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    Tombo reacted to Duracell in Forum Introductions   
    Thanks for sharing. I can't confirm this, but I believe you are the only member on here to have been imprisoned in Sierra Leone.
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    Tombo reacted to Duracell in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    He's not in football management and he hasn't said this for years, but it was recent enough to still keep me awake at night.
    Owen "in this Barclays Premier League" Coyle.
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    Tombo reacted to Alpha in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    He's hit that too well
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    Tombo reacted to Duracell in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    BT Sport's coverage of the lunch time game was an ordeal.
    The pre-build up was "Van Gaal Van Gaal Van Gaal genius Van Gaal tactics Scholes United Rooney armband Old Trafford Van Gaal Van Gaal. And now we cross live to our commentators where Van Gaal's United are apparently playing a game against someone? Cardiff? Wrexham? Something like that...."
    After Swansea's BRILLIANT, UNSCRIPTED WIN AGAINST VAN GAAL'S GIANTS, the analysis will be about where United went wrong, to get to the bottom of how Van Gaal's dream debut was spoiled by the lowly minnows of Swindon. No wait it was Swansea wasn't it?
    After 20 minutes of that, we'll get that classic line "but we musn't take anything away from Swansea today."
    How kind of you, BT Sport.
    I f*cking hate football.
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    Tombo reacted to TigerTedd in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    Didn't catch much of it, but the second half was introduced saying something like 'and now back to the second half where Leeds are still level.'

    Like it's the Leeds United show. If be dead pissed off if I was a Middlesborough fan.
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    Tombo reacted to Duracell in Tony Pulis' Hat II   
    There used to be a thread on here to moan about things to do with football, starting with a classic Alpha rant.
    I can't seem to find it, so here's a new one for the new season.
    Wilfred Zaha linked with a QPR move.
    Oh brilliant. I can't wait.
    He will score 4 in 32 appearances or something like that, but when he scores a wonder goal against some horrid team like Leicester, we'll have loads of cockney pundits in suits analysing the goal from 18738277 different camera angles on three different channels, describing it in the present tense, telling us it's "Harry doing his magic again" by "taking a gamble on the young lad - and it's paid off", ignoring all the sh1te performances he puts in before and after said match.
    Harry will play him in every match, no matter his form, the hope of doing something which might look good on MoTD.
    Then we'll get a BBC Sport article entitled  "is Zaha finally coming of age?", purporting to be an intelligent analytical piece, but basically saying "he scored a good goal, give him an England cap".
    Anyone else fancy having a moan about the 'best league in the world' which is kicking off tomorrow? Or does something else bother you about modern football?
    We were allowed to be excited last weekend but the REAL football starts this weekend. And the only place you can catch all the moaning, live and exclusive, is on this thread...
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    Tombo reacted to TomBustler1884 in Suggestions for new song(s)/chant(s)   
    We lost a game at Wembley
    But just don't give a f*ck
    The rams are going up
    The rams are going up

    Hendrick, Hughes and Bryson
    Better than all the rest
    You've come to see the derby
    the rams are just the best

    No other team will ever measure up
    Cos we are derby and we just don't give a f*ck

    Du du du du du du

    To the tune of just can't get enough by depeche mode
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    Tombo reacted to i-Ram in Beer Thread   
    I had a Bishops Finger yesterday. I was expecting bread and wine.
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    Tombo reacted to Alpha in Suggestions for new song(s)/chant(s)   
    Thought "it's now or Never" (known as "Just One Cornetto") would work for Calero.

    "There's only one ..." is sooooo lazy.
    "Super John" isn't much better either.

    The Wisdom one was good.
    The Ward one is at least original.
    The Martin one is stupid. You've got a guy who was banned from numerous pubs and has been throwing himself to the floor for years. What do we sing about? His penis. Why? No reason. Either that or the generic "blahblah's number 9"
    Johnny Russell had a decent song and we changed it to more generic *****.
    Hey! Who's the posh boy that was linked with Barcelona in a national 'news' paper? The guy with a very distinguishable look? Oh, it's "Hughesy".

    "We are Derby, Super Derby" isn't as popular any more.

    Must have seen about 1000 pages and more of suggestions for chants. Loads of new catchy tunes. I've heard and tried to sing new stuff at games but for some reason the folks that seem to be able to get chants to catch on prefer to share the ***** all club are banging out
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    Tombo reacted to Dimmu in Suggestions for new song(s)/chant(s)   
    just as a reminder:
    The Martin song isnt even slightly creative, and makes no sense at all.

    Just copied exactly from Rickie Lamberts song
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    Tombo got a reaction from AmericanRam in Suggestions for new song(s)/chant(s)   
    We've got Leon Best
    Better than all the rest
    Better than anyone
    Anyone I've ever met
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    Tombo reacted to Srg in Suggestions for new song(s)/chant(s)   
    Johnny, oh Johnny Russell, run down the wings for me (tune of heartbeat - Dundee Utd's song for him)
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    Tombo reacted to ItalianRam in Forum Introductions   
    Hello, I'm italian but I follow Derby County in the last years. My passion for the Rams started after the view of the film "The Damned United" and after buying the Derby's shirt HOME 1999-2000, when in this squad the italian player Eranio played. 
    I decided to create an account to know more news around Derby (on the italian sites it is difficult) and also partecipate, if possible.
    I hope I was clear with my english writing.
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