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    Millenniumram got a reaction from Highgate in Messi Magic   
    Fantastic movement from him, knows exactly where he needs to be, and where he needs to play the ball. That’s why he’s the greatest there’s ever been.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Stuniverse in Academy Thread 20/21   
    Yes, I forgot the U23s were playing and that kind of explains Conor Dixon being a surprise on the first-team bench. Left the U23s stretched between fulfilling this fixture and filling out the first-team bench. Given that this was away in Brighton and the U18s were away in Blackburn the following day there wasn’t really an option to involve more U18s and, as it was, the U18s had to use Trialists and U15s to fill out their squad.
    Cashin was captain and the U23s were a player short on their bench with Sykes-Kenworthy our other sub.
    From the highlights on the official site, with a Brighton commentator, it sounds like Derby U23s started brightly. At one point the commentator says Brighton can’t get out of their own half, but an own goal, and then a soft goal, and it was an uphill task after that.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Academy Thread 20/21   
    More on Harry Hawkins on the official site.
    Captained the U11s as they won the EFL Kids Cup in 2017. Guess that makes him a member of the U15 squad.
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    Millenniumram reacted to angieram in Academy Thread 20/21   
    Get well soon, Archie!
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    Millenniumram reacted to Abu Derby in Luke Jephcott   
    Linked with the mighty Rams apparently. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to Coneheadjohn in Most cynical foul ever?   
    Tackle is about 1 minute 40.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Oldben in Luke Jephcott   
    5 million certainly seems an easy buy for Derby.
    But an issue might be his recent form ...
    I would prefer the club signed Clarke-Harris from Peterborough. For me, that would be a real sign of intent.
    Clarke-harris would probably cost more but I think cheaper than buying one of the top 4 championship strikers.
    I believe that derbys new owners would have the capital to buy those kinds of strikers and would want to see the club promoted quickly.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Olton Ram in Craig Bryson   
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    Millenniumram reacted to tinman in Craig Bryson   
    Starting up his own Estate Agents
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    Millenniumram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Nigel Clough   
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    Millenniumram reacted to rynny in Who is watching Rotherham today?   
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    Millenniumram reacted to Chester40 in Who is watching Rotherham today?   
    Think I may have a watch....how depressing! 
    Least it's football with some interest and something riding on it. 
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    Millenniumram reacted to JoetheRam in Messi Magic   
    Probably not in the top 500 goals scored this season.
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    Millenniumram reacted to Dimmu in Messi Magic   
    2011-12 he was alrightish.

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    Millenniumram reacted to Highgate in Messi Magic   
    Quite a goal by Messi in the Spanish Cup Final.   You might want to mute the commentators ! 
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    Millenniumram reacted to maydrakin in Big Dave Health Watch   
    It comes from his time at WBA, when a particular pot noodle advert was doing the rounds...
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    Millenniumram reacted to Cisse in Most cynical foul ever?   
    I still hate Roy Keane, an absolute douchebag
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    Millenniumram got a reaction from rynny in Aidy Boothroyd   
    Thank Christ for that, and about bloody time. He’s done an absolutely terrible job, and has been doing for years. Shocking from the FA to leave a dinosaur like him working with our best young talents for such a long time. Time to get someone in who’s an actual decent coach now, to improve the future stars coming through, and hope that Boothroyd hasn’t broken them too much...
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    Millenniumram reacted to DCFClks in Relegation watch   
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    Millenniumram reacted to 66DegreesNorth in Relegation watch   
    .....'We're not going down'
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    Millenniumram reacted to Ramarena in Relegation watch   
    We do if we smash 8 goals in every game............................

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    Millenniumram reacted to HorsforthRam in Relegation watch   
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    Millenniumram reacted to Nuwtfly in Relegation watch   
    As things stand...

  24. COYR
    Millenniumram reacted to hintonsboots in Relegation watch   
    I’m trying to stay optimistic. I can see us getting 2 or 3 wins in the last four games. Particularly fancy Swansea away, as they will have cemented their play off place by then, and won’t want any unnecessary injuries going into the semi. Rotherham v Boro worries me, for obvious reasons 🤫.
    The team need to give everything though, to break away from the League 1 tractor beam. “ I canna give it anymore captain”, is what I expect from Shinnie and co. Let’s win it in midfield...COYR.

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    Millenniumram reacted to DCFC1388 in Relegation watch   
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