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  1. I would give Cocu at least until Christmas. He will deliver but it will take time. We have virtually half a team to come back (including signing the striker Cocu states will be here before the Norwich game). Once we get a win under our belts watch the confidence come back. Rooney needs time on the bench. Get Holmes back along with Shinnie in midfield.Bring Clarke (our best player so far) back and play Wisdom alongside. Norwich isn't a must win game but we cannot lose. The Red dogs game is going to be the most important game of the season for both managers. Whoever loses will most probably los
  2. He should look back at his recent displays with Derby and make a decision. Do I really like playing football for this, or any other team? I suggest his optimism in playing is now ebbing away. He seems his heart is elsewhere away from the pitch. Will he make a good coach? On his recent displays, with his leadership with the younger players and it seems, no fire in his belly, I doubt it. Very sad!
  3. Mel forgot i was on holiday and wouldn't be able to listen! Weather is changing so not staying full week. Mel how about Friday 5pm? I should be back by then!
  4. He's a baa baa boy and mutton do it again or i will lamb him across his chops!
  5. I still think Gobson would be appropriate instead of Bamford . It 's got a nice ring to it!
  6. This has happened on my wife's 60th birthday. She's happy, i' m happy and gobson isn't! Happy days!!
  7. Sad for Clarke who was possibly our best player. Nothing game for us but we should have had more passion and commitment. Rooney is looking more disinterested each game. Feel for the youngsters who hopefully will learn from it. Overall complete opposite from the Leeds game at Elland Road last season. Total ecstasy to mediocrity. Wish this was our last game. Hope Cocu is given funds to strengthen for next season. Only thing which may brighten my summer will be when Forest blow their chance in play-offs. Now where's me beer?
  8. Derby 0 - 4 overbearing/overambitious/overconfident/overweening/overmodest weeds ( Glad we not playing them again next season)
  9. Unfortunately they are looking at revenge for the play-off result and getting promoted this season. Roos will have a blinder but i wouldn't be suprised if they score four. Sorry! As a postscript i can see Rooney being subbed at half -time and PC putting on more kids! Roll on next season I say!
  10. Grew up watching the Goodies on that bike of theirs. So sad news in these uncertain times! RIP Tim. Condolences to family and friends!
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