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Do you think we ever practice attacking corners


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2 hours ago, Norman said:

What's the chance of scoring from a corner. 


One in 33. I'd say we do, but we might as well teach Bradley Johson to pass ?

Basically this. Hardly any corners ever result in a goal for anyone, and with our team of skillful midgets we're not likely to overturn those percentages.

If we were a Tony Pulis or Gary Rowett team and we were reliant on them as a method of scoring, this would be a concern to me, but we're not, so it doesn't.

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Weirdly at the start of the season we were the best at taking set pieces that we’ve been in the years I’ve been watching imo. Reverted to type, but we’ve barely scored from any for years so is anyone really surprised? Need to get Wilson off corners mind, which Lampard realised second half, Mount is much better.

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When we had Hinton turning them in to Hector, O’Hare and MacFarland we could anticipate a goal, but what are the odds against a combination like that in a team?

Maybe once in a lifetime! (Well, mine anyway!)

It was poetry to watch.

The England team line of four to receive the corner was impressive in Russia but always ran the risk of a breakaway goal with five players stranded.

Practice by all means but don’t become predictably stereotypical.

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We've tried the variety a few times but he third man often seems to be Bogle. Put someone better as the third man and it may work.

Agree we should mix it up, but only if we're pretty sure it ends up as a ball into the box.

We spend 90 minutes creating situations to get the ball in, then when you get a 'free' chance we don't. Need to make sure it comes in with quality and the defenders are less settled hence the short corner routine.

Problem is, fans will moan like they moan when we pass it across the back four.

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