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Matthew Pennington - Joined Hull

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1 minute ago, therealhantsram said:

Well, to be fair he's played a third of his games at right back.

Ssshhhhhh we're not allowed to say that. 

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41 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

Been kept at Everton for so long that he must have summat about him, and I think there’s definite real ability there. 

Spurs kept Simon Dawkins for 6 years ...

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1 hour ago, oldtimeram said:

Ideally we need a good seasoned pro to sit on the bench as cover..... Someone like Alex Pearce maybe if he's available? Urrm? 😞

would of thought so but clearly Pearce wants to play and fair play to him.

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3 minutes ago, AdamRam said:

Sky reporting it now

Anyine actually seen him play or we just writing him off anyway ?

Seen him a few times and, as said previously in this thread, based on what I've seen we could just save the cash and play Wisdom there. Reviews from those whose clubs he has played at aren't great either.

I hope this is Nixon plucking a name out of thin air having been constantly asked by Rams fans to name a defender.

Having said that, I could have just seen him having some off days and he turns out to be a worldie...

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