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  1. zaragozaram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Alex Tettey from Norwich impressed me when we played recently
  2. zaragozaram

    Will Cardiff take our record from us?

    Chalk another one off for Cardiff
  3. zaragozaram

    Alex Babos - season long loan to Real Union

    Thanks but I like the username Zaragozaram. It is fairly unique and I am still a big fan of Los MaƱos.
  4. zaragozaram

    Alex Babos - season long loan to Real Union

    Afraid my user name is now a misnomer as I left Zaragoza to move to Malaga. He, and Union, are not coming any where near me unless they get promoted into Segunda A. Still a supporter of the mighty Real Zaragoza though.
  5. zaragozaram

    Anybody else overseas cannot get today's game?

    Sorry for those who had problems. Faultless coverage in Spain.
  6. zaragozaram

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    excellent article from ESPN Frank Lampard got into management for moments like Derby's dramatic win in Reading
  7. zaragozaram

    Ola Aina - Joined Torino

    First game, foreign country and language. Anyway, form is temporary, class is permanent
  8. zaragozaram

    Ola Aina - Joined Torino

    This was the Ola Aina who was part of the Hull defense that shipped 5 to the Rams at PP last year?
  9. zaragozaram

    RamsTV Feedback

    Mine goes out on the 4th of each month
  10. zaragozaram

    More than one system

    Why have a plan B, when plan A is so awesome? F.Lampard Jr, May 2019
  11. zaragozaram

    18/19 Championship Predictions

    Automatic - West Brom, Derby Play off - Stoke, Boro, Preston, Forest Relegated - Reading, Birmingham, Bolton
  12. zaragozaram

    RamsTV Feedback

    My rolling subscription in Spain still works fine, as far as I am aware. Watched 4 out of 5 pre season games no problems. No login problems either.
  13. zaragozaram

    George Evans - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Signings like this get me more excited than splurging 6-8 million on a player like McLean or Waghorn. Young, point to prove and resale value if needed. He will be a player to step in, and stay in, this year or next. I hope that Frank and Jody have got their scouting network up and running within the lower leagues or abroad for more of these type of signings. Well in DCFC.

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