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opinions please


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39 minutes ago, Paul71 said:

I dont know, im not sure the actual web address is that relevant anymore? Not in the early days, has to be more about the marketing around that.

If someone posted today what do you think amazon.com would be selling? Not sure we would know.

Some do go for the obvious. Webuyanycar.com of course.

But i would guess at literature of some description.

you're spot on, i'm not convinced the web page name is vital either. More the branding. 

thanks for the input, it;'s not literature ?

that'll teach me to invest cash in an online entrepreneur, I'll probably resort to flipping his domains.

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1 minute ago, ronnieronalde said:

spot on.

Issue is you're one of only six out of about a hundred who said that. 

Now you know you think yes of course. Sounds like an upmarket dating site (if there is such a thing)

Having never done the online dating (t'internet wasnt invented when i was looking ha) ive always wondered how much it works. But it must, there seems to be a huge market.

Guess it depends what the USP is compared with others.


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9 hours ago, HantsRam said:

As in "wherefore art thou romeo?"

So really it's "are you "?

Which if you turn into letters is RU. 

So clearly it's selling Rugby Union ?

You clearly wrote the clues to Ted Rogers' 3 2 1. !!

PS Much like 'Frank Lampard's Derby' that has to be said like that.

Hmmm .. if I thought there was any legs in it I would start a thread 'names that are synonymous with other things'...but I don't, so I wont.

Anyhow  ...I would suggest its a lowbrow Art site. Can't imagine Monet's are being snapped up by millionaires in New York and London with that name...too obvious.



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12 hours ago, ronnieronalde said:

its a bit of a cheeky one as it's kind of a marketing question - hope David is ok with it.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind with a website called wherefore art thou . com

what do you think it's selling?

Is it a website to help buyers when works of art or literature go undelivered l wonder ? 

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1 minute ago, i-Ram said:

Is it a website to help buyers when works of art or literature go undelivered l wonder ? 

I love you. Always did, cracking sense of humour.

I see what you did there answer the question brilliantly and still managed to sneak a little dig in, which is probably deserved as well.

I'm quiet on it but it's still happening.

The famous publisher is pushing me to accept a famous ghost writer and I'm desperately trying to hold onto the voice, without that it won't be the same.

They are the experts though, I'd be mad to ignore them.

It's done my nut in and now I just want it over with. I had no idea it would take this much of my life and still not be out. Credibility (if I ever had any) shot to pieces.

But back to the main point, that would be a genius name for a service like that.

Very well played all round ?

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