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  1. MidWalesRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    No Fozzy either
  2. MidWalesRam

    John Terry

    1/2 on to sign him according to the Birmingham Mail. Hopefully nothing in it, dont think we need him.
  3. MidWalesRam

    Martyn Waghorn

    No need to shout!
  4. MidWalesRam

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    We're not in the market for just 'anybody'. Players will have been identified and researched. I'm sure it's a very difficult process and a little patience is required from everyone. No point in getting new players in just for the sake of it who probably wouldn't be any better than we already have.
  5. MidWalesRam

    Reece Burke - Signed for Hull City

    Keogh is one of the best centre backs in the Championship, its a case of 'be careful what you wish for'
  6. MidWalesRam


    Old news or not thats still a poor comment. Bet you were the school bully.
  7. MidWalesRam

    Pre season

    It's Jody, Jodie is a girl's name. Sorry couldn't let that one go without commenting!
  8. MidWalesRam

    Inside info

    He's gone guys, let it go!!
  9. MidWalesRam

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    Arsenal at the old Highbury stadium December 1996, Sturridge with THAT goal ! I was stood right behind the goal that day with my then 14 year old son, what a day that was ! My son is now 36 and a devout Villa fan, I went wrong somewhere !!
  10. Tomorrows gonna be manic.
  11. MidWalesRam

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    What a happy chap you are, were you an onsetter by any chance?
  12. MidWalesRam

    Parking tonight

    Carry on past Toys R Us past Sainsburys , straight on at mini roundabout onto business park. 1st left is Premier Inn they let you park if you put a contribution in their charity box. Its very secure and no queueing to get away after the game. Other parking is also available in the vicinity.
  13. MidWalesRam

    Fulham fans. Concern

    Except for a 5-2 victory in the League cup in Oct '14 starring a certain Simon Dawkins
  14. MidWalesRam

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Live commentary on talksport 2 now if anyone's interested! Find radio commentary a hard listen myself.
  15. MidWalesRam

    v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    Derby 4-1 Middlesbrough FRGS Keogh Club captain returns and makes a point!

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