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  1. WestKentRam

    Are you going to Brighton? Be aware........

    Bad luck. The M25 is not a beast to be taken on lightly in particular on a Friday. Us southern softies have some hardships to contend with... Enjoy the game!
  2. WestKentRam

    Are you going to Brighton? Be aware........

    I still can't figure out if it is a bus replacement service between Lewes and Falmer or not tomorrow. DCFC website says this 'Trains: Southern Rail will be operating an enhanced service for this match, however please note that there will be a bus replacement service operating between Three Bridges and both Lewes and Brighton respectively. All supporters are advised to check with Southern’s website prior to travelling.'
  3. WestKentRam

    Are you going to Brighton? Be aware........

    Confusing but initially I thought no trains from Lewes to Falmer on Saturday, but misread info and that is another weekend in March. https://www.southernrailway.com/lewes
  4. WestKentRam

    The officials today

    Agree with OP that ref seemed anonymous and had good game despite ensuing mayhem around him. Gave no obvious match changing wrong decisions in my rose tinted spectacled eyes.
  5. WestKentRam

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    This summed it up for me. 3-2 down with 10 minutes left. Floodlight failure. No idea whether game will continue or not. Nugent comes out to warm up by himself and still starts the bounce then.
  6. WestKentRam

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Just back and wow what an amazing game. One of best I've seen. Flying opposition, 2 deserved comebacks, floodlight failure, last second save and cross bar. Fan, player and management celebrations. Emotional rollercoaster and on a high. Will enjoy this for a while.
  7. WestKentRam

    Standard of officiating

    Hard not to feel hard done by and a touch paranoid after the last few games. The two clear Marriott chances today incorrectly given offside in the first half would make him play further back and influence our game and attacking threat. Sheff Utd had an attack that was offside but not flagged and led to a spell of increased pressure. Against Bristol City it felt like if we were through and fouled then the ref blew and gave us a free kick and didn't play the clear advantage, but if in a poor attacking position he played an advantage that obviously wasn't there so the attack petered out. Each decision to play a supposed advantage or not seemed to be the wrong way round. When matches are decided by fine margins these things do matter. No sign of VAR coming in the Championship that seems bizarre given how much we are told of the status of the league. Feels like we need to be much better than the opposition and create and put away many more clear chances as we're not going to get these decisions.
  8. WestKentRam

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Hopefully the club dentist is still employed from previous seasons, and Johnson can use his extended spell on the sidelines to have his fangs filed down to stop the rough edges getting snagged on opponents' shirts again.
  9. WestKentRam

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Tough justice for Johnson. 4 game ban for getting his teeth stuck in a loose thread on Allen's shirt.
  10. WestKentRam

    Unpopular topic? - South Stand

    Tomori thought the fans were okay.

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