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  1. Obviously we've had a few of our own (Brian Vs Sam and the results of that), buying Ravenelli (and others). I was wondering what others might see as being the worst decision made by a club. And its long term implications.
  2. dog

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Will the bat eating be televised?
  3. Just reading Julia Boyd's Travellers in the third Reich. Some very unpleasant parallels with where we are now, even to the extent of a political party taking their place in parliament with a bravado and behaviour described as 'pantomime' and ridiculed by commentators at the time. No prizes for guessing who
  4. dog


    Spot on Mr B. Just spent the afternoon being physically assaulted by a bone popper Slipped disc diagnosis Mentioned the other things to alleviate it posted above and pigeon stance is highly rated If anyone else works/travels in Kenya make sure that you have up to date insurance. Mine looks fine but guy across from me injured in a hit and run (by a lorry) not so lucky
  5. dog


    Always kept myself fit and well but managed to tweak my back stepping around someone on a plane. Than it got worse. Last night was rushed to the local hospital as it had got to the stage where I was sweating with pain and couldn't walk. Currently dosed up in downtown Nairobi waiting for the doctor. Initial diagnosis is sciatica. Anyone else have it? Advice on how to handle it?
  6. Feeel eeeep Feeel eeeep cocu Everyone knows his name Old 70s TV show
  7. dog

    Martin Skrtel

    Have we ever had a central defender who has a surname rhyming with "turtle"?
  8. dog

    What car are you?

    Having been described by my daughter as "a ford Fusion of a dad with go faster stripes" I wondered how others might see themselves in automobilic terms.
  9. Interesting to see the Tory press beginning to turn on particular candidates. Wonder who tipped off the mail about Gove? Exposé yesterday More focused unpicking today Who next? Be interesting to see who it isn't.....
  10. The virtues. Stephen Graham Shane Meadows Worth a look
  11. Is that an eighties rom com on the telly? Been a while. This place needs a tidy
  12. Car drivers who think they don't need to signal
  13. dog


    Slightly nauseous Eating a late breakfast to get to a respectable 6.7
  14. dog


    6.3 but strangely confident. Won't last long. Off for a stroll
  15. dog


    Been up and down all day. Can't decide whether to watch at home or go to a boozer in long eaton Probably 5.5
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