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  1. Maybe it means in 2 days time he is gonna explain to all the dimwit commentators how to pronounce his name !
  2. Ha ha i did that especially for you , an insider is the best i can go to , you know the old saying about a good reporter never reveals his sources ! But remember there's no smoke without fire ! Any more cliches needed? Game of two halves ? No easy games ? 110% ? Cheers COYR 😉
  3. Really ? Word was Steve Mac bust the bank to get him back from Fulham ?
  4. Just the jungle drums Oz , would you disagree then ?
  5. Didn't Mac offer him that mega contract to get him away from Fulham ?
  6. Chris Martin highest earner I heard , over 30k 😱😱
  7. Bradders MOM no contest . Only midfielder at the club with a pair of spuds ! 🐏🐑🐏🐑
  8. Has George Evans had a good game for DCFC yet ?
  9. Apparentjy Ipswich fans were singing a sick chant to Readings Oliviera yesterday about Mings stamping on his face ,Then they were all crying foul when he scored a goal that banged another nail in their coffin and gave it large to them ! Ha ha ha good riddance .
  10. It will still be cheaper to drive for 4hrs than use the rip off 0871 no on your mobile !! 🐏
  11. Exactly ! I thought , how didn't Norwich sack Farke last season or at the start of this ? Now look at them !
  12. Why not just pull them out of a hat ? Drop Roos ? Drop Tomori ? Evans 😂
  13. I would Waghorn's cos I bet he would f##k it up at the crucial moment!!
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