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  1. Paese

    Caraboa Cup Chelsea (A) Tickets

    I would have previously agreed with you, having had a ST while living in Norfolk and even keeping it when I moved to Budapest for a while (admittedly I didn't make some of the games). But now I live closer I'd say it's your choice to support Derby and live so far away. Mwahaha.
  2. Paese

    Derby v Brum £32 cheapest ticket

    I agree. There's a lot of bloody things I'd like to do, but don't because I can't afford it. There's plenty of things I could do if I didn't have a ST, but don't. I guess it depends on prioritising your finances.
  3. Paese

    My Ultimate Derby County Dream

    I'm with @David, dreams should be acheiveable but just out of reach so by the time you're on your death bed you look back with bitterness and 'what ifs'. If they're too far fetched then you'll just say 'meh, was never going to happen'. I want to be bitter and full of regret, thank you very much.
  4. Blackpool at home. And hope we don't counter balance Tuesday by being on the wrong end of an upset.
  5. Paese

    Derby v Brum £32 cheapest ticket

    Was about to ask the same thing. So if a STH misses one game in a season then suddenly they're paying more than someone who pays on the day a few times a year? I think quite a few would become dislusioned very quickly.
  6. Paese

    The result was great but...

    Tracksuit for cup. Suit for league. Seems to be working though.
  7. Paese

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Right, that's it. Leaving work early. Let's get smashhhhhed. By which I mean: let's get on a tram with the common unwashed, drive home in traffic, then go round the father-in-law's to watch the game with two Leicester fans. If Carlsberg did match days, they certainly wouldn't be mine. Hopefully a win to make it alright.
  8. Paese

    Bradley Johnson

    Obviously just my opinion but I thought he played better on Tuesday than Saturday in terms of passing. I'm sure there are some stats somewhere that prove me wrong. I like him as a player, and his interceptions are massively helped by the great pressing the rest of the team are doing at the minute. Especially Bryson and Nugent higher up, even Mount. Think Bennett has been guilty of being a bit lazy when it comes to pressing.
  9. Paese

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    I don't tend to use mine while in the ground, except if checking the scores at halftime. I can't see the damn scoreboard well enough when they put the scores up, especially with this stupid italics bold font DCFC seem determined to plaster everywhere. I'm on Three, and signal seems fine.
  10. Paese

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Maybe there's more than I thought then. Perhaps we should start a fan club. We can get t-shirts with "BJ was good on Tuesday". On second thoughts, perhaps not...
  11. Paese

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Agreed. Apart from later on in the second half, I thought Bradley Johnson played well. Got the ball down and spread the play, and was often broke up scrappy situations. I fear we're in the minority in thinking this though. I think people expect too much of a Championship defensive midfielder if they think he will never misplace a pass or lose the ball.
  12. Paese

    Away Days

    I'm a bit older than you so remember doing this quite a few times, and I absolutely regret it every single time (but am not smart enough to learn from my mistakes). I absolutely hate the feeling of being drunk and standing in a ground, completely ruins the experience for me. Most recently last season at Ipswich. In my defense, every single time this has happened has nothing to do with football, it's usually at Norwich or Ipswich away when I meet up with my dad (currently lives in Norfolk). I see him twice a year, for those two games and so the drinking aspect is more of a father-son catch up. And it never turns aggressive, more of a good day out with the old man (he doesn't get out much anymore).
  13. Paese

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    I agree with most of this and was about to post something similar, but you've done the work for me. I thought Johnson was OK in the first half, found some good passes. His second half went downhill though, including a couple of massively off-target shots. I would also add Keogh misplaced a few passes that put us in trouble, but this is almost obligatory nowadays. There were a few chances to shoot last nightwhere we tried to pass, perhaps better to get a shot off? But, probably if they'd done that and missed then they would get lambasted for not passing. Overall, positive I think. Signs of a good team.
  14. Paese

    Few idiots spoil the day

    I work in Nottingham and remember everyone in the office blaming football fans for the taxi incident. I kept insisting that it wasn't necessarily football fans. It was the same ignorant drunk twits you get at 3am on a Friday or Saturday, except on that day they had an excuse to drink all day (as if they needed one). I hate being tarred with the same brush as them, and the idiots on Saturday when the majority of football fans go to enjoy the game with their mates and their families. Annoyingly most of the office are rugby fans (not sure how it happened) and as the only football fan, it becomes exhausting depending football fans when things like this happen. Especially when they bring up the good behaviour of rugby players and fans generally.
  15. Paese

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    Not making this one. Completing on our new house this weekend, and according to the missus "it's a matter of priority bla bla bla". Apparently (and I'm not sure if anyone else realise because it was news to me) money doesn't grow on trees. Delaying the purchase so I can head up to Manchester on a Tuesday night is a tough sell, but I tried it. "Do we really want to move in in the middle of a month anyway? When we could wait until 1st October?" Oh well, I tried. Sky it is.

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