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  1. dog

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    On the theme of Poland... Cold War. Art house bw film about the destructive relationship between a couple of performing artists in post war Poland which is complicated by the european political systems that they live in Very good. Not many laughs
  2. dog

    Fish in the night

    Pollocks Good shout They have beards too
  3. dog

    Fish in the night

    Or loads of small fish swimming in your mouth and up your nose.
  4. dog

    Fish in the night

    If you were having a nightmare, what's the worst fish to be dreaming of? For me, despite the obviousness of a pike, I'd have to say one of those flatfish with the wonky eyes. Imagine it chasing after you, mouth opening and closing like a 20s vamp, blinking oddly like a set of windscreen wipers gone wrong.
  5. dog

    Commonly known phrases..

    Well, go to the foot of our stairs
  6. dog

    Best vegetables

    To answer your questions,a boiled egg doesn't count as part of the s plan diet as it is ovoid rather than spherical. It also helps to know that it isn't a vegetable.
  7. dog

    Best vegetables

    A difficult choice. For me the pea adds colour and sweetness to a variety of dishes, but the onion is a standard part of many recipes. Both can be part of the s plan diet in which you can only eat spherical food.
  8. dog

    Non alcoholic beverages

    What you pour on your cornflakes if the gin has run out
  9. dog

    Non alcoholic beverages

    Black coffee for me With sweeteners
  10. dog

    Strategy games

    I loved lords of midnight as a kid. Looking for something similar (offline) with which to while away a few minutes (not hours). Any suggestions?
  11. dog

    Reading suggestions

    Hhg. One of the books you want to read again and again for the first time
  12. dog

    Reading suggestions

    Found a Jack Nightingale (Stephen Leather) book where I'm currently staying. Not the worst thing I've read
  13. dog


    I echo this completely. I've had my dog for over 10 years. Initially she was there as a family pet, two young kids who we wanted to be ok with animals. Then she was psychotherapy, difficulties at work. She then graduated to running partner as I began running after a considerable absence. Now I mainly work from home she curls up by my feet and watches over me, listening while I draft the odd email and alerting me to the arrival of the post. This week we're in Prague (good suggestions) and she's providing petting therapy as the old man is in remission from lymphoma and is loving her company. The problem is that with dogs you invest so much action into them, (and implicit emotions too) and them into you, that when they go it isn't just absence they leave but a huge emotional void.
  14. dog


    Four days there coming up with the kids (both non drinker teens). Doing a bike tour on day one. Any other suggestions?
  15. dog

    Reading suggestions

    Done all the Jack Reachers. Any suggestions for something similar?

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