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  1. dog

    Homeless guy

    Just back from London. It's obvious that there are huge divisions which aren't being addressed, two guys walking past a homeless woman while talking about their investment management company. They didn't make a point of pretending to ignore the woman, they looked at her and just walked on. Not sure what the answer is. On the point of refugees and economic migration there is a host of literature exploring how the narrative of definitions has been managed terms of these. And who benefits by these definitions. And who doesn't.
  2. dog

    If in doubt

    Sack your vice chairman. Southampton just have And their forums think it's a great idea Am I missing something?
  3. dog

    Lee Camp

    Two dull facts Clowns tended to be in early pantomimes as part of the harlequinade after the work of John Rich Lee Camp helps raise thousands of pounds for a brain tumour charity
  4. dog

    Dr Who

    Watched tonight, proper old fashioned behind the sofa number.
  5. dog

    We nicked a point

    Appreciated duck
  6. dog

    opinions please

    Hie thee hither?
  7. dog

    opinions please

    There 'wherefore' is, as someone said, misleading as it means 'why' There are other lines from Shakespeare which would do a better job
  8. dog

    Snake City watch

    Why the focus on his ears? Did we ever notice them? Have they grown? Got pointier?
  9. dog

    Dr Who

    I'm a sucker for well done sci fi Was worried about the new series but jwhit seems to be doing ok Interested to know others' thoughts
  10. dog

    Macclesfield equal our record

    Ironic if it's Newcastle given that season
  11. Oh FFS I should be relaxing
  12. Anyone else got blood pressure issues?
  13. dog

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    On the theme of Poland... Cold War. Art house bw film about the destructive relationship between a couple of performing artists in post war Poland which is complicated by the european political systems that they live in Very good. Not many laughs
  14. dog

    Fish in the night

    Pollocks Good shout They have beards too
  15. dog

    Fish in the night

    Or loads of small fish swimming in your mouth and up your nose.

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