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  1. Hope he never plays for DCFC again. Not because he is a prat but because he is πŸ’© at playing football !!!!!!!
  2. A fit Jack Marriott 66-1 top goalscorer. ??πŸ‘
  3. Was I the only one thinking that should've happened after that blunder Saturday ? He head had clearly gone . If an outfield player was all over the place like that he would be hooked immediately especially with 5 subs . Does anyone recall that ever happening ?
  4. How long can you keep trotting out such nonsense . Your credibility is hanging by a thread πŸ˜‚
  5. Put it this way , I have never disliked a player as much . He should never ever have represented Derby County in his wildest dreams. Deemed not good enough for Huddersfield bloody Town yet good enough for us !!! If Roos isn't available Tuesday I would rather stick a road cone on the line than this chancer .
  6. 100% agree . I actually hate Hamer
  7. At least I won't ever have to listen to Hamer is better than Roos anymore . That waste of space surely will never play for Derby again
  8. Ha ha l, laughed at the second bit , despaired at the first . He would be a good keeper IF fans actually supported him. ....IMO πŸ˜‰πŸΊπŸ‘
  9. I hope the Morons that hounded Roos out are pleased with themselves . Cocu continuing to play Hamer is as bad as Phil Brown playing Kevin Poole . Hamer has to be sent back to Huddersfield Reserves NOW !
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