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  1. Done. Wife's family are pool fans. Went to Wembley for the Cardiff and west ham matches West ham behaviour I witnessed that day doesn't seem to have charged ...
  2. lymphoma support group

    My dad's been diagnosed with what seems to be a very aggressive form of lymphoma. Any idea if there are any support groups in Derby? I'm especially concerned about my mum who has taken the news harder than dad. Cheers
  3. Rams best goalie of all time

    Was in Newcastle to see Arthur's return to the north east. Gallowgate sang Arthur on to the pitch and shilton off it. Arthur asked for shilton's shirt after the match. Best goalkeeping performance I've ever seen.
  4. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Back on topic ... Feeling a bit queasy about this one. Watching it with 3 brizz fans down the road Conflicts of etiquette 1. They've bought a veggie snack so I am obliged to turn up at the start 2. They drink lots of session ale with low abv. I'm more a couple of pints of ethanol man 3. If we're winning do I make excuses and leave to avoid embarrassing them 4. If they're winning do I leave to avoid them embarrassing me 5. One of them is the son of my best mate. I used to teach him There's lots of opportunities for social awkwardness Suggestions?
  5. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Seems the season to be Watching dark comedies Death of Stalin and Three Billboards If you like powerfully accurate exploration of the dark silliness of life then have a watch Don't think they need big screen so might be worth getting DVD for second viewings
  6. you are the landlord

    And you have a limit of five beers you can sell. Preferably hand pulled. What are your five and why?
  7. Players' names

    We've had some great players over the years but I don't feel we've shown enough respect for some of the inspirational nomenclature we've witnessed. I'll start the bidding with; Horatio Stratton Carter
  8. your epitaph

    A teenage girl who claims to be my loving daughter says that after my name my grave stone should read "Pointless and a waste of time" What do you want your epitaph to be?
  9. For ages mine was Alf Tupper but I've just got hold of the unbanned Cursed Earth and Judge Dredd takes some beating. A set of stories way ahead of their time. Love the fact that they were allowed to be released uncut due to EU parody laws.
  10. Need advice on where to live in Derby

    Long Eaton a good shout in terms of affordability. Maybe spondon too. Attenborough and beeston also on that rail line but probably a bit pricey. I grew up in chadd so mixed feelings there but I think Chester Green is a fairly unique place. What transport do you have?
  11. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Paddington 2. 11.2 out of 10. Laughed and cried (windy in there). Seriously considering whether it surpasses withnail as my Desert Island film
  12. Merry Christmas Ewe Rams!

    Festive greetings from ng9, near to the heart of the beast.
  13. Your car

    Councils run some basic mot places where that's all they do.
  14. Christmas rituals

    We put the decorative Christmas themed stuff up and then begin First we watch Love Actually (tonight. Hello Aurellia) Tomorrow will be The Holiday Following night will be It's a wonderful Life After a huge walk with the hound we then host the in laws Christmas eve is a Polish extravaganza of umpteen courses And so it goes AAnyone else all ritualistic?
  15. Cheese

    Bloke down the road was a big cheese eater. Said "A life without cheese is not worth living" Then had a huge heart attack. Still around but not allowed to eat cheese. Me, acting on the "lightning doesn't strike on the same road" principle have it most meals sage Derby? Brie? Austrian smoked? Happy breakfast order in ng9

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