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  1. The teams clearly missing a quality striker, not draws will save us from the drop unless the 12 point deduction is overtime. Rooney is performing amazingly by getting draws, yet that doesn't bring in enough points for survival in my opinion. I dont see any of our current attacking players fulfilling the role of a top notch striker.
  2. Derby are threatened with another nine-point deduction for allegedly breaking accounting regulations. The independent appeal previously found no case to answer, and efl would have to show that their interpretation of the accounting laws is better than our auditors at the time, who submitted the accounts. I believe the efl can't do that, they can't remake accounting laws to fit what they think they should be.
  3. Sheffield wednesday had a 12 point deduction which was reduced to 6 points on appeal. There appeal was for different reasons than ours would be.
  4. History doesn't support reducing a points deduction to zero, its never happened. Derby are not walking away from this situation with zero points deducted, the efl want to make a statement.
  5. Under a scenario where derbys 12pts are reduced to 6pts on appeal. Derby would still face a further 9 point deduction from the efl. With the current squad and the transfer embargo plus not being allowed to offer high salaries for free transfers, how does Derby avoid the drop. The administrators are attempting to reduce the 12pts so as to keep potential new buyers keen. But if we end up on 15pts as summarised I think we still face the drop. I read that the administrators believe that with clubs current debt and ground ownership situation, only staying in the championship offers the potential of new owners. I think even if it was 15pts there's the further 3pts deduction for each potential breach of failing to pay players wages on time hanging over the club. Then there's the January transfer window, players could be sold but due to transfer embargo, who could Derby bring in to strengthen the team. Mens guilty of leaving the club without the talent to escape the drop, how can the club escape the drop without winning games instead of just drawing games.
  6. If the efl gave into this, wouldn't it set precedent which is something I doubt th efl are keen to do.
  7. If its purely on the grounds of covid, then I think its like wigan and we will fail the appeal.
  8. Some thoughts on an efl appeal. Before raising a voice against Mel Morris it's probably wise to consider that an appeal against the efls decision to deduct 12 points for an efl fair play conduct breach. Mel took advice from an auditor, the auditor gave Mel a means to present the accounts which at the time wasn't illegal under efl rules on financial accounting. The efl have overturned that claiming that the auditors were wrong. I think that I'm right in saying that at an appeal its likely Derby will need to show that Mel Morris Derby did not set about deliberately "breaching its duty of utmost good faith to the EFL by deliberately concealing information". Then they will claim in the same way Wigan did that financial hardship caused by covid should play a part in the efl decision.
  9. If Derby get a further 9 points they are relegated, so of course Derby have to appeal the 12 points already given. Problem is the appeal against the points route been tried before and it failed. It's very tough in League One as my understanding is that all clubs have very limited wage budget plus their transfer budgets are the same in as much as they are not allowed to spend beyond a certain amount on transfers. That was designed to give a competitive level playing field. Since derbys wages are potentially already to high, if in League One it would mean bringing in new players could be very difficult. Plus I thought I read that Rooney wouldn't stay at Derby if they are relegated. When I look at League bias it's very clear that the it exists in the championship, even without derbys transfer embargo, the clubs only allowed to spend a set amount on wages and transfers but those clubs relegated from the Premier league have Premier league quality players plus they get massive parachute payments over 3 years meaning they can be promoted very quickly. So clubs without the luxury of parachute payments are hamstrung in terms of ability to compete.
  10. One name linked to Derby is Marcus Evans. News articles suggest he's worth over 700 million. Evans' ownership of Ipswich was never popular among Tractor Boys fans. Evans took over ipswich hoping to get them into the Premier League but left them in League One for two seasons. Evans never got Ipswich into serious financial trouble and he was frugal with his investments after his first few years in charge of the Tractor Boys. When Mick McCarthy was in charge, Ipswich threatened to make the Premier League on a budget during his ownership. Things went awry when Evans sacked McCarthy under pressure from fans. Derby's position, an owner like Evans isn't the worst outcome. It would give the Rams some long-term security, though he would have a lot to prove after his time at Ipswich.
  11. Ashley ran Newcastle like a business, which could benefit their new owners, who can reportedly spend up to £200 million on transfers without triggering financial fair play issues. He also claims he didn't sell the club to the highest bidder, but to the best party for the Magpies. Ashley told The Sun: “I would like it known that I received a higher offer for the club than the one I accepted. “It was from another reputable bidder who made a good case. ashley felt the current new owners' bid was best for Newcastle United. “Money wasn't the only concern. I stepped in financially to keep Newcastle United afloat. “We made sure the bills were paid when we fell so we could rise again. “Nobody was happier than me when we got promoted immediately.” given the clubs current situation I think Ashley could well be the right owner for Derby. How did our super fan Mel morris work out for the club.
  12. No chance Sunderland are worth the half the value of Newcastle. Sunderland is in League 1, Newcastle are premier league. Sunderland technically shouldn't even be worth more than Derby. When sunderland entered into negotiations with Ellis Short several years ago, they were nearly £200 million in debt, they were losing £35 million per annum, and had all but been relegated to League One. If there's something interesting for Derby in all that it's that new owners were able to see a way out of the debt and into a profitable enterprise, which Sunderland have the opportunity of becoming.
  13. Leeds in League One in 2007-08 had the best post-deduction season. Despite losing 15 points early in the season, they finished with 76 points. The on-pitch total was 91, good for promotion. Southampton, also in League One, missed the playoffs by ten points in 2009-10. Rotherham and Bournemouth stayed in League Two despite being docked 17 points. Luton had lost 30 points, so one of them was safe. Chester were also relegated despite having a 17-point lead. Grimsby finished below Bournemouth, while Rotherham finished 14th. In 2018-19, Birmingham survived nine points loss due to profitability and sustainability issues. That all came from clubs that were not in administration at the start of the season is bad news for Derby. The record for clubs going bankrupt in a season is less rosy. Crystal Palace went into administration in 2009-10 and lost ten points in January. Despite having to sell key players like future European champion José Fonte and future Premier League winner Victor Moses, Palace survived after a last-day draw at Sheffield Wednesday, who were relegated.Wednesday finished two points ahead of Palace. They would have been 13th without the deduction.
  14. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/Derby-county-given-important-update-in-regards-to-takeover-bids/
  15. I wonder who the three interested groups with a registered interest in buying Derby are, Alan nixon reports they have the capital to buy the club. His reports makes interesting listening.
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