. Not condoning Billy Sharps behaviour but football is a passionate game, I've seen alot of documentaries by sportsmen and woman and so many have said they just need something to give them that extra edge when playing.........unfortunately the Derby fan that posted them tweets is the fuel to why Billy Sharpe always plays so well against us.........and why he never signed for us when we were linked with him
  2. A Derby fan abused him on social media about his son that passed away
  3. I was gonna say Roos should be fined, but he's not been paid so many times by the club he wouldn't even notice
  4. On SSN Chris Kamara saying it was the players that surrounded the ref that was the reason he showed the red card
  5. Piggies 1-2 Gladiators Bird fgs 3 points behind the gumps at 5 o clock 😎👍
  6. Got to agree with @Chester40on this @JourdanI like alot of what you say, but reference Rooney, I think your wrong, he has been outstanding the way he has conducted himself this last week, I firmly believe so long as we get no more points deducted his leadership and the players fight, and the fans support will keep us up, and we will be the first team in history to avoid relegation after a 12 point deduction........
  7. This has absolutely gone mad, it's a shame Reading will only bring about 14 fans, if it was a team with a bigger fan base and on a Saturday I reckon we would have PP packed to the rafters
  8. Another 140 page thread of this dodgy Bamford coming up
  9. I will be paying for 4 of us and be travelling from Lincolnshire.......not a million miles away but still a long and expensive day......but after Saturday the players deserve the acknowledgement and what better way than a full house v Reading COYR
  10. Well done to the lads 🐏🐏🐏
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