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  1. Was really fearing the worst when he went down, hope the lad is ok, he has been brilliant
  2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but knowing what I know now I would have given Bird a rest, but we maybe could have set up starting JHI or rotating CKR and Waghorn something like this Waghorn/CKR/JHl Lawrence Jozwiak Knight Shinnie/Bird Byrne Buchanon Clark Davis Wisdom Marshall
  3. Last night 3 strikers on the bench none on the pitch
  4. I think he's probably more creative at cross stitch now
  5. I've been "in" till last night, the football is just dire, but to not even put a recognised striker on the pitch but deem 3 worthy of a place on the bench I just don't get it......
  6. I reckon he'll be gone by the morning.......by mutual agreement
  7. Oh but 2 aren't fit and it's too much responsibility for the other to play..........🙄
  8. Just seen that and wondered why no-one in the studio mentioned it
  9. Just waiting now for a soft tackle from a Derby player and a yellow card pulled out
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