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    Millenniumram reacted to DCFC27 in Kaide Gordon   
    Getting regular first team game time under Rooney or play in Man United under 18s... I’d like to think given the same opportunity I’d want to play first team football but as a 16 year old if your taken around carrington meeting the likes of OGS and other man United legends and players you can see it would be difficult to turn down and he might really back himself. 
    If he has the same head in his shoulders that Bellingham and sancho did, I’d be really impressed, they’ve gone to a club where they will give them a chance. 
    Hopefully he stays and gets a crack at the first team for for a couple of years, then we can get a big fee for him. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to Tyler Durden in If you train right you'll be in me thoughts.   
    Vacuous new manager hyperbole. 
    Never heard a new manager say I'm going to come in and and make a total gash job of things and wee the transfer budget up the wall on dross.
    Least we've got a manager now I suppose can't think who else would have wanted this job otherwise. Jury is still out on Rooney for me.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Grimbeard in Blue shorts   
    Eh? Has summat 'appened?
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from BaaLocks in Jordon Ibe   
    Was thinking of how best to word it, might not have done the best job!
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from jono in Where does the money go?   
    Yeah 100% with you here, I absolute despise FFP. I hate any sort of restriction they put in place which stops clubs spending what they want to - FFP, wage caps or whatever else. Who are the EFL to decide what owners want to do with their money?! And they claim it’s financial fair play. There isn’t a thing fair about it. Just keeps the status quo, by giving relegated sides a huge advantage in getting back to the Premier League. All whilst punishing clubs like ours when we dare to try to keep up. Load of utter baalocks. 
    Many things rile me up, but FFP is right toward the top of the list 😂
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    Millenniumram reacted to Anag Ram in Tom Lawrence   
    Wayne will touch him, then he'll go. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to AutoWindscreens in Rooney and Mcclaren   
    I'll see your Macca-Rooney, and I'll raise you a Conte

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    Millenniumram reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Abu Derby County   
    Do we qualify for a new manager bounce? 🤣
    A positive one, not like Big Sam and his 0-5 special......
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    Millenniumram reacted to jono in Where does the money go?   
    This is the thing that makes FFP P and S such a laugh. .. you have at any one time between 6 and 9 teams with parachute payments .. so if they have drawn up decent relegation clauses in their players wages they get a free hit on the FFP regs .. they just don’t apply. Then you say to the remainder .. sod your sugar Daddy .. go to war with these 3-9 clubs but we are rationing your bullets so we can play fair ... play fair with who ? The teams on Parachute payments or the teams with skint owners .. make your minds up EFL... and in the back ground is the EPL .. dangling a carrot for those wanting to mortgage their house to a pay day loan company and provide plucky cannon fodder for the elite .
    FFP ? .. garbage. 
    we have to have a choice ... regulate the entire industry correctly or let’s have a free for all so the market can decide .. FFP isn’t sport, it isn’t regulation it’s pure market manipulation .. hiding under a false flag .. it’s dishonest 
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    Millenniumram reacted to europia in Where does the money go?   
    I assume that Mr Morris was convinced that if you threw enough money at ch'ship club, promotion could be achieved. He is obviously a clever and successful businessman to be worth over £500m. However that strategy proved to be flawed and Mr Morris has decided to cut his losses. It's beginning to look like the only prospective buyer may actually have less net worth than our current owner. With that in mind, I really don't understand how this prospective buyer is motivated. It's obviously not emotional, and certainly not an investment likely to yield profit.
    I have some acquaintances involved in setting businesses up in the middle east. With the right contacts, there is big money to be made in wholesale / retail in that region. It wouldn't be too ambitious to suggest that with funds circa  £60m, an investor could get a fantastic return on his money and pay very little in corporate taxation. In contrast, buy a football club in the EFL Ch'ship and lose your money, or someone else's in the bargain. This begs the question; what is the ulterior motive??
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    Millenniumram reacted to Mick Brolly in Ted McMinn   
    Good news i understand that Ted has now returned home to continue his recovery.
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    Millenniumram reacted to StarterForTen in Abu Derby County   
    Or perhaps Mel B?
    He now owns a quarter is the Spice Girls’ back catalogue.
    I tell you what I want, what I really, really want...
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    Millenniumram reacted to Tombo in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    Wayne formulating his grand plan to usurp the throne

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    Millenniumram got a reaction from DarkFruitsRam7 in Jordon Ibe   
    Rooney mentioned it in his presser. 
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from Ted McMinn Football Genius in Jordon Ibe   
    To be fair, we don’t know that his Instagram story was anything to do with football.
    Either way up, whatever the issue is, I hope he’s doing ok. Hopefully he’s got people around him to support him through whatever is going on. Never nice to see someone in a dark place.
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    Millenniumram reacted to oomarkwright in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    Just appointed full time 
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Jordon Ibe   
    Sounds like it might not be anything too serious if they’re talking about the prospect of him returning to training. I was beginning to think there was a serious possibility of him being sacked a la Keogh.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Nuwtfly in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    Who do you think? 

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    Millenniumram reacted to CornwallRam in Jordon Ibe   
    He was mad enough to join Derby County...twice
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    Millenniumram reacted to QuitYourJibbaJivin in Abu Derby County   
    Certainly covered all basis there 😂
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    Millenniumram reacted to Bubbles in Jordon Ibe   
    Sorry for making a new thread and I’m not sure whether this is the best thing to do but thought this way it would get the most attention and hopefully someone either from the club or who knows him will see this easier.
    @Owen87ITKor anyone else in the club please give him a call, he’s blacked out his instagram profile pic, uploaded a video with the caption “what a life” to his story and you can hear he’s been crying/upset.
    Please someone.
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Duane Holmes   
    Think that’s just a standard reply not to give anything away. I’m certain he’ll be on his way.
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