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Motson tops list of fans' favourite sports commentators and pundits of all time... but does Savage really belong in the top 10?


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According to research by Confused.com:

1. John Motson (20%)

2. Gary Lineker (16.%)

3. Brian Moore (9%)

4. Chris Kamara (8.%)

5. Alan Green (8%)

6. Andy Gray (7%)

7. Jimmy Hill (6%)

8. Alan Shearer (6%)

9. Martin Tyler (6%)

10. Robbie Savage (5.%)


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It is commentators and pundits :rolleyes:

Too busy thinking of Jack Bauer already no doubt


Oh, well.. 


Gary Neville should be there, the amount of insight he has brought to sky is huge for me


and, Jamie Carragher will be there in the future - class pundit. Just says everything is 'awful' 'embarrassing' and loves a reference to his own illustrious penalty kick missing 3rd choice cnuting career  :)

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Savage has done well. He isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the box but there's a reason why he's become so popular so quickly.


He's gone from one of the most hated to one of the most liked personalities in the space of three years. And yes, I do use the word personality as that is why he's carved out a career. Very few retired professional players have personalities so those that do tend to shine.

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No Hansen!?!? What sort of list is this? The bloke gives an education on defending with every goal!

No Neville either? Pffft

At least there's no Jamie Redknapp. I don't think even he believes half the rubbish he comes out with.

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Also where is Barry Davies.

On TV, Barry Davies and Brian Moore streets ahead of Motson, who spent most of his time coming up with fatuous statistics whilst the action was going on without description. He would then have to say 'Oh, it's a goal!' midway through average goalscoring figures for people called Brown.

Davies had more wit and Moore more warmth.


But the best of all were the radio commentators Bryon Butler and the incomparable Peter Jones.

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On cup final days I always watched ITV for the match because I thought Brian Moore was better than Motson. I'd switch over at half time to miss the adverts mind.


*Who remembers when you had to actually get up and walk all the way over to the telly to change channel, "http://freesmileyface.net/smiley/thinking/old-025" alt="old-025">Christ, kids would be on to Childline these days if you told them to get up and change the channel. 

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