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    Andicis got a reaction from bigbadbob in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Just ''the government'' should do.
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    Andicis got a reaction from 1967Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Just ''the government'' should do.
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    Andicis got a reaction from maxjam in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Just ''the government'' should do.
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    Andicis reacted to Angry Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    When will the radical left realise what they have become and how despised they are by the majority.. The normal left need a home and have not had one for sometime now.. Time for them to take back the party and kick the loonies who have leached onto it, out.
    I actually like Nandy, she won’t win and Starmer will not unite the party. Maybe in Westminster but not in the regions.
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    Andicis reacted to maxjam in The Politics Thread 2020   
    In what might be a brief respite from coronavirus chat, according to The Guardian Sir Keir Starmer is set to be announced the new Labour Leader.  A lot of twitter is okay with that but there is a sizeable pro-Corbyn far left lot that already can't stand him. 
    Personally, I think its a good move.  The loony left have been running to show for far to long, championing fringe ideologies, excluding moderates and shutting down free speech to the point of silencing and shaming regular people that dare to think differently.  When during the run up to the election, you see normally intelligent people squirming, unable to define the word 'woman' you know the lunatics have taken over the assylum.
    He may not be as radical as Corbyn, but imo he has the potential to make Labour electable again - or at least provide a more credible opposition, which has surely got to be a benefit to us all.
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    Andicis got a reaction from Ramslaar in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    Not my point. My point is it's easy looking at others and expecting them to give up their money whilst doing nothing yourself. 
    I have no opinion, nor is it what I'm getting at. I see a certain level of hypocrisy in putting this standard on footballers that they'd never adhere to themselves. 
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    Andicis reacted to Srg in When Football Returns ........   
    Speak for yourself. I'm tuning into the Tajikstan league starting this weekend I'm that gagging.
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    Andicis reacted to David in Krystian Bielik ACL Injury   
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    Andicis reacted to Van De Squid in Watchable telly   
    Are all Americans like that? Tiger King is nuts. Give them a few tigers, an elephant, 3 wives & some guns and it sends them crazy. There's more tigers in captivity in America than  in the wild. duck. A bit rich what OJ Simpson said about Carole Baskin. 
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    Andicis reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Watchable telly   
    Binge-watched Tiger King yesterday. No issue with 'recreationals' but being a meth head really ain't a good look. Anyway, feel like I need counselling now. Maddest docu ever. 
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    Andicis reacted to Tamworthram in Watchable telly   
    Like a few others, just finished Tiger King. Very difficult not to binge watch it which is usually a good sign.
    Watched the first episode of the new series of Friday Night Dinner. Definitely, in my opinion, a series that has jumped the shark.
    Now trying to get into the latest series of WestWorld. Finding it hard going. 
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    Andicis got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Watchable telly   
    I was heartbroken when I found out it wasn't him singing!
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    Andicis reacted to i-Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Interesting discussion piece - will this virus see the fragmentation, indeed split-up, of the EU:
    Not simply an economics matter; how are member states in reality pulling together to help each other at a time of crisis.
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    Andicis reacted to Pearl Ram in Coronavirus   
    I would argue if the NHS is run along the same lines as the public sector organisation I work in, it’s not any government running it into the ground but their very own management and policies.
    For example, my old line manager was a qualified electrician and offered to put new lighting in a cupboard we were going to utilise, he said he’d come in on a Saturday to do it so it wouldn’t interfere with his day to day running of our department. 
    No, it had to be carried out by our “preferred” contractors at huge expense. I am privy to a lot of what we spend with preferred contractors, some of whom I believe “grease the wheels” of those on already handsome salaries to keep any prospective competition at arms length. 
    I could go on at length about wasting of the public’s money but at best you would think I was exaggerating or at worst just plain lying so I’ll leave it there apart from saying of course this government should have questions to answer when this is all over but a revue of how the NHS is run wouldn’t go amiss either. Too many middle/upper management having the easy life while those at the coal face go without and it boils my piss.
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    Andicis reacted to RoyMac5 in Coronavirus   
    So NOW is the opportunity to get through to the idiots just how important a well-funded NHS really is.
