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  1. Mozza's birthday is 21st May ?!!
  2. Morrisseys new album 'i am not a dog on a chain' is farking brilliant !!!!!!
  3. People will be all over it , more obsessed about it than even before OR maybe folk will be starting to think like I am ..... After over 40yrs living and breathing all Football and supporting the Rams through endless ups and downs, I'm not overly missing it! The thought of paying £25 a month for sky sports, £15 for BT and £32 to watch Derby play Reading on a Tues night is losing it's appeal daily. As for.people paying £50-£60 to watch Prem games, jeez !! Could this break get people's priorities back in line thinking health and family are more important than worrying if Kane signs a new £400k a week deal or what car Mo Salah drives ?????
  4. MPs probably get less in a year than Prem league 'Stars' get in a week .
  5. You beat me to it ! Check his details, bet his real name is Mr I Anya . 😉
  6. If we give him another deal it will be ridiculous. He was on the last lap when he signed . You seem to be happy to overlook his massive wages . Are you seriously suggesting we have remotely had value for money from him ? I'd suggest if he wasn't an ex player you would be more honest, as most were overlooking his involvement at the Joiners . Bet Knight , Sibley and Bird together are on less than half his money .It's these big ego , massive wage players that have been killing us for years.
  7. Fair enough , but pound for pound i still maintain TH has been a terrible signing . Cheers COYR
  8. Well he is right in my discussion ! All you say is we have had worse . And when have we ever had concrete wage figures? I'd happily bet he is in the club's top 3 ' for me he's Just another one with a massive ego bleeding the club dry .... in my opinion ! 🐏
  9. Also one of my gripes. He appeared to get away unscathed despite seemingly being right involved . Playing wise he was over the hill when he joined. When did he last boss a game ??? My Nanna could stand and receive a ball from the left back and turn and give it to the centre half. Get shot of him ASAP !!!
  10. I've been thinking about this one and although it may be unpopular I think it's true. Tom Huddlestone £2m and probably one of the highest earners has been a terrible 'signing' What has he actually given in return for massive money ? Very , very little imo.
  11. Bob Malcolm ! I've got a photo of my lad outside PP with Bob n Dean Leacock (complete with bandana ) . Think they signed in same week but were ineligible that day 😂😂
  12. Bonus point that man on the goal ! 🍺
  13. I know its an obvious one but how will anyone beat the current Scottish hide n seek champion Ikechi Anya ? if the rumoured stats are correct , for a £4m fee , £30k a week or £1.5m a year x 4 equalling £6m totalling approx £10M . For TEN MILLION QUID Derby County got 33 league apps at approx £300,000 each and 1 goal at £10m each (obviously😅) PS a bonus point if anyone remembers the goal ! I was going to say beat that !!! 😤
  14. Nobody will ever convince me Hamer is better than Roos
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