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  1. Grew up watching the Goodies on that bike of theirs. So sad news in these uncertain times! RIP Tim. Condolences to family and friends!
  2. Billy and King Kevin! That'll do!👍👍👍👍
  3. I notice Brighton have announced they are giving away 1000 free tickets to front-line nursing staff for when football recommences. I would like to think that we could look at something similar here. Everyone needs the NHS at some stage in their lifetimes and no more so than now. Football can bring communities together and, for what its worth, i will give up my seat to someone in the front line NHS staff for the Forest home game for free (whenever it is played). I am a season ticket holder and have supported DCFC throughout my life. When the match date is known i can then move forward. Up the
  4. Absolute no brainer, after Thursday's result, Cocu is here to STAY!
  5. 3 2 FRGS Martin/ Rooney scores from free kick. I'm putting a bet on it!
  6. In the words of Psycho 'Come on, COME ON' !!!!!
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