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  1. Just like to recommend the following dog friendly pubs Wilson Arms near Whitby - good food, decent beer The Moon, Stoney Middleton - good breakfast, very dog friendly Derwent water Arms - Calver - good food, good beer
  2. dog

    Tee shirts

    Picture of a Lancaster on the front with Der Der Der Der Der Der Der Derrrrr underneath?
  3. dog

    Tee shirts

    Anyone got a Tee shirt company?
  4. dog

    Tee shirts

    Custard (On the back)
  5. I know nothing about this, but... If anyone can think of a suitable slogan which we could have to sum up the situation and how we are looking to the future then I'd be happy to buy that Tee shirt with the funds/ profits going to support the the most affected
  6. Mate of mine is a pies supporter. Was thinking of watching the odd game, you've just decided me. Are they all 4:3?
  7. I thought there might already be a thread on this but couldn't find one (apologies mods). Can anyone recommend a good proper pub with dog friendly accommodation in Derbyshire, Norfolk or Yorkshire dales?
  8. I get more pleasure watching Sunday morning pub football these days. Never thought that would happen
  9. You know what I mean. Films that have that 'ooh, never!' factor that is lost on a second viewing. I'll start. The story of fire saga. The Icelandic European song contest film. And Spinal Tap
  10. Socks have stretched a little over the years
  11. For me it's a pair of socks with my name tag sewn in. From Chad Park junior I think. I left there in 1980
  12. Get decent running shoes (I like new balance), maybe half a size too big and then wear two pairs of socks I run dry and drink water when you get back
  13. What two or three single, simple foods go best together? I'm a bit fan of cheese and onion in a baguette. No butter
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