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  1. Can't stand the clappers Leicester have. Right putting me off watching the game tonight on tv. Think Mel could get in on it though and issue these instructions to all fans.
  2. If a club breaks FFP on the way to promotion it is not promoted, rather than being given a piffling fine years later in the PL.
  3. I think Keogh must read your comments on this forum, B4. I'm just getting round to reading the Sheff Wed programme to get myself in the mood for the game tonight, and Keogh says on pg10 'The fans were fantastic tonight, they really got behind us and were sucking the ball in at the end'. Same again against Stoke later?
  4. Hard to know what to make of all this. We need some positives but easy enough to see the negative in everything. In the pre-match interview Frank looked knackered and was tetchy. The video of our players in the tunnel looking like they were being sent over the top from the trenches to be slaughtered wasn't inspiring. Easy enough from the stands to see what the issues are (!) but we don't seem to be able to change given the evidence of the last few games. I would be intrigued to know what educational theory coaches learn to be able to affect change. Post match FL said we didn't didn't show 'personality on the ball' which is something they work on daily. What does this actually mean? Telling a player to have personality on the ball to improve will mean little to them I fear, whereas I hope training sessions involve specifics ie how to break down defences, pass through the lines, support wing play, give options in particular areas etc. There doesn't seem to be much evidence of this, or perhaps it does go on but then this is even more worrying as the players don't seem to be able to act on it. As a fan I'd rather know these are the things we are working on rather than more esoteric concepts such as 'sprint, fight, have personality on the ball' but then I always like specifics rather than vague concepts.
  5. I've been worried since mid December. We made a pilgrimage before the Forest home game to The Tap, to sample a pint of Derby Brewing Company's Super Frank beer, but alas it wasn't on. We then went over to the brewery shop to see if was sold in bottles there, but were told they decided not to, in case Frank left the club and they were left with a load of unsaleable beer! A better reason would have been FL wouldn't bottle it so they won't either. Surely he's never going to leave...
  6. I must admit I don't spend the whole match staring at the dugout, but when I do look over I can't recall seeing much animation with obvious instructions to players during the game. During a break in play the captain could get a simple message from the manager to relay to his team mates, to try and improve 'chalk and cheese' performances otherwise. My issue is large tracts of play being poor, then a too-late improvement, with FL's post match interviews recognising this. It would be good if the performance could be changed in match somehow, sooner rather than later.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction v Millwall as well. Can we take the good parts out of our play from the last few games and do that for a whole game, and then do this consistently each match. Of course it's not going to always happen, but teams pushing at the top can do this more often than not.
  8. Oh, now I see the point of it. I thought it was to draw a mistake out of us so we go a goal or two behind and then get the impetus to go forward. We just look so good when attacking my feeble non-tactical brain doesn't understand why we don't try and do this for the majority of the game rather than last gasp 5-10 min spells.
  9. I don't get this either. We looked really good when going for it at Ipswich and Brighton. Why we can't do this from the start instead of all this passing across the back nonsense is doing my head in.
  10. Having watched the last couple of games, and reading FL's post-match comments, it's got me pondering about how and whether a manager can influence how players play during the match. FL said the first and second half at Brighton were like chalk and cheese, and we were too passive without urgency in the first half then he changed things. Rather than wait for the first half to play out and then be 2 goals down before he changes things, can't things be done earlier? Ipswich was similar, with a last quarter mad rush to try and win the game and we ran out of time. My humble suggestion is that the captain should actually have a proper role and be the one who takes on the manager's messages during the game and relays them to the other players, rather than the manager being passive himself during the match and only seeming to change things at half time. We seem to start off slowly and only get going when it's too late. FL says this in interviews. If the players appear to recognise it when told so later in the game by the manager, can't he tell them after the first 5 mins to step it up!
  11. Agree with OP that ref seemed anonymous and had good game despite ensuing mayhem around him. Gave no obvious match changing wrong decisions in my rose tinted spectacled eyes.
  12. This summed it up for me. 3-2 down with 10 minutes left. Floodlight failure. No idea whether game will continue or not. Nugent comes out to warm up by himself and still starts the bounce then.
  13. Just back and wow what an amazing game. One of best I've seen. Flying opposition, 2 deserved comebacks, floodlight failure, last second save and cross bar. Fan, player and management celebrations. Emotional rollercoaster and on a high. Will enjoy this for a while.
  14. Hard not to feel hard done by and a touch paranoid after the last few games. The two clear Marriott chances today incorrectly given offside in the first half would make him play further back and influence our game and attacking threat. Sheff Utd had an attack that was offside but not flagged and led to a spell of increased pressure. Against Bristol City it felt like if we were through and fouled then the ref blew and gave us a free kick and didn't play the clear advantage, but if in a poor attacking position he played an advantage that obviously wasn't there so the attack petered out. Each decision to play a supposed advantage or not seemed to be the wrong way round. When matches are decided by fine margins these things do matter. No sign of VAR coming in the Championship that seems bizarre given how much we are told of the status of the league. Feels like we need to be much better than the opposition and create and put away many more clear chances as we're not going to get these decisions.
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