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  1. Key clubber

    Seat Thrower at Rotherham

    This clown definitely wants banning. Not sure finger prints will be any use though bearing in mind the amount of finger prints on the seat. People though must have seen who threw it.
  2. Key clubber

    Harry Wilson

    Good job you told me I was just on the phone to Frank telling him where to spend it🙄. Won’t be long until something like this happens , if a player wants to go back, his team want him back, but his loan club won’t release him I believe in some instances all parties have to agree .Chris Martin and Fulham for example.
  3. Key clubber

    Harry Wilson

    Thought I’d heard from Lampard in an interview all loans are for all the season, unless agreed by all party’s . If Liverpool want him back they can have him for 5 million 👍
  4. Really ? I’d hope Frank would have said , there’s a lot of supporters out there a lot worse of than you Scott, get out there and give it your best .
  5. Key clubber

    Defensive Coach

    Certainly think the defence need to be able to “lock the gates”🤣
  6. Key clubber

    Johnson gives the ‘bite’ in midfield

    Thought Johnson was very slow in getting back to snuff out danger , and seemed very half hearted in his attempts to put pressure on players, beaten far to easy . Regarding the biting incident hard to see if Johnson actually bit Allen or just had a mouthful of shirt , either way pretty stupid thing to do, but could see why he was wound up, thought the officials were pretty poor again last night. I half expected Johnson to get sent off when Allen sneakily shoved Johnson into the back of the ref , when the ref had run off after Keogh had nearly had his leg snapped by a ridiculous tackle. The officiating was summed up by a clear throw in for Derby just before the incident that the linesman was right next to and had absolutely no idea who to give it to,he first had his flag in one hand quickly swopped it over and had absolutely no idea and waited for the ref to make the decision from the middle of the park. Cant blame the officials for the defeat though even if they were poor, we never really got to grips with having a numerical advantage , we had all the play but never really created any chances other than long range efforts.
  7. Key clubber

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    Been poor for a few games now , his distribution at times is terrible . Shot stopping has now become a bit suspect , went down like a sack of spuds tonight . Certainly doesn’t help him though when our full backs don’t seem to be able to stop crosses.
  8. Key clubber

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Poor lad ? He’s hasn’t played because he’s been poor , he’s got to grasp the chance. Great result but can’t carry players like that. Fans were quick to jump over Forsyth, like I said welcome 3 points.
  9. Key clubber

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Looked very poor , you’d think he’d do all now to impress , doesn’t give the impression he’s commited to the cause. Shame as some player a few seasons back for us .
  10. Key clubber

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Now we’ve got that out the way ,how did we play ?
  11. Key clubber

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Didn’t get to the game , just watched the highlights , great 3 points , looked like we got lucky when they hit the post. But maybe we deserve some luck. Marriott certainly looking clinical. Carson’s got to do better with the goal it looked straight at him ,could have been a foul on Malone , some given some not. Wisdom looked like he’s had another shocker , really disappointed with him since he’s come back to Derby , trying to put somebody into Row z doesn’t cut the mustard for me. Needs to learn to tackle better , and get closer to his man. I’m waiting for someone now to say the game wasn’t like that at all 😂
  12. Key clubber

    Peschisolido Story

    Didn’t “King Billy” try a similar thing with Claude Davis , only this time telling him to play as though he was injured ?😂
  13. Key clubber

    Fikayo Tomori

    Great in possession and can pick out a pass , great turn of speed. Wins very little the air for such a big guy and doesn’t seem to be able to defend crosses.
  14. I would start low , offering him a zero hours contract , and take it from there , worked for Mike Ashley,

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