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  1. Paese

    If it’s Frank

    Anyone else concerned that if Frank gets the job our midfield players might become de-moralised very quickly when they realise he's probably still better than all of them? Haha.
  2. D'oh! Haha. What a disgrace.
  3. Although I didn't necessarily want to see him go, I actually wasn't too gutted when I heard. But then, my optimism quickly died down when I saw the list of available managers. I haven't got any other names to put in the hat, maybe someone like David Hopkin? Could be ready for a step up from across the border. I would be honestly really gutted if it is McCartney. I've, for one reason or another, found myself with quite a few Ipswich fans and not one of them have a positive word to say about the man. I can see us appointing someone like Robbie Savage... *holds head in hands*.
  4. Paese

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    I'm not sure I'd describe the style as boring. It's nerve-wracking at times, but ultimately even when we set up like we did against Fulham we had counter attacks. Countering at speed on the break can be just as exciting, if not more, to watch as dominating possession (I'm thinking of passing it from side to side and backwards). It's just the bits between counter attacks that has me nervous.
  5. Paese

    Mikel Arteta Arsenal Manager

    I'm never a fan of ex-players walking into a top job despite not having the management experience. Playing and managing are so different. You wouldn't do it in any other business and expect it to work. But like you said, it will be interesting.
  6. Paese

    Steve McClaren to QPR

    Personally I don't want him to do well at QPR. Then he might get sacked and be available when Rowett goes. Happily have him back again.
  7. Paese

    Play-off final

    Agreed. If only to avoid the numerous articles about John Terry and his momentous campaign and return.
  8. Anywhere that's easy to convince the missus to go to. Reducing the amount of stuff that gets thrown at me when she realises our spontaneous summer getaway coincides with a Derby game.
  9. Paese

    Top 6 was a decent season

    I am feeling surprisingly upbeat this morning. I think Wembley and promotion would have been a step too far this season. With a good summer break and a few good signings we'll be up in and around the top 6 again next year. Bring on the cricket season.
  10. Paese

    Former Deby Fan?

    Totally worth it. Having friends at school is overrated anyway. P.S. Love the idea that she couldn't think of another boy's name, so we had to settle on Nigel Pearson Paese again. Haha. At least we can hand the football shirts down, saves me a bit of cash.
  11. Paese

    Former Deby Fan?

    I'm going off this idea now. Thought I'd done well out of it. Although imagining then all running around with luscious blonde locks and Savage shirts does appeal.
  12. Paese

    Former Deby Fan?

    Then I better start saving now to have that on the back of her Derby shirts.
  13. Paese

    Former Deby Fan?

    Already made a deal with the missus (she's from Kegworth and a massive Leicester fan, as are all her family): she can name the kids, but I get to choose the football team. Their names don't bother me as much as their allegiance.
  14. I think just walking into the pub with a Derby shirt on and asking for the game to be put on might just do it.
  15. I'll be in Notts after work. Might struggle. Hopefully I can get to Derby in time or might even settle for home if not enough time.

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