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  1. I'm not sure with our recruitment team we can get anyone as good within our budget let alone anyone better.
  2. He's not the worst player we've ever seen but he is one of the most frustrating I think. I think this is why people have such a harsh opinion on him as we can see the potential which i think we all know will never show itself consistently enough for us to be pleased with him. I personally think if he doesn't come good this season we should get rid next season.
  3. I was watching it on the tele and you could feel the love for old Chrissy Martin. It was great to see him come on and I hope he can play a part this year as he could be a very useful player if utilised correctly i think. If not he's still been a great striker for us and will always have given us great memories
  4. It's not looking pretty at all. We came out firing which i expected after brentford but since the first 15 minutes we've lacked cohesion, confidence and game management. We look dangerous when we get forward like we did against west brom but it's getting it into the final third and too often we're losing the ball in the middle and looking extremely vulnerable.
  5. will be interesting to see what happens with both Bielick and Huddlestone in midfield. Looking forward to seeing both Lowe and Malone in the team although like against west brom i worry this could have an issue with width again.
  6. He's the management version of Robbie Savage except far more successful. He's a WUM who we'd all love if we had him in our corner managing us but as he isn't, we like pretty much everyone else he goes up against on a saturday afternoon dislike him. He got a bang average cardiff team on paper promoted two seasons ago and made a real fist of staying up. He's pretty much a guaranteed play off bet for a manager which is better than 99% of managers in this division. I personally wish he'd have managed us at some point, he's got a soft spot for Derby and he'd have been a good fit at one time.
  7. I just hope to god it's not true. It's obvious Mel will need help in the medium to long run to inject capital in the club but i don't fancy it being one of the guys essentially chased out of liverpool.
  8. Leeds Ram


    cheers for the recommendation I haven't played it but will give it a look 🙂
  9. Once upon a time in hollywood which i actually liked and enjoyed 🙂 8/10
  10. Leeds Ram


    cheers i will definitely look at this 🙂
  11. Leeds Ram


    I've got an Xbox one but haven't really played on it for several months as have been too busy with work. I don't keep up to date with releases and was wondering if people could recommend shooting/football games or some longer term games which might be good to play? I play football manager on the laptop but i only put in a few hours every fortnight on it and am looking for something to chill out and relax with without having to shell out extra for loads of DLC.
  12. I think it'll be Derby 1 Cardiff 2 but we'll put a much better performance in and start to see signs of real improvement.
  13. Yeah i don't necessarily find a contradiction between these two statements if that's what you're getting at... It's perfectly normal to be shouting and swearing after such an awful performance. Btw I have boo'd on occasion after awful performances but have never abused a player or manager because it's just not something i do. In relation to the second comment I believe it was asking what's the actual difference in relation to writing it on a forum and shouting it after a match? We know from Robbie Savage that players do look at the forum and care what people think therefore it has a similar effect in that way. Second, if people can't attend the match or are still riled up it's still in my book perfectly natural to vent through a computer as it would be venting at the time.
  14. What's the actual difference between describing a player on a forum as utter poo and shouting it in a stadium?
  15. Yeah those free online ones don't tell you much and are pretty inaccurate. I had to do a proper one with an educational psychologist in college for my DSA application as i was diagnosed with dyspraxia when i was 3 so i was told i had to go through it again. It was a pain and i consider a waste of about 3 hours of my life aha
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