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  1. Paese


    Nope. 😞
  2. Paese


    They do seem to be sending them out quite late. Not that it matters, but I think Forest fans got theirs last week or something.
  3. Paese

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Just been to Devon for the week. Wouldn't fancy it next week or for the next 6 weeks. We take advantage of the Leicestershire holidays being a week earlier than elsewhere every year.
  4. Paese

    Back on the bandwagon!

    Scarily similar story for me. Even kept a season ticket despite moving to Norfolk a few years ago, but work travel really did make having one the past two years pointless. Bought next year's season ticket before Lampard but I'm probably going to get accused of jumping on the bandwagon when I take my seat for the first game.
  5. Paese

    East Anglian Rams

    Used to have a season ticket and live near Diss before heading back to Derby. My dad and brother still live down there, so I'll let them know.
  6. Paese

    Rams or England ?

    I was going to reply with the same. England winning the World Cup due to the chances of it happening in my lifetime compared with Derby winning the FA Cup. Also - I'm actually not too bothered about the FA Cup. If it wasn't limited to just the upcoming season, I'd have taken Derby winning the Premier League or Champions League.
  7. Paese

    Away Kit 18/19

    Other than the third kit last year, this is probably the best one we've released in a while. Anyone know when the third kit is being released?
  8. Paese

    Unusual places where the Rams were recognised

    A lot of work trips take me to Bentonville, Arkansas. I occassionally don the Derby shirt at the weekends. It's only been recognised a few times though. Although once, a few years ago, local bar agreed to open at 6am for me so I could go in and watch the Derby-Forest game. Early kick off. Think the hangover started kicking in about lunch time. Went to Croyde last year, for some reason a pub had a City Ground sign next to the sign for the toilet. Haha.
  9. Paese

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Stuck in Chicago, delays... surprise surprise. It'd be alright if I was on the way to somewhere exotic. Unfortunately it's Arkansas for the week.
  10. Paese

    Official: Jody Morris appointed assistant manager

    Happy that this is finally confirmed. I'm probably just as excited by this appointment as I was with Frank. His track record with youth teams in the past in impeccable, just what we need.
  11. Paese

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Love it. Massive risk, but any manager is. It'll be exciting either way. P.S. I hate the video of him walking out the tunnel. It's the kind of video that comes back to haunt us if it doesn't work out.
  12. Paese

    18/19 Home Kit

    I really like it. Didn't think I would. Like the bands around the arms, although we knew we were getting them based on the Everton kit.
  13. Paese

    If it’s Frank

    Anyone else concerned that if Frank gets the job our midfield players might become de-moralised very quickly when they realise he's probably still better than all of them? Haha.
  14. D'oh! Haha. What a disgrace.

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