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  1. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Bristol City 1-3 Derby FRGS Vydra
  2. v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Sheff Utd 0-2 Derby FRGS Weimann
  3. v Preston (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Preston 0 FRGS Wisdom
  4. v Wolves (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Wolves 1 FRGS Huddlestone.
  5. Why say that when it's not true?
  6. v Grimsby - (A) Cup Predictions

    Grimsby 0 Derby 2 FRGS Richard Keogh
  7. v Sunderland (A) - Predictions

    Sunderland 0 Derby 0
  8. Newcastle lost their first two games, before slowly recovering.
  9. Grant Leadbitter

    Between Somerset and Oxfordshire
  10. Brentford v Derby County

    And ?
  11. Chris Powell on Sky Sports last night

    Felt a tad embarrassed for him last night stood next to GR on the pitch being interviewed after last nights game, he must have been uncomfortable for him with the Sky pundits saying how well Derby played with energy not seen all season and players playing in their correct positions etc. To be fair to GR he did comment that he didnt want to say too much with Chris standing next to him. Top top bloke is CP wish him all the best for whatever he does next.

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