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  1. We'll start to wander to Uxbridge tube station in a couple of hours. Happy we decided to stay over now, hearing everyone getting trains and coaches so early. I only really have to worry about my breakfast at this point.
  2. And 10 minutes later, bumped into a fully kitted out Rams fan also making the journey home.
  3. Actually we were looking for somewhere to grab a bit of food in Sunday night. So, thanks for this mate! I'll be with the missus, so will check which her majesty fancies.
  4. So I can't count on you when I start blasting out that tune on Monday? At least I know now.
  5. FTFY. Not got quite the same ring though.
  6. I love how the positivity in @cheron85's post just got thrown by the wayside within minutes, haha.
  7. Defiantly stay put. Just let me know how it goes. I'll be in Uxbridge.
  8. Staying in Uxbridge on Sunday night. Tube to Wembley Monday morning, then I'll be drinking around there. Starting at The Torch and then head towards the ground, stopping off multiple times as we go. Nice and easy.
  9. Safe travels mate! Flight home is tomorrow afternoon, land at Heathrow on Sunday morning, hotel in Uxbridge overnight, breakfast and to Wembley. Try not to smother any little girls on your way over. (Never thought I'd have to type that on a public forum.)
  10. I agree. Unlike last time against QPR, the pressure really is off us, which will also help. Win or lose, we've had a cracking end to the season and some great games throughout the year. P.S. Love that the swear filter picked up my mis-spelling of 'shirt', haha. I was going to edit, but I think I'll leave it.
  11. Having flown out to Sydney for a 5 day work trip, my body clock was already suffering. The anticipation isn't helping. It certainly isn't helping my productivity during the day, having to rely on a couple of hours kip here and there. God knows what time I will think it is by time I get to Wembley next Monday. I do keep asking why I, and apparently many others, are nervous. Firstly, we would have been content with a much worse end to the season (personally, I expected mid-table). Secondly, we're not the ones playing! It is out of our hands, I feel more for the players. Wonder how much Keogh is sleeping... having nightmares about the last time he pulled on the Derby poo at Wembley...
  12. Currently on a work trip out here and when I thought I'd be in Sydney for the game (fortunately, I managed to change my flights back in time) I got in touch with the supporters group contact out in Australia. Not sure if he is a member on here... But apparently the Cheers Bars on George Street in CBD has been a good place to watch Derby games before. I was warned about the lockout laws, and so the casino was also mentioned as a good bet.
  13. If it's anything like Friday, everyone gets randomly assigned a number in the queue regardless of how early you logged on. Therefore, I would assume that when you refresh at 2pm you'll find yourself in the queue rather than the button simply turning green. But, I could be wrong (if I am, you've found a nice way round the online queue).
  14. 503 about 7 rows from the back. Not a bad view for a cheap seat. Can't complain.
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