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    My dad sadly died last week - his lymphoma had returned. At the moment I'm sorting through his stuff. Luckily he was really well organised - there's a will and all of his accounts are easy to find. My mum survives him and I'm putting any joint accounts into her name by directly contacting the banks etc. I'm closing single accounts in his name and will be transferring them to mum. I've registered the death and informed people like the council and pensions. Anyone know whether I need to apply for probate - if so, what is it and what will I need to do?
  2. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned Michael dying today. I saw him as a good old-fashioned forward who built on his strengths. When living in Spain I watched him a number of times on TV. His language skills developed throughout and his analysis was always interesting. A good guy.
  3. I'll start The Spot, Derby. 1970s Oh deary dear
  4. This two metre thing. Any evidence for it? I was watching some guy walking towards me, vaping away. That stuff, straight from his lungs went way further than two metres before it dispersed
  5. Just booted up cm3 for the first time in years. Any free transfer suggestions?
  6. dog


    Just joined our street's Facebook page (by proxy). Apparently we're all going to wave to one another from our front windows at six thirty
  7. Just had a phone call from work and I was looking forward to talking to something that wasn't a pencil. Instead it turns out that someone I work with has it. Fairly young (daughter of eight) but now in hospital in Nottingham suffering from not only the virus but also pneumonia. A week ago I was 'Naahh', not any more.
  8. dog


    If it stays dry for a bit I'm going to sort our bikes out and chop some wood I also might work on a way of manufacturing loo roll
  9. I had a month in Africa planned for work to be followed by a week in North Italy for a family holiday. This was to have been followed by two weeks in North East China for work. Unsurprisingly most of this time will now be spent in the East Midlands
  10. I mostly work for a local university. We closed all face to face teaching today and are trying to get online resources sorted. Earlier today I visited a local school to see a trainee on placement. While waiting in the foyer seven kids were sent home with symptoms and their parents contacted and told to self isolate. We've since withdrawn all trainees from schools. I think this is all unavoidable, but as to whether schools stay open or close I'm conflicted. Part of me thinks that they should stay open, not as schools but as large places where kids can be looked after. Dunno.
  11. Working on a new one There's no'i'in team but there are three in nihilism
  12. I have a perfect dislike for these twee sayings that you see displayed in twee kitchens by twee people so am trying to create more realistic ones. So far I have In this family we let things fester
  13. As the apocalypse (apparently) nears I wonder if you can pick three songs which mean a lot to you but would mean chuff all to the congregation I'll start- Since yesterday, strawberry switchblade The first attack, the proclaimers Shiny shiny, haysi fantaysey
  14. In China I was very aware of how the state chose to present itself. As a result I'm thinking of what the exact data is.
  15. Spooky. Just shaved off my winter plumage too
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