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  1. As always the club is in an interesting situation Despite that, and with the clock ticking I wonder what the best and worst transfer windows have been for us. Any suggestions?
  2. Deadwater Fell. Omg watch the first thirty minutes until the teacher's speech to see if it's for you
  3. Reminds me of a chat I was having with a Dirties fan during the playoffs. He said that the cognoscenti amongst leeds fans (yes, oxymoron) were happy to not go up since Bielsa was focusing on the u23s and that was the way forward
  4. Is Judith Curry the one who refuses to publish in peer reviewed journals? Wonder why not
  5. dog


    As a neutral I've just switched off. Literally and figuratively.
  6. Enjoying the Eagle has Landed. Cheesy as the Stilton in the fridge
  7. I'd also like Highgate to keep posting. Although my background is social sciences I find the proper sciences so much more interesting, especially when approached with such clarity.
  8. The Proclaimers, I would walk 500 miles Kevin Hector Give it a listen
  9. I understand that it was the beating of their hearts that gave them away
  10. I think they're alone now
  11. dog


    Passive aggressive element of the winterval or what? Kids coming around singing a verse of something misremembered before demanding cash Even the lyrics of some are aggressive, "Bring us some figgy pudding... And we won't go until we get some." Meh
  12. The fact that this thread won't go away suggests that her problematizing of the issue makes it difficult for it to be got rid of. Makes it difficult to ignore in other words. Given the situation in Australia that's probably a good thing.
  13. Just seen that he's suffering from cancer and doesn't have the greatest percentages in his favour. I remember him being nothing more than useful for Liverpool and then thoroughly entertaining on el dia despues Good luck to a liver of life
  14. Nice to see David Brent out of retirement and doing ads for the Tories.
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