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  1. Seaside Ram

    Ticket phone line

    I am with EE and phoned up to ask just that, they said that is what they get charged and there is nothing they could do to help . What annoys me also is that if you call the club on a 01332 line they will refuse to put you through to the ticket office.
  2. Seaside Ram

    Ticket phone line

    I ordered some tickets before Xmas on the phone , i used my mobile at work . It took 6 n a half mins including all the 2 min unecessary waffle at the start . It also says it costs 13p a min . It doesnt tell you it costs 55p +vat to use a mobile. My call was a Fiver !! I know there are other ways to buy but has anyone else been stung by this total rip off? 😡
  3. Seaside Ram

    George Thorne

    Does it ever go smooth for poor GT ? The manager that recruited him at Luton has left for Snake City !!!!!
  4. Seaside Ram

    Jacob Butterfield

    It needs a player who puts playing above money . Don't bother replying as we will just go round in circles , all the best and COYR 🐑🐏🐑🐏
  5. Seaside Ram

    Jacob Butterfield

    So why doesn't he ??????
  6. Seaside Ram

    Jacob Butterfield

    Ok but can people please stop saying how great they are and that they really want to re start their careers !!!
  7. Seaside Ram

    Jacob Butterfield

    If him and Anya got their noses out of the money trough and REALLY wanted to play football instead of counting the money every Friday then they would get a move sorted. I will put the kettle on and wait and see !
  8. Seaside Ram

    Snake City watch

    Anyone who thinks a championship side is better off without Will Hughes shouldn't be anywhere near running a club . Good riddance and glad he has been found out .
  9. Seaside Ram

    Snake City watch

    Everything about Stoke is tin pot and its the biggest Shithole city ive ever been to , i hope they dont bullet him yet, let it get a bit worse for him first . This is all payback for forcing Hughsey out of Derby for which he will never be forgiven .
  10. Seaside Ram

    Every Rams player since 2000/2001

    Great read , well done
  11. Seaside Ram

    Do you think we ever practice attacking corners

    Once again our corners were pathetic
  12. Seaside Ram

    Is Lampard just a man in a suit

    Don't give the idiot the rise he wants sitting at his keyboard 😂
  13. Seaside Ram

    First out the door

    So you think it's more important to rake in as much money more than play football? He will still be able to do another job at 35yrs old but he won't be able to play football !!!!!
  14. Seaside Ram

    First out the door

    Agree but I don't see why folk say 'i don't blame them for just taking the money' Where is their pride ? Do you say that when you see able bodied men refusing to take a job getting all their rent n council tax etc paid by the system cos they have 5 kids but hey so what they are entitled to it , don't blame em ?
  15. Seaside Ram

    First out the door

    If Butterfield and Anya continue to put taking money before playing first team football wherever that may be then they are a disgrace 😬

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