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  1. I lived in Italy for a year about twenty years ago. Had a lot of racist abuse (I was teaching English in a small city in the North and my Italian had a strong English (Derby) accent). It was the time of Forza Italia when Berlusconi would send his henchmen (and women) into schools to teach them the Forza Italia songs I did a lot of work translating for some of the immigration charities and that also earned me a couple of bricks through my windows The issue is that I don't think that they realise that their racism is hateful, divisive and (let's face it) wrong
  2. Forgot to ask, after austerity Britain, who is willing to say that they are not part of a vulnerable group?
  3. Just been reading the doc released this evening. Obviously it's worrying, obviously the redacted section is more worrying ..... but most worrying of all is that this document has been created by the most incompetent government I have lived under. And I lived under the Callaghan regime. So..... So to continue that worrying, I wonder what this incompetent sack of bamford bamford sacks have missed.....
  4. Just read that Huddersfield were fined more for their kit stunt than Millwall were for their latest outbreak of racism. Not exactly a good demonstration of the authorities tackling the issue.
  5. dog

    How long

    Bit personal this, but I wondered what was the average time you slept for. I used to manage a nine. Hours. All over the place recently
  6. Meanwhile over in Scotland it appears that when he said he was telling the truth, he was lying https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-49550874
  7. It's quickly gone from He can't To He won't To He has Wonder how far this will go....
  8. Michael Gove's comments a little chilling
  9. It's important that brexit and prorogation are separated here. Brexit is what it is (or isn't) and the causation of much debate, occasional dialogue and a considerable amount of point scoring. Prorogation is the deliberate denial of that. It is someone using something that they know they shouldn't (else why deny that they're doing it, as they obviously are) to get what they want. No matter what. It will accidentally (or deliberately) increase social tensions and could quite easily cause some people to react against it in such a way that further actions from the government will be considered and then implemented in a way that the government will probably find easy to justify.
  10. Anyone else stacking up with tins?
  11. Very disappointed at today's result Next decade?
  12. Just watched the highlights. Going for another nice lie down
  13. dog

    Haircut, sir?

    So. You've just had a trim (short back and sides, thinned out on top) and the barber asks; Would you like any product on? I always say no, thinking that I can't wait to get home, shower and get rid of all the short hairs that have either drifted down my neck front and back, or are sitting in my thatch; poised and ready to drift However I realize that other people actually do accept the offer of product Can someone please tell me why? What am I missing?
  14. Of any team in the premiership beating our record from that season? Maybe false hope, but Newcastle seem a little ....disjointed And Steve Bruce still looks like a nice dinner lady More pudden?
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