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  1. We're not down and out but we are in desperate trouble and Preston becomes an even bigger game. If we can't win that it does make me question where we go from there. We're becoming ever more reliant on teams not picking up points than us securing our own safety. If Sheffield Wednesday win today they just need to pick up 2 more points than us in the next 4 games for our final match to be a relegation shootout. I think Rotherham have a solid chance of overhauling us at this point now as well- 4 points from 3 games is gettable for them with the fixtures they have.
  2. First half the tactics were generally right yes I agree and said as much in this thread. The alternating of the front 4 and attacking fluidity meant that Blackburn really struggled to cope with us. I remember 1 chance for CKR with the header but not the second 'big chance' that he had? When he was brought on that attacking fluidity lost its sharpness and Blackburn looked far more comfortable dealing with us. We became far more one dimensional in an attacking sense and it seemed to suit them better. Apart from our last 5 minute heave to try and get something that we always do, we largely seemed
  3. With Alonso as our chairman and Rooney still in charge it'd be watching a football car crash every single weekend. I could easily see us getting stuck down there for a few years before we managed to claw our way back out.
  4. We need to win and nothing else will do. The same front 4 needs to be used but we need to get some damn balance to the team- cm need to help out the cb's and can't just rely upon crosses and the wings but also create through the middle allowing for us to be more solid as well as being more inventive. We really should win, Preston are desperately poor and basically safe so there is no reason why we cannot win..
  5. Deserve a better manager, more sensible owner and a stronger team but this shambles is what we've got.
  6. He puts both full backs forwards because he seems to largely rely upon the wings to create chances as opposed to going through the middle and this is exacerbated since we played a lot of the time with inverted wingers. Thus, a lot of crosses come from full backs in our play, even today in the first half which was a good display going forward for 25 minutes it was largely reliant on the wing play. The middle seems to be the focus to feed the wings but defensively this leads us to be totally overexposed and extremely vulnerable to any team with some tactical intelligence which in the championsh
  7. not creating a balanced team is a tactical issue- he's got both full-backs and centre mids pushing way too far forwards when he puts us as an attacking outfit. This is leaving the cb's over exposed, so much so a blind man could see it and it's got nothing to do with personnel. All it's taking is one long ball in the right place and they struggle to cope, my guess it he hopes to create a 'cage' where the opposition can't break out and this might work if you played with Man Utd and not Derby where you have Fedinand and Vidic- not Clarke and Wisdom.
  8. He's unqualified, got an awful record without Bielik in the team and his game management is horrendous. His coaching seems much to leave to be desired as he can't create a balanced team after 30 games in charge and continually look horribly weak at set pieces despite a blind man being able to see that we've been intensely vulnerable in the last 4-5 games. The bigger question was why did we take him on in the first place? He should have been shoved into the reserves for his pathetic attempts at playing this season not given the management role.
  9. If i could chuck Rooney out of Pride Park right now I would- we've picked up 8 points from the last 12 games and he cost us this game i think with his substitutions breaking up our attacking fluidity and adding to our defensive weaknesses. If any other manager had this record far more people would be wanting to put his professional head on a spike. I actually can't remember the last time we performed not for 40 minutes or 50 minutes but for 90 minutes of a game? This is why we're near the bottom- we've given half performances all season long including today. Despite the attacking prowess of th
  10. He's had this problem all season- it's a tactical issue not one of personnel
  11. Rooney got it right at the beginning playing a fluid attacking your line up once we got the goal (first 20 minutes we were on the back foot and looked dodgy) we dominated the game until half time and were unfortunate to go in level. Second half becomes much more even- they had 3 or 4 good chances and suddenly we look a lot more vulnerable. Rooney's subs especially CKR killed our attacking flow, made us much slower, less agile, and less fluid making it much easier for Blackburn to deal with us. Defensively we were pretty shocking. I highlighted that set pieces were likely to be an issue for
  12. Marshall in fairness to him has made some cracking saves this half before that rather tamer effort.
  13. bringing on CKR seems to have stalled our attacking menace and defensively we've been shocking second half.
  14. Played so well going forwards- first 10 minutes it wasn't sticking and my fears were being realised but looked so menacing for the rest of the first half and beginning of the second. Defensively, second half we've been shocking and are lucky not to be behind. Btw is it just me or is the website being unresponsive a lot?
  15. Knew we'd eventually be punished on the set pieces- past 4 games now we've been shocking defending them.
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