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    Wolfie reacted to LeedsCityRam in Next Season   
    I can't think of a worse scenario for Derby than Mel selling & a foreign investor coming in.
    There seems to be a perception on here that the only way out of this division is to spend heavily when the evidence points to the opposite. Forest, Birmingham, Villa & Sheffield Wednesday have all been in trouble recently for trying to spend their way back up (i.e. the Wolves model) & the sum total of all that expenditure on wages & transfer fees is 2 playoff finals - both lost. And if that wasn't evidence enough, our own failure to put in any kind of serious challenge to the top 2 in 5 years of heavy investment surely should prove we need to be looking at how Sheffield Utd/Leeds Utd/Brentford/Norwich have managed to be competitive despite much lower spends
    My understanding is that the clearance of high earners from the squad in the summer frees up considerable margin on the P&L side from a FFP perspective - as our wage bill will be much lower. But in a world where Duane Holmes can cost £350k & Bradley Johnson £6m (let alone the wage disparity), its clear that there is value out there & we can mould the squad in the summer for a strong challenge next year.
    The other criteria for success is sticking with a manager for more than 12 months - a lesson that seems to have been taken on recently. I'm sure a 'new investor' would see a return to the bad old days of 6/9 month appointments particularly if FFP rules mean its either promotion or bust
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    Wolfie reacted to SaintRam in The Efe Effect   
    You'll need to be more specific as to when you're referring. People's ages change quite frequently.
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    Wolfie reacted to Tamworthram in Next Season   
    Why should he? It's up to him how much money he has and how long he can afford to/chooses to bankroll us. We have no right to expect him to come out with such information. 
    Also, it wouldn't exactly help with any negotiations with potential investors if he said he can only continue to fund us for X years.
    He's made mistakes but, it would be quite sad if he did have to move aside. 
    Finally, we never want "dodgy" investors - foreign or British. Not all foreign investors are bad (Leicester City) and not all local investors are good (Blackpool). 
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    Wolfie reacted to DCFC1388 in Christian Walton   
    If Neuer or Ederson does it, its great play by a 'sweepeer keeper' - Roos does it, its a mad dash
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    Wolfie reacted to Angry Ram in Coming Home   
    No better feeling in the world, just on my way now.
    This country takes some poo at times and justifiably on occasions. But it’s home and I love it. I love the moody people, the humour, the weather. The whole 9 yards.
    Family is everything. Home is everything. 
  6. Roll Eyes
    Wolfie reacted to Richard246 in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    bogle -5 absolute rubbish can't stop across can't make a pass
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    Wolfie reacted to NottsRam77 in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    One thing I’ll say 
    keogh has been excellent 
    well done skip
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    Wolfie reacted to Mckram in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    Poor you, watching this lot in better quality must be even more painful! 
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    Wolfie reacted to SaintRam in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    WTF was that from Nugent. An EASY pass on to put Bryson in space in their half and he tries to play it backwards, where a Brighton player is standing.
    SO frustrating.
  10. Haha
    Wolfie reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    What a dreadful week of football.
    Absolutely balls up the game against Ipswich and then this truly dreadful display, nothing short of woeful.
    Rowett, Clough, Clement, McLaren 1, McLaren 2 were all sacked for less than this.
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    Wolfie reacted to i-Ram in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    Usual suspects out dissing the team or individuals before a ball is kicked. For all those fully supportive I hope we get a welcome victory. You Rams 🐑 
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    Wolfie reacted to Parsnip in Penalties not to be shown on TV?   
    I can't watch another Keogh pen anyway. I just can't.
  13. Clap
    Wolfie got a reaction from richinspain in National Pie Day   
    I was a Birds pork pie virgin until this thread...
    Very good indeed👍
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    Wolfie got a reaction from AdamRam in Rams with and without Huddlestone starting   
    That doesn't mean we were trying to sell him, though.
    Maybe an offer was made that we couldn't refuse.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from coneheadjohn in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    When you accidentally book a doctors appointment online for an "anal review"
    Stupid spell check.....and inability to correctly spell "annual"
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    Wolfie reacted to DCFC1388 in Positive Outlook   
    After last night there appears to be quite a bit of doom & gloom around. Yes the performance wasn't great but we didn't lose which we could've done quite easily. You can question the line-up and who did or didn't start but that's Frank's decision. He is having to balance the league & cup run alongside keeping the 'older' players fresh for the final 15 games. 
    So for the positive outlook - 
    Unbeaten in 6 Unbeaten in the dreaded February Only 2 defeats (Sheff Utd & Leeds away) in our last 15 games which have included Boro, Forest, Bristol C & Norwich as well as Southampton twice Level on points with 6th 5 points ahead of 8th & 9th with a game in hand Marriott & Mount due back in the next week or so All of the above in Frank's first season in management as well as a lot of changes in both players, staff & style of play - for a season many felt would be a season of transition, I am happy and would have taken the position we're currently in if offered it at the start of the season.
    C'Mon You Rams!!!!!!! 🐑
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    Wolfie reacted to David in Rams with and without Huddlestone starting   
    It’s not a cop out, take Jack Marriott for example, nobody could understand why he wasn’t playing, the Dud thread appeared and week in week vocal demands for him to play. Turns out he wasn’t fit enough for the demands of the Championship which Jack himself confirmed.
    Even recently when he was missing from the line up “why has Jack been dropped”, turns out he was ill then injured, but at 2pm we didn’t know this having all named him in our team for the game all week online.
    So no, it’s not a cop out, we all just assume players are 100% fit and ready to play as if they are machines, if they are not in the 11 Lampard has had a mare.
    Asking the question is Huddlestone capable of playing 3 games in a week is a fair one, and one that should be taken into consideration before grabbing the pitchforks.
    Likewise with Bryson.
    Where was Evans last night? Does anybody know yet, was he fully fit and completely left out or is he carrying a knock. 
    I’m not saying Lampard can not ever be questioned on his team selections, I’m sure he has left fully fit players out that some of us may believe would have been game changers. But let’s also remember when being critical we are completely ignorant to players fitness levels, injury status and how much they have trained through the week.
    Information that isn’t public so not to give the opposition a heads up. [insert Bielsa joke here].
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    Wolfie reacted to SaintRam in Rams with and without Huddlestone starting   
    Stoke away where Huddz came on at HT, and in the second half Stoke played around us and created 3 or 4 great chances with 10 men, scoring one to win the game?
    I really like Huddz and we're definitely a better team with him when he's playing well, but he's not some football god people are making him out to be. He's had poor performances this season, and his presence does not protect us from having a poor performance as a team.
    Equally, we're capable of playing well without him.
    Our entire squad, down to the individual, with the exception of Keogh and Tomori, are inconsistent. Hence, the team is inconsistent. 
  19. Clap
    Wolfie reacted to TigerTedd in Word’s for Waghorn   
    Sorry, but the apostrophe in the thread title offends my eyes. I can’t read beyond that. I’m having symptoms of ptsd just thinking about it as I type. 
  20. Haha
    Wolfie reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Word’s for Waghorn   
    He's our fat geordie vydra
    He's our fat geordie vydra
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Mrs Cone in Happy 50th Birthday Conehead John   
    All the best, fella😎

