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  1. Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Simon Dawkins I´m serious
  2. The Shake Up ?

    Over the next 30 days; Derby - Norwich (H), Weds (A), Leeds (H), Reading (A), Fulham (H) Villa - Birmingham (H) Fulham (A), Preston (H), Weds (A), QPR (H) Cardiff - Millwall (A), Bolton (H), Boro (H), Ipswich (A), Bristol C (H), Brentford (A) Fulham - Bolton (A), Villa (H), Bristol C (A), Wolves (H), Derby (A) Not sure who has the easier run, in fact I can see everybody dropping some points throughout the period. Predictions? Derby 3 wins, 1 Draw, 1 Defeat - 10 Villa 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat - 10 Cardiff 3 wins 3 defeats - 9 Fulham 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat - 10
  3. 14/01/18 THE RUN IN TO MAY

    Are we all over thinking this?
  4. Nelson Oliveira

    I am genuinely quite shocked that I appear to be in a minority of one who thinks this guy is complete crap.
  5. Players' names

    Johnathon Simpson Snedden Russell
  6. RamsTV

    Thanks, just watched it, although did in fact sneakily listen to Radio Derby last night during the Birthday celebrations
  7. RamsTV

    I know the game is not live on Rams TV tonight, however does anyone know if the full game is being shown on Rams TV tomorrow or Sunday, like other league games? Daughters 16th Birthday party tonight so can´t watch or listen but I could avoid the score until the morning.
  8. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    By any real measure we are exactly where we should be in the league. - Goals scored, 2nd Highest - Goal conceded, 2nd Lowest - Amount of wins, Joint 2nd Highest - Amount of Losses, Joint 2nd Lowest But most importantly - Points gained, 2nd Highest You´re welcome
  9. View from the outside

    Terrible Video, Great goal
  10. Surprised or not surprised

    Question? Which of our players did he sign?
  11. Trevor Clarke!

    Trevor Cherry
  12. Trevor Clarke!

    Trevor Francis, (again)
  13. Trevor Clarke!

    Sign, there are not enough Trevors in the modern game. (no I am not called Trevor)
  14. Josh Vela

    With Vela in our side we would sail into the Premier League
  15. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    Sad state of affairs that any successful pro from that era has to sell their medals to survive, whilst players today who have achieved nothing in the game are set for life after a few seasons.

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