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  1. I’d still have him over Waggy
  2. I thought he’d scored more than that.....my bad 🥃🥃🥃
  3. I was absolutely disgusted a Derby fan did this, we weren’t the only ones...other clubs fans have oxygen thieves too that also spouted the same poo to him.......footballing wise I’d love him here, I’m sorry but I think he’s 10 times the player Waghorn is, very strong and knows where the net is (proven in the prem)
  4. Dirties had a player sent off....I’m sure an appeal to the EFL will soon get that rescinded bless em
  5. Great post.....he is young he has been through a lot this year, no one here knows him personally, does he need a masculine kick up the arse or a arm round the shoulder and a little love, I don’t know, but I’m sure what he doesn’t need is constant berating and criticism from 25000 people in the ground, it must play on his mind before he enters the pitch, the first mistake he makes is going to be noticed and voiced, then as soon as it is confidence is drained out of him.....it’s hard as a fan watching to not get annoyed when a player ducks up time and time again, but I think Lawerence has got the “crowd on his back syndrome” so bad now he’s flapping as soon as he gets the ball....maybe he needs time out...I’d say play him in the U23’s but he’d probably stand on a land mine and lose his legs “ could only happen to Derby”
  6. Leeds would have more that left
  7. Watched “the prodigy” on Netflix yesterday.......one of the better horrors I’ve seen of late, a good story and a few jumpy and eerie scenes, I quite enjoyed it 8/10
  8. Agreed......the only updates are about Mason Bennett.....bloody depressing
  9. Yep car nicked a week ago today, still no sighting of it, and insurance dragging there heels 😡😡😡
  10. Righties won’t need to spend a penny pal, all 5 of them are duds
  11. And frightened white girls let down by authorities that should have protected them 👍👍👍
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