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  1. The Derby squad is one of the smallest in the championship. I believe fans are required to have a vaccine certificate before going to the stadium. The uk news reports that a number of premier league and efl clubs are asking players to be allowed to ads to their contracts, that they have to be vaccinated against covid. If our team caught covid, I can't see survival as a real option, only relegation. Its my opinion, that the team is to weak to put in a strong performance in the coming season.
  2. Interesting rumour, our team begs the efl for help to be allowed to sign players because the teams to weak to survive instant relegation in the coming season. We get the right to sign crud free agent players, since we are not allowed to compete fairly by offering a decent wage. Now are all time foes forest, who want nothing more than to see us go into administration, devise a plan to sign one of our best remaining players in a position that we are already to weak in. If we sold buchanan does the efl allow us to reinvest the money in the short time thats left before the window closes in a decent new player on a full time contract to replace him. Forest is laughing at Derby, they will pay us to go into administration by buying buchanan. In answer to can we take an academy player and fill buchanans position if he leaves, a young inexperienced player and expect them to be exceptional through the season. Are Derby todays Manchester United. With so many required changes to the team is Rooney the right man to save the club, for that matter to ask an inexperienced manager to manage under these circumstances.
  3. Jaglieka is too old. Aluko is a reading cast of for good reason. Morrison is BIG risk, so many clubs where he's failed. These are players we would not approach under ordinary circumstances or else you are saying if the club had money it would be looking at players that no other championship clubs are looking at.
  4. Hm ... so basically the teams now in a position to sign the cast offs from other teams who no other clubs want to sign.
  5. Strikers: joe piggott or Paul mullin Defenders: 1. Ro-shaun Club: Shrewsbury Town Status: Released Age: 22 Appearances: 47 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 2. Callum Connolly Club: Everton Status: Released Age: 23 Appearances: 42 (on loan at Fleetwood Town) Goals: 2 Assists: 2
  6. Byrne transfer to Celtic doubtful given that Derby already extremely thin in all areas of the team and with the transfer embargo cant afford to lose another player in my opinion
  7. Derby County owner Mel Morris is facing a 'new financial crunch,' according to The Sun on Sunday, as he is compelled to cover the club's newest round of wages (18.07.21, pg. 61). A potential takeover of Pride Park has been discussed by an American consortium, but the deal is far from finalised, and Morris now faces a three-point penalty if he does not pay nearly £2 million in wages, says Alan Nixon. However, this new report contrasts with one from April, when Sky Sports reported that Morris had to pay a total wage bill of £1.2 million for the Derby County playing staff – this means that either the new £2 million figure includes £800,000 in non-playing staff, or the Rams' wage bill has nearly doubled since then. Doubtful, given that Derby currently have the skeleton of a first-team, making the above £2 million figure appear far too excessive for the existing roster. Derby County is still in limbo ahead of the forthcoming 2021/22 Championship season, in which they might start with a -3 point deficit.
  8. You would think Derby would make some money on kit sales. This will not help. Fanbanter rates championship team kits, no wonder we ranked so low.
  9. Simon Jordan makes sense on Ravel ... “I imagine the 13th club is going to be the making of him,” said Jordan sarcastically. “The clue is in the statistics. If you’ve played 98 games for 12 clubs over 11 years, scored 15 goals and had people talk about you in the most glowing of terms, like Rooney. “I think Sam Allardyce talked about his lack of professionalism. I don’t think the penny has dropped. If it hasn’t dropped at 28 or 26, it’s never going to drop."
  10. Baldock isn't a player you play up front on his own. Featured in 20 games last season, didn't score. Hes unlikely to get more than 5 goals in a season. Hes doesn't add anything to the team, but he is another player
  11. Even with the Royals’ shortage of wingers last term, Aluko was barely used by Veljko Paunovic and the only real chance Sam Baldock managed to get was when Lucas Joao and George Puscas were both out injured. A reading fan comments "Aluko still has something to offer but baldock is not a championship player. All I can say is Derby must be in a very dark place." And "Tell you what Aluko might not be a bad signing for them if he’s on 10k a week looked decent last season when he came on. As for baldock wouldnt want him if he was on a tenner"
  12. Derby COUNTY: Total market valuation of squad according to Transfermarkt: £43.65m. The Rams’ results for the year running from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018 report the club’s best-ever Championship turnover, in non-parachute payment years, of £29.6m, increasing by £600,000 compared to the previous year. Derby county match day income by year ... 2014: 6.1 million 2015: 7.9 million 2016: 8.3 million 2017: 8.7 million 2018: 9.1 million Derby county's commercial income ... 2013: 5.7 million 2014: 7.1 million 2015: 8.5 million 2016: 8.6 million 2017: 12.4 million 2018: 12.2 million When Derby were relegated from the premier league, they received a parachute payment of 29.1 million. Derby would need to get their operational costs under control, but i see that the profitability is something that should interest perspective owners of the club. In 2019/2020, Derby county had an average attendance at matches of 26850, which was the 4th largest. Promotion - Value of Winning the Championship play-off final and earning promotion to the Premier League is estimated at hundreds of millions of pounds. 2020, Deloitte suggests that victory in the play-off final could see an increase in revenue of between £135 million to £265 million, depending on whether a promoted team can avoid immediate relegation. Official figures for the 2018-19 season showed that broadcast revenue totalling £2.4 billion ($3bn) was distributed among the 20 clubs in the Premier League. Each club received £34.3m ($43.4m) in equal share payments, £43m ($54.4m) in international TV and £4.9m ($6.2m) in central commercial payments: a base line of roughly £82.5 million ($104.4m) per team, regardless of position. Conclusion: While there is risk in any investment, I see value in owning the club. Other championship team owners have gambled on the success of their clubs, why should Derby be any different.
  13. In my opinion Rooney was taken on as manager as an opportunity to encourage potential buyers. If that's back fired, then that's not on Rooney as he's not a tried and tested manager, not that helps the club. I dont think Mel will sack Rooney, thats an extra cost to Mel. I'm guessing, Mel's only goal at present is to sell the club. I'm not sure why the club sale is taking so long, surely the way forward is bringing in a football club sales specialist firm get them to find a buyer. Don't know how long Mel would want to keep funding the players wages, assuming he stops doing so the efl have made it clear the club have a 3 point deduction for every month the wages are not paid. That would relegate the club, assuming say you had two months when the wages were not paid. Just because Rooney is a former England player and has a lot of football knowledge, doesn't mean he will ever be a great manager. Not that it would happen, but I really wish lampard was the manager again.
  14. Jaglieka rumoured to be offered 22k per week. Thats crazy when there's obviously better players available
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