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  1. Yeah so does the team at the moment!
  2. Derby 1-3 Sheff Weds FRGS Marriott
  3. Blackburn Rovers 1-1 Derby FRGS Bogle
  4. And suddenly the pic is better , just as Fulham score
  5. Derby 3-0 Preston FRGS Marriott
  6. Came across this. I know its Chelsea but I wonder if Lampard did this in his spell with us. Would be a bit more in line with our players wages though I would think!
  7. My thoughts exactly! Would much rather donate a fiver to a good charity than some car park management company. I have noticed of late a few people parking and not bothering to donate, asking people for the barrier code and following others through virtually bumper to bumper, they may or may not have ruined it for everyone now . I dont know. I have sent them proof of payment with my appeal so as you say it should be straightforward, we shall see !
  8. That was definitely of interest.Good read. Cheers!
  9. It's a private firm Horizon Parking. They have no legal recourse I understand.
  10. Thanks for that, I'll wait and see what happens with my appeal and let you know. Cheers
  11. Since we lost the Toys R Us car park I have been using the Premier Inn on the Wyvern business park , all they asked for was a £5 donation to their charity box. Pulled up as usual for the 'Boro game on 2/11 to see that the car park is now run by Horizon Parking and you need to pay £5 by using your mobile phone , which i suppose is fair enough. It was a bit of a faff but eventually managed to sort it and pay . Today I have received a Parking Charge Notice saying I have breached the terms and conditions and instructed to pay £85. I have appealed this as I have proof on my phone that I paid to park. Sorry for the moan but wanted to get it off my chest and wondered if anyone else on here had any problems parking there and also to forewarn anyone that might be thinking of doing so. Needless to say I will be looking for somewhere else to park next home game !
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