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  1. Nah, because I'm really badly dyspraxic I didn't bother as I struggle with touch screens and stuff 🙂 It definitely marks me out as a bit of a weirdo though
  2. I don't have a smartphone is my vaccine card sufficient for my vaccine passport?
  3. I might put 50 quid on it just to console me if the worst does happen. We will likely need to find an additional couple of wins this season (when was the last time a team got 44 points and survived?) and given our points total was heavily indebted to a 10-12 game run where we wracked up the points that does make me queasy going forward. If we don't score more goals we're down this year and I'm struggling to see where they are coming from atm.
  4. Bogle has already played in the premiership....
  5. The stats don't come anywhere close to suggesting Buchanan is a better attacking option than Bogle so I'm not sure where you've got that idea. Buchanan's form dropped off to the point that an ageing forsyth replaced him as both defensively and going forward he lost his mojo. That is to be almost expected in a player that up until this season has barely played in the first team. I'm not denying Buchanan's got the potential to be a good left back at this level he has, but Bogle broke through to the first team 2 years earlier, has wracked up a lot more appearances, played at a higher level, and got proportionally twice as many assists as Buchanan and scored more goals.
  6. Bogle is still only the same age as Buchanan and has more than twice the appearances under his belt including a spell in the premier league. Buchanan has 3 assists in 40 league games and no goals, Bogle has 14 assists in 93 league games and 5 goals including 2 in the premier league. For the same age, Bogle is a much more polished and better player than Buchanan because he broke through 2 years earlier than Buchanan and has had a lot more experience of first team football. If i had to only have Bogle or Buchanan, I'd have Bogle every day of the week.
  7. Ngl I did have a smile when reading that first paragraph. That should have been our tactic or throw our shoes at the opposition in a desperate bid to put them off.
  8. Buchannan isn't as good as Bogle was for us but due to our current situation I wouldn't be selling him right now. Otherwise, it's just another signing we need to make with our current limitations
  9. who doesn't love beating up someone who has an opposing view.... 😂😭
  10. It's whether these young players are good enough to make it at this level. Very few players have the ability to do it consistently and well especially at age of 20/21. In maybe the last 2 decades we've had Huddlestone, Hughes, Hendrik and Bogle that I can think of from my immediate memory that were good second division players and they came through even earlier than that. There is no evidence that Watson or Stretton are good enough to make it at this level atm and we can't be relying on those players to save us. Having a batch of youngsters was a miserable failure last season and it's hard to see how it'll be different this year. I think a sprinkling of academy talent is a good idea, relying upon it to the degree you're suggesting I think could doom us.
  11. I'm really hoping Sibley can get his mojo back as a number 10. It might be that his breakout season under Cocu can't be repeated as he's struggling to make that step up once teams are wise to him. This isn't unusual with younger players but hopefully he can prove his worth at this level. The fact he couldn't get a starting slot against Man Utd though doesn't exactly speak volumes for his chances this season. As for others, Bird and Knight both had poor seasons when they did appear last season so hopefully they can make good on their promise under Cocu. Again, it could be that second season syndrome kicked in for these players- the fact that a totally average Graham Shinnie wasn't just our best midfield player but player of the season highlights the poor seasons they had.
  12. time to load up my football manager and get the plan of action ready 😉
  13. Nothing could go wrong with roy mac serving up the half time oranges and jelly tots
  14. Okay, I think that's fair enough. My only potential disagreement would be last season I think we had the second best defence in the bottom half of the table. The big 'if' factor to that is how important Clarke was to that record I think. If he was a substantial reason for it then we're in big trouble. Going forward was where we were desperately bad, not only did we not create much but we weren't particularly potent when we did. In that sense I'd suggest the urgency is more towards fixing a broken front line and midfield that produced nothing than a backline that did a not spectacular but not shambolic job either. I can't contest your argument about Baldock's numbers though, it feels like there are no good options here.
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