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    Wolfie got a reaction from Archied in Trouble ahead?   
    Good point. So you could argue that we have now merely levelled the playing field with those clubs who have never had to shell out for a new/upgraded stadium.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from StivePesley in Trouble ahead?   
    Good point. So you could argue that we have now merely levelled the playing field with those clubs who have never had to shell out for a new/upgraded stadium.
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    Wolfie reacted to ram59 in Trouble ahead?   
    Totally agree, as I've already stated, Brighton's ground was built and paid for by an associate company. The club pays £1m per year on running costs of over £6m. So, in the 7 years since their ground was built they have benefitted to the tune of around £10m. Added to this they haven't had to finance the building costs of around £100m.
    The ground is actually in debt to the tune of £174m, which some would argue, the club should have to have paid for, to make things fair. 
    Nobody questions Brighton's motives. 
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    Wolfie reacted to Archied in Race for the Play Offs   
    Yes it’s in our own hands but here is the rub , it’s very far from a great position that we screw up ,we have three very tough games against good sides that are competing for promotion with two of them away from home and personaly I’m taking the view that if we make the play offs from here we have done very well ,not the position that we have thrown it away and we need to blame the manager and players.
    some people need to get a grip and look at the position we are in with some balance 
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    Wolfie reacted to Bwash_Ram in New joke thread   
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    Wolfie reacted to StivePesley in New joke thread   
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    Wolfie got a reaction from froggg in What are you eating tonight   
    Cheese and more cheese. 
    Back on the carb-free
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Boycie in Parsnip’s Shopping Experiences   
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    Wolfie got a reaction from rynny in Parsnip’s Shopping Experiences   
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    Wolfie reacted to Boycie in Parsnip’s Shopping Experiences   
    Actual cctv footage of @Parsnip shopping.
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    Wolfie reacted to Warwick Ram in Race for the Play Offs   
    Of course we are on the verge. It is is our hands. We are ahead of Boro on goal difference and have a game in hand. We are also one point and have a better goal difference than Bristol City. As long as we don’t lose that game in hand and then match or better their results then we are sixth. I can see that optimism is rampant throughout our fans. Instead of slagging Lampard off like some have why don’t we see the positives in a rookie manager getting us to sixth in the most difficult league.
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    Wolfie reacted to Kernow in DCFC Awards Night 18/19   
    Possibly my favourite loanee we’ve ever had. He deserves it, I hope he gets the chance to play a full season again next year, wherever it is, and he’s not wasted at Chelsea.
    Came in slightly under the radar with the “higher profile” signings of Wilson & Mount hogging the attention, but Tomori’s been brilliant.
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    Wolfie reacted to coneheadjohn in False economy examples   
    Cheap mince 🤮
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    Wolfie reacted to TigerTedd in False economy examples   
    Recently I had some gardening to do. Got quoted £150 for it. Thought, sod that, I’ll do it myself. Me and the wife took a day off work to do it. Once we’d treated ourselves to a dominos, and a massage each to recover from the back breaking work, not to mention the lost wages, it probably cost us a minimum of £300. 
    Lesson learnt. 
    I was on an army weekend a while ago, and a staff sergeant told me his wife wanted him to paint his kid’s bedroom that weekend. But he would earn about £300 for being a staffy with the army for the weekend. So he did what he enjoyed, paid a painter and decorator to do the painting. The room got painted, probably to a more professional standard, a decorator was gainfully employed, and he ended up quids in. Everyone’s a winner. 
    The moral of of the story is, it’s almost always a good economy to get a guy in. 
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Boycie in False economy examples   
    An old one of mine used to but the last one just needed brake & clutch down if you're waiting at a junction.
    With automatics you just need to stop with your foot on the brake for it to cut off.
    My new car (automatic BMW) has this feature but also has a thing where if you're driving at any speed and take pressure off the accelerator, then it must effectively go into neutral and coasts - to save fuel. The engine revs drop to tick-over speed.
    Which is fine, but I wasn't warned about it and it took a little while to get used to not being able to rely on any engine-braking if you take your foot off the power to go round a bend or down a hill etc.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from coneheadjohn in False economy examples   
    And Kitchen roll
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    Wolfie reacted to coneheadjohn in False economy examples   
    Cheap bin liners.
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    Wolfie reacted to Parsnip in SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY 💷💷💷   
    Surely we need a thread to share amazing bargains special offers that we come across so we can all benefit?
    This no brainer just pinged up on my phone... £33.60 gets you a Costco card, not one but two(!) chickens, some batteries and a carrot cake! 

    You're welcome. 💳🐔🐔⚡🎂
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    Wolfie got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Galaxy Fold   
    Yes they ship a lot of phones but their sales have reduced 20% since 2014. I'd say that was struggling a bit.
    My point is, when was the last time there was a really big innovation in the market?. Probably not since the original iPhone (or at least the first 3G version). Ever since then, it's been merely incremental (and often cynical in my view) tinkering every few months to exploit eager customers who must have the latest thing.
    This has resulted in both many customers being willing to upgrade less frequently - and when they do, more willing to consider cheaper phones which do 80% of what the latest £1000 Samsung or iPhone can do, but for half the price.
    The big boys are desperately trying to find the next big thing - which is good. I just don't think this is it. Now, if they could produce a smartphone whose battery lasted days instead of hours, they'd clean up big time and rightly so.
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    Wolfie reacted to BuckTaylor64 in Trouble ahead?   
    The meeting of EFL clubs next week in Nottingham will see Middlesbrough Owner Steve Gibson pushing for investigations into the finances of Derby County, Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday.
    He is basically implying that the three clubs are bending the rules to apply to profitability and sustainability rules which replaced Financial Fair Play.
    If the clubs are in breach they could face one or more of the following sanctions.
    a) Points deduction of up to 12 points.
    b) A large fine
    c) Banned from competing in the play-offs
    d) Banned from being promoted
    e) Transfer Embargo
    Whatever the outcome, I think it's fair to say that rules will be tightened to prevent a repeat of owners selling themselves the ground.
    Derby County are in a financial mess. Ignore those who are praising Mel Morris's claimed genius actions, the fact are!
    a) The club is suffering heavy losses financially.
    b) The wage bill need cutting by at least 70%
    c) The club now has very few assets to offer interested parties that may want to invest or buy the club. Unless the Stadium was sold back for a nominal fee.
    d) The manager will have tied hands and it will take some real magic in wheeling and dealing in the transfer market to keep us competing in the division.
    e) If the owner were to sell it's likely that he would have to write off much of the money that has been loaned to the club.
    f) Prospective buyers could sit and wait until there is a danger of the club going into administration before making an offer.
    All in all the team needs promotion and the riches of the Premier League, if we are allowed to even take part in the play offs after next weeks meeting. 
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    Wolfie reacted to Pearl Ram in Things you tried and wish you didn't   
    Dandelion & Burdock “pop” (As a kid, thinking it was cola, terrible shock)
    Lottery tickets based on family birthdays. (If I had done lucky dips I would have stopped buying them by now)
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    Wolfie got a reaction from uttoxram75 in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Today at Disney Animal Kingdom😎

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    Wolfie got a reaction from 86 points in The Politics Thread 2019   
    To be honest I think you’re crediting MPs with a bit too much strategic nous with that. I think they’re just as chaotic and divided as the public at large. 
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    Wolfie got a reaction from i-Ram in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Today at Disney Animal Kingdom😎

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    Wolfie got a reaction from BurtonRam7 in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Today at Disney Animal Kingdom😎

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