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  1. Okay Wilson didn't do the business but i told you so!
  2. I .............................have just eaten my tenaman!!!!!!!!!!! WayhèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeUTR
  3. Have purchased some extra Tena-man for the game! It certainly not going to be the faint-hearted so I have to be prepared! Win or lose, as long as the players give their all on the pitch, that's all I ask for. If it is to be then fair-enough. Will still support DCFC whichever league they are in! There are still thousands of hardened supporters still out there (and i don't mean DLF). We will be there in 5 years/10 years time etc.. no matter what. There will ALWAYS be a team in black and white in Derby showing that we are a football city and, noone, no ponsed up journalist; no take -over tycoon,
  4. Wilson will do us a favour on Saturday and help Cardiff win against Rothers. This is the third time I will say it. We will get a draw. We will go through all manner of emotions but get a mountain of alcohol around you, loads of pizzas and try and enjoy. We will SURVIVE! COYR🐏🐏🐏
  5. I will say it again we will draw against Sheff Wed on Saturday. If Rotherham get the points then they definitely deserve to survive and well done to them. I couldn't see this team keep going like they have done over the past three/four weeks. Whichever division we are in come 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon DCFC will still have my undying support. Owners,managers and players will come and go but DCFC is a deeply seated part of Derby/Derbyshire (and beyond) and will remain so! Fans become disillusioned because they want the best for their team and get upset when things go wrong (understatement) bu
  6. Nervous today. Would absolutely love a win but can only see us play well first half and go in 0-0 and let in a 'stupid goal from a dead-ball situation' second half. It is down to us and Wednesday as I believe they will woop florist! Hold on a minute. Thought I was on Wednesday's forum! (Substitute Wednesday = Derby: Florist =Swansea).
  7. Now that Daniel Ek states he has secured money to buy Arsenal, can we ask him for some loose change to buy us? He doesn't want to buy a club whose not going to be in the top 4 places in the Premiership for years. Invest in ours and you will get your wish and financial reward in a few years!! Oh how I wish this could happen!😁😁
  8. Have a feeling we will lose on Saturday against Swansea and draw against Sheff Wednesday. Hope Blackburn win against Rotherham but again, how the Millers got stuck in last night, they may get a draw. All in all strap yourself in for a bumpy ride on 15th! I think that whatever happens then will be a turning point in this great club of ours. May 2021 is going to be very interesting! I pray we still have a club by then!
  9. When Kazim scored he looked as though he was not bothered. Previously he celebrated his goals with glee. It just shows how the players are not interested anymore. They are already on a beach. They as a 'team' and l say that loosely, will be broken up in a couple of weeks time and will move on. Their legacy will stay with us for years to come unfortunately. I would like to be a bit more positive as I am a 'glass half full man' but what with performances below par, inconsistent team selections and off field antics it's hard to believe we will be in the same league as Florist next season. Still i
  10. Haven't gone through 50 pages so sorry if it has been mentioned before but think all 6 teams should be banned from European football for 3 years. This will test whether they really are sorry about what has happened and possibly show their hands as to what they really want to do. I expect they will go their own way. Money always talks.
  11. Derby = Wigan. Vultures will be picking our ' reasonable' players from Academy and first team for next to nothing. We haven't any good players. Very sad for all our genuine supporters. First division beckons with perhaps no owner and hopefully no Rooney. Is it all gloom ?. NO! We will be back . It will take a time but DCFC will become a team which other teams fans will admire (except florist). At the moment reading other forums they really hate us and many want us to be relegated following what happened earlier in the season. I will support DCFC in whatever division because I would love to see
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