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  1. dog

    Homeless guy

    The issue is that we are normalising what arguably should not be normal
  2. dog

    Homeless guy

    Homeless update I was visiting a primary school in Lancashire yesterday, the writing task for year 4 was to write a letter or email to the local MP to ask them to help out with the homeless crisis in Preston, there were long queues outside one of the Nottingham shelters last week, meanwhile Palace are offering ten beds per night for local homeless people
  3. dog

    Crazy Keogh hating

  4. It isn't just about what is documented and in the public realm but how that knowledge is intended to be used by another individual. That's why he's spying. Not to confirm the knowledge of what has been done but rather to explore how others plan using that knowledge in the future.
  5. Anyone mentioned intellectual property?
  6. dog

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Just watched 2001, again. Love that I still don't know
  7. dog

    Snake City watch

    It's like a David Attenborough nature programme. The stricken wildebeest is being stalked by predators. You know what's going to happen. You know you shouldn't watch. Nevertheless, you carry on watching.
  8. dog

    Snake City watch

    I really enjoy the oatcake comments. I can't be alone in wanting him to stay as long as possible
  9. dog

    Walking in Derbyshire

    Every year around Easter I go walking with a couple of mates and stay for a couple of nights in a boozer. This year it's the turn of god's own county. Wonder if anyone has recommendations for pubs to stay in or particular walks
  10. dog

    Watchable telly

    Go on. What's on now worth watching?
  11. dog

    O'Notts Forest

    They got rid of SoD at this time of year a while ago.... There's previous....
  12. dog

    Misheard lyrics

    From Bohemian rhapsody There's a moose, there's a moose. Can you do the fandango?
  13. dog

    RIP Pete Shelley

    Loved them live Also like the fact his real name wasn't Pete Shelley
  14. dog

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    "Thank you very much for our two million Thank you very much, thank you very..."
  15. dog

    London Marathon

    There are glide rub ons for nipples. Much better than plasters. Try gels, sports drinks etc beforehand so you know what works for you Never run if injured. Stop doing potentially damaging sports like 5 a side Join a gym so you can maintain fitness on a cross trainer even in bad weather Build up to it Spend on socks as well as trainers Put your name on the back of your running shirt so people can shout encouragement

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