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  1. It does seem odd that the assumption is all Derby fans wanted to go back to the train station and needed to be herded there like sheep 🐏. I didn't fancy a post match tour of the city under police escort with my car parked a few mins in the opposite direction! If it was made clear all Derby fans would be walked to the train station I would have stayed put and had a ponder about how to get back to the car, rather than join the mass initially held back by the police line.
  2. Yes I was perfectly happy to stand there waiting until we'd be let through. However trying to hold a crowd of up to 2000 restless people back with no communication as to how long it would be for and then in what direction they would be moved on was only asking for trouble and the inevitable surge happened.
  3. I agree it wasn't good getting out after the game. The crowd got restless being held back by a police line with no communication how long and what for. Then some surged forward pushing those in front along and most of the police seemed to move to the side but some were shouting I'm not sure what, possibly don't go past but by then it was too late and people were walking through. Then the police tactics seemed to be to shepherd everyone to the left with paths to the right blocked off, and again some shouting from police I couldn't quite hear but appeared to be no-one to go right when questioned by fans who wanted to go right to get to their cars. Our car was to the right at the cricket ground and we seemed to be going in completely the wrong direction, so after a bit paths to the right opened up and we, with other Derby fans went off right, meeting Forest fans coming the other way with no trouble at all. I've not come across this leaving Forest and had no trouble leaving the ground on previous occasions. It seemed that penning people back inflamed the situation into a chaotic mess.
  4. It would be a very helpful service if the club could do this and publish the score of the game about to be played in the programme, so I'd know whether it is worth the effort to turn up and watch it or not.
  5. Clever ploy by Mel but Steve Gibson's going to fuming about this. Just perusing yesterday's matchday programme for the Boro match and noticed the stats have us beating Wigan at home 2-0. I can only recall Shinnie's added time strike and not the second goal 🤔. Anything to help our goal difference and move up the table.
  6. Just back from my annual trip to Arsenal, in the home crowd against Palace, and I can safely say Derby fans are amateurs at negativity. The boo-ing of Xhaka when he was substituted and his reaction to this, the singing for Ozil who wasn't even on the bench, and the continual moaning about all aspects of play made it a special afternoon. Every time I go to the Emirates it makes me appreciate what we have at Derby. We ain't that bad!
  7. The variety of merchandise sold could be wider. When going to away games I try and compare with other clubs and long after a dog collar and bowl for our mutt, as per Reading do. Occasionally we have odd things in the shop such as the Rammie gnome that has pride of place in our back garden, and I look forward to getting out the DCFC mini Christmas tree each December. Mostly it's the same old lines though and there's only a certain number of Derby mugs and pint glasses I can drink from.
  8. I think I must be the only one who thought Shinnie was a bit soft today. After the final whistle he and his brother swapped shirts. Chris Wilder wouldn't have stood for it. Our Shinnie should have just nutted their Shinnie and stode off. That would tell him we don't fraternalise with the opposition.
  9. And they're both in the club's official font on the website. Suspicious.
  10. Lawrence statement is out. At least he's promised to go forward. We could be in for a good game today.
  11. I don't like Bennett's statement. There's a comma in the wrong place in one sentence so it doesn't scan right. Perhaps he did write it himself... "At 23 I am old enough, and I was brought up, to know better."
  12. Did Huddlestone injure himself taking the penalty, or looked like he was barged in to by Barnsley player after he'd scored - did this do it?
  13. I couldn't believe his 'best of times' was the night out after the QPR game! Yes CM's comment lifted the tension, but it did seem that he was exasperated that the other players seemed satisfied they'd done as well as they could have in the game. I always like it when the interviewee says they shouldn't really be saying this, but...
  14. There may be a silver lining to the cloud of this debacle. It may put an end to any drinking culture at the club, if this was the case. This will lead to an upturn in performances and results. The New Year curse may be lifted if it was due to the players being not fully recovered from their festive celebrations over the late winter/early spring weeks when we traditionally collapse.
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