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Hollywood’s Jack O'Connell on moan in tonight.


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6 minutes ago, Boycie said:

He could of played for Derby you know, I wonder if he’ll let on tonight?

Should be a good listen m’duk.

The more I hear him speak the more I'm convinced he's not actually from Derby. He talks like a Spitting Image version of the rest of us.

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I knew Jack's Dad pretty well - he was salt of the earth and lived on Leacroft Road (next to Shaftesbury Crescent). If Jack is half the man Johnnie was he’ll be ok.

Jack is a real son of Derby and there is no affectation about his accent or roots.

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19 hours ago, ThePrisoner said:

He sounds like if Alvaston was part of the east end. 

Can't be more Cocknee than Robert Lyndsay singing SBW. I cringe to my bones they time he says "all teams who cam 'ere" likes we are based in Bethnal Green.

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