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  1. I kind of like Pride Park as a name even if it is a little corny. I cringed when we renamed it 'I-Pro'
  2. The kids are doing well against a well drilled team who would be a challenge to beat with a mix of first teamers and second string players. It will be a good experience for them with what should be no pressure at all. I'm not sure if people remember our game against Southport in the 3rd round a few years ago and it was only when Ibe came on that we looked dangerous and finally broke them down. Even then they had chances, so to be expecting a mix of under 18's and under 23's to get anything from this (no matter how talented) would be wildly optimistic.
  3. Mcgovern's 72 candidacy sorry!
  4. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know in the US system if a legal team decides to move forward with an insanity defence what happens regarding that. Ditto, with any appeal that could include grounds for a mistrial (a revised evaluation of mental competency is one of the few ways to win an appeal I believe) I think the fact it's a possibility even theoretically needs to be considered given how close we are to the end of the trump presidency. It'd be theoretically possible to just limit what he can do institutionally without removing him by a mass wave of resignations
  5. His lawyers might which if it came to trial is what matters.
  6. I would also add for those who claim democracy is no longer a system that is functional in the 21st century, this is precisely the argument that the Ancient Greeks debated with regularity and it has been going on ever since. No-one has yet to devise a model that is as sustainable as most forms of democracy over time that guarantees rights and creates responsible governance. The alternatives currently on offer should not be appealing, the Chinese model is a centralised state that operates concentration camps, is becoming increasingly domineering internationally and nationalistic combining this
  7. There needs to be serious consideration about what to do next regarding Trump for both the incoming administration, the current cabinet and Congress. They could invoke the 25th and remove him for the remainder of his presidency. Due to the brief amount of time he has left Trump would be unable to challenge this and that would be the end. Given the 25th is exercised due to someone being physically or mentally unable to exercise their duties this might give him some form of insanity defence if he was to be prosecuted. They could impeach and convict him and at this point there are only a handful
  8. I kind of feel sorry for Chorley if we do play the tie, cup ties are always about giving teams and players a chance to test themselves against those they wouldn't normally and I'm sure the victory will be soured if it's against what's not even our second string team. It's now put us into a no lose position, if we play and win it's great for the youngsters and if we lose it's no surprise really. I believe cup runs can be used as a tool to improve our league form but at this moment in time we're fighting for survival and potentially a couple of injuries from being in a really bad position so ris
  9. Viewing Wayne as the miracle cure after 8 games is the definition of short sighted. We've had good spells under Cocu as well, it is prudent to wait a bit longer and see if this is just a purple patch or a consistent turn.
  10. keep him as a backup as he's a solid player for this level but he should be moving away from a guaranteed first team position now. He works hard and will grab a few goals over the season to pitch in and contribute which is useful and he seems to be a good influence around the club. If we were looking at players to ship out Marriott and Lawrence would be first on my radar rather than Waghorn.
  11. It ended up being an agreed upon decision but my hand was kind of forced when they said they could no longer really support me being on campus and they really felt it was the correct decision so they were pushing for it which was entirely accurate in the end. The university had given me a lot of support and by taking a year out it allowed me to come back much stronger at the university and with continued support at the university I finished my undergrad and masters there.
  12. I think the Ibe situation is something that needs to be looked at by the club- has he actually made a first team appearance as of yet this season as I can't think of a game he's played in... Others have made reference to his mental health struggles and giving him a chance. I'm sympathetic to this as I've had my own quite serious MH struggles in the past, however simply lumping him on the payroll if he's unfit to perform is not doing him nor the club any good. My university forced me to take time off when I wasn't fit to attend as I still wanted to keep going- but they saw it was not in my best
  13. I've not voted as there is no middle ground between yes and no, despite initially being a firm no there has to be a shift given recent events. There has been an upward swing in the performances since the Brentford game- we are looking more dynamic, threatening and solid at the back. How much of this is due to returning players, the mac having some guiding influence on a young inexperienced coach and Rooney's overall performance it's hard to tell. I'm still not a firm yes as it is only 8 games, he has no experience and despite our upturn in form we are still only a point or two above relegation
  14. We appointed a manager who had a style completely antithetical to the one we were playing... Pearson was always going to be a risk for that reason and his infamous temper that gets away from him. If we'd stuck with him for more than 12 games or so it might have worked out but we'll never know. Just because Pearson did not work out does not invalidate the argument we should be looking ideally for someone with more experience than wayne rooney to manage the club.
  15. It's interesting as Klopp clearly is a very funny energetic guy- Bielsa comes across more like a weird guru borderline cult leader who'll get his players motivated in that way. So, he'll force players out who won't sign up to the programme and create a cohesive squad mentality- similar to Mourinho in that regard I guess. Again, this itself has problems as Mourinho and lesser managers such as Billy Davies who create a similar atmosphere have learned. I don't think he's underperformed but he's not working miracles with the squad he has got either this year so far. Leeds have spent quite sig
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