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  1. Personally, if we're going down the young manager route then I'd prefer to see Cowley. If we want someone a bit more proven at this level, then definitely Chris Hughton. But who knows anymore, maybe it's just Richard Keogh player/manager. Just wait and see I suppose, hopefully sorted today/tomorrow so we can be ready when the players come back.
  2. Wouldn't it be grand if Frank came out with an interview like Stevie G. Put it all to bed, move on and prepare for the season... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11696/11748177/steven-gerrard-focused-on-rangers-amid-possible-Derby-interst
  3. I'm in the same boat and was going to ask the same as you in terms of what I get. I'll probably go to about 8 away games, and I don't imagine I'll struggle for tickets so doesn't seem worth it. Plus I don't use Roadrider, usually by train. I'll just take my chances/sacrifice the Forest away game (half fan, I know).
  4. Very below par bowling and fielding display by England, which is disapointing given the level set against South Africa. Still think Pakistan are 20 runs short of a good total at Trent Bridge, so I still think we'll knock this off. Won't be easy by any stretch though. Couple of early wickets and I'll get nervous.
  5. I think I'll treat her to a nice weekend in Constanța to watch us play Viitorul. Heard it's lovely in February.
  6. Exactly my thinking. Not often we get the chance to watch the Rams in Europe at any level. I think I may have set unfair expectations with the missus and her brother last week when I started with "fancy going to watch the Champions League next year?" They may have a shock coming when we turn up.
  7. I managed to cut my work trip short in the end in time to get back for Monday. However, I'm over in Norwest, just outside of Sydney, for work semi-regularly and was looking at a lonely night in a hotel by myself watching the final at one point. I hadn't realised you guys were around. Next time I'm over we should grab a beer, especially if there's any football on.
  8. I am very excited by the future and as long as Frank and Jody are here we know the youth will get a chance. Yep, disappointed at the reuslt yesterday. But already looking forward to next year and hoping we have as many memorable matches as this year.
  9. Yawn. These kind of threads are tedious. Atmosphere was a bit meh where I was, probably for a few reasons. But, ultimately, if you want to sing, then sing. If you don't, then don't. Admittedly, if you bought a ticket in the singing are and wanted to sit down on your hands, then more fool you. I like to stand and I do like to sing. But one thing that really ruins it for me is how judgmental a lot of our fans are of others. Just chill out and grow up. "I'm a better fan than you" is such a boring conversation, so is moaning about day-trippers, without whom we would have not sold out and would have had empty seats (much worse in my opinion). It brings a kind of negativity that ruins big days for me. Anyway, already given this thread 100x more of my time than it deserved.
  10. We'll start to wander to Uxbridge tube station in a couple of hours. Happy we decided to stay over now, hearing everyone getting trains and coaches so early. I only really have to worry about my breakfast at this point.
  11. And 10 minutes later, bumped into a fully kitted out Rams fan also making the journey home.
  12. Actually we were looking for somewhere to grab a bit of food in Sunday night. So, thanks for this mate! I'll be with the missus, so will check which her majesty fancies.
  13. So I can't count on you when I start blasting out that tune on Monday? At least I know now.
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