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  1. Oh goody, another game not available in Spain, Seriously questioning it's worth. Lets hope it is on free to air Portuguese TV like last time. Improving my Portuguese anyway. Obrigado.
  2. I tried to find this the other day and failed. Any links?
  3. Huddlestone to unlock the Stoke defence, Bielik to shut it all down second half when we are winning. ITK
  4. Getting slightly annoyed at paying for Rams TV every month and not getting the games. 2 out of 3 games so far this season have not been available. Maybe it is just how it has fallen but starting to question the value of my monthly subscription
  5. 100% agree and as a non-gambler, I find it annoying and invasive to my enjoyment of televised football. However I find it a bit rich for Clubs, EFL, The Church, Journalists to call out Wayne Rooney and Derby over it when 3/4 of the top 2 divisions and the leagues themselves are sponsored by gambling companies.
  6. Just doing a quick trawl of wiki. A certain Mr Stephen Wearne is registered as playing in the number 32 shirt, the same as his principal shirt sponsor 32Red (a betting company I believe?), thereby clearly contravening EFL sponsorship rules. The offending club.......... Middlesbrough. Oh dear Mr Gibson. Book em Danno.
  7. So when Capital One sponsored Forest did they investigate the goalie for breaking shirt sponsorship`rules.?
  8. We are officially the devils incarnate!! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/09/church-criticises-wayne-rooney-over-Derby-gambling-tie-up?CMP=share_btn_tw
  9. On the basis that we have never had a Japanese player (??), it´s a yes from me. (Interestingly, upon searching Google for the veracity of said fact I came across this; https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-looking-forge-links-2631060 )
  10. He´s smart but not stupid. He would bin the idea of Brexit in the first few minutes of being in charge.
  11. Villa had gone but over the three years we had some names. Both Milito brothers, Aimar, D'Allesandro, Ewerton, Ayala. Had some dross since mind!! Jermaine Pennant to name but one.
  12. It's only an hour away but I try to avoid the place if I can.
  13. Did you find out what channel it is on? Otherwise it is a dodgy stream for me!
  14. Was a season ticket holder at Real Zaragoza for 3 years. First year knocked out of the Uefa cup in the first round and relegated, 1 years of 2nd div football followed by bouncing up and down between the two leagues. Stadium - run down, prices - cheap, atmosphere - meh Also done away games at Getafe and Malaga.
  15. Alan Judge anybody? Relatively cheap, provides assists, good player.
  16. Are these the best three young players available to loan? maybe, maybe not. Christ, most of us hadn´t heard of Tomori until he was signed. Frank will find three more, plus what we have already got. We will be fine.
  17. Yeah quite right. Cheers Frank and Jody. You turned a season of transition into one of near triumph. WBA, Man Utd, Southampton, Chelsea, Norwich, Bristol City, WBA again, Leeds. The highs this season, were much higher than under recent managers. Mistakes made, lessons learned, make sure you stay and achieve what you are clearly capable of, with the Rams
  18. I have notice that all four teams so far (Newport, Tranmere, Sunderland and Charlton) have been sponsored by Betdaq. Is this a thing for the play offs or is it pure luck?
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