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  1. Agreed. I had a look at their site earlier. Youch
  2. Where did you get the beer from?
  3. Someone I work with has had it and she hasn't been able to work properly since I work with six schools up north and they have had the deaths of three head teachers parents and a couple of TAs I'm in isolation at the moment as my daughter has the symptoms We as a family had the tests at Toyota on Wednesday and waiting for the results I'm taking it all very seriously
  4. I was a secondary teacher for nearly thirty years. If I had a group of twenty A level kids I would predict each one the highest grade that they might get on a good day. That would probably be higher than what the group as a whole would get. Is that grade inflation?
  5. Spending next weekend walking around Dovedale. Anyone been recently? Any tips on places to eat or drink much appreciated
  6. dog


    My dad sadly died last week - his lymphoma had returned. At the moment I'm sorting through his stuff. Luckily he was really well organised - there's a will and all of his accounts are easy to find. My mum survives him and I'm putting any joint accounts into her name by directly contacting the banks etc. I'm closing single accounts in his name and will be transferring them to mum. I've registered the death and informed people like the council and pensions. Anyone know whether I need to apply for probate - if so, what is it and what will I need to do?
  7. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned Michael dying today. I saw him as a good old-fashioned forward who built on his strengths. When living in Spain I watched him a number of times on TV. His language skills developed throughout and his analysis was always interesting. A good guy.
  8. Every year around Easter I go walking with a couple of mates and stay for a couple of nights in a boozer. This year it's the turn of god's own county. Wonder if anyone has recommendations for pubs to stay in or particular walks
  9. Go on. What's on now worth watching?
  10. Ok. Ian Hall has done one, as has Tony Francis. But what's your favourite? I quite like With Clough by Taylor. And The Damned United
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