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  1. What / who are you comparing the youngsters too to say they are quality.Going down would be a disaster.Loss of more income ,loss of “Quality” Youngster’s .A return to journey men carpetbaggers .100% we need to stay up.
  2. He is / hopes to be a thoroughbred,we need shires (not show ponies)who can get stuck in and do the work.Said it for years you have to kick your way out of the championship.The academy boys just aren’t up for rough and tumble football.They won’t be next year either whichever league were in.
  3. Think that we had players who could play out from the back like Barcelona.
  4. Turnstile

    Paul Clement

    He was with Sam rush on the wasserman? Agency .nothing more.
  5. Villa won with 10 men scored 2 more goals while down to 10 as well.
  6. The problem is only Knight and Marshall are showing any form.The others look like rabbits caught in headlights.
  7. Pleased he’s gone , he ranks alongside Jewell,Newman and Addison as one of our poorest managers ,certainly since the early 60s.Now for someone who knows the championship.
  8. Never. We need someone who has been successful.
  9. Hope not it was crap not as bad as Cocu but crap.
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