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  1. Pleased they have been,they were very poor last Wednesday.lawrence picked again though and he was as bad.
  2. Lowe Bogle and Lawrence just seem to have an attitude problem most of the time.
  3. You have it in one.The main thing for me is to see all eleven turn up and put a shift in.
  4. Too many passengers .Bristol were poor but you need all eleven Derby players to turn up and once again they did not.
  5. Lionel Pickering told me and my mate,”I realised I had made a mistake 48 hours after he signed as manager”
  6. I wonder what Rooney thinks of the situation at Derby? I would be thinking .what the tuck have I done joining this lot.lack of endeavour,ability and desire by the squad will sadly soon drag him down to their level.i excuse all the youngsters coming through the situation can’t be helping them either.
  7. Keogh is missing because of his own actions though,not club decisions.
  8. “We have no solutions with current staff which isn’t poo” Spot on says it all about the squad/club.
  9. All those above us in the league for starters.we are where we are because we’re not good enough to be higher.The lack of ability/skill/quality in the squad is alarming.
  10. He was grateful to be a professional footballer.He always put a shift in and had a different mindset to today’s lot.
  11. Yes it was a poor advert for football even at amateur level.
  12. Should have been subbed according to some!
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