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  1. dog


    All the action from today's golf
  2. dog

    Best Before Dates

    When my grandfather died in the 80s my grandmother was still sniffy about throwing out cans from the 40s that were bulging horribly. ... Waste not, want not, duck - that was the refrain
  3. dog

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Anyone else thinking about where they were 28 years ago?
  4. dog

    Politically correct

    A number of words used to 'other' some sections of society by being used offensively have been claimed back by those groups the words were supposed to offend.
  5. dog

    what's the best thing

    you've ever done for a stranger?
  6. Moist one. Really appreciate how you are helping others. By admission of what some might see as weakness you show such strength
  7. dog

    If it’s Frank

    I've got an O level in Latin. Should I apply?
  8. Ok. Ian Hall has done one, as has Tony Francis. But what's your favourite? I quite like With Clough by Taylor. And The Damned United
  9. dog

    Proud to be British

    Best wedding I went to was in breadsall. Groom's long lost brother turned up ratted, started having a go at everyone. Groom stepped in. Fists flying. Me and another bloke holding them back, I could feel the brother's heart pumping through his chest because he was so riled. Blood all over the bride's dress...
  10. dog


    Was a teacher in Europe and then UK. 27 years in total with last 23 in secondary in the east midlands. Didn't like the look of where my last place was heading so did a masters which allowed me to apply to work in universities. Currently work 4 days per week at university of nottingham and 1 day for an exam board. Loving it. Not only do i not have someone younger than me emailing me late at night about kpis, I'm also treated like an adult.
  11. dog

    MK Dons/Afc Wimbledon

    Ship of theseus in any case
  12. In terms of actions then the burglar was proactive and the pensioner reactive With nothing to react to then the pensioner would have done nothing
  13. Done. Wife's family are pool fans. Went to Wembley for the Cardiff and west ham matches West ham behaviour I witnessed that day doesn't seem to have charged ...
  14. dog

    lymphoma support group

    My dad's been diagnosed with what seems to be a very aggressive form of lymphoma. Any idea if there are any support groups in Derby? I'm especially concerned about my mum who has taken the news harder than dad. Cheers

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