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The officials today


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I know referees come in for a lot of stick these days but credit where credits due he had a blinder today, other refs would have abandoned the game and made us play a replay which would have been a travesty.

Well done Mr Webb ?

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I guess it goes to show how bias impacts an opinion. But Norwich fans I spoke to after the game thought the referee was appalling, especially for a foul leading to our third goal.

Personally I thought he was excellent, letting the game play on when possible.

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The timer on Rams TV commentary showed the match still going on until past 121 minutes when the ref called a halt.

At 80 minutes when their 3rd goal went in and the floodlight quit the ref took the teams off.

I decided to get on with the rest of my life rather than wait as the best we could hope for was a cancellation.

Mr Lampard, however, had other ideas.

He made sure that tired legs and spirits were revived, the right subs chosen, and not only an equaliser but a winner ensued.

No doubt Norwich fans would have preferred the game to continue as they only had to hold out for a few minutes. Funny how fans can change their opinions so quickly.

Yes, full marks to the officials and well done to the engineers who patched up a faulty floodlight too!

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