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    Andrew3000 reacted to Duracell in Louie Sibley   
    I have this feeling that we didn't start Sibley last season for the same reason Southgate was reluctant to start Grealish for much of the Euros. Both managers felt that their attacking threat did not override their defensive shortcomings - or that other players were simply better at that kind of thing. 
    This conservatism is the best and worst thing about our footballing culture. It is the reason England men's team reached its first final in over half a century, and it is why we lost it.
    Sibley would be my first name on the team sheet. Screw clean sheets. Screw tracking back. Let our dinosaurs at the back sort out his mess and just outscore the opposition.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Jourdan in Our own song (yes this again)   
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Archied in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Again from personal experience I know far more people who have caught it after double jab than before vaccines 🤷🏻‍♂️,
    the problem with the government and their appointed scientist is it’s pretty near impossible to trust them and their stats ,models and policies that change at the drop of a hat for no apparent reason, the whole kids don’t spread it and not at risk to vaccinating children being just one unsupported flip flop 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Archied in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Could be wrong but has the patent run out now so it can be manufactured and sold by other companies much much cheaper and not exclusive to the company that developed it?
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    Andrew3000 reacted to uttoxram75 in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    I've still not had mine. I've been around people who have had Covid and and I believe me and my family all had it back in Jan/Feb 2020.
    I'm respectful around others and keep my distance as much as possible when out and about. We have to wear masks at work in the factory although other factories (JCB at Rocester) are relaxing that rule from 6th September.
    I don't do Ivermectin, I don't do any drugs if I can help it apart from alcohol. I don't try and convince anyone else not to have the jab. I just quietly get on with my life as best I can, at the moment the only thing I can't do is go abroad. 
    I know of two people who have died after having their jabs, both had underlying problems, maybe if they'd caught covid they would have died anyway but we'll never know. One was 48 and one 58.
    Seven people I work with are currently off with covid. Two have serious symptoms, struggling to breathe although not hospitalised as yet, all are double jabbed.
    Two other colleagues are off with adverse reactions to the jab, both had blood clots and were treated as emergencies at the time although they seem to be out of trouble now but still weak and resting.
    I know one person who had a hernia at the start of lockdown and couldn't get treated due to hospitals not wanting to do face to face appointments. He ended up paying privately through Nuffield because of the extreme pain he was in and got his operation. He came back to work this week and is now worried to death about paying off his hospital bill. He's come back to work early on restricted duties to start earning again.
    Just my recent experiences working in a factory of nearly 600 people.
    There's no conclusion as such, just a post to say that don't treat all unvaccinated people as if they are the enemy and to recognise there is a potential problem for many people who have not been treated for other illnesses during this period due to the restrictions.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Sparkle in Sheff Utd vs Derby County Matchday Thread (league cup)   
    Hat trick for Morgan Whittaker tonight by the way - nice goals 
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    Andrew3000 got a reaction from Pearl Ram in Sheff Utd vs Derby County Matchday Thread (league cup)   
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    Andrew3000 reacted to jono in Sheff Utd vs Derby County Matchday Thread (league cup)   
    Just what he and we needed. Brilliant … now I want Joz to get one so both of them are full to the brim on Saturday 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ellafella in Sheff Utd vs Derby County Matchday Thread (league cup)   
    Don’t care if we lose. Derby playing hungrily. Nice football. Bite. Hunger. Skill. Courage. Haven’t seen this for a while. Great to watch. And this is the reserves. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to ossieram in Sheff Utd vs Derby County Matchday Thread (league cup)   
    This will be a massive boost to Sibleys confidence. 
  14. COYR
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Eatonram in Embargo.   
    Less than a week ago the EFL mentioned constructive talks, clearly something has been submitted, it is hard to imagine the club would ignore the deadline and sanction imposed by the DC after those constructive talks. Neither the Club or EFL are giving any more information which IMO can only mean they have agreed on this position. If the two parties had now gone back to opposing positions the Club would surely issue a statement contradicting the EFL as they have done before. For the time being I can't see how we should assume disaster from what we have heard today. It is just the drawn out nature that is so hard to bear.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to i-Ram in Embargo.   
    They probably have confirmed it. David, Jim Wheeler and Punjabi Rams were probably sent updates today, but they aren’t allowed to tell us. It’s in their NDA innit.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Anag Ram in Jagielka   
    It’s his age 😊
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    Andrew3000 reacted to NottsRam77 in Embargo.   
    Bang on roy
    People forget its a long relentless season , weve already picked up injuries in lawrence,knight and ckr.. and from what iv heard baldock went off with a slight strain.
    we need depth.. it shouldnt be at thr expense of the kids but at the same time its totally unfair to try and rely on them
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ramos in Embargo.   
    I’d say a striker, two wide players, a cb and a cm would do. Not sure what other three we need. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ellafella in Player Ratings #4 : vs Middlesbrough (H)   
    Roos………7. Very solid.
    Byrne……..6. Composed.
    Forsyth…..6. Reliable
    Jagielka…..8. Class. McFarland-like.
    Davies…….7. Assured. Tough.
    Shinnie…….7. Girder.
    Bird………….7. Finesse.
    Morrison…..8. Maestro.
    Jozwiak……7. Wisp-like
    Sibley……….6. Wasp-like
    Baldock…….6 Swift.
    Stretton…….6. Solid
    Watson (optional)….6. Busy.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to jono in Derby County vs Middlesbrough   
    I am very happy .. a win would have been better of course, but you can see the younger players getting better, stronger and more resilient as each game is played. Watson and Stretton .. let’s face it they are boys .. looked effective and hungry off the bench. Watson is a terrier of considerable finesse. Jack got hugged every time he was near the ball but their temperament was excellent. Either could start and I wouldn’t worry about them being over run.
    On to the game ! It was always going to be a tough one. Derby a bit short of front teeth playing a typical Warnock side full of gamesmanship ( AKA cheating ) and a ref who was so dim he couldn’t see it. … So, regardless of this, on the balance of play and chances, probably a fair result. ( That said I am wishing their No 7 an embarrassing stomach upset or something similar .. nasty little cheat who loved being being the east stands bad boy after he cheated his way to a throw in and a free kick ) 
    Shinnie .. cover so much ground and fought so hard, Morrison is one of those players like Sherringham .. space just appears around him magically. He is going to be so influential. Curtiss and Jags together remove the set piece jitters. Bird continues to prosper as he now knows he doesn’t always have to be covering the back 4 and can look forward. Everyone else did a sterling  job full of effort. Sibbo and Joz are nearly there .. they just need a goal each, then watch them go ! 
    South stand and fans in general … huge shift post Covid .. so much more noise and continuous support despite reduced numbers .. Great job, I am certain the players can feel it. 
    Right then, who’s got an axe for some tree felling duties next week ? 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to TexasRam in Derby County vs Middlesbrough   
    70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, the other 30% by Davies and Jagielka. Awesome today. 
    Davies our next manager, yes please Sir!  COYR🐏
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ramarena in Derby County vs Middlesbrough   
    He was available on a free 😁
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Bris Vegas in Derby County vs Middlesbrough   
    Derby have been the better team here.
    Our midfield has dominated. Max Bird showing class again. Sibley hasn't been in it, while Forsyth must have committed about seven fouls in that half. Boro haven't threatened at all.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ghost of Clough in Derby County vs Middlesbrough   
    Very well struck fk from Bird
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