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  1. Assisted by chairman George hardy who was well out of his depth.
  2. Last I heard he was still “Wide Eyed and Legless”
  3. Turnstile

    Ex Rams

    What as a holiday rep.
  4. Turnstile

    Ex Rams

    Why have you got him on the books then?
  5. Agents and players would bankrupt you.Ask Mel he knows all about swimming with sharks.He has shared 75% of his fortune with them.Soft chap.
  6. Derby like most other clubs haven’t got the skill needed to play out from the back.
  7. Peter Shilton called him a goal scoring genius.Brian Clough said Jimmy was the Best goal scorer so that will do for me.
  8. Am I right in thinking he fell foul of Arthur cox because of his off field behaviour.
  9. Yes but it’s still Derby’s choice.
  10. Yes he mr wilder absolutely demands100% effort every game from every player and woe betide them if their standards drop.do we get that ?
  11. Derby/Morris own the stadium.they can choose who they have in it.
  12. Pleased they have been,they were very poor last Wednesday.lawrence picked again though and he was as bad.
  13. Lowe Bogle and Lawrence just seem to have an attitude problem most of the time.
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