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  1. Hate the bloke, but absolutely spot on about the refs, and hats off for having the nads to say it....I genuinely believe we have been let down massively by the men in black, about time something is said on SSN
  2. And that stupid duckin clappy thing at Leicester 😠😠😠
  3. Tough 1 this, I voted draw but that's maybe being hopeful rather than realistic but who knows, I'm gonna go for Bluebirds 1-1 Rams Edmundson 🐏🐏🐏
  4. Unfortunately I can't use the love, laugh, clap and the Ram emojis at the same time.....this is brilliant 🐏👏😂💙
  5. Super Rams 3-1 treetards King Kazim fgs 🐏🐏🐏
  6. Hope he is ok.....we went to pieces when he went off against Wycombe
  7. Can't find a thread so asking here.....any news on Clarke's injury
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