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  1. I'm really looking forward to this game. I miss Chris Martin and am nostalgic for the good ole days, and hope he is involved. Happy memories of Derby's number 19 chewing his gum, holding the ball up with added option to go down like an unsecured wardrobe for a free kick if nothing is on, castigating team mates for not finding him with a pass. Ah, lovely...
  2. I agree he needs to give the ball some height rather than just low and wide, unless he has the technique to wait for the keeper to dive first, or 'sit him down', and place the ball after this, but this doesn't seem to be the case. If going low to one side or the other the guessing diving keeper has around a 50% chance of saving, rather than what should be a 70% penalty success rate. He scored his two down the middle but can't keep doing that. I would naturally volunteer for penalty duties but sadly am only good at criticising others.
  3. Could be a bit snug. Only small size left.
  4. In the Fashion/Retro section of the club shop online... https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/item/1246/Retro/1986-Away-Retro-Shirt-Blue.html
  5. Well I hadn't til you mentioned it. 3 years is pretty good going!
  6. Photographic evidence of colour change of roof metalwork found... Trawling back through my obsessive photos taken at the start of each match the roof is silver as per the top picture on 7/5/16 v Ipswich (I took a photo of my mate rather than the roof for the Hull home PO game!) and then black against Brighton on 6/8/16 the next season.
  7. Very observant that the roof metalwork has changed colour over the years! Looks like it was May 2016 according to this article. https://www.hankinson.co.uk/our-work/sports/Derby-County-Football-Club
  8. There's no eating allowed anywhere near my stadium either. I don't want greasy finger marks smudged all over it.
  9. Incredible! That's the place. Not sure what sort of a treasure trove it is inside. It was shut when I went past but unsurprising as it was in the evening, but it doesn't look like a conventional shop with actual opening hours. As you say, the owner has his mobile number on a notice on the door saying he's unlikely to be in and phone him! So I did the next morning and left a message. He called back and arranged to post the stadium to me as I had already passed through Knighton walking the Offa's Dyke Path. I hope you get to arrange a time to look around if there is more stuff inside apart from the window display.
  10. If it came with a life-sized Billy Davies I wouldn't have bought it. I don't think our dog would take to him.
  11. From a distance and if I take my glasses off it looks ok. Get up too close and it's obviously been hand painted by someone with a not too steady grip of the paint brush. Nice detail with the seats in the various stands saying 'The Rams' and 'Derby'. Just like being there.
  12. Gathering up the nerve to open the box in case I ruin it. White gloves and vacuum controlled environment being set up.
  13. I'm very impressed. You've got the whole of Wales to choose from and pick the right place immediately!
  14. Antiques Roadshow episode... I wondered if anyone knows anything about or also has this model of Pride Park stadium from the 'Premier League Collection'? It caught my eye when ambling past a second hand shop on the Welsh borders. Thankfully it didn't cost as much as what Mel has just paid for the full sized PP recently (I paid £9.99), but I'm happy to lease it back to the club if required.
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