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  1. Absolute mess, started the Friday on a 9, not even sure i’ll get to the Sunday , currently sat having aromatherapy trying to bring me around to an acceptable 7. Lampards at the wheel , tell me how good does it feel , gonna have to go rising to an 8 again. 🐏🥳
  2. Wow , how poor were some of our players tonight. Thought Keogh and Tomori were immense , Holmes coped well playing out of position. Evans was a passenger , Nugent non exsistant , and Lawerence was Lawerence absolute dross . Wisdom came on and did his best to give game away. Frank you’ve got a lot to do , best of luck.
  3. Maybe Mels thinking everytime I’ve mentioned moneyback on season tickets we’ve failed to finish the job. Hopefully without mentioning it we’ll go up and then he’ll see what he can do for the fans. I have noticed since the offer of money back if we go up some fans have becoming a lot more toxic towards the players as though they’ve lost them out on money, hopefully we can now get behind the team and get them over the line .
  4. When you mention the owner saying we’re nowhere near the FFP do you think he’d really come out and say listen lads we’re right in the thick brown stuff hear, I given managers money and backed them and we’ve been absolutely shafted with the signings I’ve authorised. I can see FFP play hitting Derby very hard come the end of the season , unless we sell the players we don’t want and to be honest they don’t look like their going anywhere soon. I Wouldn’t imagine any owner would say we’re in the do do until it happens , otherwise clubs would bid silly offers surely knowing we’re not really in a position to turn it down?
  5. Really don’t see the point in having two reserve keepers if we’re not going to use them. Carson has been poor for at least a month , made some good saves but his kicking is pretty dire most of the time , and doesn’t command his area enough , and has now started flapping at crosses . Why would we want to bring loan keepers in , if our own keepers aren’t good enough why are they still here?
  6. “Their man” reacts ours didn’t , certainly not blaming him but can see why people are saying he had a roll to play in it. Doesn’t help when our full backs don’t stop crosses though and our goalkeeper seems to want to slap at everything .
  7. I was initial disappointed with Wilson but he’s really adapted well and looks like he’s going to be some player. Mount really looks like a kid in a mans game at the moment being brushed off the ball , the odd touch of skill , but not anything too get excited about , still prefer Will Hughes on song to him . Tomori at the moment is the one I’m most disappointed about , for a big lad wins very little in the air , tends switch off at vital times and certainly could do with a rest, this all after a very promising start.
  8. Another cross not stopped another weak hand from our goalkeeper. Awful.
  9. Hope they find them , serves Leeds right for spying and cheating. We’ll lose their balls.
  10. Can’t stop crosses coming in . Balls being smashed up to the smallest man on the pitch . A goalkeeper who punches when it needs catching. Midfield chasing shadows. Apart from that........
  11. Obviously not the ones you go to.
  12. How ironic , nice pictures .
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