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    Wolfie got a reaction from Mrs Cone in Happy 50th Birthday Conehead John   
    All the best, fella😎

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    Wolfie reacted to Le God in Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal   
    I reckon yous will fall in love with Efe very quickly, to be honest I still haven't gotten over him leaving.
    He will always have the occasional Efe moment when he thinks he's George Best and makes you poo yourself but 99% of the time he could be playing with a cigar and slippers, everything just looks so effortless. He's a brilliant defender and his ability to start an attack from the back is something we have sorely missed since he's left and think it'll be a long time before we have a defender capable of that again.
    His reputation precedes himself and people always call him a bombscare, despite barely having seen him play, cause he's made a couple of high profile mistakes, most notably in the champions league against Juve.
    I was equally as gutted when Efe left as when McGinn did and I'm jealous that yous get the pleasure of watching him and really hope the move works out.
    My personal favourite flip of his

  24. Clap
    Wolfie reacted to Boycie in Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal   
    While you are out there, can you call and see the finance minister, some funds need transferring into my account, but I think they taken some out instead of putting some in.
    Simple mistake, I’m sure he’ll sort it.
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    Wolfie reacted to Turk Thrust in Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal   
    Am in Nigeria at the moment as an observer of the big national elections this weekend. Thankfully I am in Abuja the capital so unlikely to see violence.  Many Nigerians are incredibly knowledgeable about British football (the Premier League matches are on in hotels and bars all the time and some championship matches). Most of those I've talked to are either Chelsea or Arsenal ( in the 1990s it was Liverpool and Man U). But everyone appears to know about Ambrose going to Derby plus Tomori. I've been bought several beers on the strength of the fact I'm a Rams supporter!

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