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  1. See you there. Easiest decision of the season. Depending on what time I turn up.
  2. Make it seven teams, with a play off between teams 7th - 10th in Championship, a round robin, all at neutral second division grounds around Europe throughout the summer, culminating in a final at Wembley 24 hours before the start of the next season, with both teams only allowed to use players that started the first game of the season (if they have left the club then you start without them). Then, if they stay out of the bottom 7 in the Premier League the following year, they know they deserve to be there.
  3. Completely agree. I think he's a great player. His record of goals from outside the box this season is statistically second to none, and so he can keep on shooting as far as I'm concerned. I don't remember ever thinking he should have passed rather than shot on Wednesday. In fact, I only remember times when his final ball was poor and I thought he might as well have had a pop on goal.
  4. I must get lucky every game, because I saw every single minute of football on Saturday, left at full time and was inside the Yard with a beer in my hand within 10 minutes. I'm in South Stand so it's only round the corner. However, I did notice once I was already in that they'd started doing one in one out, despite the place being half empty. I saw several people buying beers for mates, turn round to find their mates can't get in/ waiting to get in and (fortunately or unfortunately) then have about 4 beers to themselves. It did look like there was a performer setting up. But having it half full doesn't make any sense.
  5. Seems like too good an opportunity to miss. It's a struggle to convince the other half though, we are meant to be going down to Windsor for a couple of nights away the next day... apparently Ipswich is too much of a detour. 🙄 Trains seem very expensive and coach times are ridiculous if I need to at least show my face at work that day. Considering Roadrider... never used it though, but know quite a few of you do. Normally any good?
  6. Can't remember the game (might have been Norwich away?), but I used my mobile a while back and got charged about £14. Luckily I used my work phone, so I just submitted expenses and crossed my fingers. Thank God we work on a trust basis and I'm so trustworthy...
  7. I'm away again for the reschedule. 🤦‍♂️ Sort it out Mel! It's with work, to clarify. Not on holiday all the time... honest.
  8. But I'm assuming you were also singing, right? RIGHT?! Just kidding.
  9. This actually suits me. I am away that weekend and couldn't originally make it.
  10. Whilst I agree there probably are 1000s of fans working shifts in Derby, at no point does he claim to work for a company that allows unlimited days off. Shift work also allows for annual leave, as you know it's usually worked out based on average shifts over a 2-3 month period. Obviously I don't know your company's policy, but I wouldn't say 2 months is unreasonable notice for a day off / change of shifts or even getting a half-day off to cover the game. Again, I don't know your circumstances etc. Plus, you might be fighting with other Derby fans wanting to attend / watch the game. That said, I completely agree with you that a Monday night game is rubbish from a matchday experience perspective, with less build up and time to get to the game. Unfortunately, it's just something Sky are able to do nowadays.
  11. Please put me down for this utopia as well, in case you find it. I haven't seen or heard of such a place yet, but would be grateful is someone could point me in the right direction. I seem to be working hard for my mortgage for no apparent reason, apparently you can get it given to you.
  12. There's a few consistent things that happens to these threads, which hinders anything actually getting better: I am a better fan than everyone else because [insert ego boosting example of what I've done at a match recently, whilst comparing myself to other fans that I don't know]; the atmosphere at BBG was better (at times this was definitely true but I'm just going to say that people have selective memories); the music is too modern for the majority of the crowd (but we still expect the next generation to turn up and enjoy the day as well); it used to be a working class sport (despite it still being a sport for the working masses, does class really matter for atmosphere? I'd suggest not.) Are these conditions ideal for people turning up and feeling like part of the same club, immediately ready to dive into improving the atmosphere? I'd probably say not. But what do I know. Probably naff all.
  13. I guess it goes to show how bias impacts an opinion. But Norwich fans I spoke to after the game thought the referee was appalling, especially for a foul leading to our third goal. Personally I thought he was excellent, letting the game play on when possible.
  14. Could be worse. Trains were delayed for about an hour. Having said that, don't care much. Chance for a few more beers. Always go if you can mate. This season was the first I've got a season ticket by myself and at first I hated it. By first, I mean first 5 minutes. You're always in a group of like minded people.
  15. Agreed. Hate listening to the games, avoid it if possible. So negative when together. Haven't listened to the commentary today yet, might wait until I'm not on a train in Norwich.
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