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  1. Chance encounters with famous people

    No idea why he was there. Nothing to do there and 35 degrees outside. Must've been passing through
  2. Chance encounters with famous people

    Peter crouch just bumped into me in Dubai
  3. Derby(shire)

    Simon groom
  4. The Bitterest Rivalry In World Football !

    Apparently a squid can get into any space its beak can get through
  5. fattest player

    Who is the fattest lad you've seen bulging the shirt?
  6. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Definitely need more Withnail and I quotations
  7. Anyone ever had hypnotherapy?

    Might work Might not Talk to your doctor as serotonin might help
  8. Travel advice

    Starting from Nottingham Would love to test his mettle but fear he'd get lost (once got lost on a train ffs, which is like getting lost on a straight line) and I'm reasonably fond of him. University website not as helpful as it could be.
  9. Travel advice

    Not sure if we had a thread on this. Couldn't find one. Apologies if we have. Taking my son to a uni open day in Birmingham tomorrow. Train times and costs are prohibitive so will have to drive but concerned about where to park. Anyone able to recommend a park and ride where we could park up and then get to university of Birmingham train station?
  10. International Break Haribo Poll

    Vegetarian option ?
  11. 9HC?

    Harry Cartwright
  12. Chance encounters with famous people

    The sixth form college I worked at in the 1990s had a charity football match. Males had to wear dresses and I seem to remember that females wore male evening wear. In goals for us was forests Mark Crosley. I was in defence and told to man mark Norman Wisdom. Unfortunately every time I went near him he fell to the ground, shouted "Mr Grimsdale!" at the ref who immediately pointed at the spot no matter where we were on the pitch, whereupon the members of a boy band took turns to slot the ball past Mr Crosley. After 20 minutes of this Mark Crosley was getting well gumped off and was screaming at me, "Don't go near fluffing Wisdom!" I didn't, but he still kept falling over and the ref kept giving penalties. Although Mark Crosley laughed about it afterwards I'm pretty sure no one enjoyed themselves as much as Norman Wisdom did that day.
  13. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Beautiful city this. People v welcoming. Looking at the shrines to the victims a couple of hours ago, then had a stroll along some of the plazas. Saw a wide range of people and heard a wide range of languages. Turned a corner. All of a sudden there is a mass surge of these people running towards us and shouting to their children in their different languages to hide. Me and my lot were helped to a back room of a cake shop and we helped a couple of oldsters up the stairs. It all calmed down eventually and my bad Spanish and I had a brief chat to some of the wide range of people who were with us and out on the streets. Made me think the obvious. Most people are fine. Some are ace. Some are grumpy. But the key is that most are fine. Howecer, some are sociopathic or psychopathic who get off on divisions and inflicting pain. And they use religion and religious differences as their justification.
  14. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Professor of?
  15. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Was a reply to rich!

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