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  1. Car drivers who think they don't need to signal
  2. dog


    Slightly nauseous Eating a late breakfast to get to a respectable 6.7
  3. dog


    6.3 but strangely confident. Won't last long. Off for a stroll
  4. dog


    Been up and down all day. Can't decide whether to watch at home or go to a boozer in long eaton Probably 5.5
  5. dog


    Just been for a walk around the block. Ridiculous at my age. 6.7
  6. dog


    How you feeling? If we go on a tensionometer where 1 is wevs and 10 is wtff.... I left work on Friday at a steady 2.3 then reading papers, websites and watching the Leeds match again (and also visually grazed the Franny Lee/ Hunter match) I've now got to around 6.27
  7. No tickets but no worries. Anyone know of any pubs in Beeston, Bramcote or long Eaton where the match is being shown?
  8. dog


    Just back from the opera. Did I miss anything?
  9. dog


    So. With my wife about to be fifty I had arranged a variety of do's . Unfortunately the first is tomorrow night and the next is on the date of the final All booked just before Christmas. I don't want to spend the time watching my phone Ideas?
  10. dog

    London Marathon

    Weren't wearing Big Ben, were you?
  11. Our political system has a binary frame; left/ right, Tory/ labour. Even though Brexit was presented as a binary it plainly isn't; most people are 'a little bit is and a little bit isn't'. The frame won't allow this which is why demagogues are trying to railroad things through while they can
  12. And who targeted that division and for whom?
  13. dog

    Hotel recommendations

    Going to London for wife's fiftieth. Anyone recommend a decent hotel near covent garden?
  14. No one mentioned that things change? I know two exiters not long for this world and a couple of youngsters now able to vote who are pro eu Given the age demographic of the referendum it will be interesting to see how that might work out and what the youngsters are landed with that they didn't vote for Meanwhile, someone explain to me how the exiters' 17 million is a majority when the population is 66 million Not allowing the biggest group who would be affected to vote, ie the youngsters is a total betrayal of democracy But they can't vote because they are not 18. However they can drive, have kids and join the army Totally flawed system Meh
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