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  1. Probably Morris decided to keep him (rush)quiet. I thought Appleby said he was prepared to help dcfc short term ,but that he would not be interested in Getting too involved ie owning.
  2. He already owned the stadium he just transferred it to one of his other companies.whos going to complain though? Has he done anything illegal?
  3. How can it become any clearer? We have been put into administration and Mel has walked away.His choice. PS ,I don’t blame him for saving his family fortune .
  4. B4 This is all Morris’s fault no one else’s mate.
  5. This was always on the cards ,no prospective buyer would pay any more out than they had to.we may well have been relegated any way.Thanks a million Mel
  6. We’re not good enough that’s why Rooney wanted 8 more players.His tactics are woeful though ,as bad as cocu’s.The players just look like rabbits in car headlight.Morris is the one killing us but Rooney seems totally inept.
  7. A lovely gifted footballer but for me he was just as good the day he made his debut as the day he left,he never improved,got any quicker or stronger.Sadly his talent is unrealised.Just another one who didn’t fullfill his potential .
  8. If anything was going to be done it would have been before now.He is just drip feeding the club ,how long for who knows! He has lost interest,objects to paying the bill for the last two years and does not want to pay for any “extras”. Such a sorry mess.
  9. A couple of questions.What legal grounds are there to get rid of him ?Where / Who is the money going to Come from to pay him off ? Some people just don’t seem to realise why we are in the mess we are. Ps I’m no Rooney fan.
  10. We will see I think his commitment to the club finished months ago.He know just wants rid as quickly as possible.I think Morris took the club on with good intentions but was naive about football financial dealings.Swimming with sharks has taken it’s toll on him.
  11. Surely that depends how much money is left in the pot ,HMRC have to be paid first.
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