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  1. He thinks he is better than that hence not willing to take wage drop. Madrid will call Tom , just pop the kettle on 😂
  2. That prat Paul Merson just said on Sky in the documentary about Arsenal winning league in 89 that when Derby won 2-1 @ Highbury on the penultimate Saturday the Rams were in the bottom 3 ! One more game and we finished 5th 😂 Ps I was there that day ! 🐏🐏🐏🐏
  3. Especially in the city of jolly , witty, salt of the earth scousers !
  4. Imagine Big time Charlie Tom Ince plying his trade in League 1 next season !!!! 😂😂😂
  5. He was bound to look nervous with all the morons jeering him 😬
  6. Hamer is Dog 💩. That's why he came from Huddersfield Town F...ing reserves! Get Roos back in Now !!!!!!
  7. Gonna go on Saturday I reckon!!
  8. Wasn't aware I had a hit list , well., apart from Anya and Huddz , oh and Forest fans , Leeds fans , anything related to Gibson's Boro, Aston Villa , Gary Rowett , Pat van den Hawe ( long memory! ) . Apart from that I love you all ! 😉🐑🐑
  9. Who will get the honour ??
  10. I still can't believe the club offered him a new deal. another very costly recent buy for very little return imo .After him now being fit yet not even making a 20 man squad yesterday surely it's time to say cheerio ?
  11. I bet he watched his Hatty and thought 'he's not my type of player, I'd get shot at the first opportunity'
  12. The Irishman . Three and a half hours of my life i wont get back . 4/10
  13. I was going to pick through this and reply but it's such a load of tosh i really CBA ! Cheers .
  14. Must be me then ! This post is in a forum regarding Derby County not Crimewatch . i agree wholeheartedly with your off topic comparisons by the way . Why not chuck in the Yorkshire Ripper as a worse example too ? Anyway , back to DCFC matters , and i stand by my opinion about Anya . 😡
  15. Be careful in this warm weather ❄
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