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    Andicis reacted to curb in Coronavirus   
    My sister works at Derby Royal, she was complaining last Friday of lack of PPE, staff just coming up and using her computer and phone etc. Inevitably she came down with the symptoms over the weekend. Now says she’s fed up with the way management treat them, they don’t pass information on, they’re getting it second hand from other sources, and saying she’s sick of it and thinking of retiring early when things calm down a bit.
    Clap for the NHS? 
    I’d rather we gave them some PPE and enough staff to do the job.
    Nobody cared about the NHS 3 months ago when they voted a government in that has spent the last 10 years running it into the ground.
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    Andicis reacted to i-Ram in Coronavirus   
    I gave you a hard time 86, not based on the three failings you were/are identifying with, but rather some spurious details you were projecting as facts, and yes that (IMO) it was also constructed in a way that looked like a big stick to spank a Tory Government with.
    The Government clearly needs to be held to account, not just now but for how it might have planned or not planned for a global epidemic over the last 10 years, but I thought today’s press briefing by Hancock, and the two public servants who supported him, was a very useful update and gave me a far greater understanding of the amazing logistics and work being undertaken to keep us as safe as possible. It is an unbelievably huge undertaking. I think it also supported my thoughts that other than Germany and China all other Countries are in exactly the ‘same boat’ regarding shortages of swabs, PPE, ventilators, etc. even including the ‘great’ USA.
    I think only at the end of this can we judge how well our Government has done, properly benchmarking against other major Western Countries. As I say though that is no reason for you, and others, not to keep holding the Government to account, nor for you to stop wanting to stand up and support your friends in the NHS. I have immediate family at the front end, and they do need to be bloody looked after.
    I have to add though that I am pleased you used a feed of a US health employee to emphasise your point today. I think you would struggle to find a similar UK one as our truly great NHS team seem absolutely and stoically focussed on getting this crisis dealt with. Huge respect to them and all key workers doing their bit whilst I sit here on a sofa. 
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    Andicis got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Worst signing ever   
    He's not even in the discussion for worst signing ever, and rightfully so. I wouldn't call him brilliant, but we've had way, way worse than him, and he hasn't been a terrible signing. £2m isn't a high fee, and the wages point doesn't really work when we don't have the figures. He's been okay.
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    Andicis reacted to enachops in Worst signing ever   
    Disagree. Huddlestone is a joy to watch when on form and fit. When given time he dominates and dictates the play. A lovely player. Had some very good games for Rowett and Lampard in the good spell in Oct and November. Over the hill now and can be sold, but an aesthetically pleasing player when on form! For 2 million, he’s been decent overall. 
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    Andicis got a reaction from enachops in Worst signing ever   
    He's not even in the discussion for worst signing ever, and rightfully so. I wouldn't call him brilliant, but we've had way, way worse than him, and he hasn't been a terrible signing. £2m isn't a high fee, and the wages point doesn't really work when we don't have the figures. He's been okay.
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    Andicis reacted to KBB in Matches suspended   
    Sorry mate but there is not a chance in hell of that happening. I'm not being harsh when I say this, as I miss the football too, however a moment of clarity is needed for you in regards to this as hundreds of people are dying every day and will continue to do so every day for the foreseeable future.
    The football is not going to start again and restrictions are not going to be lifted, short term and possibly medium to long term. Sorry mate, but it needs to be said.
    Stay safe.
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    Andicis reacted to Angry Ram in Coronavirus   
    You look older than I had pictured. Just shows, you never can tell.
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    Andicis reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in I've got a time machine and I'm going to use it   
    I'd go back a month and bet the winner of every one of the last 50 horse races run in the UK and Ireland before the lockdown. Then I'd buy a small island.
    Cuba would suffice.
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    Andicis reacted to Paul71 in Coronavirus   
    Hope you are both ok.
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    Andicis reacted to ramsbottom in Coronavirus   
    Well it looks like I’ve got it... Got the shivers around 9pm last night, followed by quite a high temperature through the night, along with a dry throat. Hardly slept a wink worrying about how the Mrs is gonna cope as she received her letter from the NHS confirming she’s a high risk patient. Judging by  all the info on the incubation period, there’s a good chance she’s already got it. I’m ducking terrified right now...
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