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  1. As exciting as it is having him here (I still remember watching him play for england at old trafford a fair few times when he was immense) I do think the move is littered with potential problems
  2. It is extremely exciting having rooney at the club. He was an amazing player and even though he's past his peak he should be more than adequate for us. He's had a really good time in the MLS which is probably equivalent to the championship in general. I don't think he'll be as good as some people think he will and i definitely don't want him sitting in cm. I also think if Cocu does end up going in the next 18 months we cannot be tempted to give rooney the gig it'd be an unmitigated disaster.
  3. I like a lot of people aren't feeling as excied as previous years. It could be that not having been a season ticket holder for so many years is finally starting to take its toll on my enthusiasm. Then again I think for me it's because i don't think this will be the season but it feels like a run up for next season when everything is in place for another run at promotion. It could also be that last season was a lot of fun in so many ways and there was such a connection with the team. This year it hasn't clicked in the same way.
  4. I'd say why would he go back to Holland at a smaller club than PSV but I also said there was no way Lampard would go to chelsea and look how that turned out...
  5. watched the game on sky and i think we're showing definite signs of improvement. It's not perfect and it's not where we want it to be but it's certainly getting better. Forest didn't really seem to have much of a sniff at our goal except from a couple of shots outside the area and one corner. On another day we'll win that game 1 or 2-0. We're developing as a side and it's starting to come together. This season i think is a write off, the squad isn't quite good enough and we'll still need a fair few games to really master this new style we're implementing.
  6. Same, god knows how we stuck it out this long
  7. Nah Leeds and Millwall definitely top the 'hate' chart of other fans.
  8. I find it amazing that we've fired the guy who was in the passenger seat.... If it's about his behaviour then unless something has been completely misreported in the press the club don't have a leg to stand on. If it's about his potential contribution to the team then Bennett should have been immediately sacked and Lawrence should have had his wages cut down to about 500 quid a week. I don't like the way we've treated him in this episode given that he's played in almost every game for the past 8-9 years. Yes he made an idiotic mistake and yes there should be some form of punishment but we shouldn't have fired him unless we were willing to let all of them go.
  9. Leeds Ram


    still remember losing 0-5 at home to west ham's reserve team during the 07-08 season. The 1-4 at home to scunthorpe who at the time had the worst away record in the league was pretty brutal as well. That was the day i thought we'd be relegated with the club seemingly going into meltdown with that infamous savage radio Derby interview as well.
  10. Leeds Ram

    Terrorist or not?

    aha well at least our government doesn't bomb us gas us or shot us into submission if we don't agree with them 😉 Makes you realise despite my despair over the whole brexit issue how lucky we are to be able to vote who we want out and have these massive disagreements.
  11. Leeds Ram

    Terrorist or not?

    I'm not going to engage any further. There's no point in my view and nothing productive could come of it except me using some very angry and emotive language as well as posting videos of victims which are hideous to watch and people don't need to see.
  12. Leeds Ram

    Terrorist or not?

    elected... you mean in the election he won like 98% support because obviously it's a totally free and fair election... Ba'athism has its ideological roots in European fascism which David Roberts has done a lot of work on. Not at all, I don't hate Russia but i do dislike Putin and i do dislike the bombing of hospitals and supporting a man who gasses his own people because of geo-political interests. No it wasn't, seriously read Robin Yassin Kassab on this or Syrian notebooks by Johnathan little or the impossible revolution Yassin Saleh or the syria dilemma by numerous academics or Syria's uprising by Emile Hokayem. Any of these highlight the fact it wasn't initially a violent uprising and even the violence which did spawn from the uprisings was initially defensive. They also examine the organic nature of the uprisings which share some characteristics of the Arab Springs in other country. Syria's history is fractured with sectarianism both inside government and outside of it. Describing it as secular ignores these very real sub-national identities. Sorry Shabiha it's been a long day. They're not sunni muslim militia's but are armed sectarian gangs who used to be incorporated into Riifat's defence forces. It's the attempt by the Assad regime to sectarianise the conflict and force the religious minorities to think of the revolution as a threat to their livelihoods and ability to live in Syria. This is especially the case since the Assad regime relies upon a patchwork of tribal, religious and a merchant class to survive.
  13. We'll need to be better than we were against wigan to take the points i think. We seem to have a good record against hull so maybe this is what can kick start our poor away form.
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