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  1. I've read a couple of journal articles on crowd impact specifically and the evidence seems to be mixed with different effects in different sports. I think one of the articles i found didn't see a discernible effect in football but did in basketball.
  2. I miss everything about it really. The walk to the ground, the pre match pint, putting a bet on and for 90 minutes removing almost all my social filters and being sucked into the game.
  3. Anya's a really good player at this level for a team who fit his playing style so I actually don't have any sympathy with the argument 'he's doing the smart thing'. If he was completely useless and out of his depth where his other options would be a non-league club I would be more sympathetic to that argument. He's actually not doing the smart thing, he's wasted 3 years of what is a very short career getting paid a little more than what he'd otherwise get paid at another club at the same level (whilst playing football) which would still be more than enough to set him and his family up for life. It's even more surprising given that he was first playing non-league, then for Wycombe and Northampton and then had to go over to Glenn Hoddle's academy in Spain before getting a contract at Granada and moving onto Watford. If he has kids in the next 30 years are they going to ask about how his bank balance is slightly higher than it otherwise might have been or are they going to ask about his time on the pitch? For a good part of his career he'll have absolutely nothing of note to say. Personally, if i was in that situation no i wouldn't doss around and do nothing for 3 years whilst getting paid an outrageous sum of money. If it was clear i could no longer get in the first team I would pack my bags to try and get my career back on track. I'm amazed he doesn't feel such embarrassment every time he rocks up to the training ground that he can't stand it anymore and asks to leave. He should find a club at this level who would still pay him thousands of pounds a week and if he was really desperate for the cash sort out an arrangement where Derby will pay a percentage of his desired earnings over the next couple of years. Yes the club were foolhardy in offering overinflated wages and this is a lesson hopefully those involved will learn from. However, to simply toss aside personal responsibility, respect and pride for oneself and for your profession on the basis that a naive party gave you the chance to take advantage and now they want to rectify it you actively refuse strikes me as selfish and continually taking advantage of the club and its fans.
  4. It's clearly a joke between friends which is probably partly to do with being upset that he's been loaned out. We've all said and done stupid things with friends which I'm sure would paint us in a bad light if it got out. However, given what happened at the beginning of the year you'd have thought he'd have been more careful.. at least make sure you're not being filmed when saying it.
  5. I really enjoyed peterborough when I wen was a cracking atmosphere and was nice to stand on an actual terrace. Been to Wembley a few times and as long as I'm not in the top tier I think it's a really good experience. Wasn't a fan of the old Ashton Gate when i went but would like to give it another go, Elland Road is a weird one as it's a good stadium but it's the only time i've ever really felt pretty nervous after a game. I liked Luton when i went in 06 season, bit like peterborough very old fashioned and close to the pitch although there is 0 leg room. Stoke would be good if it wasn't for the wind blowing in the ground which makes you absolutely freezing.... Been to Old Trafford a few times and it's a great ground but not so great if you're in the away end and don't like heights.... also went to Anfield the year we got relegated but i was so young i can barely remember it. Barnsley is always a good trip and if we take a few thousand sheff wednesday is always fun just because of easy access to the pubs, actually prefer it to sheff united as a ground i think.. although it is close. Preston is a nice ground and i always stop over with a mate in lancaster when i go so i have a good time no matter what. Although getting back last year was a nightmare. City ground used to be good when we had a big allocation and i saw the 10 man win live so i'll always enjoy that... Really don't love Birmingham, Ipswich nor Blackburn really but they're the only ones i can think of that i actively don't like. Even though at Blackburn i saw a cracking 3-2 win....
  6. Thankfully I wasn't in Leeds at the time as had come home the day before, if i had been in Leeds I'd have probably got my head kicked in. Remember me watching it on my laptop my mum listening to it on the radio and both going crazy... Luckily the neighbours were understanding and even texted us congratulations. Don't think i got to sleep until about 5.00am and just kept replaying it over and over.... Spent the next week trying to get tickets and came up trumps with a few days to go. It's in the top 3 games since I've been a Derby fan.... the others being play off semi at home vs southampton and 10 men vs forest both of which i was at.
  7. Loved listening to it and cannot wait to hear the second part. How we didn't get promoted in either 13-14/14-15 I'll never quite know. It took an amazing only Derby size amount of bad luck for us not to have been promoted with the squads we had in those two seasons. McClaren as a manager is very topsy turvy, when he gets it right he's able to do incredible things like win championships as he did in Holland but it's a big big risk and one that often goes horribly wrong. It's always tempting to go back because of what he did but it's better to leave it in the past and remember it fondly.
  8. 1) Walking to the ground looking at the hordes of other Derby fans like ants 2) getting to my seat and looking out at the pitch 3) singing come on Derby 4) the roar when we score 5) a crunching tackle which fires up a game 6) winning in the play off semi final against southampton. 7) seeing Derby play at wembley twice, winning once and losing once. Very different days and experiences given i was 13 when we beat west brom and 25 when i went down to see us against Villa. Had a cracking day for our game against Villa even though we lost. 8. spending time with my mum reminiscing about my dad who i used to go with and getting to do something we both really enjoy. 9. cardiff home match when we had rowett in charge, singing white christmas as we were romping home to victory. 10. beating man utd in carling cup semi final first leg, absolutely dominated a cracking team and were unlucky not to get more.
  9. It will be interesting to see what happens if/when this is actually done.
  10. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much b4. Maybe try watching your favourite shows online, video calling friends and family and doing something you enjoy. Try to take advantage of your daily allowance of exercise as well. I know it's tricky, i'm currently struggling but hopefully it won't be for too much longer.
  11. I've not had as much time for football this year due to work commitments but I'm still missing tuning in and listening/watching the game every Saturday and every other Tuesday/Wednesday. It's not that I'm frothing at the mouth craving it, I'm too busy for that atm but it's definitely in the back of my mind. It is something i think that grounds a lot of us, gives us some routine and is something we're all obviously very passionate about. For a lot of us it's how we meet up with our friends, for me it's often a chance to do something me and my mum both enjoy together. I'm not a massive fan of re-watching games either tbh so even though it's very thoughtful of Derby to put that service on it doesn't really do anything for me. I'm hoping next season (whenever that is) I'll be in a financial position to either buy a season ticket or attend a lot more games than for a while and I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. I haven't travelled abroad in several years so I'm not exactly sure since brexit what the deal is with healthcare in europe now.. i know we used to be part of a generalised health insurance scheme but i presume that we no longer are?
  13. Well no at least it's not free if you're not a Qatari citizen just like if i got ill in Spain i don't believe it would be covered at the moment without insurance either. Yes Qatar actually would, getting the world cup is a massive soft power boost for them which is why they tried to get it in the first place. It's why they QSI own PSG and sponsored Barecelona.
  14. I would imagine since Qatar is a very rich gulf country with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world the local health service is pretty good.
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