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  1. Sibley hasn’t scored a hat trick at Pride Park? I wouldn’t be doing anything daft like loaning Sibley out. But I don’t think the best thing is to just give him 90 mins and trust him… he’d be sent off 2/3 times a season
  2. I think Sibley will be a good player... but when you see him next to Watson you can see why the latter seems to get more minutes/trust from Rooney.
  3. I see your point but i feel like that's just a dig at Rooney for the sake of it. It shouldn't have to take anyone to tell the professional football players to actually have some urgency, track men, pass to a player in white etc etc.
  4. I think the problem is the players don't seem to be alive to it. Or anything for that matter
  5. Where are the others coming from though? I get what he's saying, i don't get why he's saying it. There isn't exactly a queue of free agent centre halves in their prime happy to accept around 11k a week for just one year. Happy to be proven wrong though. 🙂
  6. We have 1 centre half lol
  7. Such a weird ruling, i'm not sure what would make it fair. I assume it's a rule they never really expected to enforce so said that'll do.
  8. I've not read the rules thoroughly, but is it a professional start or appearance? Because with this I guess Ebosele and maybe Stretton, Brown and McDonald haven't started a game. Seems awfully unfair to class a player within a 'professional' standing when their minutes might not even add up to 90!
  9. Think you hit the nail on the head by saying the first game is 2.5 weeks away. Actually... i've heard Messi is on that free transfer list, maybe you are on to something.
  10. Not sure if it's been highlighted but the 5 signings seems to indicate a first team squad of 18. There is currently 18 listed as first team on the official site, including Wisdom and Davies still. So that indicates to me they are 18 plus another 5? Probably read too much into the site and maybe they are free agents. Ebosele not on that page but he has played since Crawley hasn't he? Good news, but still a bit of a mess! I'd like to see Widsom, Davies, Jagielka, Morrison and Mengi signed. We need defenders! But then again, we can't buy a goal most games!!
  11. why would you be? that isn't a thing in any other season????
  12. oh no, are they aware you've had a new born? cause if so this is so bad
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