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  1. One of the most inept first half performance i have seen for a long time! I have not seen the stats but Kelle Roos must have kicked the ball more times than the entire Cardiff team!!! Grrrrrrrr! Come on Derby for Christ sake at least look up and play the ball forward. We losing you know😠😠
  2. Remembering THE GREAT DAVE MACKAY who sadly passed away 6 years today! Legend!
  3. 20th September 1969 5 - 0 Against Spurs. Derby's record home attendance. I was there and then saw it on ATV on Sunday with Hugh Johns commentating. What memories! Anyone else there?
  4. Rams 1 Red dogs 0. Predicted sending off Uddersfield match. Red card in this match too!
  5. Watford have obviously some good players with Will being quite rightly made MOTM. We played the first part of the first half within ourselves, most not looking up for any forward runs, and playing the 'safe option' of sideways and backwards. Their first goal was 'lucky' and some poor defending cost us a goal which was put away nicely by Will. Bad decision by ref cost us with Kazim's 'goal'. Second half a bit more confident and we grew into the game. Will going off helped. Byrne was our best player. Some players know they were below par tonight, especially Waggy. Knew we would be lucky to take
  6. Can he provide some dough to take over the club!
  7. Message to Forest forum 'hahaha hahaha hahahahahahahahaha etc.......
  8. Wycombe 1 2 Derby FRGS Gregory (header)
  9. Despite some dispicable comments about Mel on here, this article allays a lot of our fears about where he is currently at. His heart is always going to be with Derby County. He is a fan like all of us on here. He has made mistakes and flew close to the wind but i believe it was to try and get the best for Derby. What premiership chairman would spend £200 million of his own money? Mel, from someone who is the same age as you and has supported this club through thick and thin, get your health back on track, try to enjoy life a bit more, and remember we will be taken over, eventually, we will be
  10. Really concerned if this is true. Someone other than those mentioned out there must have the balls and deep pockets to take a chance on us. Whoever they are should not be expecting any financial gain until we are up with the big boys.We DON'T want vultures in our club, they can go down the road! Surely we are ripe for taking. It will be a hellover ride but it will be worth it in the long run. Come on someone show us yer money!
  11. Agree big big week. The team is gelling together nicely at the moment. Yes there needs to be improvement up top but I hope anyone that comes in doesn't undermine the 'team's togetherness' too much. Over to you Mel.
  12. Wazzer has done his bit now come on Sheik do yours!
  13. It certainly is squeeky bum time as per sky just now!!!!
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