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  1. Are these the best three young players available to loan? maybe, maybe not. Christ, most of us hadn´t heard of Tomori until he was signed. Frank will find three more, plus what we have already got. We will be fine.
  2. Yeah quite right. Cheers Frank and Jody. You turned a season of transition into one of near triumph. WBA, Man Utd, Southampton, Chelsea, Norwich, Bristol City, WBA again, Leeds. The highs this season, were much higher than under recent managers. Mistakes made, lessons learned, make sure you stay and achieve what you are clearly capable of, with the Rams
  3. I have notice that all four teams so far (Newport, Tranmere, Sunderland and Charlton) have been sponsored by Betdaq. Is this a thing for the play offs or is it pure luck?
  4. Work tomorrow, no half term in Spain! Got the afternoon off though so will be sat on the Costa del Sol watching it. Safe journey for all that are going.
  5. A lot of talk about Huddlestone´s challenge on Webster being equally worthy of a red. I genuinely don´t remember it. Was it the challenge on 5min 29s of this video. If so, no.
  6. Where is our ball playing attacking centre midfield player?. Our Bradley Dack if you like. Waghorn/Bennett/Nugent/Marriott can run around all night and not have a sniff of the ball (like last night). Where is our ball winner? our water carrier?, someone who breaks up the play and lets the flair players play? Two big holes that need filling and until we do, we are not going anywhere. IMO
  7. appalling from start to finish No craft, no fight, no luck (because there is no fight) and unforgivably no heart
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