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  1. Cheese

    Bloke down the road was a big cheese eater. Said "A life without cheese is not worth living" Then had a huge heart attack. Still around but not allowed to eat cheese. Me, acting on the "lightning doesn't strike on the same road" principle have it most meals sage Derby? Brie? Austrian smoked? Happy breakfast order in ng9
  2. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    Big lad in midfield? http://judgedredd.wikia.com/wiki/Tweak
  3. clowns

    In the mid 1970s I was dozing on the back seat of my dad's Austin allegro from one late night visit to a relatives when I was rudely awoken by my dad bellowing at another car, "What on earth does that clown think he's doing?" This was by no means the only time it happened but try as I might I never caught side of the clown at which my dad was always shouting.
  4. irrational hatreds

    Daughter's just gone off on one about rich tea biscuits
  5. come the revolution

    What are your plans?
  6. irrational hatreds

    My usually balanced daughter has told me that she hates, loaths and abhors... Grand Designs Any other hatreds of the totally innocuous?
  7. Blackpool & the Oystons

    Not as many as did According to my brother in law
  8. West Ham appoint Moyes

    Sorry about the p word
  9. Blackpool & the Oystons

    Since most of the fylde is now boycotting their once lucrative estate agency this might get interesting
  10. West Ham appoint Moyes

    Mrs is a Blackpool fan. We went to see the play off final vs WHU a few years ago. The WHU fans were vile. Giving it large outside pubs and deliberately intimidating kids and Oaps. Mrs hasn't been to a match since. The free stadium, the Sheffield utd story , the media love in, the sense of entitlement ....
  11. Catalan Uprising

    Lived in Madrid 25 years ago. People still spat when hearing Franco's name. Met a few people from the States and Cuba who'd come over to pay respects to relatives shot by the Nationalists. It's all fine now, says I. That's because you can't see it, says they.
  12. overheard conversations

    Couple of elderly people on Nottingham tram "What's she called her new rabbit then?" "Brenda." Pause for thought. "Good name for a rabbit."
  13. Halloween / Nov 5 / Diwali.

    And the bloody clocks break for an hour
  14. Was changing a duvet earlier. Had myself fully inside while I changed it. Anyone with a mallet could have topped me while I was trying to find the corners. When are you at your most vulnerable?

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