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  1. Tesco offer on Jaipur has disappeared
  2. dog

    Red January

    Nasty calf injury today. Tomorrow might have to be a rest day. January will tip over to February
  3. Wonder how many teachers will have caught it from kids today?
  4. dog

    Red January

    Cold out there today but did a few more miles. Usually hate this time of year but it's good to have a little 'project' to keep me going
  5. dog

    Red January

    Red - run every day Did just under five miles this morning. Aching now, but at least there was no ice How does that app thing work?
  6. dog

    Red January

    4.5 miles today, around nine minutes per mile. Will be interesting to see how this goes. I used to run quite a bit (half marathons and the Nottingham to Derby kilomathons) but that was ten years ago. Not looking forward to tomorrow morning as ice is forecast
  7. Not really a resolution for the year but I'm aiming to run every day this month. Just done 3,5 miles. Not a huge distance but step by step.....
  8. I'll start When will there be good news
  9. Agreed. I had a look at their site earlier. Youch
  10. Where did you get the beer from?
  11. Someone I work with has had it and she hasn't been able to work properly since I work with six schools up north and they have had the deaths of three head teachers parents and a couple of TAs I'm in isolation at the moment as my daughter has the symptoms We as a family had the tests at Toyota on Wednesday and waiting for the results I'm taking it all very seriously
  12. I was a secondary teacher for nearly thirty years. If I had a group of twenty A level kids I would predict each one the highest grade that they might get on a good day. That would probably be higher than what the group as a whole would get. Is that grade inflation?
  13. Spending next weekend walking around Dovedale. Anyone been recently? Any tips on places to eat or drink much appreciated
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