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  1. For £20 we could send Hamer and Roos............keeper problem sorted
  2. polo mint hands in goal again tonight.......
  3. absolutely smashing Hull at the moment...3-0 up only 35mins gone
  4. but we also have Hamer or Roos to deal with that 👍
  5. i think Evans has played well since he's come in, can't see any reason to drop him, especially for Davies who doesn't pass as well, is slower and less agile than Evans
  6. i think the belief will be drained if Hamer is on the starting teamsheet.......if not and with other results having gone our way again, hopefully Cocu and the coaching staff and Rooney can gee up the young Rams and we will have a good go and nick a win.......Roos clean sheet and MOTM
  7. if Marriotts op goes well...and he gets the service, he could well be a 20 plus goalscorer we need
  8. i'm hoping Hamer was dispatched straight back to Huddersfield never to be seen in a Derby shirt again........
  9. Cardiff 0-1 Derby Sibley with the match winner
  10. just googled it and Krul was brought on to face Costa Rica in the 2014 world cup quarter finals and saved a penalty
  11. i think we should steer clear of signing or loaning anyone from Uddersfield ever again
  12. didn't a team sub a keeper once because the game was going to penalties
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