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  1. If I was the nominated driver I'd always drop my mates there to get chips for the rest of the journey back. One time I stopped the stylish blue Austin metro I was driving, my mates piled out and I then had to move because a fire engine was coming past. None of my mates noticed this and on their way out they piled into an equally stylish but nevertheless different blue Austin metro, much to the surprise and alarm of the elderly lady driver who was sat there.
  2. Like the look of the guy paraded around the BBG today. We need a fast direct winger
  3. dog

    London Marathon

    Whatever habits you develop, if they work for you then don't change them. Brother in law decided to try a gel for the first time at a water station and spent ages trying to spit it out. Doing a kilomathon I thought a banana would be great for breakfast on race day. Spent first three miles plodding along with gut rot.
  4. dog

    The lurgy

    Sweeping through the house of dog right now. Despite the constant feeling dreadful there are benefits. Never knew there were so many travel shows I'd find interesting. Been listening to a lot of 80s indie, rereading books from years before is odd but wonderfully comforting How do you cope with the manflu? Womanflu?
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, Kiki Dee Two Ronnies, late 70s early 80s
  6. More fun and games at Blackpool as Karl aims to sue the club... Meanwhile I was talking to my brother in law up in Blackpool, according to him there's lots more detail still to come, especially in terms of the hotels...
  7. Going to Liverpool with wife and daughter to see son at university. Any recommendations of hotels to stay in? Was looking around the Albert Docks
  8. dog

    Homeless guy

    The issue is that we are normalising what arguably should not be normal
  9. dog

    Homeless guy

    Homeless update I was visiting a primary school in Lancashire yesterday, the writing task for year 4 was to write a letter or email to the local MP to ask them to help out with the homeless crisis in Preston, there were long queues outside one of the Nottingham shelters last week, meanwhile Palace are offering ten beds per night for local homeless people
  10. It isn't just about what is documented and in the public realm but how that knowledge is intended to be used by another individual. That's why he's spying. Not to confirm the knowledge of what has been done but rather to explore how others plan using that knowledge in the future.
  11. Just watched 2001, again. Love that I still don't know
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