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opinions please


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1 hour ago, ronnieronalde said:

its a bit of a cheeky one as it's kind of a marketing question - hope David is ok with it.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind with a website called wherefore art thou . com

what do you think it's selling?

that it wouldn't load with the spaces! #AllOneWord ? 

I think of Shakespeare, but think of selling something Romantic

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8 minutes ago, HantsRam said:

As in "wherefore art thou romeo?"

So really it's "are you "?

Which if you turn into letters is RU. 

So clearly it's selling Rugby Union ?

Exactly that.

If it was changed to where4rumeduck i think it would lose some of its class.

Could be wildly wrong of course, judging by some of the answers so far, its clearly not as obvious as i thought ?

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I dont know, im not sure the actual web address is that relevant anymore? Not in the early days, has to be more about the marketing around that.

If someone posted today what do you think amazon.com would be selling? Not sure we would know.

Some do go for the obvious. Webuyanycar.com of course.

But i would guess at literature of some description.

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