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  1. Are people this negative about everything in their lives? Lads not played for us yet and he already has people saying he is not good enough. We sign players for money - people say why are we spending money, waste of money, booooo We sign players, albeit unproven, for no money - people say why are we not spending money, who is he, he isn't good enough, boooo Genuinely curious about what make people this negative?
  2. I saw him in Allestree petrol station last night, on crutches and with a full leg brace that limits the bend in his knee, not baring any weight. Looked like an ACL recovery to me. Thanks for listening.
  3. Roos Wisdom Davies Clarke Malone Shinnie Bird Sibley Whittaker Martin Lawrence It is good that we have options now, even with Bieliks long term injury. I wouldn't be suprised to see Rooney and Huddlestone both start though to build on the minutes in the legs.
  4. You actually think Man United are challenging for a top 4 spot?
  5. He was due to come here but Benkovic is off to Man United on loan due to their injury crisis. Maguire out for a lengthy period now
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