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Women’s World Cup 2019

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Can’t believe that picture of Alex Morgan’s been taken down. Just a bikini shot, nothing naughty, and totally relevant to the conversation. What if I put up a picture of David Beckham in his pants for balance?

anyway, go look for pictures of Alex Morgan, and you’ll see why the cameraman had a hard time pulling away from her. 

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Surprisingly, I am once again annoyed. Alex Morgan has had to defend herself against criticism over her "tea drinking" celebration against England. What kind of small minded, petty imbecile could possibly be offended by such a tame (and accurate) gesture? Morgan put the criticism down to "double standards in sport when compared to some of the elaborate celebrations in the men's game." What? Why is sexism just a catch all response to any criticism of female footballers? Just defend your actions on their own terms.


USA star, Alex Morgan (advertiser friendly version).

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4 changes to the team for the 3rd place game this afternoon. 1 enforced (bright) and 3 tactical. 

Surprised Parris has kept her place but Daly and Walsh have been dropped. Would have preferred Stanway to Kirby at 10 as well. 

Hope Karen Carney has a run out to say farewell. 


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14 hours ago, TigerTedd said:

Ellen whites a machine though. Like the female Harry Kane. I wonder what level she’d be playing at if she was in the men’s league. 

I was thinking about that the other day and I think if they brought in a "no going to the ground to tackle" rule like they have in indoor five a side, I reckon the Lionesses could handle themselves in League Two for sure and quite probably even bottom half of League One.

The issue would be I think that a lot of us "competitive" men would lose the plot if the lasses started passing it around us.

I'm honestly not convinced even when I was in my prime that I wouldn't think "duck that I'm having her" if Lucy Bronze nutmegged me on one of her 40 yard overlaps. 


Nowadays I wouldn't even get close enough to try. It would be embarrassing.

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