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  1. Is this this year? Last year it was won by Real Zaragoza U18
  2. Really enjoyed that although COLD. Ebosele the stand out for me although all had a good game. Snuggled up now at the hotel, ready for my daughter’s Uni interview tomorrow and then back to Spain to thaw out!
  3. Social loafing is a known psychological term to explain why the level of group effort is not equal to the sum of individual effort. I know, sorry.
  4. Dunno currently hiding from the snow!!
  5. Aah the soundtrack of my youth. Living abroad we didn't get to many games or have Radio Derby commentary (Radio 5 Medium Wave or World Service only). Dad used to play these tapes in the car. Graham Richards commentary. Bliss.
  6. Oh goody, another game not available in Spain, Seriously questioning it's worth. Lets hope it is on free to air Portuguese TV like last time. Improving my Portuguese anyway. Obrigado.
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