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  1. Yeah, you're right i think on the committee but that generally breaks in favour of the government (even after the relatively recent reforms I believe). I think it's an interesting question on their power, the SC's decision was highly controversial partly because some saw it as overstepping their constitutional role. It's certainly been argued the reforms have set in motion a train that will lead to greater independence of the judiciary and challenging Parliament in areas that were previously unforseen.
  2. The Supreme Court was created to try and separate out the judiciary from the legislature by giving them a building of their own and stripping the lord chancellor of some of their capacities such as the ability to sit as a judge. Critically, the supreme court in this country doesn't function as the court in the US due to our uncodified constitution that's a result of the premise that Parliament is ultimately sovereign i.e., no one Parliament can bind a future Parliament. The court cannot for instance overturn primary legislation which makes it far less important as a law body than the US Supreme court. That's what I remember from my UK politics uni classes and A levels at least.
  3. Quite possibly it was more divided than I know of but simply anecdotally I can't remember hearing a single positive thing about Ashley in the past few years from a couple of Newcastle supporting fans I'm on decent terms with and the clamour to see him go seemed pretty universal from what I could tell. Certainly, i don't think it was anywhere near as complex or divided as it was with Arsenal and wenger.
  4. Again look back beyond the last 20 years with the crowds and the story becomes more complex. They may have big support but the fact remains Newcastle are not a historically successful club, they had a brief run when they were in the top 4/5 teams in the country but like most regional clubs it didn't last and they didn't win anything. I don't deny leicester or west ham fans were moaning but not to the extent that newcastle fans have been going on and that is still largely entitled nonsense from both those fan bases for my money.
  5. I mean from knowing a few arsenal fans the majority from what i gather tend to think the one's clamouring for Arsene to go were absolutely embarrassing and needed to pipe down. That makes it slightly different from the almost unanimous feeling amongst the Newcastle fanbase that Ashley was a penny pinching devil 'killing' the club. I agree with you about the board though their reaction has been embarrassing, ditto with the man utd fans raging against their ownership until they bought ronaldo etc.
  6. For 300k we might as well take a stab at it. I can't imagine it'll get anywhere but if it does those 12 points will end up being precious. If they tack on another 9 we're done anyway and no way will we survive that. I personally am not overly optimistic about surviving the 12 point penalty as it is, after-all once winter comes around with injuries and fixtures piling up the thin squad is going to creak and show in our points tally but we need to make a fist of it.
  7. They've had 11 top 10 finishes in the past 60 years and 7 of them have been in the past 20. They had a good run in the 90's when the playing field levelled out and they had a top manager but those days have been gone since 2003, 4 years before the dreaded Ashley takeover. They've had 2 relegations that have led to them bouncing straight back up and let's be honest Newcastle are no strangers to the second division either. They've had a higher net spend than Leicester in the last 5 years according to one source that I've seen and spent 65 million in 2019/2020 so it's not like Ashley has completely turned the money pump off. I just don't really have much time for a fan base constantly moaning how badly they've had it when they've been largely in the premier league, had 2 stints in the second division where they've blasted the league and had a net spend of 125 million pounds which puts them slap bang in the middle of the division they're competing in.
  8. I don't think newcastle are as big as they think they are but am sure the same could be said for most teams. In the premier league it's a bit of a different ball game now with regards to league position. They've fluctuated and tend to be a mid-table team which is traditionally their place in the pyramid which doesn't justify the outcry from the fans. They've had a higher net spend than leicester over the past 5 years so it's not like Ashley has denied them any funds at all, it's just he's not willing to break the bank.
  9. If by traditionally been a major club you mean they had a good run in the 90's then fair enough but that's all they've had. Now, they're exactly where they have been for pretty much the entirety of the last 50 years. Between 1966-2006 they had 11 top 10 finishes with all but 3 coming in the 1993-2006 era. That's not a sign they're a big club competing at the top historically and have recently fallen off their perch but rather they had a good run for a decade like a lot of teams but that it was out of the norm historically for them. If Derby managed to finish mid-table in the prem each year, spend 125 million net in 5 years and have the odd run at Europe we'd mostly be very happy with that. I doubt any of us would be wallowing in misery demanding the chairman out and pretending somehow we're the most hard done club in the entire football league shouting at others that 'you haven't had to experience it' like it's some kind of torture.
  10. Having delusions of grandeur is not unique to Newcastle but they're one of the worst fanbases for demanding results. There's absolutely nothing outside of the number of fans they've had in the last 20 years to suggest they should be doing anything more than they are. The overdramatic, whiny ' woe is me' campaign against Ashley and anything he did was about as self entitled and narcissistic as I can imagine from a fan base. Now they've got what they want, a big money move that will catapult them into the top echelons of the division but of course it's not the glory it's just they want a club that 'tries'... apparently a 125 million pound net spend over the past 5 years wasn't trying.
  11. I appreciate where you're coming from but you're massively cherry picking your league places to justify your claim about Ashley and a 'lack of ambition'. You're missing out that a lot of those excellent league finishes happened before big money arrived in football and some of the latter ones in the early noughties were under Bobby Robson. Once he left in 03/04 your league finishes mostly replicate what's happened under Ashley. Indeed, in 2011 under the horrible ownership of Mike Ashley you achieved the highest league position since Bobby Robson left. It's alright to say Ashley lucked out in the squad and manager he got but he bought that squad and manager in the first place. He didn't sell them off for parts exactly did he. It won't be years until you're on a level footing with spurs, west ham, everton, west ham or villa and 2 of those clubs have had relatively recent spells in the second division just like yours. I'm not denying that Ashley is a hard nosed businessman that wasn't willing to plough money into the club but your numbers again are cherry picked. In the last 5 years you've had a net spend of 125 million pounds which is around 13th in the premier league. You've had a higher net spend than Leicester in the previous 5 years according to some reports.
  12. 'mighty juche loving Derby smash worthless capitalist opponents' I can see it now 😂
  13. Let's get the North Koreans on board, I'm sure they're desperate for a people's republic of Derby team... 😉
  14. I mostly read political theory and history with some novels and other politics books thrown in too. On the history side I tend to dig into American political history, intellectual history, modern middle eastern history, the second world war, and ancient history. I am trying to read more novels than I used to so I can diversify my reading list somewhat. I do love the wolf hall trilogy (not an overall fan of Hilary Mantel), a bit of Dostoyevsky, Aldous Huxley, William Boyd, Hannah Yanagihara, Alaa Al Aswany, Hans Falada, Charles Dickens, Michel Houellebecq, Martin Amis (for the correct novel) william Boyd, and Bill Bryson (not fiction but he's such a fun read).
  15. Ideally you don't want these types of regimes involved with our football clubs but with Newcastle let's be honest it's especially nauseating. The way their fanbase goes on about Ashley you'd have thought he'd have shipped them down to the 4th division, sold off St James' for high rise flats and changed the strip to red and white. Instead, they've been kept in the Premier League and the two times they did get relegated they spent 10's of millions to get back up and win the league in style. They haven't won anything for going on almost 70 years I believe so shouldn't have any realistic expectations of trophies beyond their own belief that they're 'massive'. Yet, the celebrations aren't about them winning apparently it's merely about 'having a club to be proud of' i.e., they were getting mardy they weren't winning enough and think they'll now buy the league. Maybe it'll all blow up in their faces but I somehow can't see it. The national economy of Saudi is pretty shoddily built and the sovereign wealth fund the last time I checked was a cornerstone of their plan for economic viability going forward. But even if they spend even a fraction of the wealth they have going forward it's going to be hard to conceive they're not going to be a force even if they're badly mismanaged.
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