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  1. Think I could see Chris Martin in the training video so hopefully the only shielding he'll be doing is of the ball with his back to goal as he lays it off in his trademark move.
  2. If he's on immunosuppressive drugs to keep it under control, then likely he'll be in the highest risk 'shielded group'. Government advice is most restrictive in this group and includes not to leave the house currently until 30th June.
  3. If figures presented in court are correct, then apparently not. When Jayden Bogle was convicted of speeding in October of last year, his solicitor argued that 'He has a disposable income of £450 a week and has a weekly wage of £9,000.' https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/Derby-county-star-convicted-speeding-3459468 So £5000 a week will leave him £3550 a week short.
  4. The BBC have dealt with the matter in the way they see appropriate. I heard the podcast on the way back from the match and was shocked by Ramage's comments, and thought I'd check the forum to see if anyone else had picked up on it. Three other posters on this thread had mentioned or questioned what was said, so I just clarified this with a link to the podcast that was at that time available on the BBC Radio Derby website, and wrote a transcript of the relevant section for people on the forum who probably wouldn't go through with listening to it, just so it was clear what was said. Of
  5. BBC Radio Derby have just reissued the podcast, but cut out Ramage saying 'I'd probably say that about all the young black lads, all the young advice if they wanted it, that, you know'...
  6. The section of the post match Sportscene podcast from last night discussed in this thread, when Craig Ramage gave his thoughts to Chris Coles.
  7. From 19:30 in the Sportscene reaction podcast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p083hw8t 'I think they've had it too easy some of these players, and I think they've dropped off the boil feeling like they've arrived, they've made it. I might be wrong but from my, from looking in, when I look over and I look at certain players, their body language, their stance, the way they act, you just feel, hold on a minute, he needs pulling down a peg or two. So I'd probably say that about all the young black lads, all the young advice if they wanted it, that, you know, it's about, when you
  8. I thought Bogle's short-haired centre parting was reminiscent of 1920s fashion and he looked like a lead in Bugsy Malone. I was expecting him to Charleston dance across the pitch as his goal celebration.
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