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  1. Promotion to Premiership £170 million, Lampard's compensation £4 million, Mel Morris Chairman of Derby County priceless! Enough said.
  2. It's finally here! Just seeing all those rams fans with flags,scarves etc on the M1 just gives you such a buzz. The Rams are coming. Wembley and Aston Villa we are ready for you. Are you ready for us? COYR
  3. Still in absolute dreamland over everything that happened on that crazy night in Leeds. Rampard is definitely going to take us to the promised land. As we are now associated with the 'Derby (Sheff Wed) Bounce' how about celebrating our great club with the 'Biggest Bounce' at Wembley(even if we are losing- hope not) in the 84th minute celebrating 1884? 36000+ rams bouncing would be an awesome and unforgettable sight. 10am cannot come quick enough!
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