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  1. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Beautiful city this. People v welcoming. Looking at the shrines to the victims a couple of hours ago, then had a stroll along some of the plazas. Saw a wide range of people and heard a wide range of languages. Turned a corner. All of a sudden there is a mass surge of these people running towards us and shouting to their children in their different languages to hide. Me and my lot were helped to a back room of a cake shop and we helped a couple of oldsters up the stairs. It all calmed down eventually and my bad Spanish and I had a brief chat to some of the wide range of people who were with us and out on the streets. Made me think the obvious. Most people are fine. Some are ace. Some are grumpy. But the key is that most are fine. Howecer, some are sociopathic or psychopathic who get off on divisions and inflicting pain. And they use religion and religious differences as their justification.
  2. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Professor of?
  3. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Was a reply to rich!
  4. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Thanks for the update. Hope you and yours are ok
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Still open. Maybe there's a mod fest somewhere
  6. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Flying there from ema tomorrow for one night then getting a car for a few days in the mountains. Obviously awful for all involved . Any tips on what the situation is in terms of transport and public places? Considered cancellation but caving in is what terrorists want. However I dont want to be in the way of security etc just doing their jobs.
  7. Derby(shire) - sights, sounds and stuff

    Dale Abbey is the type of place that would be crawling with tourists if it were down south. I've travelled a bit and never known a place like it. When I took my son he wanted to know where the rest of the monastery had gone. I coughed and pointed at the nice houses.
  8. Brexit or Eurin?

    Wonder what the Tory press will say when the bad stuff really happens? They live off scapegoating. Who will they blame?
  9. British Gas

    And I wonder if the mail, express and telegraph will be having a go at Mrs May for not taking on the energy companies like she said she would? No? Odd that.
  10. British Gas

    Going for gas and electric from Good Energy. I might be getting shafted but at least have a slightly cleaner conscience about it.
  11. General Election 8th June

    Pro brexit right wing press now complaining about queues at airports. Odd that.
  12. Embarrassing Middle Names.

    Raich Carter' name was Horatio. That's a name you wouldn't shake a stick at.
  13. Sunderland

    Glad that's over. What's a 'Melt'?
  14. best biscuits

    Bit peckish at the moment... Thinking of cheddars With a glass of red and a nibble of edam Or perhaps a chocolate hob nob or two Is there any better social or fiercely individual food than a biscuit? Share nicely
  15. Holiday Plans 2017

    Barcelona in August for a couple of days then a villa in land. Anyone know a good car hire company at Barcelona airport? The googling seems to show that they're all a bit dodgy.

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